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Ace the Game with the Best Golf Coaches in Dubai

We’ve been golfing for a couple of years now, but we never preface that with us being good at the game. We played golf for fun and relaxation, treating it as an opportunity to immerse ourselves in the outdoors.  

It wasn’t until we started playing to network with some professionals that we realized we might have to level up our skills to not embarrass ourselves.

Thankfully, there are accomplished golf coaches who have called Dubai their home. They’re amazing at teaching how to read the course, and have loads of tips and tricks to share.

To find out which of them are the most effective teachers, we checked out multiple golf academies to give you the best golf coaches in Dubai.

The cost of hiring a golf coach in Dubai depends on the packages they have to offer, the level of the course, the duration of the sessions,  and the coach’s experience.

Being a member or guest of the golf course and whether you will be joining a class or getting a private session affects the rates too.

To help you get started, an individual private session that lasts 45 minutes is around AED400 to AED600.

How We Picked the Best Golf Coaches in Dubai

Before we get right into our list of the best golf coaches in Dubai, here are the factors we considered for our entries on this list:

Credibility – We considered the coaches’ educational background, the length of their careers, and their certifications and training.
Achievements – We also considered what they have accomplished during their time as a player and a coach. This would give us a sense of the wisdom and lessons they can impart.
Teaching Style – It was essential for us to consider how adaptable and effective the coaches are with their teaching methods. This would show us how they can adjust their skills to push players to their maximum potential.
Rates – Lastly, we considered whether or not the inclusions of the golf club’s membership fees are worth the price. The more stars we’ve given it, the more value we got from the fees.

1. Jordan Cook at Dubai Hills Golf Club

ADDRESSDubai Hills Estate
CONTACT DETAILS[email protected]

+971 4 362 7555

OPERATING HOURSEvery day: 6 am - 12 am

Coach Jordan Cook finds a spot on our list because he has trained with one of the best golfing academies in the US, Golfzon Leadbetter.

He is also certified by the Titleist Performance Institute, the world’s leading educational organization dedicated to studying golfers’ bodies.

His teaching style is impressively data-driven. He combines technical expertise with personalized instruction and biomechanics.

He doesn’t follow one plan for every player he coaches. Instead, he tailors programs to focus on holistic skill development. 

We’re impressed by this because more than just focusing on the fundamentals, he studied our gameplay to formulate specific programs that would push us to be better golfers.

One of his weak points is definitely the lack of firsthand experience as a competitive player. 

We think that the science of the game can only take you so far, but the experience of a seasoned golfer can impart wisdom that can only be earned through playing.

He’s a part of the team of Dubai Hills Golf Club instructors, which means anyone practicing with him has access to the course’s facilities and services.


  • Certified by multiple international golfing institutions
  • Offers data-driven and tailored programs
  • Students have access to Dubai Hills’ services and facilities


  • Lacks competitive golfing experience

2. Jackson Bell at Tommy Fleetwood Academy

ADDRESSDubai Creek Resort - Port Saeed
CONTACT DETAILS[email protected]

+971 4 295 6000

OPERATING HOURSEvery day: 6:45 am - 10 pm
ADDRESSDubai Creek Resort – Port Saeed
CONTACT DETAILS+971 4 295 [email protected]
OPERATING HOURSEvery day: 6:45 am – 10 pm

A passionate golfer trained by Peter Cowen, a world-renowned player, Jackson Bell backs up his knowledge of the game with firsthand experience and skills honed by years of playing.

He has been a part of the Tommy Fleetwood Academy at Dubai Creek since 2020 and is known for mentoring players of all levels, including inexperienced beginners.

We’re also impressed that he’s certified by the Titleist Performance Insitute. This means he can study a student’s body to help optimize it when swinging their golf club.

However, compared to other coaches on this list, Coach Jackson does not have as many certifications or a strong educational background. We consider this a drawback, as it shows us that some of his techniques might not be backed by science.

It’s redeemed by the fact that he’s currently the number one ranked playing PGA Professional in the United Arab Emirates. 

He has won the 2022/2023 Order of Merit and 2022/2023 Match Play Championships, along with other notable tournament wins to his name.

However, we were discouraged from coming back because tee times and golf club memberships at Dubai Creek Golf are quite expensive. Couple these with coaching rates, and we ended up spending more than we planned.


  • Top PGA player in the country
  • Can coach players of all levels
  • Has notable tournament wins under his belt


  • Membership rates and tee times are more expensive
  • Lacks certifications and educational background compared to others

3. Victoria Mikhaylova at Tommy Fleetwood Academy

ADDRESSDubai Creek Resort - Port Saeed
CONTACT DETAILS[email protected]

+971 4 295 6000

OPERATING HOURSEvery day: 6:45 am - 10 pm

Combining her golf experience with her knowledge of fitness and biomechanics, Victoria Mikhaylova uses data to coach aspiring and professional golfers in Dubai Creek.

This coach is one of the most educationally accomplished on our list. She has a degree in Sports Science, a certification from the Titleist Performance Institute, and took an internship at David Donatucci Performance Institute in Florida.

We love how she has successfully balanced experience and education to be able to coach both beginner and professional players. 

Her teaching style includes an evaluation of physical abilities including mobility, strength, balance, and coordination — all important areas that play a role in the golfer’s swing.

This demonstrated to her our strengths and weaknesses, as well as which swing model would work best with our body movements.

However, her lack of competitive playing experience puts her behind some of the more accomplished coaches on this list.

On top of that, her place of work, Dubai Creek Golf, is known as one of the most expensive golf clubs in the metro. This makes her and her services a bit too expensive for us in the long run.


  • Educational and training background from global institutes
  • Offers keen evaluation of students for a more holistic training


  • Lacks competitive golfing experience
  • Membership rates and tee times are more expensive

4. Yasin Ali at JA Golf Course

ADDRESSJebel Ali، PO 9255
CONTACT DETAILS[email protected]

+971 4 814 5555

OPERATING HOURSEvery day: 24/7

A Kenyan prodigy golfer, Yasin Ali won the England Under 16 Champion, during his teenage years, and numerous other titles in the UK from there on out.

His talent for the sport has also earned him a golf scholarship at Oklahoma City University where he was named on the 2003 Ben Hogan Award List, an annual prize given to the best collegiate golfers in the US.

He also went on to have a successful amateur career. He played on the Asian Tour and was an affiliate member of the European Tour. His achievements throughout the years have earned him a spot on our list.

He is certified by Golfzon Leadbetter, a world-class golfing academy in the United States, which showed us that he’s not just a talented player, but a well-trained mentor that we would happily have on the course anytime.

But compared to other entries on the list, Yasin lacks credentials as a coach. 

This shows in his teaching style, which is not often as effective for beginners. His natural talent for the sport makes it hard for him to relate to some of the challenges that we faced on the course.

Thankfully, JA Golf Course, the course he teaches at, has affordable tee times, and package-friendly packages.

It is drawn back by the club having only one golf course, which usually results in crowded sessions.


  • Highly accomplished pro golf player
  • Certified Leadbetter golf instructor


  • Place of work only has one course
  • Lacks teaching certifications compared to other coaches

5. Mark Bruce at Emirates Golf Club

ADDRESS17/2, Al Naseem Street Emirates Golf Club, Al Thanyah 3, Hadaeq Mohammed Bin Rashid
CONTACT DETAILS[email protected]

+971 4 417 9999

OPERATING HOURSEvery day: 6 am - 11 pm

Mark Bruce has a strong foundation of the fundamentals, which has successfully catapulted him into winning golf tournaments all over the world.

Raised on one of the most difficult courses, Carnoustie Golf Links in Scotland, his experience earned him a successful amateur career.

Afterward, he enrolled in the PGA Foundation Degree at the Gullane Golf Club, which started his coaching profession.

The thorough instruction and guidance he received from Peter Cowen at the Emirates Golf Club is another impressive aspect.

The knowledge and experience he earned from a legendary golf mentor are passed on to aspiring players through his style of teaching.

What we admire about his sessions is he fully utilizes technology, like the Trackman and Sam Puttlab, to analyze a student’s game.

This gets Coach Mark the maximum information about our stats so he can level up our golf game.

However, Coach Mark doesn’t really have a lot of certifications or education relating to the biology of golf players. When compared to our other coaches, he falls behind because he isn’t certified by Leadbetter or the TPI.

Moreover, he only teaches at the Emirates Golf Club, which is one of the most expensive clubs in the city.


  • Highly accomplished golf player
  • Has received mentorship from Peter Cowen
  • Mixes his teaching style with state-of-the-art technology


  • Only teaches at one of the most expensive golf clubs in Dubai
  • Lacks certifications compared to other coaches

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