The 5 Best Doctors for Knee Replacement Surgery in Dubai
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The 5 Best Doctors for Knee Replacement Surgery in Dubai

Knee replacement, also known as knee arthroplasty, is a surgery that is commonly done on athletes and people who are experiencing discomfort and pain in their knees.

It’s usually conducted to replace the weight-bearing surfaces of the knee joint and is only done when other non-intrusive solutions have failed.

So we scoured the city to give you the best doctors for knee replacement surgery in Dubai. We’re also sharing with you the factors we considered in choosing. 

In the end, we answered some FAQs about knee replacement surgery in Dubai.

How much does a knee replacement surgery in Dubai cost?

Knee replacement surgeries can be costly and greatly depend on the patient’s insurance, the category of the hospital, and the doctor’s professional fee.

This type of surgery usually goes from AED45,000 up to AED100,000.

The Best Doctors for Knee Replacement Surgery in Dubai

Before we get right into our top picks for the best doctors for knee replacement surgery in Dubai, here are the factors we considered for our entries on this list:

Experience – First and foremost, we need to consider how long these doctors have been working as knee specialists, as well as the special training they have undergone.
Accolades – We also considered their milestones and achievements, if they have any, as these are primary proof that these doctors are a cut above the rest.
Range of Procedures – It was also crucial for us to check out the variety of knee replacement surgeries they can do as not all kinds of knee injury and pain can be addressed by the same procedures.
Other Specialties – Lastly, we considered the other treatments they also offer as some knee injuries can impact other parts of the body.

1. Dr. Ravi Nayak

Dr. Ravi Nayak Homepage
SERVICESKnee Replacement Surgery, ACL Reconstruction, Sports Injury Treatment, Hip & Shoulder Replacement Surgery
ADDRESSAl Nahda 2 Building - Room No. 124, NMC Specialty Hospital, Al Nahda 2 Off Amman Street, Opp Bait Al Kheir - Dubai
CONTACT DETAILS+971 55 161 3857

[email protected]

OPERATING HOURSMonday to Saturday: 9 am - 9 pm
Experience★★★★★ (5/5)
Accolades★★★★★ (5/5)
Range of Procedures★★★★★ (5/5)
Other Specialties★★★☆☆ (3/5)

Having trained at centers of excellence in the USA, Germany, and India, Dr. Ravi Nayak is a well-known international award-winning orthopedic surgeon.

He received the International Surgical Skills Scholar Award in the USA and the AO Fellowship from Switzerland, so it’s undeniable that Dr. Nayak is a well-decorated surgeon with unrivaled skills.

We love that his dedication to orthopedia has gotten him to practice all over the world and show the true excellence of his skills in the operating room.

His procedures when it comes to knee replacement are quite varied. Dr. Nayak can redo knee replacements, knee arthroscopy, ACL reconstruction, and many more.

However, outside of knee surgeries, he is limited to hips and shoulders only. 

And while most common sports-related and work-related injuries are found in these body parts, we think that he could do better in expanding his skills to other large muscle groups.

All in all, Dr. Ravi Nayak is one of the most skilled orthopedics in the city of Dubai, especially when it comes to knee replacements.

His deep understanding of the impact of injuries and reconstruction of torn ligaments and muscle tissues separates him from the competition.

And his dedication to expanding the body of knowledge related to these shows that his passion is what drives him.


  • Award-winning surgeon
  • Has training from centers of excellence in multiple countries
  • Has deep knowledge of knee injuries and reconstruction


  • Other specialization is limited to hips and shoulders

Customer Reviews

Dr. Ravi is amazing!

“Dr. Ravi did an excellent job in reconstructing my ACL and repairing my meniscus a few days ago. I found him while searching for a well-trusted orthopedic surgeon in Dubai and it was a perfect decision to choose him from others. He is a good listener and will explain everything whatever the patient needs or wants to know. He is very detailed and monitors his patient very well from pre-ops to post-ops. He assures to be the last person to personally check the patient before discharge. I’m very satisfied with my knee operation and have high hopes of fast recovery with Dr. Ravi’s guidance.” -Rafael Alfonso, Google Reviews

We cannot thank him enough for the excellent job he did

“Dr. Ravi Nayak from NMC Speciality Hospital performed knee replacement surgery on our mum Mrs. Cynthia Dias in June 2022.   A big Thank You to  Dr. Ravi Nayak for the successful surgery.  We cannot thank you enough for the excellent care you provided before and after the surgery and were always ready to help with any queries we had.  Thank you for being the most caring, gentle, and understanding Doctor.

Your nurses and staff too were extremely helpful and supportive whenever we needed them or had any questions 24 x 7.

My mum’s recovery is amazing.  She could stand up with help the next day.  Today after a month our mum is walking with the help of a stick and can climb the stairs too.

I would highly recommend  Dr. Ravi Nayak, Specialist Orthopaedic Surgeon” -Velda Dias, Google Reviews

2. Dr. Omar Sabri

Dr. Omar Sabri Homepage
SERVICESKnee Replacement Surgery, Poly-Trauma Injury Treatment, Sports Injury Treatment, Hip & Shoulder Replacement Surgery
ADDRESSHessa Street 331 West, Al Barsha 3, Exit 36 Sheikh Zayed Road, Opposite of American School - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
Experience★★★★★ (5/5)
Accolades★★★★☆ (4/5)
Range of Procedures★★★★☆ (4/5)
Other Specialties★★★☆☆ (3/5)

Dr. Omar Sabri is now the head of the orthopedic department in the Saudi German Hospital Dubai and also works as a consultant surgeon.

He has over 20 years of experience with training that has brought him to Egypt, the USA, and the UK.

But what really impressed us with Dr. Sabri’s experience is that he was trained under the guidance of Dr. David Helfet, a world-renowned name in trauma and pelvic surgery.

And what sets him apart when it comes to the operating room, is that he does robot-assisted surgeries, VR training, and healthcare innovation.

His embrace of medical progress has earned him a nomination for the Royal College of Surgeons Award for Innovation in Surgical Education.

And while this is his sole award, and he isn’t the most decorated surgeon, we love that his willingness to continuously push the boundaries of healthcare is unending.

His treatments for knee replacement include robot-assisted knee surgeries, knee sports injury treatments, and poly-trauma surgeries.

While we think this is a strong set of knee replacement surgery treatments, we were hoping to find knee reconstruction as well.

However, outside of knee surgeries, Dr. Sabri is limited to hips and pelvis only. 

And while most common knee-related injuries often impact these body parts, we think that he could do better in expanding his skills to other large muscle groups.


  • Has over 20 years of experience
  • Trained under a world-renowned surgeon
  • Innovated treatments for knee replacements


  • Not many awards
  • Limited treatments outside of knee replacement surgery

Customer Reviews

Dr. Omar is such an amazing doctor

“I did an operation with Dr. Omar Sabry the orthopedic. He is simply 🤩. I really recommend this doctor to anyone who has a problem with any orthopedic issues. He is so patient has a smiley face and listens to all your complaints then tells you his point of view with honesty not for business as I found with the other doctors. The hospital staff is all friendly and nice. The food is delicious although I didn’t try it my nanny did😜 and told me her idea. Hospital is clean but the furniture is a bit old.” -Rasha Saadeldin, Google Reviews

Saw my recovery from beginning to end

“Physiotherapy department CSR assisted me from the beginning of my session till the end of my appointment. The therapist is very accommodating though they are always fully booked for a week, they give me a call for availability and accommodated me. Thank you for the excellent service.” -Katherine Cababan, Google Reviews

3. Dr. Shine Ashokan  

Dr. Shine Ashokan Homepage
SERVICESKnee Replacement Surgery, Sports Medicine, Hip & Shoulder Replacement Surgery
ADDRESSKing's College Hospital Dubai, Orthopedic Clinic Al Khail Road, Al Marabea East Exit Dubai Hills - Dubai
CONTACT DETAILS+971521149063
OPERATING HOURSEvery day: 9 am - 5 pm
Experience★★★★★ (5/5)
Accolades★★★☆☆ (3/5)
Range of Procedures★★★★★ (5/5)
Other Specialties★★★★★ (5/5)

An internationally sought orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Shine Ashokan has had the honor of treating the different royal families of the UAE.

With over 20 years of experience, he obtained a fellowship from the Royal College of Surgeons in general surgery, an elite fellowship for surgeons.

On top of that is a British board-certified surgeon that completed his specialist training in trauma and orthopedic surgery in Great Britain.

And while he doesn’t have any awards under his belt, his reputation for providing excellent care to his patients precedes him.

Besides that, his personalized approach to his patients has led to great results that have allowed them to return back to a good level of physical activity and quality of life.

When it comes to his range of procedures for knee replacement, Dr. Ashokan does bilateral knee replacements, partial knee replacements, and knee revision.

And while they seem limited in quantity, his treatments actually cover all the bases of what can be done with knee replacement surgeries.

Dr. Ashokan also does more than just knee replacement surgeries. Besides hip and shoulder replacement, he also does sports medicine and treats joint conditions.

He has an amazing set of services that don’t just put him in one box. His diversified specializations make him such a versatile doctor.


  • Has treated members of the UAE royal family
  • British board-certified surgeon
  • Has a great range of knee replacement treatments
  • Has services outside of knee replacement treatments


  • No significant awards

Customer Reviews

Dr. Shine resolved my pain with precision

“Extremely satisfied with the experience. Dr. Shine is n.1 in shoulder treatment and he resolved my situation with precision and skills.

I am a surgeon as well myself and my right shoulder was seriously damaged. I was worried since the functionality is important for my job but only after a few weeks, I was able to go back to work (with a few limitations of course). The pain was minimal and only in the first days.

The Rehab program was well done.

I will recommend dr Shine to everyone without hesitation.” -Matteo Vigo, Google Reviews

Very professional and kind

“Dr. Shine performed an ACL reconstruction on my right knee, and from our first meeting I knew he was the guy to do it. He understands the world of sport and how important a quick return to fitness and full recovery of performance is. He did a great job and I was able to begin rehab and walk on my knee immediately after the operation.

Very professional, kind and caring.” -Mikkel Junkuhn Petersen, Google Reviews

4. Dr. Rik Kundra

Dr. Rik Kundra Homepage
SERVICESKnee Replacement Surgery, Sports Injury Treatment, Arthritis Treatment, ACL Reconstruction
ADDRESSMediclinic Parkview Hospital, Umm Suqeim Street, Al Barsha South Dubai United Arab Emirates, 51122
CONTACT DETAILS+971 52 774 0818

[email protected]

OPERATING HOURSSunday to Thursday: 9 am - 5 pm
Experience★★★★★ (5/5)
Accolades★★★★☆ (4/5)
Range of Procedures★★★★★ (5/5)
Other Specialties☆☆☆☆☆ (0/5)

Specializing in knee joint preservation, biologic knee reconstruction, and complex knee disorders, Dr. Rik Kundra is widely respected by the athletic community for the work he’s done.

He is a member of numerous European surgical associations such as the British Association for Surgery of the Knee, and the European Society of Sports Traumatology, Knee Surgery, and Arthroscopy.

So while he’s not the most decorated surgeon, Dr. Kundra is well-recognized within the international committee.

His more than 19 years of experience have led him to specialize in the latest minimally invasive, bone preserving, and recuperation-enhancing trends in knee replacement surgery.

Dr. Kundra’s knee replacement treatments include knee arthroscopic surgery, knee osteotomy surgery, ACL reconstruction, and many more.

We love that he has such a strong range of treatments related to the knees, making him one of the more versatile knee surgeons on our list.

However, Dr. Rik Kundra does not have any other treatments and services outside treating knee disorders and injuries.

It was disappointing to see a doctor who is interested in minimally invasive procedures not branching out of knee-related treatments.

We think that he is missing many opportunities by choosing to confine himself within the realm of this one body part.


  • Specializes in knee injuries and disorders
  • Member of numerous international surgeon organizations
  • Has a great range of knee replacement surgery treatments


  • No awards
  • No other treatments outside of knee-related ones

Customer Reviews

I definitely recommend Dr. Rik

“Dr. Rik performed a total knee replacement for me 3 months ago.  I am very pleased with the results.  I am walking without pain; there is a mild discomfort going up or down stairs but I expect that to decrease as more time passes.  For this surgery, you should expect pain for the first month, especially the first two weeks.  There is consistent improvement during the second month.  After that, it is a matter of improving strength and flexibility.  There will be some discomfort but progress is noticeable and consistent.  I recommend Dr. Rik to anyone considering a knee replacement.  I also highly recommend Mediclinic Parkview, in Dubai.” -Hull Belmore, Google Reviews

Dr. Rik is such a great doctor

“I went to Dr. Kundra with knee pain. It turned out to be torn meniscus. He performed surgery and repaired my knee. 10 weeks post surgery I’m already able to cycle outside. Dr. Rik is very professional, and precise, with the latest knowledge and true interest in patients’ wellbeing. Highly recommended! He was always there for me, especially in the beginning right after the surgery when I had my worries and doubts. He always replied to my messages and cleared up everything for me so I could be in peace. Dr. Rik is a great doctor with up-to-date practice.” -Eva Dvorackova, Google Reviews

5. Dr. Farid Ghasemzadeh Mojaveri

Dr. Farid Ghasemzadeh Mojaveri Homepage
SERVICESKnee Replacement Surgery, Hip Injury Treatment, Foot & Ankle Injury Treatment, Shoulder & Elbow Injury Treatment, Spine Injury Treatment
ADDRESSEast Exit - Alkhail Street - Al Marabea' St - Dubai Hills - Dubai, United Arab Emirates
CONTACT DETAILS+971 50 871 2847
OPERATING HOURSSaturday to Thursday: 8 am - 6 pm
Experience★★★★★ (5/5)
Accolades★★★★☆ (4/5)
Range of Procedures★★★★★ (5/5)
Other Specialties★★★★★ (5/5)

With more than 25 years of experience, Dr. Farid Gasemzadeh Mojaveri treated more than 1,000 bilateral knee replacements.

With the majority of his education done in Iran, Dr. Mojaveri did his fellowship in osteosynthesis in Calgary, Canada.

On top of that, he has made a good international reputation for himself and for the hospital he’s currently working at, the Iranian Hospital, where he has been working since 2004.

However, for a man with a long career, we were disappointed to see that he doesn’t have any awards to show for it.

Despite that, the number of successful operations he has done more than make up for it. 

He has conducted more than 1200 primary and revision knee and hip replacements, and more than 2500 arthroscopic knee operations including ACL reconstruction.

And besides the treatments we’ve already mentioned, Dr. Mojaveri has also recently started including stem cell therapy in his knee-related treatments, specifically called Stromal Vascular Fraction Therapy.

His experience makes him an incomparable figure in knee replacement surgeries, and the range of treatments he can perform is proof of that.

On top of that, he also does more than just knee-replacement surgeries. Dr. Mojaveri also conducts hip, shoulders, elbow, spine, hand, and foot-related treatments for injuries and disorders.


  • Has performed thousands of surgeries
  • Has a great range of knee replacement surgery treatments
  • Has treatments outside of knee replacements


  • No awards

Customer Reviews

Thank you Dr. Farid

“I had the 1st stage meniscus degeneration issue with my right knee since 2018 and was having physiotherapy sessions twice per year since then as the pain was unbearable. On 05.05.2020 I had PRP therapy done by Dr. Farid Ghasemzadeh. It is a procedure of injecting platelet-rich plasma into the knee. It takes less than 5 mins to be done. 9 months have passed since the day of the injec tion and I cannot express my happiness in being relieved from the 2 years of pain I had. Thank you Doctor Farid for the professionalism. God bless you!” -Samira Ismayilova, Google Reviews

I highly recommend him

“My husband’s ACL repair surgery was done by Dr. Farid Ghasemzadeh. I found him on google when I searched for the best knee surgeon in Dubai. I feel blessed that he was there as I could not have asked for a better Orthopedic Surgeon. I recommend him to anyone seeking an Orthopedic surgeon! Highly Recommended !” -Garima Maan, Google Reviews

FAQs about Knee Replacement Surgery in Dubai

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