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Movers in Dubai: Perfect Movers UAE

Perfect Movers is a professional relocation, removal, and storage company both locally in the UAE and for the international market (predominantly the UK). 

The company’s aim is to deliver brilliant services to its clients using modern tools and techniques to ensure the highest quality.

Perfect Movers’ services are always available 24 hours a day, 7 days in a week, for anyone here in the UAE.

Company Background

PRODUCT/SERVICESInternational Moving, Relocation, Domestic Moving, Office Moving, Storage
ADDRESSPO Box No. 243104, Bur Dubai, Dubai, UAE
CONTACT DETAILS+971 52 947 0038

[email protected]

Perfect Movers UAE specializes in the safe storage and relocation of furniture, servicing both professional and personal sectors. 

Customers can easily book consultations to determine how to best package and move their furniture. Perfect Movers UAE handles every step of the moving process from storage loading to unpacking. 

In addition to these, the company also offers furniture installation and repair services, should any damage occur during transport.

How We Reviewed Perfect Movers UAE

When it comes to reviewing movers in Dubai, we look at the following factors in order to see if they earn a spot in our recommendations list:

Facilities: This covers the company’s equipment and trucks, but also includes the warehouses and offices it operates out of.
Transportation: How good their moving services are in terms of scheduling, handling, and transportation.
Additional Services: This covers the other services and products the company provides aside from their main offerings.
Professionalism: This primarily concerns how well the team conducts themselves around their clients and customers.
Accessibility: We’ve taken a look at how easy and convenient it is to book the company’s services.


Rating: 4.5/5

There’s no doubt that Perfect Movers UAE delivers quality service to its clients. For starters, their facilities are all nice and neatly organized, making for a great first impression when you step in.

We think Perfect Movers UAE lives up to their reputation for quality. All the equipment they use appears sturdy and all the vehicles in their employ are clean and well-maintained.

We think this should help put client’s minds at ease even when they’re planning on transporting prized items like antique furniture and fragile fixtures.

If there’s one improvement we can note though, it would be with their storage units. We think clearer signs and better navigation could help cut down the time visitors spend just tracking which unit they rented for their things.

Still, these storage units are quite impressive and everything is dust and vermin free. This, we feel, should help maintain the quality of your items before they’re eventually shipped out to their ultimate destination.

With that, we’re confident recommending Perfect Movers UAE on this front. You can rest assured that everything will be kept clean and well-organized once your items are in their care.


Rating: 5/5

Of course, it’s only natural that any good mover in Dubai is able to keep their cargo safe but can it actually deliver it fast? Well, the good news is that according to most clients and our personal experience, Perfect Movers UAE is very much up to the task.

Perfect Movers UAE has a very thorough moving service, especially in areas like Dubai, making them an effective one-stop shop in the city. You can count on them to get your furniture and other items to your new home, villa, or office in a timely manner.

Perfect Movers UAE’s team even helps you unpack everything should you need them to. We think this is very useful if you’re moving heavier items or a plenty of things. They’ll even help assemble or disassemble furniture if needed!

International moving is a bit trickier since plenty of factors could cause a delay in the pipeline. So far though, Perfect Movers UAE has maintained consistently good performance on this front as well.

So whether you need domestic or international transport, we think that Perfect Movers UAE can do the job very well.

Additional Services

Rating: 5/5

While Perfect Movers UAE is already solid enough among the many movers in Dubai, we also want to make a quick rundown of the other services they provide. 

We’d also like to add that they’ve got quite a wide network which also helps with accessibility. And for businesses looking to relocate, Perfect Movers UAE also provides a specialized package with all the essential services. 

Furthermore, we like that Perfect Movers UAE also promises to pack and transport items in a way that’s distraction and noise-free. This means operations in your business can still continue during the moving process. 

And yes, they have a professional consultation service for this as well. After all, a business move or relocation can be quite complex compared to just moving houses. 

All things considered though, Perfect Movers UAE delivers a well-rounded list of services that’s beneficial to a wider market. We think they can definitely customize a plan that should work for your specific needs.


Rating: 5/5

Given that Perfect Movers UAE services both residential and business clients, we’re pleased to report that staff has been very professional, based on client testimonies and dealings.

Perfect Movers excel at communicating and working with clients, especially when it comes to custom packaging for valuables and furniture.

Interaction with the team has been very positive and we generally had a great time working with the staff. They’re very cordial and good at following instructions too, especially when it comes to more intricate office equipment.

Now, time management is one other aspect where Perfect Movers UAE shines well. In our experience, they’re very good at keeping to their quoted schedule without making clients feel rushed.

Perfect Movers UAE’s team is also very punctual. Almost all clients we’ve spoken to reported staff arriving on time (with a good attitude too!) as they show up at the door.

All this, combined with the speed at which Perfect Movers UAE is able to sort your cargo, we can say they definitely carve out a niche as one of the best movers in Dubai.  We highly recommend them for these factors, especially for delicate items.


Rating: 4.5/5

Perfect Movers UAE ranks high in terms of overall accessibility, based on conversations we’ve had with their clients looking for movers in Dubai. For starters, they’re open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

In terms of visiting their office in person, we think it’s easy enough – provided you know your way around Bur Dubai. If you do, then it’s just as easy as visiting any other business in the city in our experience.

However, we have received reports of delays in being entertained despite customers calling ahead for a visit. This can most likely be attributed to the amount of business Perfect Movers UAE receives on a daily basis, though.

Nonetheless, it doesn’t change the fact that plenty of customers enjoy the easy access to freight services Perfect Movers UAE provides, especially for international shipments. 

Pros and Cons 


  • Very swift service and punctual moving times
  • Very safe and secure packing and storage methods


  • You might encounter some wait times when calling or messaging them online
  • The storage facilities could take time to navigate

Customer Reviews 

They take care of everything for you

“They are so efficient that they take care of everything for you. They would wrap up furniture that you forgot to wrap up. They did not waste any time in taking care of the move.” – James Kurt, Testimonial on Perfect Movers Website

The service was incredible

“The service was incredible. From the beginning to the end I was completely satisfied.” – Laian Shaker, Testimonial on

Our Overall Rating: 4.8/5

Additional Services5


We think Perfect Movers UAE is one of the best movers in Dubai. They offer fast transport services while also taking care to keep their shipments safe and secure. 

You even get added value from services such as long-term storage and furniture assembly which they also offer.

We highly recommend them for anyone looking for the best movers in Dubai to help them out, even when they’re planning on moving to other countries!