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Best Geriatricians in Dubai That Help Grandparents Enjoy Their Later Years

It can be hard for our grandparents to enjoy their retirement when they’re not as healthy as they can be. 

We remember when we brought them for an out-of-town vacation, and they couldn’t enjoy leisurely walks because of arthritis and weak cardiovascular endurance.

Right after this experience, we decided to find a doctor we could take them to. We scoured the city for geriatricians who understand how aging bodies work and who have the experience and track record to show for it.

We were able to find just the right doctor for our grandparents to speak to. And in case you’re looking for a geriatrician who could help yours out, here’s a list of the five names that topped our list. 

The cost of seeing a geriatrician in Dubai depends on the experience and qualifications of the doctor.

To give you a starting point, getting a check-up from a geriatrician costs around AED100 to AED600.

How We Picked the Best Geriatricians in Dubai

Before we get right into our list of the best geriatricians in Dubai, here are the factors we considered for our entries on this list:

Credibility – First and foremost, we needed to consider the doctor’s qualifications and affiliations. This gives us a sense of the standards they follow.
Competence – We also considered the doctor’s specializations and the kind of ailments they focus on. This will show us how versatile their services are.
Service – It was also crucial for us to include how the geriatricians handle their patients. We wanted to see if they treat each one with utmost care and patience.
Accessibility – Lastly, it was important for us to have a geriatrician who is available in case of emergencies, or at least has a schedule that is conducive to an elder person’s lifestyle.

1. Dr. Rahul Unnikrishnan from Rashid Hospital

Dr. Rahul-Unnikrishnan-from-Rashid-Hospital
SERVICESGeriatric medicine
ADDRESS315 Umm Hurair - شارع ٢

+971 800 60


Dr. Rahul Unnikrishnan is a geriatrician expert at Rashid Hospital known for specializing in preventative geriatrics, dementia care, geriatric oncology, and many more. 

He is also the current president of the Emirates Geriatrics Society. With all of these credibilities, we were more than sure that he deserved to be on this list.

However, because of his wide scope of responsibilities, he only consults for patients nowadays. This means that any kind of operation, treatment, and surgery will most probably be forwarded to a different geriatrician.

We are sad because we would feel more confident if Dr. Rahul was the one who would perform surgeries on our grandparents.

When it comes to service quality, we love that he communicates with his patients exceptionally clearly. He is also an expert at helping manage medical conditions, which are quite common for the elderly.

On top of that, we like that he also does online consultations. This setup is perfect for grandparents who have difficulty traveling, making his services perfectly accessible.


  • Well-accomplished and highly-experienced geriatrician
  • Excellent service quality
  • Does online consultations and is available 24/7 


  • Only conducts healthcare consultations

2. Dr. Toba Elegbe from CMC Hospital Dubai

Dr. Toba-Elegbe-from-CMC-Hospital-Dubai
SERVICESGeriatric medicine, internal medicine
ADDRESSDubai Healthcare City Phase 2 - Al Jaddaf



With over 40 years of experience in internal and geriatric medicine, Dr. Toba Elegbe brings the knowledge and expertise he has gained from practicing in the United Kingdom, the USA, the Middle East, and Africa to his work.

He got a fellowship and certification in London and became a member of the British Geriatric Society during his time there. His experience as lead physician for the Joint Committee International also plays a great part in his approach to geriatric medicine.

He mostly deals with old age-related diseases such as memory problems, confusion, and anything that needs acute care. 

We think this is great because not many geriatricians in Dubai put a lot of focus on these kinds of issues.

On top of that, he provides medical input into the care of elderly patients admitted under other specialists to optimize their care and reduce the length of hospital stay.

The downside to this is that Dr. Elegbe is often packed with these kinds of patients, which makes it hard for others to book an appointment.

Moreover, he only works in one hospital, CMC Hospital Dubai, making him less accessible compared to our other entries. This is only redeemed by the fact that he is available 24/7 to his patients.


  • Highly experienced geriatrician with global knowledge
  • Focuses on old age-related diseases


  • Difficult to book an appointment with him
  • Less accessible compared to others

3. Dr. Amir Ahmed from American Hospital Dubai

Dr. Amir-Ahmed-from-American-Hospital-Dubai
SERVICESGeriatric medicine, clinical pharmacology
ADDRESS12 American Hospital - 15th St - Oud Metha

+971 4 377 5500


Dr. Amir Ahmed is certified by the Dutch Board of Geriatric Medicine and Clinical Pharmacology and has worked in the Netherlands for 15 years.

His professional career has been so focused on helping elder people that even his doctorate thesis is titled, “Clinical Pharmacology of Oral Tetrahydrocannabinol in Older People with Dementia.”

He also does a lot of teaching and researching, which has brought him to national and international training centers and conferences as a guest speaker.

In his practice, we are impressed by the diversity in his expertise. He helps manage age-related chronic complex diseases, falls, and fracture prevention.

He also treats dementia and its related neuropsychiatric symptoms, and practices old age psychiatry, making him a well-rounded geriatric doctor.

However, being the lone geriatric medicine practitioner in American Hospital Dubai means that booking appointments with him can be difficult. It also does not help that his department is smaller compared to the others in the hospital.

On top of that, Dr. Ahmed’s department is his only channel to patients. He lacks a separate clinic and alternative contact solutions, such as online and teleconsultations, that can make his services more accessible.

But since he works in a hospital, his services there are available 24/7.


  • Highly acclaimed and experienced geriatric doctor
  • Treats a wide range of old age-related problems and illnesses


  • Difficult to get an appointment
  • Lacks other means of getting a consultation from him

4. Dr. Nuwan Karunaratne from Mubadala Health Dubai

Dr. Nuwan-Karunaratne-from-Mubadala-Health-Dubai
SERVICESGeriatric medicine
ADDRESSSunset Mall - First Floor, Jumeirah Beach Rd Jumeirah 3

+971 800 77

OPERATING HOURSMonday to Thursday: 8 am - 8 pm

Friday and Sunday: 8 am - 6 pm

Dr. Nuwan Karunaratne, Mubadala Health’s resident geriatrician, has over fifteen years of experience in both internal medicine and geriatric medicine.

He is the head of the Senior Citizens’ Health Clinic in this hospital, and his competencies include the management of complex senior patients with chronic conditions. 

We are impressed by the fact that he provides complete geriatric assessments (CGA). 

This is a multifaceted procedure that determines an older person’s medical, psychological, and functional capabilities to support a coordinated treatment and follow-up plan.

This gives patients a customized plan for recovery or for improving body functions for a better quality of life.

However, besides being a member of the Emirates Medical Association and British Geriatrics Society, Dr. Karunaratne does not have that same level of acclaim compared to the other doctors on this list.

On top of that, Mubadala Health is not open 24/7, which means elder people are better off having a separate geriatrician for emergencies. This is one of its biggest drawbacks because this doctor is the only one who does not offer services beyond business hours.

Despite that, we loved meeting Dr. Nuwan Karunaratne. He made our grandparents feel at ease even when the news wasn’t good.


  • Provides assessment and plans to help recover and/or develop health
  • Manages and treats a wide range of old age-related problems
  • Excellent service quality


  • Does not have the same level of acclaim as other geriatricians
  • Does not offer 24/7 services

5. Dr. Andre Mateev from United Medical Dubai

Dr. Andre-Mateev-from-United-Medical-Dubai
SERVICESGeriatric medicine
ADDRESSUmm Hurair 2 شارع الرازى -

+971 4 370 8888

OPERATING HOURSEvery day: 9 am - 9 pm

Dr. Andre Mateev moved here in 2019 to practice geriatric medicine, bringing with him 20 years of experience working in Switzerland.

His focus on neurogeriatrics, which involves diagnosing, treating, and managing psychiatric disorders, stems from his training course in Psycho-geriatrics at the Geneva University Hospital.

Because of this, he specializes in illnesses that haunt a lot of elder people and their families, such as Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, Parkinson’s disease, and vascular dementia.

We think this is impressive because these psychiatric disorders are quite common and cause a lot of stress and burden on the patients and their families. 

However, having only moved here in 2019 makes him green when it comes to the cultural differences between Switzerland and the UAE. 

We found this important to note since many of our elders are raised on traditional values and may feel uncomfortable with a foreigner like Dr. Mateev. 

Despite that, his vast experience in working with patients of their age group shines through. He is sensitive and is able to relate to them now that he is approaching his patients’ age.

United Medical Dubai, the medical center he works in, is not open 24/7. This makes Dr. Mateev’s services inaccessible for emergencies.

However, Dr. Mateeve makes up for it by being reachable via numerous online platforms, making setting appointments easier.


  • Has 20 years of experience in geriatric medicine
  • Specializes in numerous neurogeriatric illnesses
  • Excellent service quality
  • Reachable through various online channels


  • His clinic is not available 24/7
  • New to UAE which causes cultural clashes between him and his patients

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