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5 Best Driving Schools in Dubai

Getting your driver’s license is an achievement worth remembering. However, before you can legally set off on the road, there are tests you have to pass. 

But don’t worry because even if you’re a total beginner, professional instructors offering comprehensive driving lessons can still help you ace your driving tests. 

To help you get started, we’re reviewing some of the best driving schools in Dubai today! 

How much do driving schools in Dubai cost? 

The table below contains the costs of our featured schools’ most commonly taken driving courses. Note that these are just their current rates, so they might still be subject to change at any time.  

Emirates Driving InstituteLight Vehicle Regular Training Course (Automatic)

Light Vehicle Regular Training Course (Manual)

4,645 AED

4,505 AED

Belhasa Driving CenterLight Motor Vehicle Regular Training Course

Heavy Truck Regular Training Course

5,708 AED

6137 AED

Dubai Driving CenterLight Vehicle Regular Training Course (Manual/Automatic)

Heavy Bus Regular Training Course

3,835 AED

5,890 AED

DriveDubaiMotorbike Regular Training Course

Regular Training Course for Beginners (Manual/Automatic)

3,950 AED

5,350 AED

Al Ahli Driving SchoolLight Motor Vehicle Regular Training Course (Manual/Automatic)

Heavy Truck Regular Training Course

2,310 AED

3,360 AED

The Best Driving Schools in Dubai 

To choose the entries for this list, we use the following key factors:

Course offerings – Since there is a wide variety of license types available in Dubai, we make sure to pick the schools that offer a good range of driving courses.
Degree of expertise – We only included driving centers approved by Dubai’s Road Safety Authority (RSA) and that have certified driving instructors with relevant years of experience in the field.

1. Emirates Driving Institute

Emirates Driving Institute Logo
Source: Emirates Driving Institute

• Car Driving Course

• Gold Driving Course

• Platinum Driving Course

• Motorcycle Course

• Youth Driving Course

• Heavy Truck Course

• Advanced Driving Course

• Heavy Bus Course

• Light Bus Course

• Light Forklift Course

• Heavy Forklift Course

ADDRESSIbn Sina Building,Block D - Building # 27 26th St - Dubai Healthcare City - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
CONTACT DETAILS+971 4 263 110004 2631100

[email protected]

OPERATING HOURS Monday - Sunday 8 AM - 11 PM

Emirates Driving Institute was founded in 1991. Since then, they have been one of the most reputable schools accredited by AA Driving School in the United Kingdom. 

With over 40 branches and 2 well-equipped training and testing facilities at Al Quoz and Al Qusais, EDI operates on a large-scale network across Dubai. Also, if you wish to take their Platinum Driving Course, you can train in their exclusive branch at Jumeirah. 

From our perspective, the best feature of this driving institute is its solo training yard. Getting behind the wheel is an unnerving experience for some, but it’s still essential to take daunting steps and overcome this fear. 

That may be the reason why EDI created this training yard with sensor-equipped cars and control systems. You see, it’s an innovative and safe space where students can enhance their skills and build their confidence even without the supervision of their in-vehicle instructor. 

On the other hand, their vast regular training yard has an area of 51,500 sq. ft., so even if you plan to learn how to drive a heavy bus or other types of vehicle in their featured course, you can ensure that they have a designated training area for you. 

Aside from that, they also have a Smart Yard, which is specifically used to test their student’s parking abilities. 

All told, Emirates Driving Institute is an excellent pick, especially now that they’re offering e-lectures in English, Urdu, and Arabic. 

However, their popularity might also be a problem because we notice a few clients have complained about how long it took them to book an appointment with an instructor. Besides that, if you fail your driving test, it may take a week or two to schedule an exam again. 


  • Features solo training yard
  • Has a training yard for parking 
  • Offers e-lecture 


  • Can be hard to book a trainer 
  • Long waiting time

Client Reviews 

 Successful in getting my UAE DL

“It was a great experience with EDI. I was successful in getting my UAE DL. The call center employees were too cooperative and professional. My instructor was very patient and has very good knowledge on UAE traffic rules. I would blindly recommend everyone to join this institute.” – Srinidhi Jayaram 

Instructors are very professional and highly experienced

“Thank you EDI for obtaining my driving license at the first opportunity. The entire EDI team provided a great support for me.. The call center staffs are very responsive. The Instructors are very professional and highly experienced. Thank you to my instructors Miss Rukiya, Mr Shafiullah and above all Mr Mohamed Nahas, EDI’s best instructor where his proper advice helped most in getting the license at the earliest. The transport system is also an added advantage.” – Minu Elizabeth Tom

2. Belhasa Driving Center (Al Quoz 4 Branch)

Belhasa Driving Center (Al Quoz 4 Branch) Logo
Source: Belhasa Driving Center

• Heavy & Light Vehicle Bus Course

•Heavy Forklift Course

•Heavy Truck Course

•Light Forklift Course

•Light Motor Vehicle Course

•Motorcycle Course

ADDRESSAl Khail Mall - Behind - Dubai - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
CONTACT DETAILS+971 800 2354272

[email protected]

OPERATING HOURS Saturday - Thursday 8 AM - 8 PM

Friday 7 AM - 3 PM

Next on our list is an ISO-certified driving school in Dubai – Belhasa Driving Center. It was established by Mr. Saif Ahmed Belhasa in 2001. 

He claimed that they introduced the concept of a futuristic driving school that promotes a holistic learning experience. 

Well, their fleet of over 700 modern vehicles of all kinds, well-furnished onsite facilities together with their experienced instructors might attest to that. So if you plan to ace your RTA driving test and get your driving license as soon as possible, in our opinion, this school is worth considering. 

Just note that, compared to other entries on this list, it seems that their driving courses’ fees are a bit more expensive. Needless to say, enrolling in one of their VVIP courses can give you some exclusive perks. 

For example, if you decide to take their business class course, you’ll be able to access online classes and have flexible driving hours in your chosen location. You can also train using luxurious vehicles like Range Rover or Mercedes. 

In addition to that, you can take your RTA and Belhasa driving exam in the same location where you’ve done your training. This can be a great edge for you since you’ll be comfortable and familiar with the area. 

Nonetheless, if you really want to enroll here, it might be best to sign up this summer because they’re offering up to 100% off on selected services. Of course, it’s still subject to certain policies, but if you’re not eligible for that, you can still cut costs by trying a bunch of discounts, memberships, and special offers they have on their website. 

If you’re all set, we suggest that you visit the facility personally upon application because some of their clients have experienced delays when transacting online. 


  • Lots of discounts and special offers
  • ISO-certified driving school
  • Have several branches in Dubai 


  • Complaints on their customer service staff 
  • Driving course fees are a bit on the high side

Client Reviews 

Very friendly and kind

“I am so happy for choosing Belhasa Driving school, Al Quoz Branch! All staff are very friendly and kind, cheering up the time I fail and upset, giving all support they can. Very special THANKS to my Instructor NADEEM he was really helpful and taught me from the basics (I had 0 experience), his patience is just a thing to wonder. And to Muhammad at the class booking desk. I Reccommend this school.” – Nurizat Raiimova

Process was seamless

“I had a great experience of getting my license through Belhasa driving centre. The process was seamless.  The staff is very friendly and helpful. I was able to get my license in the first attempt all thanks to the amazing instructor Romana. She made the experience of getting the license very easy. Thank you BDC.”- Shrutika Sharan 

3. Dubai Driving Center 

Dubai Driving Center Logo
Source: Dubai Driving Center

• Light Motor Vehicle Course

•Motorcycle Course

•Heavy Vehicle Truck Course

•Heavy Vehicle Bus Course

•Light & Heavy Forklift Course

•Light Bus Course

ADDRESSJumeirah Road, Near Hilton Garden Inn - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
CONTACT DETAILS+971 4 345 5855

[email protected]

OPERATING HOURS Saturday - Thursday

7:30 AM - 9 PM


7 AM - 12 PM

2 PM - 5 PM

Another RTA-approved institute we included in this list is Dubai Driving Center. 

They have ISO certifications to guarantee the quality of services they offer and ensure the health and safety of their clients and staff, which ties right into their mission to provide innovative and professional training solutions.

It was founded by local entrepreneurs in 2003, and since then, they have been providing comprehensive driving courses throughout the city.

To name a few, they have branches in Jumeirah, DIP Main, Al Khail, Al Barsha, and Al Qusais. Just remember that not all their branches have the same facilities and courses offered. 

For example, their DIP Main and Al Khail branches can accommodate students who want to learn how to drive a motorcycle, light motor vehicle, heavy trucks, heavy bus, and forklift. On the other hand, their Al Qusais branch can only cater to clients who want to take light motor vehicle courses. 

Due to that, it’s essential to reach out to your preferred branch to make sure that they can offer the driving course you require. 

Before you jump to the online application process, take the time to look into their latest discount vouchers and special offers. Whether you’re a student, teacher, engineer, or government employee, you’ll be able to find good deals on their website. 

Once you’re done with your application, you can choose to attend lessons onsite or choose the e-learning courses they offer on their website. Either way, we think both options are good since they can help accommodate the distinctive schedules of their clients. 

Aside from the usual driving courses, their certified instructors also offer lessons in defensive driving, which is a great thing not just for total beginners but also for experienced drivers who want to refresh their knowledge and skills. 

The only downside we notice about this school is that most of their driving trainers are always fully booked, so clients sometimes find it hard to schedule road tests and assessments. 


  • Offers e-learning option
  • Can easily claim discounts and special offers 
  • Offer defensive driving courses


  • Occasionally hard to schedule road tests and assessments

Client Reviews 

Passed my driving test today

“I passed my driving test today , all thanks to my instructor, Ms.Rupika. I appreciate how approachable she was for any queries and the way she would teach & explain which was really very comforting & relaxing. This created a no stress environment and helped me get over the nervousness. She is really supportive and the best trainer i could ever have. Thank you so much mam, you are the best.” – Sanchana Varshini

Lot of patience while teaching

“I passed my final road test in the first try all thanks to Mrs. Rupika. She was very determined in her job and very approachable. She will exactly tell you your mistakes and has a lot of patience while teaching. Overall it was a good experience at Dubai driving centre.” – Shivani Premchand

4. DriveDubai Driving Center

DriveDubai Driving Center Logo
Source: DriveDubai

• Motorcycle Course

•Heavy Truck Course

•Heavy Bus Course

•Light Bus Course

•Heavy Forklift Course

•Light Forklift Course

•Car Driving Course

ADDRESSD57,Dubai investment park 2 - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
CONTACT DETAILS+971 4 802 0000

[email protected]

OPERATING HOURS Saturday - Thursday 8 AM - 7 PM

Wednesday 9 AM - 4 PM

Although it’s fairly new in the industry, DriveDubai is also a prominent driving center in Dubai. They are able to widen their reach because, in less than a decade, they’ve already established over 18 branches and a fully developed training and testing facility in Dubai. 

You see, their main training facility is 850,000 sq. ft., so they can easily accommodate large trucks and forklifts. Aside from that, their instructors can also provide training in fuel efficiency, defensive driving, and advanced driving. 

DriveDubai also allows their clients to choose and change instructors, which we like because each trainer has his/her own strategy or methods in teaching the lessons. This also reflects their aim to be a customer-centric service provider.  

To top it off, you can conveniently request the changes on their website. If you wish to change your schedule, training location, course, or instructor, all you have to do is use the student portal, post the request and wait for it to be sorted.  

Sadly, though, we came across some negative reviews from their customers regarding the long waiting time they have experienced when scheduling follow-ups and appointments. Also, there are instances when classes get rescheduled, so if you’re a really busy person who can’t afford to deal with delays, DriveDubai may not be the best pick for you. 


  • Has vast and modern training facility 
  • Can request to change instructors, schedule, or course
  • Provides training in fuel efficiency, defensive driving, and advanced driving


  • Long waiting time when scheduling follow-ups and appointments 
  • Sometimes classes get rescheduled

Client Reviews

Absolutely satisfied with everything

“Today I got my driving license here. It took me less than 3 weeks! I was absolutely satisfied with everything: managers were helpful, pick-up and drop-off drivers were also very nice. My instructor Mr. Tahir was very professional and gave me a lot of useful information and many necessary skills and tips for RTA test and for future driving. His classes were very interesting) Highly recommend this driving school! Especially VIP package.” – Aleksandra Semeniuta

Passed my test in the first go

“Mr. Thameem Ansari was the best instructor I could have gotten. His patience, skill set and support was truly magnificent. It is due to his support and capabilities that I passed my test in the first go. Very grateful to him and highly recommend you chose him as your instructor at Drive Dubai.” – Purhaad Bharucha 

5. Al Ahli Driving Center 

Al Ahli Driving Center Logo
Source: Al Ahli Driving Center

• Light Motor Vehicle Course

• Motorcycle Course

• Light Bus Course

• Heavy Bus Course

• Heavy Truck Course

• Light & Heavy Forklift Course

• Advanced Course

ADDRESSAl Quoz, Industrial 4 Street No. 19A Road No. 318 - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
CONTACT DETAILS+971 4 202 9666800-252454

[email protected]

OPERATING HOURS Saturday- Thursday

8 AM - 11 PM


7 AM - 12 PM

3PM - 5 PM

To complete this list, we have Al Ahli Driving Center. It was founded in 2006 by Mr. Yasin Nouri, together with other prominent businessmen in the UAE. 

They offer driving courses for light motor vehicles, motorcycles, light and heavy forklifts, light, and heavy buses, and heavy trucks. If you can’t visit the facility for your theoretical lessons, don’t worry because they also offer e-learning services which are available in English, Urdu, and Arabic. 

Another convenient feature of this school is its online mock tests that are similarly constructed to the actual tests they give. So if you want to practice at home and get an idea of what to expect on the day of your exam, just sign in on their website. 

Aside from the wide variety of driving courses they offer, this center also provides advanced courses in desert driving and defensive driving. These courses would be a great help, especially for people who want to learn a different set of driving skills to experience off-road adventures in the UAE. 

Unfortunately, if you wish to switch courses, you’ll be charged 105 AED. So if you sign up for a regular training course for a light motor vehicle and you decide to switch to a heavy bus training course, you’ll have to pay that charge and cover the cost difference between the two courses. 

Moreover, if you are absent during your assessment day, you’ll have to pay again and book another schedule to take the test. To avoid this, make sure that you send them an email 48 hours prior to your test so they can help you reschedule.  


  • Offers a variety of driving courses
  • Provides e-learning services
  • Have desert driving and defensive driving courses


  • Have extra charge when changing courses
  • Need to pay again when you’re absent during your assessment day

Client Reviews 

Entire experience was very good

“The entire experience was very good from start to getting the license. Both the staff for VIP service Ms. Amal and Ms. Renz are very helpful they take care of everything booking your class, tests and managing your time very accommodating. They make your experience very smooth. Also the GM Mr. Waddah, he helped me a lot with the lowest possible price for VIP package. I strongly recommend Al Ahli, for any help go to Ms. Renz or Ms. Amal for price go to Mr. Waddah.” – Arun Jeevaraj

Wonderful instructors

“Was a great driving school with wonderful instructors. Booking classes was easy, and classes were very smooth. Their service is also incredible! I was able to pass my road test by the second try. Would definitely recommend it to everyone!” – Fran Raymundo

How to Choose the Best Driving School in Dubai

Now that you’re done with our review of the top driving schools, it’s time to know the factors that can help you select the right one for you. 

  1. Do your research. 

When it comes to finding a driving school, it’s best to have choices, so make sure to do your research before you sign up for anything. Aside from the facilities, you can also check if they are appropriately licensed and if their instructors are certified. 

If possible, look for a driving school that offers comprehensive lessons and straightforward manuals that can make the learning process more convenient and hassle-free for you. 

  1. Consider the license type you want to get. 

What type of driver’s license do you want to get? It’s important to determine the answer to this question because not all driving schools offer training and lessons on all types of vehicles. 

Make sure to check if your chosen license type is supported in their facility. 

  1. Check the flexibility of lesson schedules. 

Whether you are a student or professional, chances are you have other things going on in your life, so it’s more advantageous to pick a driving school that can accommodate your different schedules. 

You can check if they offer different time slots in a day. Through this, you can choose the time that is ideal for you. 

  1. Look into the price of their services. 

Of course, you should also consider the cost of the whole training. Every driving school has its own pricing range, so it’s best to get quotes from a few schools to grasp the reasonable rates for each service. 

FAQs about the Driving Schools in Dubai

Is there a driving school in Dubai that you might want to be featured in our list? Don’t forget to message us so we can look into your recommendations. 

Once you have passed your driving examination and you have your own car, don’t forget to have it insured. See our reviews of the best car insurance options in Dubai.