About Us


To put it simply, we make being a consumer in Dubai easier.
Dubai’s Best was founded by people like you – ones who want to make sure they get the best bang for their buck. Our reviews are designed to help you sort through all of the vendors and service providers in the city in search of the very cream of the crop.
This city of ours is one of riches – and you don’t even have to dig for them any longer because our team has already done it.


Come and meet our reviewers:

Hamza Khan

Contributing Editor

Hamza spent 7 years as a marketing executive before joining our team, where his organisation now keeps the cogs of the Dubai’s Best machine running smoothly at all times. A born-and-bred Emirati, his passion for the city has him exploring Dubai on a daily basis, trying to find more interesting services and shops that our reviewers can try out.
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Alia Johnson

Contributing Editor

Alia was born in Dubai but got her journalism degree in the UK, at the University of Sheffield. Her innate talent for finding the latest scoop means she’s discovered many of the top businesses we’ve reviewed. When she’s not discussing new article ideas at our headquarters, she can be found scouring the city’s bookstores for the latest contemporary and sci-fi novels.
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Hadi Taljeh

Staff Writer

Hadi is a writer at heart who also happens to have a passion for entrepreneurship and volunteering. Though living in the modern and fast-paced world of business and commerce, Hadi finds comfort in sitting down and expressing his thoughts on pen and paper. Off writer mode, he’s currently the Commercial Director at CPD Food Stuff Trading Dubai.

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Lindsey McKeown

Staff Writer

Lindsey is a writer, educator, and lifelong learner. She finds fulfillment in teaching and interacting with children, and this passion has taken her all across the globe. When she’s not busy organizing her lessons, you’ll find her jotting away on her journal in some niche coffee shop somewhere.

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Rehab Shakeeb

Staff Writer

Rehab loves a good challenge and thrives in high-energy and fast-paced environments. A creative soul through and through, she makes it a point to put her personal flair on every project she handles, including her reviews for us. She’s currently a postgraduate Marketing student of Middlesex University Dubai.

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Vatsal Bhandari

Staff Writer

Talented with both words and numbers, Vatsal is a finance and legal writer who also happens to have a Master of Laws diploma. Today, aside from reviewing Dubai businesses for us, he conducts freelance business consulting and writing. He’s always on the lookout for the next big service or business in the city.

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What’s our reviewing process?

Our process is founded on investigative work. We solicit recommendations from other Emiratis via surveys, check out online forums and reviews, and then sort through all recommendations to find the best options.
From there, we investigate each option to see which ones are worthy of being listed as our top picks. Which ones offer the most value? Which have the most consistent performance?
Our research may even include actually buying or trying out the final options to ensure we can rate them appropriately. Through it all, a dedication to getting value for the customer guides our evaluation.

How do we make money?

We’re supported by you, our readers. This means that there are times when we may earn commissions from your purchase of a business’s offerings or when you click on a link from our site.
This doesn’t mean that we sell our reviews. We only say what we really think in reviews and will not list or recommend a business we haven’t found suitable in our testing.

What We Do

To put it simply, we make being a consumer in Dubai easier.

Dubai Best is your guide to the best things that Best has to offer, from the top products to the most dependable services. We do extensive consumer research to find these.

That means comparing spec sheets, evaluating prices, testing products, and checking out user testimonials. It may even mean subscribing to services to see if they’re worth our while.

In other words, we scour the island looking for consumers’ best options… all so you won’t have to.

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Who We Are

Who are we? We’re consumers like you!

We walk the same streets, breathe the same air, even eat the same things, most likely.

The only difference is that we’ve made it our mission in life to help other consumers. We do it by finding answers to the questions they usually ask.

How long does this product last? Are the terms of this subscription better than the terms of that one? Does this have a decent warranty?

Now you’re probably wondering why we’d spend time and money comparing products and services without charging others for it.

For one, we believe that we’re offering a necessary service. We want to help people all over the island find the products or services that they truly need.

That’s why our opinions and reviews are our own. We know the struggle of finding the right solution to a problem, so we strive to ensure all solutions we put forward are good ones.

The only compensation we may receive from what we do is an occasional referral fee for some products or services you may purchase from our site. That fee doesn’t reflect in the price you pay for any product or service, though: it won’t be passed on to you.