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The 5 Best Nurseries in Dubai

Being a parent means you have to balance your work and taking care of your young child every day. Thankfully, nursery schools are there not just to watch over your kid but also to ensure that they are developing their minds and bodies.

This is why we’ve scoured the city to give you the best nurseries in Dubai. We also included the factors we considered in choosing our entries and some FAQs about nurseries in Dubai.

How much does a nursery cost in Dubai?

The tuition fee of nursery schools varies depending on the school, additional miscellaneous fees, and charges for special needs.

We’ve compiled the average prices of the fees that come with enrolling children into nursery schools.


The Best Nurseries in Dubai

Before we get right into our top choices for nurseries in Dubai, here are the factors we assessed in considering them:

Policies and Operations – Nurseries should have great standard operating procedures and policies they follow for every child’s needs. We looked into their key worker policies and the efficiency and effectiveness of their procedures.
Activities – We also looked into how the nursery’s activities can help in the emotional and social development of the children and how mentally and physically stimulating these activities are for them.
Staff – We also considered the quality of the staff’s service. We assessed how observant, friendly, passionate, and compassionate they are based on our personal experience.
Community Reputation – Parents’ and organizations’ opinion of a nursery is just as important as everything else, so we also took into consideration testimonials, accolades, and certifications.

1. Kangaroo Kids Dubai

Kangaroo Kids Dubai's Homepage
ADDRESSVilla 49, Street 8a, Community 357, Al Safa 2 - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
CONTACT DETAILS+971 4 395 5518

[email protected]

OPERATING HOURS Sunday to Thursday: 7 AM–6 PM
Policies & Operations★★★★★ (5/5)
Activities★★★★★ (5/5)
Staff★★★★☆ (4/5)
Reputation★★★★★ (5/5)

A pioneer among the nursery schools in Dubai, Kangaroo Kids Dubai knows the value of nature and the outdoors as an engagement tool to light up children’s curiosity.

Being the first international nursery to gain the Curiosity Approach accreditation, this nursery does away with the use of plastic resources and instead embraces the natural world to inspire and spark children’s motivation to learn and explore.

Trisha, a young parent to a two-year-old, was amazed at the 25,000-square-feet outdoor space they have for children to play in.

We love that with so much space, Kangaroo Kids Dubai is able to carefully set up sections that replicate nature within the secure walls of the nursery.

And their activities also reflect this philosophy. Most of which involve mother nature in some way, which we think is great especially in a digital-driven era, and it also teaches the value of nature and makes children become eco-conscious at a young age.

Beside that, we’re big fans of their running track and climate-controlled swimming pool. They also have gardening classes, which we think is an important skill to learn.

But being eco-conscious doesn’t mean they don’t utilize digital solutions to have an efficient operation.

Trisha shared with us that they use the Family App for teachers to establish a daily connection with parents so that they can provide updates on their children in real-time.

We love that they don’t just stop there too. They also hold parent-teacher meetings throughout the year to allow dedicated time for each child to be discussed in a more personal way.

And if that’s not enough for you, they even push the boundaries with Individual Learning Plans (IEP).

Teachers gather observations about each child and partner with parents to develop a step-by-step process to create a developmental plan tailored to the child’s unique needs.

If the child seems problematic or has trouble keeping up with the different programs, the nursery principal also meets up with the parents to offer strategies on how to support the child in their endeavor to learn and grow.

The nursery principal isn’t the only one who’s hands-on with children’s growth. According to Trisha, the teachers are all very supportive and knowledgeable enough to handle the children.

They’re very flexible in terms of adjusting their teaching techniques based on keen observations, and they have detailed protocols for addressing the development of children.

However, Trisha has noticed that teachers are often overloaded with the amount of work they have, and we think they could use some more organization to operate more efficiently.

All in all, Kangaroo Kids Dubai is definitely one of those schools that are paving their own path and going against the grain in a world that is reliant on digital technology.

The fact that they have this very down-to-earth approach to learning and let children appreciate the outdoors and nature will really help build the students’ characters—exactly why they are one of our favorites.


  • Nature-focused approach to learning
  • Combines natural and digital solutions to monitor children
  • Has a large outdoor space
  • Supportive and hands-on staff


  • Teachers often face heavy workload
  • Lacks organization to operate more efficiently

Customer Reviews

The best one there is

Kangroo kids nursery is the best option for everyone who care about the child’s development and happiness.

I was very picky about the nursery and after lots of investigations and visiting all the high rated nurseries in Dubai I decided to send my son Milan, to Kangroo nursery! though the location is far from my home but I am very happy to send my son to the best ever nursery. I am seeing his development in all skills day by day and I am rating this nursery 5 star in all aspects.

Specially his teacher ms Robins is a real professional  and well experienced teacher. And I want to say her a bog thank you here!⚘⚘” —Azam Malekghasemi, Google Reviews

A happy and homely place for your child

This is a beautiful large nursery with fantastic resources. The staff care well for the children and encourage them all individually. It is a happy and homely place.” —Laura Horsburgh, Google Reviews

 2. Children’s Oasis Nursery

Children’s Oasis Nursery's Homepage
ADDRESSChildren's Oasis Nursery Dubai, 176 22، Al Beteel Street, Umm Suqeim 2, PO Box 51952, Dubai
CONTACT DETAILS+971 4 379 0790

800CHILDREN (24453736)

[email protected]

OPERATING HOURS Monday to Friday: 7 AM–5 PM
Policies & Operations★★★★★ (5/5)
Activities★★★★★ (5/5)
Staff★★★★☆ (4/5)
Reputation★★★★★ (5/5)

Just from the look of the nursery, Children’s Oasis really tops our list. Taking the idea of an oasis to heart, this nursery school has a very well-tended garden that provides the perfect setting for every child to enjoy the outdoors and make new friends.

Kevin, a father of two daughters who go to this nursery, shared with us that the staff implements a learn-through-play approach.

We’re big fans of this approach because it’s an effective way to ensure that children associate learning with fun times—which encourages a healthy attitude towards their studies as they grow up.

They also have a sensitive individual planning and assessment cycle that builds on a child’s interests and fascinations while supporting all aspects of their learning and development.

And to complement this, their curriculum was also made to build self-confidence and independence that will help children transition to “big schools” with less anxiety.

Kevin has pointed out that he appreciates that they don’t coddle the children and this pushes them to learn how to solve problems on their own and gain confidence in the process.

These challenges and problems that the teachers set up for children are housed in multiple rooms that segregate the children by age, from toddlers to four-year-olds.

We really like this because it allows them to cater to the needs of a certain age group together, and they can easily adapt their own programs to the learning capabilities of the students.

It also helps that they have an excellent adult-to-child ratio, with at least one teacher for every three babies.

And each of the staff members undergoes rigorous and meticulous hiring and retaining processes, which makes us think they have a low staff turnover rate.

Having a low staff turnover rate means they don’t change teachers often, which gives the children consistency and lets them be comfortable around them by slowly building relationships with each one.

That being said, Kevin has shared with us that he has seen glimpses of a high-pressure environment for the teachers, especially when their assessments come around.

And we think the pressure is high because the school works closely with leading experts in early years education all the way from the UK to design and deliver training for everyone.

All this hard work and effort hasn’t been unrecognized. Children’s Oasis nursery is critically-acclaimed and was even a finalist for 2019’s “Best Nursery School in the UAE.”

They also have a consistent and relevant digital presence in different local family blogs and publications about their continuous efforts in developing new techniques and tools for educating young children.

All in all, the Children’s Oasis Nursery is our top choice for one of the most beautiful campuses in Dubai and definitely a great choice for a team that can help children build their self-confidence to take on the world.


  • Multiple rooms for children in different age groups
  • Implements a learn-through-play approach
  • Curriculum teaches self-confidence and independence
  • Rigorous hiring and retaining processes
  • Critically-acclaimed and has relevant media presence


  • Staff is often dealt with high-pressure

Customer Reviews

A nursery with lots of history

Children’s Oasis is a delightful family run nursery with a warm and welcoming feel a talented and well qualified teaching team. The nursery is an old villa converted into a nursery with a separate baby unit that is run by Helen who has been with the nursery as a teacher for over 15 years. One of the best things about the nursery is that each child is know individually by everyone working there and our whole family are made to feel welcome. It’s definitely worth a visit – you will be quite surprised by the beautiful garden as you walk in and the extensive resources that are available. Worth a visit – you won’t be disappointed.—Sebastian West, Google Reviews

One of the happiest places in Dubai

Children’s Oasis Nursery is bursting with energy and colors. It’s one of the happiest places in Dubai, not just for little ones but parents too.

The energy here is contagious and leaves everyone in a positive good mood.

Children’s Oasis Nursery is full of day light and it’s equipped with the highest quality of nursery furniture and toys that help children learn and develop. The outdoor area has everything from mud play corner, recycling centre, climbing playground and various different bikes and scooters to test children’s coordination and stability while they play.

Children’s Oasis Nursery staff are warm, welcoming, well qualified and experienced teachers who care about children’s development, growth and wellbeing.—Maria Markovicova, Google Reviews

3. Ladybird Early Learning Center

Ladybird Early Learning Center's Homepage

District 12, Street 26, Jumeirah Village Circle, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Has two other branches in the city
CONTACT DETAILS+971 4 553 9900

[email protected]

OPERATING HOURS Monday to Friday: 8 AM–12:30 PM (options available until 5:30 PM)
Policies & Operations★★★★☆ (4/5)
Activities★★★★☆ (4/5)
Staff★★★★☆ (4/5)
Reputation★★★★★ (5/5)

While other nurseries embrace the power of nature as a learning tool for children, Ladybird Early Learning Center knows the importance of technology and fully utilizes digital tools.

Their branch in Jumeirah Village Circle has modernized amenities including LED screens and digital toys, all this to ensure full engagement for learning.

Kenneth and Nadiya, a young couple with a three-year-old daughter, shared with us that Ladybird Early Learning Center has a really good settling-in process for children.

They know that change can be overwhelming for a child, so their process is there to guarantee that this transition is done as gently as possible.

The process included reduced hours, encouraged sit-ins with parents, and building a routine that the child can be comfortable with. All this is done within a month-long timeline.

While we can see how this is very effective, we think that the process can take too long, especially for busy parents. Thus we don’t recommend this nursery if parents can’t afford to spare some time during the weekdays.

And once they’re settled in, the children are then welcome to join activities in their curriculum, which has a good balance of physical and mental activities, all done with some digital tools.

Kenneth and Nadiya shared with us that although these activities as a whole have a balanced combination of both, the individual activities themselves purely focus on one or the other.

This is understandable, as there are mental activities, such as reading, that you can’t mix a physical element into, or the child will lose focus.

Another part of their curriculum that is important to note is their great Arabic and French language programs that can help a child be bilingual at an early age.

Their mini chef’s class, which involves some basic and safe cooking, is also perfect for children who are picky eaters and will help them be more open-minded and curious about different kinds of food.

The staff members are all very accommodating and patient. We love that they take it upon themselves to take extra steps to make both the parents and the children feel comfortable with them.

They respect each children’s uniqueness and support the growth of every child’s personality.

They are also very consistent and dedicated to reporting back to the parents, and we love that they encourage them to call in anytime if the parents feel the need to do so.

However, we think that these encouraged call-ins can be a detriment to their operations and could really affect their efficiency if parents were to call the nursery every hour.

The Ladybird Early Learning Center is also pretty famous among young parents because of their 25 years of experience.

They also have a gold award in Leadership in Energy and Environment Design certification, which means they have reached past the benchmark for design, construction, maintenance, and operation of high-performance green buildings.

On top of that, Which School Advisor awarded the nursery with the Most Spacious Nursery in Dubai.

All in all, Ladybird Early Learning Center acknowledges the sensitivity of children in this age group and knows the power of digital technology to help them grow and learn.

With a curriculum that balances mental and physical stimulation, children are sure to have a holistic education.


  • Details settling-in process for children
  • Curriculum has a good balance of mental and physical exercise
  • Staff is accommodating and patient
  • Critically-acclaimed school design


  • Settling-in process is time-consuming
  • Individual activities are one-dimensional

Customer Reviews

Beautifully designed spaces for the school

A wonderful nursery- the teachers and staff are so professional, kind, and capable. The curriculum is EYFS with Montessori touches. The building is purpose built w/ tons of natural light and space for kids to explore- a savior esp. during the heat. 100% would recommend!” —Nupoor Panchal, Google Reviews

Beautiful school

“5 stars without any doubt. I chose, this nursery for my first born, as it made me feel nostalgic, it looked exactly like how I my school back in Russia was. it made me feel home. from teachers, to principal, everyone is there to help your child and parents to get settled. The way Ladybird handled, e-learning was remarkable.

we as parents are so happy about our decision. Now my second one is gearing up to join in Jan. Highly recommended from our side.” —Sid Sirus, Google Reviews

4. Homegrown Nursery

Homegrown Nursery's Homepage
ADDRESSPO Box 112178, Street 33, Al Safa 2, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
CONTACT DETAILS+971 4 321 8333

[email protected]

Has another branch in the city
OPERATING HOURS Sunday to Thursday: 7:30 AM–5 PM
Policies & Operations★★★★☆ (4/5)
Activities★★★★☆ (4/5)
Staff★★★★★ (5/5)
Reputation★★★★☆ (4/5)

Yet another eco-conscious nursery with the intent to instill the importance of mother nature into children, Homegrown Nursery differentiates itself with a unique dual-language approach.

Homegrown Nursery integrates language development techniques in all of their activities to help children get a head start on learning the Arabic and English languages.

Linda, a mother to a four-year-old, enrolled her child here almost a year ago. She chose this nursery because of its focus on using the natural world to engage with the child’s innate curiosity and help them learn.

Right off the bat, we realized how similar their approach is with Kangaroo Kids Nursery. Their weak point here is they’re not accredited with this approach like our other entry.

And while this shouldn’t be a major turn-off, we understand how a nursery that is accredited with this approach is a much more attractive option compared to Homegrown Nursery.

However, we think that this nursery shines because of its staff members. Everyone is an experienced professional who is trained and aims to be a role model for the children.

They also come from a variety of countries to reflect the diversity of the community, which we think is critical for cultural exchange at a young age.

The staff also undergoes in-service training in order to stay up-to-date with the latest teaching and learning methods.

And their dual-language approach is made even more credible and effective because the language teachers are native speakers specifically trained to work in a bilingual environment.

Their approach to teaching children two languages incorporates the research-based International Early Years Curriculum (IEYC) that includes best practices from all over the world.

We’re big fans of this research-first method, and it really showed us that the school values results and facts.

While they don’t have that much acclaim from educational organizations, the parents that have their children enrolled here are very proud members of their own community, which says a lot more than a fancy award that nobody has heard of before.

All in all, Homegrown Nursery may not offer the most unique approach to learning, but they do excel at doing what is necessary for a child’s development within a diverse environment like Dubai.


  • Curiosity-driven approach for learning
  • Great dual language approach in teaching
  • Diverse and professionally trained staff
  • Incorporates best practices from around the world


  • Operations and approaches are nothing unique
  • No notable accreditations and acclaim to show

Customer Reviews

Very happy with Homegrown!

My daughter attended this nursery for two years and my son is there now. We’re very happy with Home Grown.—Jimmy Grewal, Google Reviews

They teach great values

Happy children. Wonderful values, couldn’t be happier with our choice for our children.—Emma Farmer, Google Reviews

5. IDEA Learning Center

IDEA Learning Center's Homepage
ADDRESSIDEA Early Learning Center, Dubai Sports City, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

[email protected]

OPERATING HOURS Sunday to Thursday: 8 AM–6 PM
Policies & Operations★★★★☆ (4/5)
Activities★★★★☆ (4/5)
Staff★★★★★ (5/5)
Reputation★★★★☆ (4/5)

IDEA Early Learning Center is a game-changer among the nurseries in Dubai. Fully embracing the efficiency that digital solutions can bring and adapting a different curriculum have really set this nursery apart from the competition.

Kelly, a mother who has her youngest enrolled here, shared with us that they have age-appropriate digital libraries and children have access to iPads, cameras, and a digital board.

We think that this approach is important because it introduces children to technology at an early point in their life. This should be taken as an opportunity to teach them how to use it responsibly and make the most out of these devices for learning.

Gold, their assessment app, is used to evaluate children so they can adjust their teaching strategies to match the student’s personality and learning style.

These observations are then used in the planning cycle to gain a thorough understanding of a child’s progress and take the necessary next steps for their development.

Another app they use is the Seesaw App, which allows teachers to give regular feedback about the children in real-time.

A weak point in their operations, in our opinion, is their food provisions. Kelly shared with us that the nursery has a third party providing the children’s meals and is charged separately.

We think that this isn’t the best way to go about this because it would be hard for parents to coordinate with both the school and the food provider if their child has allergies or needs something special in their diet.

As for their activities, IDEA innovates and does away with the usual Montessori curriculum that everyone follows and has adopted the Creative Curriculum.

This curriculum is based on 75 years of childhood and learning studies and involves  research-based developmentally appropriate practices.

It provides children with opportunities to learn and practice newly acquired skills and offers challenges just beyond the level of their present mastery.

All of this takes place in the context of a community where children are safe and valued, their physical needs are met, and they feel psychologically secure.

We think that this is a great choice for parents who value and believe that challenges build a child’s character and sets them up for success in the future.

That being said, we recommend getting to know your child first because this curriculum can be quite straining to sensitive children who may need a lot more hand-holding than others.

Other than that, we also think that this nursery underutilizes and undervalues the importance of outdoor activities, and we noticed they are heavily reliant on digital tools to teach.

Despite that, these digital adaptations have not gotten in the way of the staff’s quality teaching. With such a low turnover rate, the school is confident to dedicate a staff page to their website without the fear of keeping it up-to-date very often.

The teachers are also trained in inclusive teaching, especially in areas such as Special Education Needs, English as an Additional Language, and Gifted and Talented.

They are also very well-connected. IDEA Early Learning Center is a member of seven local and international education organizations.

This means that they are well connected and can easily acquire the resources needed to improve their teaching strategies.

And while they may not have many notable accolades, the nursery has won over the trust of many parents because of how their older children have really grown up to become their own persons who are always ready to face challenges.


  • Modernized library, toys, and tools
  • Utilize apps for efficient operations
  • Follows the Creative Curriculum
  • Teachers are trained in inclusive teaching
  • Member of seven educational organizations


  • Curriculum may prove to be too straining for some children
  • Overreliant on digital technology
  • Has a third-party food provider

Customer Reviews

Great character development for my son

“My son started school there. As expected he cried the first 2 days during drop-off. What I have seen since then has been absolutely great to watch. My son is always eager to go to school sometimes to our agony as he would wake up at the wee hours of the morning wanting to go to school including weekends. Ms. Donna is an absolute sweetheart and all the kids are loved o purely. Highly recommend the nursery, especially Ms. Donna’s class. We get updates in the form of pictures of the activities they do which I absolutely love.” —Sebolelo Constance Thari, Google Reviews

A nursery for everyone’s child

My son has attended this school since he was 13 months old and he loves it. I have seen the gradual improvement in his overall behavior and attention span and I can see that he looks forward to attending the nursery when we take him in. His teacher, Miss Rebecca, is very hands-on and attentive in her care for him and the others in the class. You can really sense that the staff in this school have a love for teaching and caring for their students to the highest degree.

What I like the most is that the administration is very flexible when it comes to changing my son’s schedule around (early or late drop-offs, 3 days a week to 4 days or switching up days, etc.) which has been extremely convenient as a working mom during these times. They are very responsive to emails and calls which is also very helpful.

Claire, the interim school director, is very professional and sweet and greets the children as they come into school every morning which adds a nice homey touch to the nursery. She also took me on a tour of the school before enrolling and answered all of my questions regarding developmental skills, hygiene etiquette, etc. with ease and reassurance.

Overall, I would highly recommend this nursery to others.—Fabdallah, Google Reviews

FAQs about Nurseries in Dubai

We hope this helped you in picking out a nursery for your little loved ones. Also, if you’re looking for services that can help you with looking after your child’s health, then check out these articles: Best Pediatricians in Dubai and Best Dentists in Dubai.