5 Best Trucking Companies in Dubai
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The 5 Best Trucking Companies in Dubai

Transporting anything, especially items that are too heavy and large to fit in a normal car, can be a difficult task to do on your own.

Thankfully, Dubai has a lot of trucking companies that are more than ready to help people transport goods from one destination to another.

So, we scoured the city to give you the best trucking companies in Dubai. We also included the factors we considered in choosing.

Ultimately, we answered some FAQs about trucking companies in Dubai.

How much do the services of trucking companies in Dubai cost?

The cost of availing of the services of trucking companies can vary depending on the distance from your location to your destination, the type of truck you need, other extra services, and the duration of the move.

Truck rental companies don’t offer fixed prices. Rather, they always give custom quotes to their clients.

To give you a starting point, the price range of renting out a truck for a relocation job is around AED550 to AED1100.

This often includes mileage charges and additional fees such as insurance and taxes.

The Best Trucking Companies in Dubai

Before we get into the entries in our list, take a look at the criteria we used to find them:

Types of Trucks – This pertains to the range of trucks they have on hand. Besides looking at the capacity of the trucks, we’re also looking at trucks that can provide special solutions for businesses.
Cost – We also took into consideration their services’ prices based on the quotes they provided and compared them to the other entries on our list.
Extra Services – We’re talking about the other services the company provides that can also help in relocating and delivering items. Some examples are handyman services and international shipping.
Customer Service – A truck service company is only as great as the people who pack and move your items. We considered each company’s punctuality, quality of packing and moving, and personal experience.

1. Pickup Rental Dubai

Pickup Rental Dubai's Homepage

Truck Rental

ADDRESS5722+H87 - Al Quoz - Al Quoz 4 - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

Phone: +971 555 610 300

EMAIL : [email protected]


Monday to Friday: 7 am-5 pm

Saturday: 7 am-12 noon

Holidays: 8 am-10 am

Types of Trucks★★★★★ (5/5)
Cost★★★☆☆ (3/5)
Extra Services★★★★★ (5/5)
Customer Service★★★★☆ (4/5)

If you’re looking for a truck rental company for office relocations, then Pickup Rental Dubai is the one for you.

Specializing in local, interstate, and international office relocations, Pickup Rental Dubai ensures that everything in your old office arrives at your new one safely and securely.

Its trucks for rent range from 1-ton pickup trucks to 7-ton pickup trucks, which are enough for offices with around 30 employees. All of these come with a professionally trained driver.

And specializing in office relocations means that its teams are equipped to handle and secure sensitive business documents.

However, this niche service means it charges more than the usual truck rental company for the security and professional handling of business items.

Another notable aspect of Pickup Rental Dubai is the other services it can offer to its clients. Besides the usual home relocation, it can also have your things transported via ship or plane with its air and ship freight services.

We are also big fans of its warehousing services which we found to be invaluable.

Its warehouses provide a much-needed temporary space to store some products clients haven’t found a place for at the new office yet.

But our favorite service that it offers is its Man with a Van. This offering includes an expert driver and a van to provide you with a quick transportation solution for small-scale moving.

Its experience in handling confidential items bleeds into handling day-to-day office furniture.

Its meticulousness doesn’t end in the packing because it also took note of every request and detail that clients provided before the move.

At the end of the day, Pickup Rental Dubai is your best choice for office relocations. Despite it costing more than our other entries on the list, it is the most secure choice out of all of them.


  • Specializes in office relocations
  • Trained to handle sensitive business documents
  • Offers budget-friendly Man with a Van service
  • Offers air and ship freight services
  • Offers warehousing services
  • Meticulous in packing items


  • Costs more than the truck rental service
  • Meticulousness leads to taking up more time for packing

2. Dubai Pickup Rentals

Dubai Pickup Rentals Homepage

Pickup truck rentals

House moving services

ADDRESSOffice # 306, Al Rostamani Area, Al Qouz 3rd, Near Al Khail Mall, P.O.Box 391335, Dubai – United Arab Emirates

Phone: 0552715560 – 0567307099

EMAIL : [email protected]


Open 24/7

Type of Trucks★★★★☆ (4/5)
Cost★★★★☆ (4/5)
Extra Services★★★☆☆ (3/5)
Customer Service★★★★★ (5/5)

When it comes to heavy lifting and transporting huge cargo, then Dubai Pickup Rentals has your back.

Other than your usual trucks for residential relocations, it can also provide vehicles that can carry up to 7 tons of cargo. This makes it the top choice for warehouse relocations, event deliveries, and cargo transportation.

It is a better option for businesses in the events, storage, and construction industries, especially because it also offers rental contracts to its clients for long-term agreements.

As for home relocations, we think that you’ll find our other entries on this list more suitable. Dubai Pickup Rentals’ cargo transportation services are more cost-efficient than its home relocation services.

One drawback for us is that it is lacking in other services that it offers. Besides packing and unpacking as part of its home relocating services, there really isn’t much else to say.

This is why we have to say its home relocation services are mediocre, especially compared to its other truck rental services.

What we really like about Dubai Pickup Rentals, however, is its customer service. Being in the business of transporting cargo during different times of the day, it can accept requests and answer your questions 24/7.

All in all, it shines in working with businesses in transporting huge structures and large shipments.

What it lacks in other services and home relocations, it makes up with its niche service of handling large amounts of cargo with no problem.


  • Trucks can carry up to 7 tons
  • Customer service is available 24/7
  • Trained to load and unload huge amounts of cargo
  • Specializes in transporting large fixtures and equipment


  • Mediocre home relocation service
  • Lacks other services to offer

3. Tamam Movers

Tamam Movers Homepage

Home relocations

Office relocations

Export packing



ADDRESSWarehouse No.14, Sharjah Industrial Area No.11, Near National Paints, Sharjah.

Phone: +971 55 5081 500

EMAIL : [email protected]


Saturdays to Thursdays: 9 am-6 pm

Types of Trucks★★★★☆ (4/5)
Cost★★★★★ (5/5)
Extra Services★★★★★ (5/5)
Customer Service★★★★★ (5/5)

With 18 years of experience and time-tested methods at its disposal, Tamam Movers proved that packing and moving things require resourcefulness as much as strength.

Besides this, it also has an array of trucks ready to be rented at any given time. Its clients have access to its 1-ton pickup trucks, which are always in tip-top shape, perfect for moving items and furniture from their 2-bedroom villa.

And this isn’t even its biggest model, because it has larger ones used for office relocations.

However, we noticed that its trucks are not for loading heavy equipment, such as stage fixtures and professional gear, limiting its services to home and office relocation.

We are big fans of its competitive and budget-friendly prices. Landing at just a little more than AED5,000, the quote it usually gives for 2-bedroom villas.

Not only that, but it also uses a fixed price point scheme to easily and quickly formulate a quote based on the details its clients provide.

We also loved that more than just truck rental and packing and moving services, it also offers storage and handyman services.

We especially found the storage services very handy because we realized that movers may have a lot of items they wouldn’t have space for at their new place while packing up.

As for customer service, we were blown away by the sense of responsibility of its team.  They always repack boxes that weren’t securely packed, showing great initiative.

Its team also takes the time to reorganize items inside clients’ boxes so these can be securely fastened.

All in all, Tamam Movers shines in the services it offers at very competitive prices. It is one of our top picks for truck rental services in Dubai.


  • Trucks are great for home/office relocations
  • Budget-friendly cost
  • Offers storage and handyman services
  • The team takes initiative and is very responsible


  • Trucks are limited to home/office relocations only

Customer Reviews

Great service

“Great Service provided by Krishna and Team, I did not even felt it all the work completed. 👍

The service went smoothly. The 8 am team reached and packed all the material until 2 pm then moved to a new location and unpacked all of them and installed all furniture.

Very clean work and there are no damages to any item.

Also, the most important thing is I have done 5 movements with this team and always they deliver the best put out.” – Shaikh Silar, Google Reviews

I highly recommend them!

“Used them two times now for furniture assembly and fixing items to the wall.

They are fast and get the job done to your satisfaction.  Also very clean, polite, pleasant, and helpful.

I would use them again.  Very professional and punctual too.” – 

Lauren Tunstall, Google Reviews

4. Pickup Truck Rental in Dubai

Pickup Truck Rental in Dubai's Homepage

Truck rental

ADDRESSAl Quoz - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

Phone: (055) 730-6455

EMAIL : [email protected]


Open 24/7

SERVICESTruck rental
ADDRESSAl Quoz – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
CONTACT DETAILS(055) [email protected]
Types of Trucks★★★★☆ (4/5)
Cost★★★★☆ (4/5)
Extra Services★★★★☆ (4/5)
Customer Service★★★★☆ (4/5)

Pickup Truck Rental in Dubai is the perfect choice for a small-scale quick truck rental job for relocating.

With a wide array of services that revolve around packing, moving, and unpacking your things from one point to another, its trucks are meant for efficiently finishing these types of jobs.

However, to achieve this level of efficiency, it has compromised its rental trucks’ capacity.

Each truck is only capable of carrying up to 3 tons. This means these are only for packing and moving furniture and boxed items.

It also has a Man with a Van service, which lets clients transfer some of their excess furniture that can’t fit into its relatively smaller trucks.

This service is also very budget-friendly and costs only a fraction of the average 1-ton truck.

We think that this service is more versatile and can be availed for other than just transporting and moving boxed items and furniture.

Pickup Truck Rental in Dubai really shines in the variety of services it is willing to offer.

It offers office relocation, commercial moves for delivering and ordering goods, valuable moves, long-distance moves on land, and international moves via air travel.

However, its teams can only do so much to be efficient when it comes to a client availing multiple services.

And we can definitely see how this can also affect the timeline of other clients when it comes to their appointments and moving schedules.

But with its various services comes its knowledge of logistical challenges. With its experience in different kinds of transportation services, it can present clients with a detailed moving plan.

We also love that it lets its clients join the team in the truck and make sure that the transportation is done safely and quickly.

All in all, Pickup Truck in Dubai is a great option for when you’re looking for a quick and cheap truck rental service, or if you’re about to move and you need someone to plan out the logistics for you.


  • Has a wide array of services to offer
  • Man with a Van is a convenient and versatile offering
  • Knowledgeable in long-distance moves and logistics
  • Meticulous in packing and loading


  • Fully focused on home and office relocations only
  • Multi-service appointments may hinder teams’ efficiency

Customer Review:

Working with them was a relief!

“If you’re looking for a new twist to an old and stressful dance, Pick up truck rental in Dubai aims to provide relief by offering stellar customer service, convenient logistics, and user-friendly technology with the latest vehicles and professional and trained drivers” – Rocky White, Pickup Truck Rental in Dubai

Professional team

“Thank you! I highly recommend this team and company. They were on time, organized, super-efficient, and very careful with all of our stuff. Not one thing was broken. Call these guys for your next move! Thank you so much to all of the team!” -Heather Tucker, Pickup Truck Rental in Dubai

5. RM Movers and Packers

RM Movers and Packers Homepage

Professional moving

Handyman services

Storage services

ADDRESSSas Al Nakhl Village, Abu Dhabi

Phone: +971 58 647 2972

EMAIL : [email protected]


Open 24/7

Types of Trucks★★★☆☆ (3/5)
Cost★★★★☆ (4/5)
Extra Services★★★★☆ (4/5)
Customer Service★★★★★ (5/5)

RM Movers and Packers is a one-stop shop trucking company for everything you need for home relocations.

From packing and moving to storing old furniture, this company makes sure this potentially stressful time in everyone’s life can go smoothly and quickly.

This being said, it really is just a home-relocating trucking company. If you’re looking for a company that can help you move your products or large fixtures, then check out our other entries on this list.

It is limited to small-scale one-time moves, and while it may not be as versatile as the other entries, it is great at what it offers.

We appreciate that it has competitive pricing. A 2-bedroom villa move can go as low as AED6,000 and this includes the storage clients can rent out for storing extra furniture.

We also love that RM Movers and Packers usually sends in an extra team to help with the packing to make things more efficient. This is especially great considering that the company doesn’t charge clients extra.

Besides home relocations, it also has storage and handyman services. These were invaluable additions to its offerings when it came to dismantling fixtures and storing furniture.

But do be aware that both of these services are charged separately and will add to the quote if you decide to avail these along with its main relocating team.

We also love that the teams are always punctual and finish packing and loading up everything in a little more in a day.

On top of that, challenges, such as coordinating with landlords are addressed immediately and professionally.

All in all, if you are just looking for a well-rounded truck rental service that can help you move to a new house, then RM Movers and Packers is the best answer.


  • Offers competitive pricing
  • Specializes in home relocation
  • Offers storage and handyman services
  • Excellent customer service


  • Offers nothing else besides home relocation
  • Other services are charged separately

Customer Review:

Very professional!

“All I can say is that RM Movers are very professional. They have a professional team of packers and re-fixers. Their quote is very reasonable compared to other service providers.

I moved from a 3-bed to a 4-bed apartment and they did a tremendous job. They had 3 teams with additional helpers for each of the rooms plus movers from the apartment to their vehicles.

They arrived on time and completed their job on time. Mr. Ali was great at coordinating things among the team. I even had a small issue with furniture after the job was completed. They revisited my apartment the next day and fixed the issue.

The after-sales customer service was excellent. I would highly recommend RM Movers for relocating services.” – Pradeep Mendonca, Google Reviews

Timely service

“RM mover is a very professional and very good team. I started the 3 bedrooms moving at 9 am and finished before 4 pm. The handyman is also very skillful. And the price is very competitive than others.” -오승현, Google Reviews

FAQs about Trucking Companies in Dubai

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