The 5 Best Office Chairs For Your Home Office in Dubai
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The 5 Best Office Chairs For Your Home Office in Dubai

Getting one of the best office chairs in Dubai can provide you the comfort you need for a more productive and sustainable work-from-home routine. 

To help you find the one you need, we went over the top office chairs sold in the city and compared as well as ranked them to find the best ones. We’ve also added a guide to picking one, as well as answered FAQs about office chairs.

The Best Chairs in Dubai

To make sure we give the best office chairs Dubai has to offer, we looked at different models based on the following criteria:

Cost – Investing in a good quality office chair can really set you up for more productive work days, so we chose the chairs that priced competitively for the features they offer.
Support and Comfort – An office chair is only as good as its adjustability and the comfort it gives. The entries on our list all offer some degree of ergonomic flexibility.
Durability – We took into consideration the materials used and weight capacity, if stated, for our entries to offer you durable options that can endure daily use.
Mobility – A mobile office chair is an efficient office chair that can help you move around your office with no problem, our entries offer high quality casters and durable spokes.

1. EMBRACE Mesh Ergonomic Chair

EMBRACE Mesh Ergonomic Chai
DIMENSIONS67 x 65 x 119-140 cm
PRICEAED819 at Office Master
Price★★★★☆ (4/5)
Support and comfort★★★★☆ (5/5)
Durability★★★★★ (5/5)
Mobility★★★★☆ (4/5)

The EMBRACE Mesh Ergonomic chair is a great economical option for an office chair out there. It’s basically the choice if you want a chair that won’t cost an arm and a leg but provides full adjustability and durability. 

This office chair is a budget-friendly option that provides you the ability to adjust your headrest and lumbar support for maximum comfort. The seat also moves forwards and backwards.

The armrest’s height, depth, and distance apart can also be adjusted.

The lumbar support’s shape, which is a rectangular band that runs along the width of the backrest, proves to be just enough to do the job. We think this is an okay option compared to y-shaped and h-shaped lumbar supports that not only support the lower back but also help shape your posture better – not great, but not bad either.

The entire backrest is made out of Korean WINTEX Mesh Fabric in Nylon Fiberglass, by the way. This is a high-quality material that’s been proven pretty durable in other products, so we like it. 

But what we really like is that it also provides good air circulation for your head, neck, and back. That’s a must in our climate!

The aluminum base for the chair ensures that the legs won’t easily get damaged too, and maintains a lightness to the chair. 

However, having exposed steel may prove to have its own challenges in the long run. Maintenance can be a pain, as there’s a higher possibility of the metal getting rust and scratches.

Finally, it’s worth mentioning that the wheels are polyurethane (PU) casters. These are known for quietness and floor protection, as well as better traction and better load-bearing capacity compared to rubber ones. 

However, PU casters have their downsides too, so consider if their pros are worth more than the cons to you. They have low cushioning capabilities (unlike rubber that can deform to absorb shock), so they’re not the smoothest choice if you like to roll over the floor a lot.


  • Fully ergonomic chair with high adjustability
  • Breathable mesh back and headrest
  • Mesh is made out Korean WINTEX fabric for high durability
  • Sturdy aluminum steel base
  • Quiet, floor-friendly PU casters 


  • Band-shaped lumbar support is a mediocre design choice
  • Exposed aluminum base and legs may be vulnerable to rust and scratches
  • PU wheels are sensitive to rough surfaces and cannot absorb shock

2. Sihoo Ergonomic Office Chair

Sihoo Ergonomic Office Chair
DIMENSIONS60 x 64 x 117 cm
PRICEAED809 at Amazon
Price★★★★★ (5/5)
Support and comfort★★★★☆ (4/5)
Durability★★★★★ (5/5)
Mobility★★★★☆ (4/5)

The Sihoo Ergonomic Office Chair balances flexibility, comfort, and durability without you having to spend too much. As such, this office chair is a well-rounded option for most people.

The backrest has been recognized by the Ergonomics Application Association for providing a design that is based on extensive research to perfectly match the angles of the backrest to the human spine.

The backrest hugged my back almost perfectly. But that doesn’t mean it’s perfect.

For example, we’re not fans of the lumbar pillow attached to the backrest because it was almost counterintuitive. We recommend that you try removing it for yourself and see the improvement.

We thought the adjustability that this chair provides is great. The lumbar pillow and headrest can be adjusted in two ways, while the backrest can be reclined anywhere from 90° to 125°degrees. 

The cushion is made out of cotton for comfort, and also resists sagging and shrinking as time passes. Since this is cotton, it will tend to leave stains and will not easily come off, however, so it is best to remain vigilant if you eat while working.

Meanwhile, the mesh fabric used for the backrest was perfect. It felt sturdy and breathable, and we think it is pretty good quality for its price point . 

The PU castors are thicker than usual and lined with rubber, and the difference between this chair and the Embrace (which we also reviewed) was noticeable. Moving around with this chair definitely felt smoother and easier.

Finally, the base and legs of the chair are made of aluminum alloy that is capable of giving you a safer, more stable, and durable sitting experience. Besides that, the chair also has a weight capacity of 150kgs, more than enough for nearly all users.


  • Design recognized by the Ergonomics Application Association
  • Fully ergonomic chair with maximum adjustability
  • Durable base and legs, and mash fabric
  • Thickened PU castors offer a smoother ride than most PU-castor chairs


  • The lumbar pillow ruins the chair’s backrest
  • The cotton cushion is prone to staining
  • Exposed base and legs are vulnerable to rusting and scratches

Customer Review:

Definitely order with installation, took me almost an hour to set it up

“Quality chair, very comfortable for me and once I got past the initial setup this is definitely a step-up from my older office chair. I can relax ang maintain a proper posture while working, the breathable mesh at the back definitely helps vent out body heat. I wish the same was also possible for the seat as well, but this is me nit-picking. Overall, very agreeable and happy purchase.” – Abu Hafsa, Amazon

3. Duramont Ergonomic Chair

Duramont Ergonomic Chair
DIMENSIONS66.04 x 59.94 x 106.68 cm
PRICEAED2,507 at Amazon
Price★★★☆☆ (3/5)
Support and comfort★★★★★ (5/5)
Durability★★★★☆ (4/5)
Mobility★★★★☆ (4/5)

The Duramont Ergonomic Office Chair is a great option if you want the best and are willing to pay for it. 

With the chair falling on the more expensive side of office chairs, Duramont makes it worth the buy with fully adjustable headrest, lumbar support, armrest, seat height, and tilt and rocking tension. 

In sum, this is perfect for those people who are really specific (read: finicky) about their comfort in the workplace.

There are some caveats, though. For example, because of the chair’s fully ergonomic capabilities, we can see that the parts that are adjustable will squeak as time passes if you don’t maintain this chair properly.

But that’s more or less the price you have to pay for items with more moving parts. That isn’t restricted to chairs, and it’s a fair trade for the adjustability this chair offers. 

Besides it being one of the most ergonomic options in the list, we like that it also pushes beyond finding the perfect sitting position. It even gives your body the ability to breathe with its mesh backrest. 

The mesh material allows for air circulation to pass through your neck and back, you see. AS such, it’s perfect for our climate.

Duramont’s office chair is durable enough to handle 150kgs on a daily basis, and provides a stable sitting experience with its alloy steel base. Whenever we leaned back or reclined using this chair, we never had to worry about falling over because of how sturdy and solid it felt.

This is offset by the fact that it is 20kg by itself, though. So, it may be difficult to transport it from one office to another.

Still, its durability and stability is complemented with its mobile design. This comes with rollerblade caster wheels.

We think these wheels are just the icing on the cake because of how easily they move around the tiled floors. The same couldn’t be said when we tried it on a carpeted room, of course!


  • Fully ergonomic chair with maximum adjustability
  • Fully breathable mesh backrest
  • Can seat a maximum of 150kgs
  • Durable and stable alloy steel base
  • Rollerblade wheels moves well on hard surfaces


  • Adjustable parts may need lots of maintaining
  • The chair’s weight may prove to be too heavy for some users
  • Rollerblade wheels are less mobile on carpeted floors

Customer Review:

Easy to put together, comfortable

“Very easy to assemble, identical to any other chair I’ve ever put together.

Not an issue for me as I didn’t intend on using it, but I’m 6’3” and the head rest/support isn’t high enough to support anything unless I sit slouched. If this is important to you, there’s a decent chance it won’t work well if you’re above 6’.

Love the fabric, but if you wear short shorts/have skin exposed, it is not at all comfortable against the skin. Not a real issue for me but thought I’d mention.

Love the wheels. As you can see on the main page, the wheels are like rollerblade/in-line skate wheels. These wheels are MUCH better (would be great for just wheeling around the office or home lol). I like them though as they’re much nicer to my floors.

There’s a rather strong scent coming from it. Not bad necessarily but one of these “new/packaged appliance” scents that I’m sure will go away in time.” – Nathan, Amazon

4. Newman Executive Chair

Newman Executive Chair
DIMENSIONS60 x 64 x 117 cm
PRICEAED476 at Workspace
Price★★★★☆ (4/5)
Support and comfort★★★☆☆ (3/5)
Durability★★★★★ (5/5)
Mobility★★★★☆ (4/5)

The Newman Executive Office Chair from workspace is the most affordable option in our list. Perfect for those on a tight budget, but badly needing a better office chair. 

This budget-friendly office chair allows you to adjust its headrest, armrest, and seat for your perfect sitting position. It also allows you to tinker with tilt position, though we were disappointed that this is only limited to 3 locks, so we struggled to find the perfect angle for reclining.

We are also not fans of its inability to adjust the backrest support, which means that not everyone will always have a comfortable sitting experience with this chair, especially when reclining.

However, the backrest is also made out of mesh fabric and is fully breathable. We think this is perfect for when you are trying to save money and using the electric fan instead of the air conditioner.

This chair’s durability almost makes up for its lack of flexibility too. It has alloy steel for its base and armest.

We felt perfectly safe and secure as we leaned back and on our forearms throughout the workday – perfect for when you need to rest your body from the lack of adjustability.


  • Budget-friendly option
  • Greatly adjustable for its price point
  • The mesh backrest allows for cooling
  • Durable and stable alloy base and armrest


  • The backrest support is not adjustable
  • The tilt position only has 3 locks

5. Workspace SPIRIT Ergonomic Mesh Chair

Workspace SPIRIT Ergonomic Mesh Chair
DIMENSIONS62 x 45 x 92 cm
PRICEAED750 at Amazon
Price★★★★★ (5/5)
Support and comfort★★★☆☆ (3/5)
Durability★★★★★ (5/5)
Mobility★★★★☆ (4/5)

The Workspace Spirit Ergonomic Mesh Chair is a great option to consider when you’re looking for a budget-friendly no frills office chair.

This economical office chair from Workspace allows you to adjust the headrest and lumbar support. While we were not satisfied with its limitations, this may be just what some need without all the extra features that they will never use.

Besides that, it cannot hold up on its own when we started comparing it to chairs that let you adjust the tilt and rocking tension, the armrest, and the seat.

The back and headrest are made of mesh for maximum comfort and breathability. The cushion is made out of a stretchable fabric cushion that felt soft to the touch… and when we spilled some sauce from a sandwich it immediately came off with one wipe.

We think that the backrest needs some getting used to. Designed to promote a better posture while sitting, it’s easy to dismiss this as a bad design choice, but we waited for a few days and we noticed that we were starting to sit with our backs straight with no problem. 

The soreness we got during the first days of using it could have been lessened if the lumbar support were y-shaped or h-shaped, instead of a band on the lower back only.

But our biggest problem with this chair is that it’s only 45cm wide. WE found it too narrow, even for someone with an average build. I do not recommend this for heavy-set users as it may prove to be too uncomfortable.

Despite that, the Workspace SPIRIT shines in its durability and mobility. The chrome steel base means that there is no problem when it comes to it lasting for a long time. 

The base is connected to five spokes, each with dual casters to ensure a smooth ride when you are riding your chair from one side of your room to the other.


  • No frills, just adjustable headrest and lumbar support
  • Back and headrest are made of mesh
  • Stretchable fabric for the cushion feels soft and easy to clean
  • Durable chrome steel base
  • Dual casters on each spoke allows for smooth mobility


  • There are better options for chairs that offer fully ergonomic features
  • The backrest will need some getting used to
  • The chair itself is too narrow for heavy-set users

Customer Review:

Lightning quick delivery, chair as advertised

Chair came pre-assembled and was delivered in record time. All functionality as advertised. I can’t speak about the longevity etc quite yet but initial impressions are quite good both in terms of delivery and in terms of build quality.” – Sreenathan Nair, Amazon

Things To Consider When Buying An Office Chair

An office chair can make or break a productive day at work. Buying a good office chair is a good investment that can help you be comfortable and focus more on the task at hand rather than worrying about the pain in your back or neck.

That is why it is critical to think about the factors we listed below before purchasing an office chair.

1. Know your budget

Before you start looking for the perfect office chair, consider how much you are willing to spend on it. It is okay to splurge a bit for an investment like this because you will be using it daily.

However, the more expensive option is not always the best item you can buy, and the same can be said for the ones that are on the lower end of the price range. 

Try to look for a chair that’s around AED400 to 3,000. This gives you a wide variety of options without sacrificing too much on the quality.

2. Make sure you can adjust the height

It is vital that your office chair’s height is adjustable so that your feet can rest comfortably on the floor, which will reduce the strain on your neck.

Make sure that the height is sufficient enough for your hands to reach the desk without creating tension on your shoulders. Being able to adjust your chair’s height is a standard and can be found on almost every office chair.

3. Pick a chair with adjustable backrest and armrests

Being able to adjust these parts of the chair to your liking means you are reducing the strain on your thighs, arms, shoulders, and neck.

The ideal chair should be deep and wide enough for you to sit comfortably, and your armrests should never touch your desk when you are sitting.

4. Check for lumbar support

Lumbar support means the contour of the backrest that fits the shape of our spine when we are sitting.

By having this kind of support on your back, you will be able to avoid straining your spine and promote good posture.

5. Choose chairs with breathable materials

Chairs covered in mesh and fabric allow the air to cool your skin and leave you feeling comfortable for a long time. Also look for chairs that use breathable fabric, like cotton, for its cushion because these are also breathable and easier to maintain.

Avoid leather chairs, unless you are going for that style in your home office, because while the material is durable, sitting on it for long periods insulates the body’s heat and makes you sweat.

6. Check for swivels and casters

Having mobility maximizes your efficiency. Being able to swivel and move around without leaving your seat is not only convenient on a busy work day, it also saves you time and energy from having to stand up and walk around.

FAQs about Office Chairs in Dubai

Are you currently using an office chair that you think should be included in this list? Hit us up so we can take a look and review them.

If you’re not sure if these office chairs are not ergonomic enough to help you with your back explore our list of the best chiropractors in Dubai .