5 Best Ramen Restaurants in Dubai
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The 5 Best Ramen Restaurants in Dubai

Are you craving something nice and hot for the rare cold day in the city? Maybe a satisfying meal at one of the best ramen restaurants in Dubai is just what you need!

Whether you want to indulge in the rich, dark broth or the nice fusion of meat, carbs, and vegetables, here are some of our favourite dining spots to check out. We think anyone of these deserve a spot on your food bucket list in Dubai!

How much does it cost to eat at a ramen restaurant in Dubai?

Ramen varies a lot in cost, most of it depending on the toppings you add. The more meat, egg, or vegetables you add to your ramen, the more expensive it may be.

As for these ramen restaurants, here’s a small table showing how much you could spend on one meal during your visit:

Bento-YaAED 20 - AED 240
KinoyaAED 35 - AED 180
WagamamaAED 30 - AED 90
YUiAED 30 - AED 80
Wokyo Noodle BarAED 20 - AED 60

Choosing the Best Ramen Restaurants in Dubai

With so many great places to choose from, it can be intimidating to just choose one as the best ramen restaurant in Dubai. For our list, we’ve taken a look at the following factors:

Facilities – Is the shop nice and well-maintained? Do they maintain a high standard for cleanliness?
Restaurant Experience
Food – Is their ramen delicious? Do they have a good variety on offer?
Ambiance – Does it have a nice ambiance? Is the overall atmosphere conducive for a nice meal?
Customer Service
Professionalism – Is the staff nice and friendly? Are they attentive to customer requests?
Waiting Time – Is the waiting time for food and seating reasonable? Can you dig in right away?
Accessibility – Are they open at convenient hours? Is it easy enough to find the place for a visit?

1. Bento-Ya

Bento-Ya's Homepage
MENUTemaki Selection, Pan Fried Noodles, Ramen, Bento Box, Sashimi Selections
ADDRESSAl Kawakeb Building, Block D, Near Dusit Thani, Sheikh Zayed Road, Trade Centre Area, Dubai
CONTACT DETAILS+971 4343 0222

[email protected]

OPERATING HOURSMondays - Sundays: 11:00 AM to 11:15 PM
FACILITIES★★★★★ (5/5)
FOOD★★★★★ (5/5)
AMBIANCE★★★★☆ (4.5/5)
WAITING TIMES★★★★☆ (4/5)

Bento-ya’s authentic Japanese cuisine stems from its roots all the way back in 1997, where it was established by Chef Shinji Taniuchi to bring the best of Japanese cuisine and ingredients to the UAE. 

The restaurant has a nice terrace seating with a pleasant breeze wafting in during the evening, which we think is the best time to visit as a result. Of course, the interior is just as good, featuring clean, well-organized furniture and decorations.

With a specially curated menu of Japanese classics, guests are spoilt for choice– a particularly favorite starter would be their gyoza, filled with either chicken or shrimp. Vegetarian diners may like the agedashi tofu, as well. 

The ramen menu allows a degree of customization, with customers being able to pick their own noodles, with some pre-set toppings. The standout pick for their ramen would be the tantanmen, which is rather spicy, and served with minced beef. 

To accompany the hearty dishes on the menu, Bento-ya also has a wide variety of fresh and refreshing drinks, ranging from juices, smoothies, and lemonade. These are also well paired with their mochi for a sweet finale. 

One amazing thing we found is that the restaurant does accommodate delivery orders. We think this is quite convenient for most people.

However, this is where some growing pains are really felt. Some customers have reported waiting a while to finalize making their orders online, before needing to wait almost an hour just to get the food at their doorstep.

Overall, its long history of consistent service and authentic Japanese flavors make Bento-ya a reliable choice for a good, warm bowl of ramen, whether at home or at the restaurant.


  • Very generous portion sizes
  • Prices are quite affordable compared to high-end places


  • Takes some time to deliver the order
  • Online ordering system takes time to finish

Customer Reviews

Food is amazing and the price is not very expensive

“If you want good Japanese food, you should go to this place. Food is amazing and the price is not very expensive and it’s worth it for what you get.” – Jerome dela Cruz

I enjoyed every minute in this place

“I just genuinely want to say thank you. Thank you for the nice service, thank you for the amazing food. Really. It was great, I enjoyed every minute in this place.” – Irena Wierbicka

2. Kinoya

Kinoya's Homepage
MENURamen, Yakitori, Izakaya, Tempura, Kobachi
ADDRESSThe Onyx Tower, Sheikh Zayed Road, The Greens, Dubai
CONTACT DETAILS+971 4220 2920

[email protected]

OPERATING HOURSTuesdays - Sundays: 12:00 PM to 1:00 AM

Closed on Mondays

FACILITIES★★★★★ (5/5)
FOOD★★★★☆ (4.5/5)
AMBIANCE★★★★★ (5/5)
WAITING TIMES★★★★★ (5/5)

With its inspirations rooted in the traditional Japanese custom of an izakaya, Kinoya blends both a laid-back, casual space to unwind. It features a classic Japanese menu, with all the after-work staples and beyond. 

The interior of the restaurant is tailored to resemble a real izakaya, with multiple seating options available. Customers may sit at the chef’s counter to watch the staff hard at work, or join up with some friends in the private tatami rooms for more intimate dinners.

Kinoya’s menu is well curated by head chef Masao Kikuchi along with ramen chef Neha Mashra, centering on three particular dishes– ramen, yakitori, and the izakaya menu full of light snacks for unwinding. 

We think this izakaya menu is rather varied, with some stand-outs being the Miso butter eggplant. Additionally, meat-lovers can satisfy their cravings with the karaage, or the large katsu sando for a heftier meal. 

Of the ramen options, the popular pick would be the shio paitan ramen– with the help of their signature, handmade noodles, this dish made with slow-cooked chicken broth and seared chicken will warm any guest up on a cold night.

Presentation is very good too, with each appearing to glisten in the night. We think they really do make quite an impression once they’re brought out swiftly, still piping hot.

That being said, some diners have noted that the restaurant’s portion sizes can be quite small for the prices offered, so ordering multiple dishes may be needed. Additionally, vegetarian diners may also find the menu somewhat limited in options. 

We think these can all be improved in the future.

Kinoya still remains to be one of Dubai’s better places to unwind and relax, letting all of its guests enjoy both the hearty fare and the laid-back feeling a true Japanese izakaya would provide.


  • Very appetizing presentation of food
  • Big space makes for easy seating


  • Ambiance is a little on the loud side
  • Limited options for vegetarian diners

Customer Reviews

Definitely worth all compliments and awards

“Definitely worth all compliments and awards. We really like the food (chef special ramen, sushi, scallops and deserts) and enjoy the authentic atmosphere.” – Oleksandra Storozhuk

Their ramen is one of the best you can try in Dubai

“This is a very nice authentic Japanese restaurant in Dubai. Pre booking is required to get a table especially at weekends. Their ramen is one of the best you can try in Dubai.” – Umar Shaikh

3. Wagamama

Wagamama's Homepage
MENUSoulful Bowls, Ramen, Curry, Sides and Sharing, Desserts
ADDRESSLower Ground Level, Dubai Mall, Downtown Dubai, Dubai
CONTACT DETAILS+971 4551 0192

[email protected]

OPERATING HOURSMondays - Sundays: 11:00 AM to 1:00 AM
FACILITIES★★★★☆ (4.5/5)
FOOD★★★★★ (5/5)
AMBIANCE★★★★★ (5/5)
WAITING TIMES★★★★☆ (4/5)

A staple of modern Asian cuisine, Wagamama draws its main inspirations from faster-paced ramen bars from Japan. It found its way from London in 1992 to Dubai’s doorstep, leading to 25 years of modern Japanese flavors and service. 

The restaurant’s interior design is quite modern, blending these with lighter, wooden decors and trims to make for a homely atmosphere. Diners also have a good view of the Dubai Fountain thanks to the restaurant’s position. 

With a menu focused on comfort food, Wagamama features a wide variety of hearty Japanese dishes, along with its own dedicated vegan menu, with rather good picks such as yellow tofu curry and yasai yakisoba.

The ramen at the restaurant is also a rather large feature of the menu, with a good amount of bowls to choose from. The chili sirloin steak ramen, in particular, is a crowd favorite, with its coriander and fresh lime offsetting the spicy chicken broth.

To end off the meal, Wagamama also provides a dessert menu full of Japanese-inspired desserts. The white chocolate and ginger cheesecake is quite the unorthodox dessert, served with toffee sauce. 

Some customers have stated that the ramen portions are a bit smaller than other places though. We think it’s important to keep this in mind as well.

Due to the popularity of the restaurant, some customers have noted that the waiting times to get service, along with the time between having the courses served tend to take rather long, so make sure to book in advance. 

If one is looking for a reliable Japanese restaurant in Dubai, then we would definitely recommend Wagamama. The expansive, hearty menu and their view of the Dubai Fountain makes for a good dinner and a show. 


  • Excellent view of the fountains from the restaurant
  • Expansive menu with good variety


  • Waiting times are a lot longer than other restaurants.
  • Portions are a little on the small side

Customer Reviews

The food was really amazing

“The food was really amazing. Ramen was superb and Katsu was really good. They also have big portions that you can share.” – Jean Gallego

Really fantastic overall experience

“Really fantastic overall experience. Place was pretty busy, and the staff were super friendly and recommended great dishes.” – Wentzel David De Wet

4. YUi

YUi's Homepage
MENUSmall Bites, Ramen, Agemono, Yakitori, Bao & Gyoza
ADDRESSGround Floor, Building 7, Dubai Design District, Dubai
CONTACT DETAILS+971 4243 4217

[email protected]

OPERATING HOURSMondays - Sundays: 12:00 PM to 3:30 PM | 6:00 PM to 10:30 PM
FACILITIES★★★★★ (5/5)
FOOD★★★★☆ (4.5/5)
AMBIANCE★★★★☆ (4.5/5)
WAITING TIMES★★★★★ (5/5)

With a position at the well-known Dubai Design District, YUi’s establishment in 2018 made it one of the only long-standing ramen bars in the area. It continues to operate today, after a recent renovation to refresh the restaurant. 

The new interior sports bright red colors and booths, along with a refurbished menu. We think this makes for a surprisingly energetic yet still minimalist ambiance that makes it nice enough to dine in.

The menu features new dishes along with a few classics from their original menu– with an all-new focus on healthier dishes, slow-cooked broths and authentic, Japanese noodles. 

One new addition that has been welcomed was the new inclusion of yakitori skewers on their menu for some lighter fare. Meat-lovers may prefer their grilled wagyu tri-tip skewers, while vegetarians may enjoy the crunchy asparagus skewers instead.

To keep in line with the restaurant’s origins, YUi’s ramen menu has also been revamped with new bowls– though, customers may still order the YUi original ramen, with paitan broth, yakiniku and eggs.

These additions did mean something had to go however. Unfortunately, some of the original ramen items have been removed, making the selection much smaller in this aspect.

Very hungry eaters might want to also order more than one serving though. In our opinion, the portions are just the slightest bit small to feel full without ordering any add-ons like the skewers. 

Nevertheless, YUi is still a good spot to sit down and have a nice bowl of ramen, especially when visiting the rest of the Dubai Design District. We think there’s plenty to like with the new menu, even for old time fans!


  • Service is quite fast
  • Plenty of available parking


  • Portions are quite small
  • Menu is smaller than other ramen places

Customer Reviews

Exceptionally clean and service was on point

“Absolutely loved dining at YUi, the ramen was hot and tasted great. Exceptionally clean and service was on point.” – A King

A simple place with exquisite service and food

“A simple place with exquisite service and food. This is the first time that we tried this ramen house and after trying this, we are craving for more.” – Kabatang Emz

5. Wokyo Noodle Bar

Wokyo Noodle Bar's Homepage
MENUNoodle Soup, Sides, Sweets, Signature Drinks, Kids Meal
ADDRESSShop 28, Basement Level, J2 Tower, Cluster J, Jumeirah Lake Towers (JLT), Dubai
CONTACT DETAILS+971 4454 2348

[email protected]

OPERATING HOURSMondays - Sundays: 11:00 AM to 11:45 PM
FACILITIES★★★★★ (5/5)
FOOD★★★★☆ (4/5)
AMBIANCE★★★★★ (5/5)
WAITING TIMES★★★★★ (5/5)

Wokyo Noodle Bar specializes in customization– allowing customers to pick and choose their own bowl according to their tastes. With the menu further expanded to have classic Asian sides and sweets, there’s sure to be something for every palate.

The restaurant itself is fairly unassuming, but cozy. The seats can be quite compact, but the wooden decorations and the clean, white colors are certainly pleasing to the eye, making for a relaxed ambiance in our opinion.

The restaurant’s menu wasn’t inspired only from Japan, but also other Asian destinations– from Korean to Thai cuisine. Customers will find everything from classic gyoza to tteok-bokki, Korean rice cake noodles. 

As with every main course on the menu, the ramen and curries in the store are customizable by choosing one’s own soup base, their choice of noodles, from udon to egg noodles, and their proteins to incorporate.

That said, it’s not a super extensive list of ingredients to choose from but we think what’s available works well for most creations. 

To go along with the bowls are sweets and drinks to match. Customers may want to have a sweet, cold treat in the form of their matcha ice cream, or simply relax with some nice, Thai lime ice tea. 

The interior of the restaurant is a bit on the small side in our opinion. You might want to come in early to secure a spot, maybe around thirty minutes before usual lunch or dinner times.

Should you find yourself craving a good bowl of noodles while in the area, definitely swing by the Wokyo Noodle Bar. It is sure to have just the perfect bowl of ramen for you.


  • Staff is very accommodating and friendly
  • Fast serving time makes for convenient service


  • Limited indoor seating
  • Limited customization with toppings and other ingredients

Customer Reviews

The place felt like a quick visit outside Dubai

“The place felt like a quick visit outside Dubai, the vibes, how the crew is cheerful and you get to see how your food is prepared on the spot” – Mohamed Shohayeb

Tasty food at a good value, in a really cool location

“Super nice place – the staff is super kind and helpful, and the vibes are very Japanese. Tasty food at a good value, in a really cool location.” – Filipa L. 

FAQs about Ramen Restaurants in Dubai

Well, we hope you’re able to enjoy this hot and filling dish. If you’re interested in other delicious dishes to try out, check out our other listings like the best lobster restaurants in Dubai!