Best Fertility Clinic in Dubai
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The 6 Best Fertility Clinics in Dubai

Conceiving a baby can be more challenging for some people. While many hopeful men and women immediately consult with their doctors at the hospital, fertility clinics are also a great option!

A fertility clinic is a one-stop medical clinic that diagnoses fertility problems and identifies possible solutions for both men and women.

If you are looking to get pregnant in the immediate future or if you and your partner are struggling to conceive, we have everything you need to know about the best fertility clinics in Dubai!

But before we proceed to our list, let’s talk about how much you’ll need to spend on fertility clinics in Dubai.

The Cost of Fertility Clinics in Dubai

Patients go to fertility clinics for a number of reasons and are often advised of varying treatments. Because of this, rates also depend on many factors.

Other than the cost of your treatment, the fees you pay can also depend on your doctor’s expertise and years of experience, the reputation and success rates of the fertility clinic, and the package deals they offer.

Private fertility clinics offer a wide range of services at different costs. But because most clinics don’t publish rates on their websites, finding out how much the cost of their services is impossible unless you give them a call or immediately proceed with a consultation.

Fortunately, the government’s Dubai Fertility Centre, under the control of the Dubai Health Authority, has a list of services and rates up on their website.

To give you a better idea of the amount you’ll need to prepare for a private fertility clinic, here are the rates implemented by the Dubai Fertility Centre for some of the most common fertility clinic services.

Initial ConsultationAED 500
Semen AssessmentAED 250
In-Vitro Fertilization (IVF)AED 14,000
Artificial Insemination (IUI)AED 2,500
Intra Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI)AED 18,000
Gender SelectionAED 15,000
HysteroscopyAED 4,800
Sperm Freezing with 1-year StorageAED 2,400
Egg Freezing with 1-year StorageAED 3,500

The Best Fertility Clinics in Dubai

Now that you know more about the cost of fertility clinics in Dubai, it’s time to pick out a fertility clinic that you feel can best address your needs. Here are our picks of the best fertility clinics in Dubai!

1.   Best Life Fertility Center

Best Life Fertility Center's Banner
ADDRESSBest Life Fertility Center, Majestic Tower, Al Khan, Corniche Road, Sharjah
CONTACT DETAILS[email protected]
+971 06 545 5610
SERVICESFemale Infertility Treatment
Male Infertility Treatment
OB GYNE Clinic in Dubai

Our experience with Best Life Fertility Center was nothing short of exceptional. From the outset, the professionalism and warmth of its medical director, Dr. Mazen Dayeh, set a tone of confidence. The seamless coordination of appointments and the thoroughness of preliminary assessments assured us that we were in capable hands.

Efficiency is the heartbeat of Dr. Dayeh’s practice. Appointments were punctual, and the meticulous attention to detail during consultations left no room for ambiguity. It’s as if their scheduling was synchronized with a Swiss watch – precise, reliable, and impressively organized.

The quality of service surpassed our expectations. Dr. Dayeh’s expertise shone through, providing us with insightful explanations and guidance tailored to our unique situation. His ability to navigate the intricate landscape of fertility treatments with finesse made the entire process not only bearable but oddly empowering.

Our journey towards parenthood was accompanied by a cost-conscious approach that we greatly appreciated. Unlike some clinics that resemble financial mazes, Dr. Dayeh’s team presented transparent cost structures, helping us make informed decisions without any unpleasant financial surprises lurking in the shadows.

In the realm of fertility clinics, where emotions often run high, Dr. Mazen Dayeh’s establishment stands out like a beacon of hope. The wit and charm embedded in every interaction, be it with the receptionist or the doctor himself, injected an unexpected but welcomed levity into a process that can be emotionally taxing.

They have an offer going on right now. Check it here.

Unfortunately, Dr. Mazen isn’t available every Friday. We suggest booking him within Saturday to Thursday.


  • Latest technology
  • 18+ years of experience
  • 60+ IVF cycles per year


  • They are closed on Fridays

Patient Reviews

Our experience with Dr. Mazen Dayeh’s fertility clinic was truly transformative. The team’s efficiency and attention to detail provided a sense of comfort throughout our journey. Dr. Dayeh’s expertise not only guided us through complex treatments but also instilled confidence in the process. The transparency in costs was a refreshing aspect, making our pursuit of parenthood a well-guided and financially manageable endeavor.

Choosing Dr. Dayeh’s clinic was a decision we’ll forever be grateful for. The quality of care exceeded our expectations, and the precision in scheduling appointments showcased a level of professionalism we hadn’t encountered elsewhere. The witty and compassionate approach of the staff, coupled with Dr. Dayeh’s expertise, turned what could have been a daunting experience into a journey filled with hope and optimism.

2. Orchid Fertility Clinic

Orchid Fertility Clinic's Homepage
Image Source: Orchid Fertility Clinic
ADDRESSBlock E, Al Razi Building 64 Dubai Healthcare City Dubai, UAE
CONTACT DETAILS+971 4 437 7520
[email protected]
SERVICESFamily Balancing and Gender Selection, Urology and Men’s Health, Sperm Freezing, Egg Freezing, IVF, IUI, ICSI, Genetic Testing, Semen Analysis, Recurrent Miscarriage Treatment

For many years, Orchid Fertility Centre has been trusted by many patients because of their highly personalized approach to fertility care. In addition to their expertise, the clinic has consistently kept up with the latest advancements in technology and rigorous international standards.

Because treating problems in fertility also means changing a huge chunk of your lifestyle, Orchid offers a holistic approach to supporting their patients.

More than treating their patients physically, Orchid takes into account factors like emotional stress and poor diet, which they can help with as well. On top of their advanced reproductive technology, Orchid offers services like counselling, acupuncture, and nutritional support.

As of 2020, Orchid boasts a high overall pregnancy success rate of 70%. Employing a “Freeze-All Embryos” method, they help the majority of their patients get pregnant by transferring a blastocyst in a frozen cycle, as opposed to performing fresh transfers.

For patients who experience recurrent pregnancy loss, Orchid dedicates a team of specialists who offer both medical and psychological support. Among the services they offer are Hysteroscopy, Laparoscopy, and Surgical Sperm Retrieval.


  • High success rates
  • Offers additional services like counselling, acupuncture, and nutritional support
  • Free consultation


  • Smaller team compared to others on the list
  • Closed on Fridays

Patient Reviews

Many of Orchid Fertility Centre’s patients are happy with the service they received.

A past patient who underwent IVF said: “Very happy with the clinic. They genuinely care and do the best for their patients. Forever grateful for my little miracle!”

Another patient who went through Gender Selection said: “We had a good experience. Doctor and nurses were very friendly and explained everything well.”

3.   Fakih IVF Fertility Center

Fakih IVF Fertility Center's Homepage
Image Source: Fakih IVF Fertility Center
ADDRESS37, 65b St. – 32b St. Al Wasl Road, Jumeirah 1 Dubai, UAE
CONTACT DETAILS+971 4 349 7600
[email protected]
SERVICESFamily Balancing, IVF, ICSI, IUI, Genetic Testing, Natural Cycle IVF, Preserving Fertility, Lab Technology and Techniques, Microtese, TESA, Testicular Mapping, Semen Analysis, Varicocele Treatment, Vasectomy Reversal, Invasive Tests,

Opened in 2011, Fakih IVF Fertility Centre provides medical services on infertility, gynaecology, obstetrics, and genetics. With the goal of treating all cases of infertility, the clinic studies every patient thoroughly to come up with a treatment package that best fits their needs.

Constantly investing in innovation, Fakih IVF is one of the few fertility clinics in the Middle East that offers a fully-serviced in-house Genetics Laboratory. This means that without having to go to a major hospital, you can avail of gender selection and screening of hereditary diseases and chromosomal abnormalities in the clinic.

Best known for their IVF services, the clinic mainly uses the process of Intra Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI), which increases the chances of fertilization through a precision needle. Other options include Comprehensive Chromosomal Screening, Mini IVF, Natural Cycle IVF, and IUI.

Patients also appreciate that Fakih IVF does not focus on fertility alone. The clinic also has teams dedicated to Obstetrics, Gynecology, and Urology. If you’d just like to go for an annual check-up or get treated for having an irregular menstrual cycle, then Fakih IVF can still accommodate you.


  • Several clinic locations around the UAE
  • Offers medical services beyond fertility
  • Covered by some major medical insurance cards


  • No published success rates

Patient Reviews

Many patients have commended the work of Fakih IVF Fertility Centre’s doctors.

Alia Abdulla, a former patient, said: “From my experience, I never regretted going to Dr. Ghina. I trust her and she treats you like a sister. She always answers your questions, gives you time to ask, and makes you feel relieved whenever you need questions to be answered.”

Another patient said: “A big ‘thank you’ to Dr. Zakwan! His positivity, patience, and personal attention throughout the process was beyond amazing. He completed another family.”

4.   Bourn Hall Fertility Clinic

Bourn Hall Fertility Clinic's Homepage
Image Source: Bourn Hall Fertility Clinic
ADDRESSAl Hudaiba Awards Buildings Block C, 7th Floor Jumeirah Dubai, UAE
CONTACT DETAILS+971 4 705 5055
[email protected]
SERVICESAssisted Reproductive Technology (IVF/ICSI/IUI), Genetic Testing and Gender Balancing, Men’s Health, Gynaecology Surgeries, Fertility Preservation, Female Fertility Treatments, Male Fertility Treatments, PRP, Home Service

Founded in 1980 by the world’s IVF pioneers, Bourn Hall has paved the way for the births of thousands of babies around the world. It is the first fertility clinic in the Middle East to receive the prestigious JCI Accreditation.

As one of the biggest fertility clinics in the world, Bourn Hall’s clinic in Dubai is an impressive 22,000 square-foot building with state-of-the-art facilities. It boasts of the first cleanroom laboratory in the region, a special laboratory observation area for couples, 2 operating theatres, and 7 patient suites with a luxurious view of the sea.

Because improving your fertility and undergoing several treatments can be a gruelling process, Bourn Hall gives patients the option of getting treatment in the privacy and comfort of their own homes. While not all services are available for home service, many patients still appreciate the convenience of this option.

Relatively new to the field of IVF, Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) treatments are also offered by the clinic. These treatments include Cosmetic Rejuvenation, Endometrial PRP, and Ovarian PRP.


  • Money-back guarantee for patients under age 39
  • Free appointment
  • Offers home service treatments
  • Offers financial counselling and instalment plans
  • Covered by some major medical insurance cards


  • No added services for mental, psychological, or wellness support
  • No success rates published

Patient Reviews

Many of Bourn Hall’s patients have left great feedback.

A former patient said: “Since the first day we came to Bourn Hall, we found the team very friendly and professional. They clearly explained all the processes. We feel very blessed and grateful that we got pregnant from the first trial and we had identical twins.”

Another patient said: “The overall experience was very good. All the staff provided utmost care throughout my IVF process which made my overall experience very good. They also have great facilities.”

5.   Samaa Fertilization Center

Samaa Fertilization Center's Homepage
Image Source: Samaa Fertilization Center
ADDRESSVilla 654, Al Wasl Street Jumeirah 3 Dubai, UAE
CONTACT DETAILS+971 544 059 444
[email protected]
SERVICESIVF, ICSI, IUI, PGT, Fertility Preservation, Endometrial Receptivity Assay, Sperm DNA Fragmentation Test, Surgical Sperm Retrieval (TESE/PESA)

Committed to providing access to fertility treatments for both men and women, the Samaa Fertilization Center enhances the chances of conception through their advanced assisted reproductive technologies and supportive environment.

As the largest IVF centre in the UAE and with 25 years of experience, Samaa has delivered more than 5,000 babies at present.

Unlike most of the other fertility clinics in Dubai, Samaa offers personalized fertility care at fixed rates. They believe this to be a better set-up as patients are not shocked by hidden or surprise charges in the future. For patients who live abroad, the clinic also offers discounted packages to better assist with the overall cost.

One of the clinic’s most availed of packages is their NARAK Program, a three-cycle IVF package that increases your chances of getting pregnant.  This includes 3 treatment consultations, monitoring scans, 3 egg collections, embryology, embryo freezing, embryo transfer, early pregnancy scan, and clinical advice.

They also have Egg Freezing and Embryo Freezing packages that both include free cryo-storage for a year. If you’re not looking to get pregnant in the near future but still want that possibility, this is a package you’ll want to look into.


  • Free embryology consultations
  • Discounted international package
  • Offers website chat support


  • No success rates published
  • Fixed prices not published

Patient Reviews

Samaa Fertilization Center has received superb feedback from many satisfied couples.

Noor M. said: “The whole process was explained to me step by step and I was provided with detailed information booklets to take home.I feel secure in knowing what to expect from the beginning.”

Alya A. said: “Dr Nawal (Medical Director and Founder) made us feel comfortable from the first appointment. A completely different experience from start to finish.”

6.   Dr Amal Alias Fertility and Gynaecology Center

Dr Amal Alias Fertility and Gynaecology Center's Homepage
Image Source: Dr Amal Alias Fertility and Gynaecology Center
ADDRESS#2702 The One Tower Dubai Internet City Metro Station Dubai, UAE
CONTACT DETAILS+971 4 240 1101
[email protected]
SERVICESIVF, ICSI, IUI, Frozen Sample Thawing and Preparation, Time Lapse Incubator, Bench Top Incubator, Assisted Embryo Hatching, TESE, PESA, Cryopreservation, Gender Selection, Gynaecology, Genetic Tests, STD and STI Screening

A centre for advanced reproductive care with the use of artificial reproductive technology, the Dr Amal Alias Fertility & Gynaecology Center is formed by a team of reproductive medicine physicians, gynaecologists, and clinical embryologists.

One of the packages many patients go for is the ICSI package, which includes all the tests and medications required during the process. However, this excludes consultations, the investigation done prior to treatment, and luteal support.

The clinic also offers several kinds of Ultrasound services. Some of these are the 3D/4D Ultrasound with a video disc, Routine Gynecological Ultrasound, Fetal Anomaly Ultrasound, and Fetal Anomaly Ultrasound for twins.

If you’re preparing to conceive soon, their Pre-Pregnancy Health Check Package is also popular. This includes consultation, abdominal and pelvic examination, complete blood count, and even CGC and STD screening.

Going beyond fertility and gynaecology, Dr Amal Alias provides general laboratory services for almost any kind of disease. You can have yourself screened for any STD or tested for your liver or kidney.


  • Offers STD and STI screening
  • Offers online consultation


  • More than 3x the rates offered by the Dubai Fertility Center

Patient Reviews

The Dr Amal Alias Fertility and Gynaecology Centerhas been given excellent reviews for their services.

Lusy Zaitseva, a former patient, said: “Thanks to Dr. Amal for her kind support and attention to details with my pregnancy. They have a 4D Ultrasound, which shows me my wonderful son on Week 29. All doctors are kind and will always find solutions for any of your queries. The clinic staff are very nice and helpful. Highly recommended.”

Another client said: “Best clinic to get pregnant with twins and gender selection”

Tips on Choosing Bookkeeping Services in Dubai

Research on the services that the fertility clinic does best.

If your goal is to have genetic testing done or undergo IVF, it’s best to first check if the fertility clinic you plan to visit offers these services. If not, find one that actually specializes in these services and boasts of high success rates.

Don’t choose a fertility clinic just because it’s cheap.

When it comes to your health, never skimp. Choose a clinic based on the expertise of the fertility specialists and the quality of their services.

While price is still an important factor, don’t make this the primary basis in making your choice. If it’s possible, choose a fertility clinic that’s covered by your health insurance to ease up on the cost.

Look into the services they offer on top of fertility treatments.

Keeping your fertility in check goes beyond medical procedures and lab exams. Because factors like your mental health and diet can affect fertility, some fertility clinics offer services on nutrition and counselling.

A fertility clinic that offers additional support ensures a more holistic approach to boosting your fertility and can be highly beneficial in the long run.

FAQs on Fertility Clinics in Dubai

Care for your reproductive health and find solutions to your fertility problems. We hope our list of the best fertility clinics in Dubai helped!

Did we miss any fertility clinics you highly recommend? Send us a message so we can check them out too!

Now that you know more about the best fertility clinics in Dubai, you can also check out options for getting IVF! Here’s our list of the best IVF clinics in Dubai.