Best Eye Specialists in Dubai
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5 Best Eye Specialists in Dubai

Featured Image Source: Newarta via Pixabay

Did you know that approximately 80% of what we perceive comes from visual information? With the eyes being the windows to the mind and body, they deserve the utmost care.

We want to help you keep an eye (pun intended) on your vision, so we came up with a list of the best eye specialists in Dubai. Look into their professional background, their clinical expertise, and their availability in our reviews here. 

How much do eye specialist services cost in Dubai?

Eye specialists in Dubai may charge differently based on their years of practice, geographical location, market demand, and other factors. Still, we put together an estimate of the fee ranges for the services they offer. 

First, bear in mind that ophthalmology is one of the medical fields with high rates. The top ophthalmologists in Dubai (those with established practices or those who work for world-renowned hospitals and focus mainly on high surgical volume) can earn six to eight figures annually. 

We have provided a table showing the average cost for a general eye exam, medical eye care, and surgical eye care. Note that the actual rate for the services they offer can also change depending on the scope and difficulty of the procedure. 

General Eye ExamAED 130 to AED 180
Medical Eye Care

(treatment for glaucoma, iritis, and chemical burns)

AED 5000 to AED 7000
Surgical Eye Care

(surgery for eye trauma, astigmatism, cataracts, glaucoma, crossed eyes, and others)

AED 4000 TO AED 8000 (per eye)

The Best Eye Specialists in Dubai

So now, let’s check out the ophthalmologists who caught our eye (sick of the puns yet?). Note that after the list, you can also find tips on how you can pick the best eye specialist that can meet your requirements.

1. Dr. Chidamber Srinivas

Dr. Chidamber Srinivas' Photo
Image Source: JTS Medical Center
WORKING ATJTS Medical Center
ADDRESS10 A St Jumeirah 1 Jumeirah Terrace Building 107 Next to Etihad Museum - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
CLINICAL EXPERTISE• Vitreo-Retinal Diseases

• Ocular Immunology

• General Opthalmology

• Diabetic Retinopathy

• Macular Degeneration

CONTACT DETAILS+97143799954 | [email protected]
LANGUAGES SPOKENEnglish, Kannada, Tamil, Hindi, Telugu
WORKING HOURSSaturday 8:00 AM - 8:30 PM

Sunday - Thursday 8:30 AM - 8:30 PM

Friday 9:00 AM - 5:30 PM

Dr. Chidamber Srinivas is a Specialist Ophthalmologist at City Centre Clinic and Head of Ophthalmology at  JTS Medical Center. He is considered one of the most renowned eye specialists in Dubai because of his expertise and years of experience in the field. 

You can visit him for a general eye exam, but his main field of expertise lies in diagnosing and managing vitreoretinal diseases. Since 1988, Dr. Srinivas’s prime focus has been curing eye diseases, including macular degeneration, retinal detachment, and retinal tears caused by diabetes or other health problems. 

Aside from being a prominent figure in Vitreo-Retinal services, another noteworthy contribution of Dr. Srinivas is probably his role in establishing an autonomous and state-of-the-art Welcare Eye Clinic at Dubai Healthcare City in 2006. This center features a holistic and modern approach in dealing with retina transplants, stem cell cornea, and visual rehabilitation. 

Overall, we highly recommend Dr. Chidamber Srinivas if you need a trusted eye specialist with regard to Vitreo-Retinal diseases. Booking an appointment with him will also not be a problem since he is available all days of the week. 


  • Open all days of the week
  • Expert on vitreoretinal diseases and ocular immunology
  • Speaks five languages
  • Staff responds promptly when scheduling an appointment


  • Hard to schedule an appointment because of his large volume of clients
  • Need to have an appointment prior to consultation

Patient Reviews 

Understands his patients’ eye problems very well

“I have been in his care for two decades. He understands his patients’ eye problems very well and treats them with utmost care and comfort.” – Abdul-Kadir, 

Able to diagnose my rare eye problem and gave me the right solution

I would like to share my experience in this clinic and specifically with my Doctor. The clinic is very supportive in terms of appointments. Also, there is no delay or waiting time once you book your appointment. Really well managed team and super efficient.As for my Doctor. Chidamber, he is the best eye doctor in the world. He is the only one who was able to diagnose my rare eye problem and gave me the right solution. I have been visiting over 10 doctors and no one was able to properly diagnose my case except for Dr. Chidamber. He is very caring and gives all the time to patients to discuss their concerns and answer all of their inquiries. Dr. Chidamber saved many people’s sight that I do personally know and we are all proud of him. I am so happy that I knew Dr. Chidamber, he is such a relief and a true blessing. I wish my doctor all the best and good health. – Fatma Alemadi,

2. Dr. Vidhi Devendra Majithia 

Dr. Vidhi Devendra Majithia's Photo
Image Source: DrFive
WORKING ATUltraLasik Eye Center

iCARE Clinics - Uptown Mirdif

ADDRESSUmm Hurair 2 - Dubai Healthcare City - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

Unit No. R # 37 Uptown Mirdiff Mall - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

CLINICAL EXPERTISE• Anterior Segment - Infections & Other Disorders

• Seasonal Eye Allergies

• Vision Problems

• Ocular Surface Disorders

• Pterygium Excision

• Cataract Surgery

• Refractive Surgery

• Retinal Disorders

• Medical Management of Glaucoma

• Diagnosis and Management of Eyelid Disorders

CONTACT DETAILSiCARE Clinics: +97180042273 |
LANGUAGES SPOKENEnglish, Hindi, Gujarati
WORKING HOURSSaturday - Thursday 8:00 AM - 9:00 PM

Dr. Vidhi Devendra Majithia might look younger than the rest of the eye specialists we have included in this list but don’t let this stop you from trusting her abilities. She accomplished her graduation in medicine from Rajiv Gandhi Medical College in India. 

She completed her post-graduation and short-term fellowship at one of the most prestigious Ophthalmology institutes in India too – Bombay City Eye Center and Research Centre. Currently, she is a Specialist Ophthalmologist at iCare Clinic.

Dr. Majithia is trained in diagnosing and managing retinal and uveal diseases in particular. This means that she is adept at treating eye diseases caused by infections or injuries inside the eye that may cause serious vision problems. 

From managing simple and seasonal eye allergies to treating eye infections and other disorders, Dr. Majithia has years of proven expertise. She is also certified to do a wide range of treatments and surgeries, including LASIK and other refractive procedures at UltraLasik Eye Center. 

If you are looking for a dependable eye expert who can do an in-person consultation with you, we think Dr. Majithia is a good choice. Though she works from Saturday to Thursday, she still contributes to a blog where she comprehensively discusses some of the eye diseases she treats.


  • Vastly experienced in diagnosing and managing retinal and uveal diseases
  • Accepts a range of insurance plans
  • Speaks three languages


  • Relatively new in the field compared to others in the list

Patient Reviews

Calming aura

Dr. Vidhi is great at what she does, she has a calming aura and simplifies medical terms for her patients understanding. I felt safe with her and confident that she would help me heal my bruised eye, which she did. – khushboo.uttam,

Outstanding quality of medical care

Dr. Vidhi Majithia is incredible. Not only has she taken great care of my 3 year old sons eye problem. Its rare to find a doctor that combines such personal touches and care for a patient as a person with. I highly recommend becoming her patient. – doshipriyanka22,

3. Dr. Mohammed Sohaib Mustafa

Dr. Mohammed Sohaib Mustafa's Photo
Image Source: American Hospital Dubai
WORKING ATAmerican Hospital Dubai
ADDRESS12 American Hospital - 15th St - Oud Metha - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
CLINICAL EXPERTISE• Premium Cataract Treatment

• Complex Glaucoma-Related Cataract Treatment

• Laser Treatment for Glaucoma

• Adult Glaucoma Treatment

• Children Glaucoma Treatment

• General Eye Condition Treatment

CONTACT DETAILS+97143775500 |
LANGUAGES SPOKENEnglish, Hindi, Urdu, Arabic
WORKING HOURSSaturday - Thursday 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

If you are looking for an eye specialist in Dubai who has extensive experience in diagnosing and treating even the most complex and advanced glaucoma, we recommend Dr. Mohammed Sohaib Mustafa. Overall, he has been rendering service for 16 years and has been a specialist for 10 years. 

Aside from completing his graduation and residency in General Ophthalmology in the United Kingdom, he also took training from some of the UK’s most popular eye hospitals, including Royal Victoria Eye and Ear Hospital and Moorfields Eye Hospital. 

His fellowship training is focused on Adult and Pediatric (Childhood) Glaucoma. Moreover, he also has proven expertise in a wide variety of eye procedures such as diabetic retinopathy, medical retina, cataract, and refractive surgeries. 

Right now, Dr. Mohammed Sohaib Mustafa is the Director of Ophthalmology Services at American Hospital Dubai. He is also an active Adjunct Clinical Associate Professor of Ophthalmology at Mohammed Bin Rashid University. 

All of this is a good indicator of how well-regarded he is in his field. Unfortunately, it also tells you part of the reason his rates are slightly on the high side.

That said, there’s a lot to like about Dr. Mustafa, including the fact that he does remote consultations, which aren’t that widespread yet. It’s a point of convenience that many will appreciate, especially given current concerns due to the pandemic.


  • Accepts telehealth consultations 
  • Expert in treating glaucoma in adults and children
  • Uses the latest diagnostic techniques when diagnosing glaucoma


  • Only available from Saturday to Thursday
  • Relatively high consultation fee (AED 700+)

Patient Reviews

 Transparent in his ways

“My two children have been under the care of Dr Mustafa for 2 years for Glaucoma and he is an excellent Eye Surgeon. Transparent in his ways he even showed us surgical videos of what he did for my kids. I have never seen a doctor that shows kindness with guidance and transparency in a very difficult disease to treat. I am very happy with his.” – Al Seyari,

Very high standard

“I am been treated by Dr Sohaib for the last 6 years and I can say that his knowledge and professionalism are at a very high standard giving me the confidence needed to control my eyes issues allowing me to fulfill my job requirements. Also had my wife, son and daughter’s eyes inspected by Dr. Sohaib providing them with very proper advice when needed. I strongly recommend him as a consultant for any eyesight problems.” – Luis,

4. Dr. Nadire Erdogan Dib

Dr. Nadire Erdogan Dib's Photo
Image Source: The Eye Consultants
WORKING ATThe Eye Consultants
ADDRESSAl Razi Building 64, Block C, 1st Floor, Unit 1017 - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
CLINICAL EXPERTISE• Comprehensive Eye Examination

• Cornea and Ocular Surface Disease Diagnosis and Management

• Refractive Surgery

• Oculoplastic Surgery

• Glaucoma Diagnosis and Management

• Cataract Surgery

• Diagnosis and Management of the Retinal Disease

• Neuro-Opthalmology and Ocular Trauma

CONTACT DETAILS+97144211299 | [email protected]
WORKING HOURSSaturday - Thursday 8:00 AM - 8:00 PM

Dr. Dib finished her degree in medicine at Marmara University and took her residency in Ophthalmology at Kartal Training and Research Hospital. After getting her Specialty Certificate, she also received the European Board of Ophthalmology Diploma in Paris. 

Compared to other eye specialists in this list, Dr. Nadire Erdogan Dib does not only focus on one specialization. Aside from being a board-certified consultant ophthalmologist, Dr. Dib is also a well-trained Ophthalmic Surgeon. 

You can visit her for general eye care and consultations. Besides that, she also handles a range of procedures, including cornea, anterior segment, and oculoplastic surgery, refractive surgery, and cataract surgery. 

If you are searching for an eye expert with a relevant background in diagnosing and treating ocular problems, Dr. Nadire Erdogan Dib may be the answer. Our only complaint about her is that she’s occasionally hard to book, not least because she’s not in on Fridays.


  • Extensive experience in a wide range of eye surgeries
  • Accepts a variety of in-network insurance
  • You can book an appointment online


  • Only speaks English and Turkish
  • Not available on Fridays

Patient Reviews

Professional and informative

“Very satisfied with Eye consultant team and specially Dr Nadire Erdogan Dib she is very professional and informative she took time to examine my eyes and explained very well.I would like to say thank you and highly recommend this clinic to everyone” – Ellynna Agbones,

Calm approach

“Even though we were walk-in patient , didn’t wait long. All staff were very attentive with a positive attitude. Dr. Nadire Erdogan Dib took care of my son who had accidentally put sanitizer in his eye . Despite we were concerned about my son’s condition Dr. Nadire’s professionalism and calm approach put us in ease as well. Her prescription turned results in less than 24 hours.” – Serdar Saka,

5. Dr. Ahmed El-Khasbab

Dr. Ahmed El-Khasbab's Photo
Image Source: The Eye Consultants
WORKING ATThe Eye Consultants
ADDRESSAl Razi Building 64, Block C, 1st Floor, Unit 1017 - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
CLINICAL EXPERTISE• Anterior Segment Surgery

• Vitreoretinal Surgery

• Phacoemulsification with premium IOL

• Diabetic Retinopathy Surgery

• Macular Surgery

• Retinal Detachment Surgery

• Intravitreal Injections

• Retinopathy of Prematurity

• Scleral Buckle

• Laser Therapy

• Anterior and Retinal Complications Management

• Trauma Surgery

CONTACT DETAILS+97144211299 | [email protected]
LANGUAGES SPOKENEnglish, Arabic, French
WORKING HOURSMonday - Sunday 9:00 AM - 8:00 PM

Saturday 9:00 AM - 2:00 PM

The retina and the vitreous are essential structures in the eye that are responsible for creating and transmitting images to the brain. However, due to aging, diabetes, or other health issues, people may suffer from vitreoretinal diseases. 

Just like Dr. Chidamber Srinivas, Dr. Ahmed El-Khasbab also specializes in diagnosing and treating vitreoretinal diseases. He got his medical degree with honors from Ain Shams University, and completed his residency and masters in ophthalmology at Ain Shams University Hospital. 

Dr. El-Khasbab also accomplished his fellowship in Ophthalmology at the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons and became a certified member of the International Council of Ophthalmology in Cambridge. 

He was previously the Head of the Vitreonal Department at Magrabi Eye Hospitals and Al-Sharif Eye Center. 

As of now, he is the co-founder and  Head of the Vitreoretinal Unit and the Medical Director at the Eye Consultants Center. 

All of this is really just a long-winded way of saying that Dr. El-Khasbab has a rather illustrious career already. He’s certainly one of the most experienced doctors we found when it comes to his speciality (advanced and complex vitreoretinal procedures).


  • Vast experience in diagnosing and treating vitreoretinal diseases
  • You can conveniently schedule an appointment online
  • Available all days of the week


  • More focused on vitreoretinal surgeries

Patient Reviews

Very clear in explaining the situation

“Consultants Clinic in the web! Upon entering the clinic, one can sense a relaxed atmosphere at once. The receptionists are very courteous and friendly. The nursing staff are all smiling, caring and respectable to the patients needs. All the doctors are very professional, straightforward and friendly. My doctor for the right eye Cataract surgery, Dr. Ahmed, is very clear in explaining the situation, the surgery steps, the recovery, giving me the whole picture. And the result is superb! I’m now seeing clearly with my right eye after the surgery. Thank you very much!” – Gerardo Agsalon,

Outstandingly qualified and knowledgeable

“In my experience, “The Eye Consultants Center” has very advanced and professional doctors, management and staff and a perfect destination for a whole family eye check-up if a need be. I’ve known Dr. Ahmed since 2012 and I’ve been very admired and thankful to be one of his many patients, he is the best doctor I’ve ever met, expert at his job, outstandingly qualified and knowledgeable and puts me in ease when I go to meet him. I give 100% recommendation to everyone that needs to see eye consultation to visit this fascinated and well caring facility, you will for sure come out of there with substantial results!” – Tahir Choriev,

How to Choose the Best Eye Specialists in Dubai

Every ophthalmologist has their own specialty and expertise. So, it is essential to choose the one who can help you with your distinctive eye care needs. 

But how can you know who among those experts is the best for you? Here are some tips for that. 

1. Research their credentials and experience

Before you make your best pick, it is vital to research the credentials and experience of the eye specialist you plan to choose. 

Look into their board certification, training, skills, experience, and expertise. 

For best measures, also make sure that the eye specialist you will choose has no history of malpractice claims or is not subjected to any disciplinary actions. You’re still a customer and thus need to protect yourself this way.

2. Ask for referrals

If you have a general physician or know other healthcare providers, you can ask for a referral list of the best eye specialists near you. 

You can narrow down your list by researching their Ophthalmology subspecialties. Look for the one who has relevant background and expertise in the eye procedure you plan to have. 

3. Read patient testimonials

Looking into what people have to say about their eye doctor can help you understand how these professionals deal with their patients and also how their medical practice is operated. 

Testimonials usually mention the patient’s experience with the staff, equipment, scheduling appointments, wait times, doctor’s skills, and overall ambiance.   

FAQs about the Best Eye Specialists in Dubai

Schedule a consultation with one of the best eye specialists in Dubai listed here, so you can take care of your eyes before any symptom shows up. 

Think there’s a notable eye specialist who we might have missed? Don’t worry because we won’t turn a blind eye and we will look into your recommendations!

And if you are searching for other medical doctors who can help you stay on top of your eye health, explore our list of the best eye clinics for LASIK in Dubai as well! You might find what you’re looking for there.