Best Jewelry Appraisal Services in Dubai
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Hidden Value: The Best Jewelry Appraisal Services in Dubai

For those of us with plenty of heirlooms left by our grandparents or great grandparents, we’ve probably wondered how much these items cost today. Fortunately for us, Dubai is home to some of the best jewelry appraisal services, thanks to its rich history.

After all, a city that’s used to dealing with plenty of valuables like gold have their tried and tested ways to check your precious stones and metals. So if this is a service you need, then read on to find the best jewelry appraisal services in Dubai!

The price of appraisal services typically varies depending on the metal or stone used in your piece. Additionally, there’s also authentication, which also helps determine whether the jewelry is real to begin with which can be a separate cost in some places.

To give you an idea of how much you’ll spend on jewelry appraisal in Dubai, we’ve gathered this quick reference sheet for you:

Luxury WatchesAED 1,500 - AED 3,000
Gold JewelryAED 200 - AED 300
AuthenticationAED 600 - AED 800
Silver JewelryAED 150 - AED 250
AppraisalAED 370 - AED 730

Ready to find out the value of some of your prized possessions? We’ve narrowed down our list based on the following factors:

Facilities – Do they keep their shop premises clean and organized? Do they have all the right tools available on-hand for a smooth experience?
Appraisal(Expertise) – Are they good at determining the value of the goods? Is the shop known for providing a fair deal and assessment?
Appraisal(Variety) – Can they appraise a wide range of jewelry? Do they accommodate other related items too?
Customer Service(Professionalism) – Do they manage their schedules well? Does the staff display a good and friendly demeanor?
Customer Service(Communication) – Is the staff good at explaining the process? Do they use clear, easy to follow terms and transparency?
Accessibility – Is it easy to locate the service? Are they available at convenient hours?

1. Mint Jewels

Mint Jewels
SERVICESGold Bars, Gold Jewelry, Silver Bars, Silver Coins, Silver Jewelry
ADDRESSKarama Center, 22 Kuwait St, Al Karama, Dubai

[email protected]

+971 4396 7916

OPERATING HOURSSaturdays - Thursdays: 9:30 AM to 10:30 PM

Fridays: 3:00 PM to 11:00 PM

With gold being very popular here in Dubai, it’s no surprise that’s the majority of jewelry you might end up with. And when it comes to appraising gold pieces, Mint Jewels is often a very good place to start.

Mint Jewels is a leading retailer that sells gold bullions, bars, and coins to collectors in Dubai. Additionally, they also offer appraisal services for those who are intending to sell some of their jewelry later on.

Customer service in the shop is very good in our opinion. The staff display excellent knowledge of the craft and generally treat their clients really well.

Scheduling is quite smooth as well so you shouldn’t be waiting too long, which is perfect for busier folk. According to some clients, the whole appraisal is quick and easy too so you should be done early.

But because of this, don’t expect them to be too open to negotiating the price. Mint Jewels generally take pride in their assessment skills as well as the accuracy of the value they give for the item.

Additionally, while their service is very good in store, some customers did report waiting a bit before they can get a response online. We think Mint Jewels could be a bit more responsive on this front.

Still, if gold and silver composes your main collection, then Mint Jewels is highly recommended for jewelry appraisal in Dubai! We think you stand to get the best results from this shop and you can even sell it here directly later on!


  • Informative and professional customer service
  • Quick and easy appraisal process


  • Strict initial pricing 
  • Difficulty reaching the company online

Amazing service and attention to details 

“Amazing service and attention to details by Anas and thank you also Jasir,  thank you so much for helping me sell my jewelry and explaining the whole process! I came to the right place!” – Rahma Lejri

The experience was absolutely seamless

“Mint Jewelry truly stands out for the impeccable customer service that accompanies every transaction. From the moment of my first inquiry to the moment I was able to sell some gold, the experience was absolutely seamless.” – Tara Lael

2. Jet Gems

Jet Gems
SERVICESCustom Design Jewelry, Repair & Renew Services, Appraisal Services, Bespoke Designs, Buy Back Program
ADDRESS4/106 Gold & Diamond Park, Sheikh Zayed Rd, Dubai

[email protected]

+971 4591 9299

OPERATING HOURSMondays - Saturdays: 11:00 AM to 7:00 PM

Closed on Sundays

Having been in operation since 1981, Jet Gems is a great spot to know more about bespoke jewelry in Dubai. Like the others, it also functions as both a shop and appraiser where you can bring in some of your best pieces.

Apart from their shop and jewelry appraisal services in Dubai, we also like how the shop offers repair and renewal services. We think this should come in handy especially if you have older items.

In terms of appraisal though, Jet Gems does display good knowledge of the craft, providing a very fair assessment. You can count on them to really get into the details regarding handcrafted jewelry, whether it’s relatively new or antique.

People who’ve made a purchase also report good after-sales support which is also a big bonus. Oh, and they have a buyback program too for those looking to get the monetary value of their gems and metals back.

Given the thoroughness of the assessment though, you should expect some long wait times especially on busier days. You might want to think a bit if you want to commit to their appraisal service.

This could also lead to their lines being busy at times. You might experience some wait times if you wish to call ahead prior to a visit.

Nonetheless, the easy to find location and decent hours does make Jet Gems a convenient option here in Dubai. We highly recommend giving them a try!


  • Easily accessible location
  • Good after sale support


  • Longer service times
  • Difficulty contacting company online

Amazing service from Jet Gems 

“Amazing service from Jet Gems especially Sangeeta. Really appreciated her hospitality as well as her advice.” – Nazira Suleman

The staff is very prompt and helpful

“Jet Gems is THE place for ultimate fine jewellery experience. Their designs , product and finish is the best. The staff is very prompt and helpful.” – Ayushi Sanghvi

3. Adnan Jewelry

Adnan Jewelry
SERVICESJewelry Evaluation and Authentication, Jewelry Customization, Jewelry Polishing, Luxury Watches, Sell or Trade-in
ADDRESSPlaza Level of Sadaf 7, The Walk, near Murjan Parking, Jumeirah Beach Residence, Dubai

[email protected]

+971 4438 0643

OPERATING HOURSMondays - Saturdays: 11:00 AM to 9:00 PM

Sundays: 1:00 PM to 8:00 PM

As a shop that has fostered a reputation for high quality refurbishments of jewelry, Adnan Jewellery has now started emerging as a rising and trusted name in the market of jewelry appraisal in Dubai. 

The shop specializes in manufacturing and retailing a wide variety of jewelry and luxury watches. They also double as a service center for accessories, able to polish and reset gemstones in jewelry, along with fixing and replacing nonfunctional watches. 

As an appraisal service, Adnan Jewellery offers several services– from the authentication and evaluation of the jewelry piece to consignment.  

The shop’s consignment services lets clients resell their jewelry through the shop to trusted dealers, for the client in need of a quick sale. Both services, as noted by customers, are priced fairly and quickly done. 

Customers may also opt to trade in their jewelry instead for one of Adnan Jewellery’s pieces from its in-house collections– though some customers have noted that the selection here can be quite limited.

Though not too strict on the appraised price, clients of the shop have also noted that there are times where the shop’s quoted prices for appraised jewelry can be lower than other shops, so it’s always a good idea to shop around as well. 

All in all, Adnan Jewellery remains a trustworthy source for all things jewelry, from the initial evaluation and appraisal to the reselling to a trustworthy dealer.


  • Good after-sales service for jewelry and watches
  • Reasonable prices for valuation and authentication


  • Quoted prices may be lower than other appraisal services
  • Limited products for selling or trade-in

They have always been professional and helpful

“I have interacted with this shop several times and they have always been professional and helpful. More importantly they are trustworthy. When dealing with such expensive items, having someone you can trust is important in my view.” – Koray Genckul

Professional and honest about the pricing

“Great people to work with. I recommend them highly. Very helpful, professional and honest about the pricing.” – Sameer

4. Ratan Sajan Diamonds

Ratan Sajan Diamonds
SERVICESLuxury Jewelry, Diamonds, Diamond Upgrade, Price Match, Engraving Services
ADDRESS307, Royal Diamond Building, 78 Al Khor St, Dubai

[email protected]

+971 4235 1909

OPERATING HOURSMondays - Saturdays: 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM

Closed on Sundays

Ratan Sajan Diamonds is a company that, as its namesake implies, specializes in the production and appraisal of certified diamonds of all kinds. 

The company prides itself as one of the fastest growing companies in the diamond industry, providing diamonds of all shapes, cuts and carats. Ratan Sajan Diamonds also provides additional services for the customization and production of luxury jewelry. 

As an appraisal service, Ratan Sajan Diamonds is well-known for the innovative diamond grading system utilized by its team. 

This grading system ranks everything from the cut and polish to the symmetry, allowing them to determine a variety of factors that determine the gemstone’s price

The team of specialized diamond dealers and graders at Ratan Sajan Diamonds pay careful attention to detail when conducting their appraisal, but do so with professional efficiency: making for a quick appraisal and selling service for the client on the go. 

As a result, however, the cost of appraisal at the company can be quite high– especially thanks to the grading system. Some customers have also noted that the appraised price quotation can fluctuate wildly from those given by other appraisal services.

With all of the above in mind, we would still recommend Ratan Sajan Diamonds for jewelry appraisal in Dubai, especially for jewelry collectors who are interested in getting additional details about the quality of their pieces.


  • Wide amount of supported jewelry and materials
  • Quick appraisal and selling process


  • Expensive cost of service
  • Appraised prices may fluctuate

Absolutely phenomenal service and courtesy

“Absolutely phenomenal service and courtesy! Stunning products and incredibly helpful and friendly assistance! Fantastic prices and stunning material! Highly recommend it!” – Yentl Amic

Excellent quality jewelry with top class service

“Very professional company. Mr. Sanjeev Jain goes out of his way to satisfy all his customers. Excellent quality jewelry with top class service.” – Poonam Ahuja

5. The Karat Guy

The Karat Guy
SERVICESJewelry, Diamonds, Handbags, Luxury Watches, Gold Jewelry and Bars
ADDRESSSuite 702, Emaar Square, Building 6, Downtown Dubai, Floor 7, Dubai

[email protected]

+971 58 508 5411

OPERATING HOURSMondays - Sundays: 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM

With a service history dating back to 2019, The Karat Guy has long been a trusted fixture when it comes to jewelry appraisal in Dubai. The company prides itself on authentic, high quality diamonds and transparent price quotes for its jewelry.

The company itself specializes in the buying, selling, and appraising of jewelry in Dubai. They also provide additional services to those looking to trade or get price quotations on their luxury watches and other accessories. 

The Karat Guy has, thus far, fostered a reputation for professional service, earning it certifications awarded by prestigious entities in the jewelry market: including the Gemological Institute of America and the European Gemological Laboratory. 

In our experience, The Karat Guy excels in appraisal and after-sales service, being able to accurately price jewelry based on its quality. 

Customers looking for specific pieces may also count on them to locate gemstones and other jewelry through their wide connections to trusted dealers. It should be noted, though, that The Karat Guy’s pricing on appraisal can be very strict– leaving no room to haggle for higher. 

The Karat Guy also has quite a number of locations, ranging from Palm Jumeirah to Dubai Marina. This makes locating their store quite difficult. 

Overall, The Karat Guy is a solid choice for jewelry appraisal in Dubai, thanks to their quick and professional service and transparent pricing.


  • Professional and quick service
  • Exceptional assistance with selling and appraising jewelry


  • Difficulty locating shop
  • Strict pricing on appraisal

Exceptional assistance in selling my diamond jewelry

“I want to express my gratitude to The Karat Guy for his exceptional assistance in selling my diamond jewelry. I had jewelry I no longer used, and he made the process smooth and professional.” – Irene Koukouzellis

He definitely knows his stuff

“Great service! He definitely knows his stuff. If you’re looking to get the right price for your diamonds, he’s the perfect person to talk to!” – Jason Mitchell

Good luck and we hope you’re able to get an amazing deal with these jewelry appraisal services in Dubai! And in case you need help with some damaged, priceless items, then check out the best jewelry repair services in Dubai here!