The Top 5 Cafes in Dubai

The Top 5 Cafes in Dubai

Cafes are a great place to chill or catch up on some unfinished work. Although some cafes may share similar functions to co-working spaces, people frequent cafes mostly to relieve some stress and enjoy the ambiance.

With that said, we’re here to get you started on lessening that stress by recommending you the best cafes in Dubai. We got you all covered!

How much is the average cost of dining out in a cafe in Dubai?

Realising that you’ve overspent on a cup of coffee can be pretty stressful, which defeats the purpose of your visit to the cafe. That’s why we decided to provide you with a list of the average cost of common menu items in cafes.

Main DishesAED40-150
Burgers and SandwichesAED20-55

The Best Cafes in Dubai

We assessed our chosen cafes using the following criteria:

Menu Variety – Whether you’re a coffee-lover, a tea person or someone with a different set of preferences, we want to make sure that you’d find something you’d like. That’s why we took into consideration the assortment of food and beverages offered by each cafe in this list.
Dining Experience – We also looked into the overall ambiance of the cafes and looked into its facilities.
Costs – Because having a relaxing break doesn’t have to be that expensive, right?
Quality of Service – Customer experience has been also evaluated and we verified online ratings and reviews. This helped us narrow down our list of the top cafes in Dubai.

1. Tania’s Teahouse

Tania’s Teahouse's Homepage
Image Source: Tania’s Teahouse
TestInfoProfessional Fee
MENU• Americano Dream (AED18)

• Cat-Purr-Ccino (AED23)

• Flat White Brat (AED25)

• Golden Dandelion (AED30)

• Kindness Karak (AED17)

• Tea Sachets (AED20)

• Sugar Cookie (AED15)

• Vegan Brownie (AED35)

• Tea-House Salad (AED25)

• Hakuna Frittata (AED52)

• Chipotle Champ (AED55)

• Smokin Salmon (AED75)


• Curbside Pickup

• No-contact delivery

ADDRESS779A Jumeirah St - Umm Suqeim - Umm Suqeim 2 - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
CONTACT DETAILS+971 4 324 0021
OPERATING HOURSMonday - Sunday, 8 AM - 6 PM

Up next on our list is Tania’s Teahouse, which has gained popularity for being one of the most #Instagrammable cafes in the world.

One of the cafe’s eye-catching features is its pastel interiors decorated with minimalist furnishings.

These aesthetics make it an ideal place for baby showers, bridal parties, and other themed social gatherings. That’s right, Tania’s Teahouse accepts reservations for special events.

We like that they also offer customization of cakes and cupcakes. Their latte art is also absolutely adorable!

Vegans will also love this cafe as the menu gives them a lot to choose from.

Allergies? Dietary restrictions? Don’t worry, this cafe takes all of those things into consideration.

From sugar-free desserts to dairy-free beverages, Tania’s Teahouse has your back and will respect your preferences.

Also, if you’re looking for a place to hangout with your furry friends, then Tania’s Teahouse is definitely the place for you.

Why? Because their outdoor garden is pet-friendly. Your beloved pets would be even provided with free water.

However, we would also appreciate it if they could expand their coffee selection. As you can see, it is fairly limited compared to other cafes.

Their operating hours are also shorter, and you won’t be accommodated if you happen to drop by while they’re catering to an event.

But all in all, we really loved the vibe of Tania’s Teahouse. We could tell they’re really sticking to their campaign of “spreading positivi-tea”.


  • Perfect setting for taking pictures
  • Accommodate customers with dietary restrictions
  • Has a pet-friendly venue
  • Friendly staff


  • Short operating hours
  • Limited coffee options

Customer Reviews

Everything is so colourful and fresh

“Super cute place!! It’s a wonderful place to hangout with friends & family. The ambiance is just perfect. Everything is so colourful and fresh. I would definitely come back and recommend to all my friends. Food- 5/5 Ambiance- A perfect 5 Staffs- 5/5” – Nida Shaheen

Great menu selection

“Have been wanting to try this place for a long time and finally visited this week. Loved the ambiance. Great menu selection. Also offers tea and other stuff as gift suggestions. Valet parking available for a small fee of AED5. Wheelchair-accessible but not the first floor. Will definitely recommend this place to friends and family. Also if I’m not mistaken, is a pet-friendly place. And for all you social media people, this place is so so so for you 😊.” – Ailene GDR

2. The Hamptons Cafe

The Hamptons Cafe's Homepage
Image Source: The Hamptons Cafe & Restaurant

• Marocchino (AED25)

• Affogato (AED31)

Hot Chocolate (AED37)

• Turmeric Latte (AED32)

• Date Milk (AED32)

• Hamptons Cooler (AED42)

• Strawberry Margarita (AED42)

Cookies (AED9)

• Plain Croissant (AED16)

• Nutella Croissant (AED21)

• Vanilla Milk Cake (AED37)

• Pistachio Fondant (AED61)

• Lentil Salad (AED47)

• Ranches Salad (AED81)


• Takeout

• No-contact delivery

ADDRESS• Jumeirah St - Umm Suqeim - Jumeirah 3 - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

• Jumeirah Islands - Jumeirah Heights - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

• Community Center Arabian Ranches - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

CONTACT DETAILS• +971 4 331 5118

• +971 4 564 5770

• +971 4 580 8615

OPERATING HOURSMonday - Sunday, 8 AM - 11 PM

With three branches* all over Dubai, we found that the Hamptons Cafe has more than enough to offer to make it on our list of the best cafes in Dubai.

For starters, we’ve observed that all three branches have excellent reviews. This only goes to show that the quality of food and dining experience remains consistently good across branches.

Their branch at Jumeirah Beach Road also provides you with a scenic seaside view that helps create a one of a kind ambiance while you’re enjoying a drink.

The interior decors at the cafe also creates the perfect atmosphere to go with the exterior view. There’s also enough seating space to accommodate an ample amount of guests at any given time.

But if you really want to see for yourself if it’s your kind of place before going, then you can always visit their website for a 3D tour of the cafe.

Their menu didn’t fall short of our expectations either. The assortment of food and beverages are great, and even vegans have a lot to choose from.

Despite that, some menu items sell out rather quickly. So if you really wanna have a bite or sip of your favourites, you need to come early, or be prepared to come on another day.

The cafe is also partnered with Hamptons Bakery, which offers more than 15 selections of cakes for your special occasion.


  • Three branches across the metropolis
  • Abundant selection of food
  • Excellent location for sunset watching
  • Aesthetic presentation of food


  • Some menu items sell out fast
  • Complaints about rude reception during peak hours

Customer Reviews

Must visit breakfast place in Dubai

“A must visit breakfast place in Dubai. Really beautiful luxurious vintage seating arrangements perfect for a fine breakfast experience. I ordered their Croque Madame and it was absolutely yum (moist and creamy) I wish I could have it everyday. I was so delighted to see it come with along with a cute little macaron. Wonderful cordial staff. I can’t help but compliment this place. It’s worthy of every penny. This place has my heart. 💛” – Carey Ann Gonsalves

Nice nautical ambiance

“Very nice nautical ambiance and you can have a sea view from top floor. Good diverse menu, tasty food and mocktails, attentive stuff. Worth multiple visits!” – Iren Szmolanka

3. The Six Board Game Cafe

The Six Board Game Cafe's Homepage
Image Source: The Six Board Game Cafe
MENU• Espresso (AED18)

• Mocha (AED25)

• Hot Chocolate (AED28)

• Matcha Latte (AED30)

• Earl Grey Tea (AED30)

• Pina Colada (AED38)

• Bounty Fudge (AED45)

• Carrot Cake (AED37

• Pistachio Milk Cake (AED50)

• Fusion Fattoush (AED42)

• Fried Chicken Tenders (AED37)

• Volcano Cheese Fries (AED45)

• Grilled Chicken Penne (AED55)

• Chicken Katsu Curry (AED57)


• Curbside Pickup

ADDRESSBurj Vista - Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Blvd - Downtown Dubai - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
CONTACT DETAILS+971 4 334 2666
OPERATING HOURSSunday - Thursday, 9 AM - 12 AM

Friday - Saturday, 9 AM - 2 AM


If you’re more on-board on having fun over just quietly sipping your drinks in a quiet ambiance, then The Six Board Game Cafe is the place for you.

And no, don’t be fooled by the name. They don’t have just six board games you can choose from.

They have hundreds of tabletop games you can enjoy, making it the perfect cafe for meetups with friends. You can even discover new games you’ve never played before. 

Their friendly and accommodating staff are also knowledgeable about the games they have. All you need is to ask, and they’d be more than willing to explain to you the mechanics of games that may be new to you.

Although this cafe is mostly visited for its games, it is probably not the best place to go when you’re dining out alone.

Larger groups of people tend to come in all at once, so seating spaces can be hard to come by during peak hours.

Nonetheless, it’s also worth noting that the games aren’t the only thing we loved about this place.

The menu is also great, and they offer a lot of snacks that you can share with your friends over a game. 

In fact, they have everything you can think of that could be in a cafe– breakfast, sandwiches, main course dishes, salads, pastas, desserts, and even some sushi.

You also wouldn’t want to miss out on their smoothies and milkshakes. We highly recommend trying them out!


  • Lots of board games available
  • Friendly staff
  • Great assortment of food choices
  • Perfect place for dining out with friends


  • No take outs or online delivery
  • Place can get easily crowded by large groups of customers

Customer Reviews

Warm ambience, jovial staff

“What’s brunch without games, friends and good food?! The Six – Board Game Cafe is the place to be on chill Sunday afternoon. With lots of engaging games (Reconnect – my fav!), a warm ambience, jovial staff not forgetting the beautiful view of the magnificent Burj Khalifa! This is one hangout spot to look forward to on the weekends or after a long day at work! It’s in the books for me!” – Sarah K

Perfect vibes for a perfect quality time

“Perfect vibes for a perfect quality time with loved ones. Worth the money and you can play unlimited board games. I am sure to come back soon.” – Maricris Atillo

4. Cafe Rider Custom

Cafe Rider Custom's Homepage
Image Source: Cafe Rider Custom
MENU• Americano (AED20)

• Cappuccino (AED22)

• Spanish Latte (AED25)

• Mie Goreng (AED35)

• Vegan Burger (AED42)

• Humus Vegetable Wrap (AED29)

• Chicken Quesadilla (AED38)

• Red Velvet Cheesecake (AED18)

• Superfood Salad (AED38)

• Beef Nachos (AED34)



• No-contact delivery

ADDRESSWarehouse 7 14 C St - Al Quoz - Al Quoz Industrial Area 3 - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
CONTACT DETAILS+971 4 321 4411
OPERATING HOURSMonday - Sunday, 8 AM - 8 PM

Cafe Rider Custom has been providing freshly roasted in-house coffee since its foundation in 2013.

The cafe has a roastery within its premises, ensuring you that your cup of coffee is as fresh as it could get. All brewed by their award-winning baristas.

We also love the sense of cultural diversity reflected on their menu. 

The cafe is frequented by people coming from a wide variety of nationalities. Thus, they’ve made it their goal to make them feel as comfortable as possible.

They have Japan’s Omurice, Indonesia’s Mie Goreng, and Vietnam’s Roast Beef Banh Mi. Yum! All the flavours of Asia, prepared with keeping their authentic flavours in mind.

As you could probably guess, they also offer a great selection of roasted coffee beans.

However, Cafe Rider Custom could probably work on adding some teas and other drinks on their menu. 

Even our vegan friends would love something other than salads and vegan burgers.

Other than that, we’re also impressed by this cafe’s spacious interior, allowing it to accommodate more customers. This also helps avoid congestion during peak hours.

Serving times are also great, and food and drinks are all served fresh. So even if you’re here just to grab a quick meal, then you don’t have to worry about falling behind your schedule.


  • Online delivery available for their coffee beans
  • Lots of parking space for motorcycles
  • Fast serving times
  • Plenty of Asian cuisine


  • Ambiance can be ruined by motorcycle sounds
  • No teas and limited vegan options

Customer Reviews

Ingredients taste fresh

“The coffee is fantastic – and they really know how to make it without over extracting and any bitterness. The food options are good too and ingredients taste fresh. The service is also good – friendly! And I love that they give free water. Everybody should do this.” – Foreign Madam

Good coffee and lots of choices

“Cozy atmosphere, good coffee and lots of choices. Service and staff is excellent. Will definitely be there again for breakfast. Parking can be hard to find depending on the time and day.” – Murat Acinci

5. Roseleaf Cafe Sheikh Zayed Road

Roseleaf Cafe Sheikh Zayed Road's Homepage
Image Source: Roseleaf Cafe
MENU• Espresso (AED15)

• Macchiato (AED18)

• Cappuccino (AED21)

• Matcha Latte (AED25)

• Iced Mocha (AED25)

• Earl Grey (AED18)

• Chamomile (AED18)

• Acai Energy Smoothie (AED30)

• Biscotti (AED12)

• Butter Croissant (AED15)

• Granola Bar (AED18)

• Banana Loaf (AED20)

• Carrot Cake (AED28)


• Curbside Pickup

• No-contact delivery

ADDRESS733 Sheikh Zayed Rd - inside The Garden Concept - Al Quoz - Al Quoz Industrial Area 3 - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
CONTACT DETAILS+971 50 571 1944
OPERATING HOURSMonday - Sunday, 8 AM - 10 PM

Established in 2012, Roseleaf Cafe brings together the flavours of Middle East, Australia, and New Zealand in its menu.

This cafe sources its specialty coffee beans from local farmers and uses seasonal ingredients on their delicacies. We love it for its authenticity.

And if you end up loving them as much as we did? Then you’d be delighted to know that they also offer catering services.

That’s right, you read that right. Be it for a small group or a large function, you can make Roseleaf a part of your event and share the great food with your family and friends.

The ambiance of the place is also great. Its convenient location within the Dubai Garden Centre gives you a front-row view of the greeneries that rekindle that sense of unity with nature.

So for us, Roseleaf Cafe makes for a great place to escape from the hectic buzzes of an urban lifestyle.

However, in order to make the most out of your cafe experience, we recommend visiting this place during off-peak hours. After all, the place can be really packed at times, and sometimes the long serving times can really ruin the mood.

Another thing we love about this place is the decent selection of food and drinks you can choose from within an affordable price range. Great place, great food, all within your budget.


  • Green and refreshing ambiance
  • Catering services available
  • Great food quality
  • Menu items are cheaper compared to other cafes


  • Complaints about long serving times
  • Occasional staff inattentiveness

Customer Reviews

Feels like you have been transported

“The cafe is within the Dubai Garden Center nursery. The moment you enter the nursery, it feels like you have been transported to some other place – it’s full of plants, greenery and life. Walk a little bit and you will fine this cute little cafe. I went there with my 7 month old son and had enough space to park his stroller around my table. I was there by 9 am so the cafe was not crowded still. The food came pretty quickly and was delicious. I ordered an egg lox and the salmon was specially tender and tasty. Coffee was ok. The ceiling fans kept the cafe super cool and my son busy as well. I recommend!!” – Asta Bathra

Atmosphere is very chill

“Great place for coffee and dessert! Loved the lemon cake tart, the taste is immaculate. The atmosphere is very chill and cozy💕.” – Reem AlQubaisi

FAQs about Cafes

Are there any cafes out there that we missed and need to be added to this list? Drop us a comment below so we can pay them a visit!