The 5 Best Studios for Dancing Lessons in Dubai
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The 7 Best Studios for Dancing Lessons in Dubai

Dancing has loads of benefits. From being an effective mode of exercise to being able to release your artistic voice, dancing is a powerful and popular craft all around the world.

Thankfully, Dubai has some great studios that hold dancing lessons for those that are looking to hone their bodies through the beats and tunes of music.

So, we scoured the city to give you the best studios for dance lessons in Dubai. We’re also sharing with you the factors we considered in choosing. 

In the end, we answered some FAQs about dance lessons in Dubai.

How much do dance lessons in Dubai cost?

The cost of dance lessons depends on the pricing structure of the studio, the type of dance, and additional fees for equipment if needed.

To help you get started, we made a table of the different types of dances and their average price per session.

Dance Average Price Per Session
BalletAED100 per session
SalsaAED75 per session
Belly DanceAED75 per session
Hip HopAED100 per session
Bollywood DanceAED75 per session

The Best Studios for Dance Lessons in Dubai

Before we get right into our top picks for the best studios for dance lessons in Dubai, here are the factors we considered for our entries on this list:

Range of Classes – First and foremost, we need to consider the variety of dances the studios offer as well as the degrees of difficulty these classes have.
Setup – We also considered the teaching setups they offer, from one-on-ones to group classes.
Teaching Style – It was also essential for us to see the methods the teachers use and the effects on all kinds of dancers.
Other Services – Lastly, we considered the other services they offer that can benefit customers to improve their experience with the studio.

1. Nobody’s Watching

SERVICES High Heels Floorplay, Girly Hip Hop, Afro, Strip, Jazz Funk, Contemporary, Twerk, Sexy R&B, Vogue, High Heels Beginners, and Heels Mix
ADDRESS308 The Dome Tower Cluster N JLT Dubai UAE
CONTACT DETAILS[email protected]
+971 55 108 7742
OPERATING HOURSMon-Fri: 12:00 – 22:00 
Saturday: Closed
Sunday: 12:00 – 22:00
Range of Classes★★★★★ (5/5)
Setup★★★★★ (5/5)
Teaching Style★★★★★ (5/5)
Other Services★★★★★ (5/5)

Nobody’s Watching in Dubai stands out as the premier ladies-only dance studio, and it’s not just a title—they’ve earned it.

This oasis of dance is more than a place to learn moves; it’s a sanctuary where people can escape the demands of reality and busy minds. The studio redefines dancing, turning it into a form of meditation, cardio, and emotional release.

The commitment to creating a space for self-discovery is evident in their diverse dance offerings. With 10-14 styles available during the high season, Nobody’s Watching covers a broad spectrum, ensuring there’s a dance for every mood and preference.

The emphasis here is on exploring the capabilities of the body, training the mind, and continually improving—a holistic approach to dance that sets them apart.

What truly distinguishes Nobody’s Watching is its dedication to providing an environment where women can thrive. As the first ladies-only dance studio in the Middle East, it caters to the female spirit with a wide range of dance styles.

The studio’s atmosphere is designed to be an Instagram-worthy haven, featuring a unique design with a full-wall neon sign that can be adjusted to over 12 colors. Professional lighting and filming equipment, including neon lamps and a smoke machine, add to the studio’s allure.

Beyond the aesthetics, Nobody’s Watching takes pride in being a trailblazer in the Middle East dance scene. They organize dance camps and conventions, bringing in world-famous choreographers from America, Europe, and around the globe.

This not only provides a unique learning opportunity for local dancers but also contributes to the development of a vibrant dance community and culture in the UAE.

The studio’s commitment to inclusivity is reflected in its workshops catering to all levels, including beginner-friendly classes. Despite the world-class instruction and top-notch facilities, Nobody’s Watching maintains affordability. The studio regularly offers promotions, making it accessible to a broad audience.


  • Exceptional dance instructors
  • Efficient scheduling and punctuality
  • Affordable pricing
  • Inclusive dance community


  • Busy during peak days

Customer Reviews

“Nobody’s Watching made me fall in love with dancing all over again. The instructors are amazing, and the sense of belonging in the dance community is heartwarming.”

“I’ve tried many dance studios, but Nobody’s Watching stands out for their affordability without compromising on quality. I’ve improved so much thanks to their talented instructors.”

2. Tempo Dance Center

Tempo Dance Center Homepage
SERVICES Dance Lessons, Studio Rental, Wedding Dance Lessons, Event Entertainment
ADDRESSThe Dome - Jumeirah Lake Towers - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
CONTACT DETAILS+971 564330322

[email protected]

OPERATING HOURSEvery day: 1 pm - 10 pm
Range of Classes★★★★☆ (4/5)
Setup★★★★☆ (4/5)
Teaching Style★★★★★ (5/5)
Other Services★★★★★ (5/5)

Tempo Dance Center is a multinational dance company studio that excellently combines discipline and creativity in its dance lessons.

We love how it has a well-rounded set of classes that make up the dance studio. It has Latin dances like the Argentinian tango and salsa, along with Middle Eastern and African dances like belly dancing and Kizomba.

However, we do think that its least flexible dancing lessons are its ballet and hip hop classes as these are the only classes that accept kids and teens.

We do think that these can be adjusted to accommodate adults, as there may be some that have found a passion for it later in life.

All of its classes are group classes, which may not be for everyone, but it does build a community of passionate learners that we think it can do more good if students are open to it.

Only its wedding dance classes are conducted in a one-on-one setup.

Where this studio shines the most is in the diversity of the teachers’ teaching styles. While no teachers are the same here, all of them are highly experienced graduates of renowned dance academies.

On top of that, Tempo Dance Centers also offer more than just classes. It rents out its studios for birthdays, which can be a great venue for many activities approved by Tempo.

And besides the wedding dance lessons, it also provides live entertainment for weddings and many other events.


  • Has a well-rounded set of dance styles they teach
  • Teachers are graduates from well-renowned dance academies
  • Has numerous services offered outside of dance lessons


  • No one-on-one sessions for most classes
  • Ballet and hip hop are only for kids and teens

Customer Reviews

Best dance school in Dubai

“Best dance school, the instructors are so friendly, professional and honest

the most important that the administration follow up with the students weekly.

the educational program between private and group classes is effective and further on can be individually adjusted to achieve the highest possible progress in a short time, and improve and develop the dancing skills.

Best fun place on Thursdays!” – Elisabeth Abou Samra, Google Reviews

Highly recommend this dance studio

“Great atmosphere, top quality dance instructors, professional and helpful team. I’d recommend Tempo Dance Center to anyone looking to start their dance journey on the right foot.” – Zeina Kourki, Google Reviews

3. James & Alex Dance Studio

James & Alex Dance Studio Homepage
SERVICES Dance Lessons, Event Entertainment, Studio Rental
ADDRESS 813 & 814 Concord Tower, Dubai Media City – Dubai (UAE), PO Box 66448
CONTACT DETAILS+971501351185

[email protected]

OPERATING HOURSSunday to Thursday: 2 pm - 10 pm

Friday: 10 am - 2 pm

Saturday: 9 am - 10 pm

Range of Classes★★★★★ (5/5)
Setup★★★☆☆ (3/5)
Teaching Style★★★★☆ (4/5)
Other Services★★★★★ (5/5)

Founded by two successful salsa dancer, James, and Alex, James & Alex Dance Studio is one of the biggest dance studios in Dubai offering many dance styles within its 3 large dance rooms.

From Latin ballroom dances and contemporary dancing to more workout-oriented dances like pole dancing and Zumba, this dance studio is virtually complete when it comes to the classes it offers.

On top of that, it also offers musical theatre classes for kids, which is a nice addition that expands the studio’s capabilities outside of dancing.

However, it sadly doesn’t offer any private sessions and one-on-one classes, which is understandable because the studios are probably always full with the number of classes they offer.

And not all the teachers may have graduated from elite dance academies, but all of them have global experience working as teachers and professional dancers in Europe and Asia.

On top of that, James & Alex Dance Studio offers more than just dancing lessons in Dubai. It has dance performances for events and shows, and it also rents its studios out for auditions, events, and shoots.

All in all, James & Alex Dance studio is almost unrivaled when it comes to the number of dancing lessons it offers. On top of that, its teachers have successful careers in the industry, which only makes it an even better choice.


  • Has one of the widest selections for dancing lessons
  • Teachers have global experience
  • Has numerous services outside of dancing lessons


  • No one-on-one classes
  • Not all teachers are graduates of dancing academies

Customer Reviews

Picked up the basics really quickly

“Very nice school. I learned the basics of salsa very fast and now came back to learn belly dancing. They have very good and friendly teachers who can explain very well. The social nights are always full of good dancers.” – Liubov Shchurkova, Google Reviews

Felt really welcome at this dance studio

“I started to join a little over a year ago the ballet classes at James and Alex. From the first class with Elena, I felt really welcome. Since day one I am looking forward to joining the ballet classes every week. Elena is a very professional and good ballet teacher. I definitely recommend taking classes with her.” – Jennifer Hofmans, Google Reviews

4. Dance Studios Dubai

Dance Studios Dubai Homepage
SERVICES Dance Lessons, Wedding Dance Lessons
ADDRESS Studio 1204 — HDS Tower, Cluster F, Jumeirah Lakes Towers, Dubai

[email protected]

OPERATING HOURSMonday to Friday: 1 pm - 10 pm

Saturday to Sunday: 10 am - 7 pm

Range of Classes★★★★★ (5/5)
Setup★★★★☆ (4/5)
Teaching Style★★★★★ (5/5)
Other Services★★★★★ (5/5)

One of the few dance studios that specialize in teaching ballroom dancing and social dancing, Dance Studios Dubai has taught over 3000 students over the course of 11 years.

Since it specializes in certain types of dances, it is needless to say that the options for dancing lessons here are limited.

But it does cover all kinds of social dances, from foxtrots and waltz to salsa and cha-cha. However, if you’re looking for individual dancing like hip hop and contemporary dancing, you won’t find it here.

Unlike others, their private sessions is good for those inclined to have a more dedicated and focused approach to their learning.

Its teachers have a lot to show, as well. It has the top teachers from around Dubai with many years of teaching dance on many levels. 

The teachers’ styles are flexible and able to accommodate all kinds of dancers, from beginners to professional dancers.


  • Specializes in ballroom dancing and social dances
  • Teachers have many years of experience teaching dance on all levels
  • Offers wedding dance lessons
  • Have other 13 dance lessons aside from wedding dance


  • Rates are unavaialble on their website

Customer Reviews

The best palace for making your dance dreams come true!

“Dance Studios Dubai is truly the best place for making all your dreams and goals regarding your dance aspirations come true. Incredibly talented, friendly, patient, and dedicated teachers always share their genuine passion and enthusiasm for dancing, which is extremely encouraging! The most polite and kind staff I’ve ever met! The entire Dance Studios team is working hard on creating an unbelievable, personalized, and unique experience for every student; identifying their needs and providing an individual learning approach, which is not only productive but so much fun! My outstanding teacher – Dmitriy, has paved the way for my new dance journey, sharing his extensive knowledge and genuine faith in me. This enabled me to grow both personally and professionally. I am very grateful to the Dance Studios community for their constant support and positive vibes! If you’ve ever thought about learning to dance, I would highly recommend signing up for classes and becoming a part of our dance family! :)” – Valeria Malinovskaya, Google Reviews

This is the best thing I’ve done

“I have had private lessons at Dance Studios Dubai for 5 months now, and can honestly say that it’s the best thing I’ve ever done. The staff is all so lovely and kind, and the dance instructors are extremely talented. As someone who has never danced before, I was very nervous to start and was unsure what to expect, but it’s done wonders for my mental and physical health. I cannot recommend it enough!” – Emily Wilkinson, Google Reviews

5. Heart of Dance

Heart of Dance Homepage
SERVICES Dance Lessons, Wedding Dance Lessons
ADDRESSOntario Tower, Level P1, Unit 2, Business Bay, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
CONTACT DETAILS(+971) 052-275-5247

[email protected]

OPERATING HOURSSunday to Thursday: 1 pm - 10 pm

Friday to Saturday: 11 am - 7 pm

Range of Classes★★★☆☆ (3/5)
Setup★★★★☆ (4/5)
Teaching Style★★★★☆ (4/5)
Other Services☆☆☆☆☆ (0/5)

Heart of Dance is an award-winning dance studio in Dubai that has produced students and have teachers who are successfully competitive professional dancers in the city.

Being that this studio focuses on competitive ballroom dancing, it is unfortunate that it only offers those kinds of dances.

Your usual swing and salsa dances, along with bachata Zumba, comprise the studio’s selection of dancing lessons.

While we think this is a setback, we do appreciate that keeping its offerings limited and focused allows the teachers to really zero in on the fundamentals of each dance, which is completely critical in the competitive ballroom dancing scene.

That being said, the teaching style also complements the competitive nature of the dances it teaches.

It doesn’t really have any other services either. Heart of Dance heavily utilizes its studios for dancing and dancing alone. 

Lessons here are more serious, focused, and emphasize discipline. So for those looking to dance for fun or as an activity you can do with friends or partners, this studio may not be for you.

But what we like about the Heart of Dance studio is that it is flexible in its teaching setup, depending on your skill level.

Heart of Dance does one-on-one sessions and group sessions, although the latter is more common in the studio.


  • Specializes in ballroom dances and competitive dance sport
  • Flexible teaching setup depending on the student’s skill level


  • No other dancing lessons besides its specialty
  • Teaching is more rigorous
  • No other services

Customer Reviews

Experience was professional and passionate

“What a place from its infrastructure, location, parking always available to more importantly an outstanding quality of experience of the classes they offer.

And the experience they offer is created by a highly professional and passionate Team; they are positive and patient and with the experience, they have they see you as the individual and they approach your classes tailoring the curriculum to your preferences and capabilities.

I had never tried Salsa before and I had never really had experience in dancing till the time I went for my very first class I was truly fortunate to meet Amalia Baroyan,  my instructor.

After my only first 5 classes, Amalia did so well that I was able to do my basic Salsa enjoying the experience so much, so I signed up for far more to enjoy. It is such a joy having classes with her.

It is an amazing place of such qualities,  which I rush to go, to, again and again, every time my class is scheduled.

Please enjoy the experience !” – Jacek Plewa, Google Reviews

I fully recommend them

“Really friendly team and a great place.

I joined heart of dance almost 12 months ago now, I’d been looking for highly accredited schools for a while and these guys were one of the few I found and tried.  I’ve never danced ballroom before and had a trial lesson which went great since then I’ve continued regularly. Everyone is so patient, and enthusiastic and it’s a whole lot of fun I look forward to when I get time in between work. (I travel from Abu Dhabi to see these guys!)

Super understanding when I need to reschedule, they cater to so many different individuals and overall have made my dance experience greater than I’d thought possible when I first joined.

Whether it’s for something fun in your spare time or you want to advance with competitions and professionally, these guys are the ones to visit.  Amazing team ❤️” – Lyndsey Broxton, Google Reviews

6. ABCD Studio

ABCD Studio Homepage
SERVICES Dance Lessons, Fitness Dance Classes, Gymnastics Classes, Yoga Lessons
ADDRESS2 18 A St - Dubai - Dubai - United Arab Emirates


[email protected]

[email protected]

OPERATING HOURSEvery day: 8 am - 9 pm
Range of Classes★★★★★ (5/5)
Setup★★★☆☆ (3/5)
Teaching Style★★★★★ (5/5)
Other Services☆☆☆☆☆ (0/5)

ABCD Studio is one of the few premier Indian dance companies in Dubai. Its authentic choreographies have become its specialization and have made it one of the most sought-after companies in the city.

While the studio is very well-known for its Bollywood dancing classes, we love that it doesn’t limit itself to that.

Other modern dance styles comprise the rest of its classes, like Hip-Hop, Jazz, Contemporary, B-Boying, and Freestyle.

The dance company also teaches some folk dances such as the Bhangra, and the Gujarati folk dance.

The classes are usually done in groups, and it is only under special conditions does the company accept private sessions.

And while this may be limiting for others, we cannot imagine learning Bollywood dancing on our own would be much more fun than enjoying the high energy with others.

Led by Rithesh Penha and Silvy Penha, two of the most well-known Indian choreographers around, the studio has no shortage of creative routines to be taught.

The result is sessions that are beautifully energetic and fun, making learning Indian dances more enjoyable than one would usually think.

However, it is brought down by the fact that it really doesn’t have anything else to offer other than its dancing lessons.


  • Specializes in Bollywood dancing and other Indian folk dances
  • Has other dance classes
  • Lead by well-known Indian choreographers


  • No one-on-one sessions
  • No other services

Customer Reviews

Highly recommend them!

“Amazing institute for newcomers and advance well. My daughter joined at age of 4, she is so confident and dances with such joy. Highly recommended!!” – Nisha Noronha, Google Reviews

Supportive and helpful staff

“Totally loved my experience in this dance studio. Helpful staff, amazing dance trainers, and a fun-filled environment that makes your full day!” – Ammy Mendy, Google Reviews

7. Soul Dance Studio

SERVICES Zouk Level 1 (Course for Absolute Beginners)
Salsa Beginners
Bachata Beginners
Wedding Dance (Private Lessons)
Brazilian Zouk
ADDRESS2nd Floor (Nook)
Dubai, UAE
CONTACT DETAILS[email protected]
OPERATING HOURSMonday – Sunday, 10:00 AM – 10 PM
Range of Classes★★★★★ (5/5)
Setup★★★☆ (4/5)
Teaching Style★★★★ (4/5)
Other Services★★★★☆ (4/5)

Soul Dance Studio by Liubiana is a fantastic place for adults to learn Latin Social dances in Dubai, UAE. Whether you’re a complete beginner or an experienced dancer, they offer a range of courses tailored to different skill levels. The studio specializes in teaching dances like Zouk, Bachata, Salsa, Wedding Dance, and Lambada.

What sets Soul Dance Studio apart is their emphasis on couple dances. They believe that dance is an exchange of energy and a manifestation of true male and female qualities. By focusing on partner dancing, they create a dynamic and engaging learning environment. Dance becomes a means of expressing emotions through the body, and it also provides physical benefits such as improved blood circulation, strengthened muscles, and enhanced mobility of joints and ligaments. Additionally, dancing at Soul Dance Studio can help improve posture and overall health.

If you’re unsure about which dance style suits you, the studio offers trial lessons where the instructor can help you make the right choice. And don’t worry if you don’t have a dance partner because during classes, partners are switched to promote social interaction.

The studio provides both group and private lessons, allowing students to choose the learning format that suits them best. Whether you’re interested in mastering the intricate moves of Salsa, the sensual rhythms of Bachata, or the beautiful Brazilian Zouk, Soul Dance Studio has you covered.


  • Tailored courses for adults
  • Emphasis on couple dances
  • Trial lessons and flexible options


  • No one-on-one sessions
  • Expensive rates

Customer Reviews

Her classes are lot of fun and she’s extremely knowledgeable

“I’ve been attending Liubiana’s classes for close to a year now (on and off). Her classes are lot of fun and she’s extremely knowledgeable in different dance forms. Needless to say she’s an excellent dancer and teacher. Highly recommend soul dance if you’re looking to learn a new dance or if you’re looking to meet awesome people!” – Vivek Shankar

It’s the best place to learn Brazilian Zouk

“I have been learning at Soul Dance Studio for over a year now. It’s the best place to learn Brazilian Zouk and now I feel that the people I dance with there are a part of my family. So, Thanks Liubiana”  – Vignesh Nandakumar

FAQs about Dance Lessons in Dubai

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