The 5 Best Used Car Dealerships in Dubai
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The 5 Best Used Car Dealerships in Dubai

Having your own private car is always handy, but purchasing one isn’t always affordable. That’s why buying a used car is a more viable option; it comes at a lower price with all the functionality you need from a brand new one.

That’s why we’ve looked all over the city to give you the best used car dealerships in Dubai. We also included a brief discussion about the factors we considered in choosing and some FAQs for used cars.

How much do used cars cost in Dubai?

The cost of a used car can vary depending on the status of its parts, the model, the brand, and the dealership’s price.

We’ve compiled the estimated prices of used cars depending on common body styles that are purchased.

Body StylesPrice Range
SedanAED7,500 – AED1,960,000
SUVAED11,000 – AED2,600,000
CoupeAED14,000 – AED1,490,000
HatchbackAED12,500 – AED150,000
ConvertibleAED18,000 – AED600,000
PickupAED28,000 – AED230,000
MinivanAED22,000 – AED206,000
VanAED25,000 – AED350,000

The Best Used Car Dealerships in Dubai

Before we get right into our list of the best used car dealerships in Dubai, check out the factors we considered in choosing them:

Transparency – We looked into the car salesmen’s willingness to answer our questions about the state of the cars, if they provided us the vehicle history, and let us do thorough inspections.
Car Quality – We also checked out the general state of the cars, including the parts and facilities they provide to help new car owners face the challenges of owning used cars.
Selection of Cars – Having choices of different body styles, brands, and models is important. That’s why we also took into consideration the selection of cars they offer.
Customer Service – Lastly, we assessed the car dealership’s approach to their customers, taking into consideration facilities for customers, reviews, and our own experience with them.

1. Al Tayer Motors

Al Tayer Motors's Homepage

Nad Al Hammar Road, Ras Al Khor - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

Has multiple locations all over the country
CONTACT DETAILS+971 4 333 6169

[email protected]

OPERATING HOURS Monday to Thursday and Sunday: 7:30 AM–5 PM

Friday: 7:30 AM–1:30 PM

Transparency★★★★★ (5/5)
Car Quality★★★★★ (5/5)
Selection of Cars★★★★★ (5/5)
Customer Service★★★★★ (5/5)

From the handling and maintenance of used cars to providing excellent customer service, Al Tayer Motors has mastered the business of selling used cars for Emiratis.

Expat George just transferred to Dubai and was looking for a cheap used car he could use for a while as he saved up for a brand new one. He claims that the whole experience with Al tayer Motors was just amazing.

He shared with us that the staff was so upfront and honest about the condition of the cars he was interested in. They also let him test drive these to really get a feel of the car and its condition.

Other than that, he told us that the staff was very knowledgable about the particular challenges that may come with the models he looked at.

We were really big fans of this because most dealerships would just provide a vehicle history and call it a day, but we like that they go above and beyond to earn their customers’ trust.

George also told us Al Tayer Motors has a 99-item checklist that they follow whenever they’re inspecting vehicle for buying.

They also use a genuine mileage certification to get the precise mileage. All of these while inspecting a car before buying.

We must say that this is quite impressive, as the checklist and certification really enforces consistency in quality.

It also makes it easier for buyers to really know that all parts and aspects of the car are up and running and that they will not be facing an issue with a car of their choosing anytime soon.

But the most impressive thing about Al Tayer Motors is that this kind of consistency in quality check is applied to over 1,200 cars available for buying.

They have the widest range of used cars in Dubai. Almost all models from a wide range of manufacturers are in their inventory.

However, because of their thorough quality assurance policies and wide range of cars available, the prices are slightly more expensive than other dealerships.

George also shared with us how amazing it was to know that the dealership has a seven-day money back guarantee policy for those unsatisfied with their purchase.

And we are also big fans of how the staff gave him advice on how to reduce wear and tear so that he can still qualify for their buy back option if he decides to upgrade to another car.

All in all, we found it difficult to pinpoint any critical flaws in how Al Tayer Motors have been running their used car dealership mostly because there aren’t any.

Al Tayer Motors truly puts the customers first, and that results into lifelong clients that keep coming back to experience their excellent service and purchase their high quality used cars.


  • Fully transparent with car conditions
  • Comprehensive checklist for quality assurance
  • Offers the widest range of used cars in Dubai
  • Has a seven-day money back policy
  • Offer buy back option


  • Slightly more expensive than other dealerships

Customer Reviews

Great choice for used cars!

Very professional and good service.

Service advisor Mr.Marc was very generous.

Good for servicing Lincoln cars at Al Tayer Motors.

Satisfied with their service.—Mubin Ansari, Google Reviews

Underpromised but overdelivered

Massive respect and shout out to Akash from Ford body shop. He didn’t give any false hopes but delivered and solved all my problems with my f150 without a hassle. Kudos to you guys !—Nikhil Paul, Google Reviews

2. Alba Cars

Alba Cars's Homepage

Showroom 17, 18 & 20, Al Asayel Street, Al Quoz Ind 1, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Has one more location in the city
CONTACT DETAILS+971 4 261 8715
OPERATING HOURS Every day: 10 AM–10 PM
Transparency★★★★★ (5/5)
Car Quality★★★★☆ (4/5)
Selection of Cars★★★☆☆ (3/5)
Customer Service★★★★★ (5/5)

Luxury cars, like a Rolls Royce or a Jaguar, can be extremely expensive and out of reach for most. Alba Cars knows that and makes attaining one more accessible for more Emiratis.

Abdul, who is an avid car collector, has been going to Alba Cars for the past three years and has purchased two cars from them.

He shared with us that the reason he really prefers going to them despite other dealerships also offering luxury brand cars is because they are meticulous in car buying and inspecting.

We learned that Alba Cars only buys cars that are in almost perfect condition and only look into German and British cars to ensure premium quality.

However, we quickly realized that while they have a lot of cars in stock, these are all high-end vehicles and almost zero economical options.

This is unfortunate because they don’t really have models that are just meant to address the most common reason for purchasing a used car—to avail a more affordable vehicle for transportation.

This also means that their cars are sold at a higher price. Not as high as brand new high-end ones but much more expensive than your usual dealership price.

Cars aren’t the only top-quality, though. Abdual also shared with us how the salesmen are always very friendy and accommodating; he’s already made friends with some of them because of how easy it is to talk to them.

He also shares that the staff made sure that he got a walkthrough of their whole process, including how they select the cars they want to buy and sell.

The post-sale service was also great, too. Abdul’s queries were all attended to in a timely manner and was always accommodated everytime he comes back.

All in all, Alba Cars are great for car collectors or people looking to buy a vehicle that can help their image.

This also means that their prices are bit steeper, thus we recommend looking into other dealerships for more economical options.

But the main reason why Alba Cars is one of our top choices is because of their excellent customer service that makes their customers keep coming back to them.


  • Full transparent and offers test drives
  • Only sells cars in almost perfect condition
  • Offers high-end luxury cars
  • Great for car collectors
  • Excellent customer service


  • Almost no economical vehicle options
  • Prices are higher than other dealerships

Customer Reviews

They took the time to give me excellent service

People buy from people…In this case I sold my car to Daniel at Alba Cars. It was a really great experience, end to end. His approach was extremely professional right from the start. He explained everything in detail and really took the time and effort to ensure everything went smoothly. I would highly recommend Alba Cars and specifically Daniel.—Girard Moussa, Google Reviews

Everything was smooth and quick

Amazing customer service and very convenient experience by Darren. He has been very helpful, courteous and professional and the transaction was done smoothly. It only took just a couple of hours for the inspection and negotiation. He updated me via call or WhatsApp throughout the process.

The price that they offer is very competitive in the market. Other staff in showroom is also very accommodating,

Overall I would highly recommend Alba Cars and Darren and will definitely use again this service.—Joel Montenegro Velasco, Google Reviews

3. Linda Cars

Linda Cars's Homepage
ADDRESSSheikh Zayed Road The One Tower, Podium 6 ,Office 01 - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
CONTACT DETAILS(+971) 4577-4699

(+971) 55 171-6171

[email protected]

Transparency★★★★★ (5/5)
Car Quality★★★☆☆ (3/5)
Selection of Cars★★★★★ (5/5)
Customer Service★★★★☆ (4/5)

When buying a car, most people think that it takes hours to purchase one and days before it gets delivered to your house, but not with Linda Cars.

Nina, a mother looking to buy her daughter’s first car, shared with us how she was prepared to spend the whole day at the dealership to buy a car for her daughter’s birthday.

But when she got the vehicle histories of the cars she was considering, within five minutes, she knew she was going to be done before lunch.

We are big fans of how Linda Cars has streamlined the process of buying, selling, and delivering cars to provide great service to buyers.

Nina shared with us that she was done shopping for a car within a couple of hours, and we were so impressed at how easy it was. Nina even compared it to shopping for clothes at the mall.

However, she also told us that the quality of the cars were a mixed bag. The ones that weren’t in great condition were sold at a cheaper price.

We think that despite some vehicles having problems, it still depends on the buyer’s capabilities to have these issues addressed before buying it.

The selection, however, was great. They offered both economic and luxury cars, but we recommend that you look up a guide on how to thoroughly inspect a car because some may need some work that’s not noticeable at first glance.

Linda Cars really has great service but held back by some cars’ questionable condition and their flawed maintenance protocols.

However, if you’re looking for a quick purchase of a car that you will be using immediately, then Linda Cars is definitely our top choice for that.


  • Staff is quick and efficient
  • Buying and selling process is streamlined
  • Wide range of car selection


  • Some cars are in questionable conditions
  • Requires buyers to make their own inspection before purchase

Customer Reviews

Linda has my trust!

To be honest i never thought i will deal with a car agency trusted, very very helpful and with all the great customer service and professional dealing with customers. Really that made me happy and pleased to deal with the company specially the man called Ibrahim, who was very helpful and has the knowledge and the willing to satisfy the customer, which is unbelievable! I would recommend Linda cars for all my friends and family from now on! you deserve the 5+ stars rating! Thanks Linda Thanks Ibrahim!” —Ahmed Taha, Google Reviews

Quick and convenient purchase

“Purchased this brand spanking new Audi A7 and got it delivered right to my door step! Fantastic experience overall and super happy with the car! Would highly recommend!” —Chirag Reena, Google Reviews

4. RMA Motors

RMA Motors's Homepage
ADDRESSShowroom No.3 Speedex Center DIP 1, Dubai Investment Park 1, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
CONTACT DETAILS+971 (4) 597-3077

[email protected]


Monday to Saturday: 10 PM–7 PM

Transparency★★★★☆ (4/5)
Car Quality★★★★★ (5/5)
Selection of Cars★★★☆☆ (3/5)
Customer Service★★★★☆ (4/5)

Skepticism is one of a used car dealership’s greatest enemies, but RMA Motors has showed their customer time and time again that the quality of their cars is undefeated.

According to John, a first time car buyer, the cars all looked great and well-maintained.

All of the cars he tested sounded good, the paint was glossy and free of scratches, and all of the interior seemed to be well taken care of.

The car salesman assigned to him shared that RMA motors doesn’t buy cars that have exceeded 130,000kms in its mileage. And cars with mileage near that number were considerably cheaper than others.

We also learned that the staff and the owner have experience working with luxurious brands and sportscars. The meticulousness needed for those is evident in the maintenance of the cars they sell.

We also like that they have a wide range of models, even though the brands they have are quite limited—most of which are high-end brands.

We think this is probably because they have the expertise to handle these types of vehicles, thus the economical options are also limited with this entry.

Their customer service is above average, based on what John shared with us. We appreciate the complementary snacks and coffee they offer, and the whole process is efficient.

They also took the time to get to know John personally so they could recommended different cars for his kind of lifestyle, and they also offered other services for cars.

All in all, RMA Motors shines best in the quality and maintenance they provide for their cars. And despite the limited range of selections, we appreciate that they know where they’re good at and excel with it.


  • Cars are in excellent quality
  • Staff is experienced with luxury cars and sportscars
  • Wide range of car models
  • Great customer service


  • Limited car brands

Customer Reviews

Great service. Would certainly recommend

I recently purchased a used car from RMA motors after recommendations from friends and colleagues.

Their reputation is upheld in my opinion.

Kat was my point of contact and walked me through the process, and kept me updated from start to finish, and assisted with all of the admin around the purchase. All I had to do was drive away with my new car.

If Kat didn’t directly know the answer, Ryan and the team there were on hand to answer any questions.

I will use this garage again—Adam Smith, Trustpilot

Brilliant service from start to finish

Brilliant service from start to finish, Cameron and Kat were great, kept me updated on the loan process, finished things off early and even delivered the car. They already came recommended so would highly recommend!—Steve Thompson, Truspilot

5. Al Futtaim Automotive

Al Futtaim Automotive's Homepage

Festival Office Tower, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Has multiple locations in the city
CONTACT DETAILS+971 4 706 2222
OPERATING HOURS Monday to Thursday and Sunday: 8 AM–5PM
Transparency★★★☆☆ (3/5)
Car Quality★★★☆☆ (3/5)
Selection of Cars★★★★★ (5/5)
Customer Service★★★★★ (5/5)

When you’re looking for a used car, chances are you’re not closing your doors to other options because of how cheaper they are than brand new cars.

Al Futtaim Automotive offers so many used cars to choose from and bolsters this strong selling point with great customer service.

Abed, a young professional looking to upgrade his old car, felt like a kid in a candy store when his car salesman gave him a tour of the cars they have available.

From economical brands like Toyota to more high-end selections like Dodge, the dealership had everything Abed was considering as an option.

For those needing a car for short-term purposes, they also offer rentals and leasing services.

And the one thing that really impressed us is that they also sell used motorcycles—which aren’t available in previous entries.

This is great because it gives buyers more options, especially for those who would rather have a two-wheel vehicle.

However, when it came down to asking for the cars’ details, while they readily gave the vehicle history, it was obvious that some cars were not regularly maintained.

And other than the history, he didn’t really receive information regarding their buying process, and he was only told that all cars bought are brought into their own bodyshop before being sold.

We think this was a red flag mostly because of how they gave him a vehicle history that showed no critical problems, and yet the car that Abed saw was somehow not in the best condition.

It also didn’t help that Abed noticed a lot of their cars were on display under the harsh heat of Dubai. Upon closer checkup, he noticed the that leather on the seats and steering wheel have cracks all over.

Meanwhile, the ones housed in their showroom were in great condition, but the price difference between these and the ones outside were very noticeable.

Their service was great. Abed shared with us that everyone was very professional and approachable, to the point that he almost forgot those cars left outside.

They also have prepared a financial plan for Abed prior to his arrival and were already waiting for him to just pick a car.

And when Abed finally purchased his car, Al Futtaim Automotive took it upon themselves to take it to their bodyshop for one more cleaning and maintaining before bringing it to his house.

We also like that they offered him 24/7 roadside repair service, which is very handy when it comes to emergencies at any time of the day.

All in all, while Al Futtaim Automotive has shown questionable attitude towards the cars they sell, it’s undeniable that they have so much options to choose from.

They also offer other car-related services, which makes them very handy for inexperienced car owners.


  • Wide selection of cars and motorcycles
  • Offers renting and leasing services
  • Staff is professional and gave excellent service
  • Offers 24/7 roadside repair services
  • Ensures the car is in the best shape possible before handing over to buyer


  • Some cars were left outdoors under the heat
  • Car selection and buying lacked detail and explanation

Customer Reviews

Professional sales reps

“Professional sales representatives. We are highly recommending Mr. Moncer and Mr. Joby, it was a pleasure to work with them. All the purchase process was so smooth with no stress or worries. Thank you!” —Adrian Dubuleac, Google Reviews

Best place for Toyota lovers

To all Toyota Lovers this is the right place for you. You will find all what you need and more. With more than 60 models of Toyota reliable car.—Al Kendi, Google Reviews

FAQs about Used Cars in Dubai

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