5 Best Gyms in Dubai
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The 7 Best Gyms in Dubai

Nothing gets us in the mood to work out better than being in the gym pumping some iron and sweating out the toxins with our fellow gymgoers. This is made better with access to some amazing amenities.

Thankfully, Dubai is home to some world-class gyms that you can call your sweaty second home. So why settle for less when you can better yourself with the best of the best?

To find out which ones are truly amazing options, we went and asked around the city to give you Dubai’s best gyms.

How much does it cost to go to a gym in Dubai?

The cost of going to the gym depends on the subscription structure of each specific gym. Most of the time, they will offer you monthly and yearly memberships, and some will have varying tiers that will give you access to different amenities.

To help you get started, we have made a table that includes the estimated range of the price of gym memberships depending on how often you’ll be charged:

YearlyAED 200 - AED 1,000
Every 3-6 monthsAED 2,000 - AED 3,000
MonthlyAED 2,500 - AED 6,000

How We Picked Dubai’s Best Gyms

Before we get right into our list of Dubai’s best gyms, here are the factors we considered for our entries on this list:

Amenities – We checked out the range of quality of facilities that its members have access to, and how these enhance the overall experience of going to the gym.
Range of Classes – It was also important for us to take into consideration the different types of training and activities that aid gymgoers in their fitness journey.
Credibility – We also assessed the staff’s background and training, and how fit they are to provide the correct assistance to their members. 
Accessibility – It was important for us to consider its location, and how strategic it is. Gyms should be easy to access from residential and work areas.

1. 51 Gym Dubai

51 Gym Dubai's Homepage
CLASSESCycling, boxing, TRT, HIIT, Yoga, Pilates
ADDRESSPlaza 1 Entrance, 51 Al Wasl, Dubai, UAE
CONTACT DETAILS+971 4 385 58 51, +971 50 516 6451

[email protected]

OPERATING HOURSMonday to Friday: 6 am - 10 pm

Saturday to Sunday: 8 am - 8 pm

Amenities★★★★☆ (4/5)
Range of Classes★★★★★ (5/5)
Credibility★★★★★ (5/5)
Accessibility★★★☆☆ (3/5)

With state-of-the-art fitness equipment and a wide range of classes, 51 Gym Dubai is a one-stop destination for all fitness fanatics around Al Wasl area.

With a group fitness instructor in its midst, this gym can facilitate many fitness classes such as boxing, TRT, HIIT, yoga, pilates, and many more. 

But the highlight of its classes is definitely our favorite, the 4D cycling classes. It is an immersive cycling class that gives spinners a taste (and feel) of the great outdoors without having to leave the saddle.

However, besides its 4D cycling studio, there really is not anything special in its amenities. Sure, the workout equipment is all new and in great condition, but nothing worth writing about.

It is made up by the fact that its staff is composed of amazingly experienced and educated trainers. More than just assisting us with the equipment and maintaining the right form, the staff is certified to provide physiotherapy and rehab.

Most of them are actually former athletes and competitors and have actual practical knowledge they can impart to their members, which we find to be invaluable.

Sadly, 51 Gym Dubai only has one location in the entire city. So for those looking to try it out, be ready to drive down to Al Wasl.

However, if you live and work far away, then we recommend you try out some of our other entries on this list.


  • Has an amazing 4D Cycling studio
  • Has a wide range of fitness classes
  • Staff are certified, and have relevant experience and knowledge
  • Equipment is all in excellent condition


  • Nothing special about the gym equipment
  • Onle has one location

Customer Reviews

“My favorite gym in Dubai!

My favorite gym in Dubai!  Small, cozy, the trainer and employees know all the clients by sight.  Very friendly staff, always ready to help with any questions.  The coaching staff is very professional (My favorite coaches are Mike and Rafael, Nuni, Freya).  Excellent yoga trainers.  There are reforming beds, I love these workouts too.  I highly recommend this gym!” —Марина Зайцева, Google Reviews

51 has been a welcome change

“After years of not feeling comfortable or motivated to even stay consistent at the gym, 51 has been a welcome change. A contemporary boutique-style gym makes for a comfortable feeling the second you walk in, their music selection is always on point and not your typical music that gyms play. The equipment is always clean and top-class. The classes they offer are the best I have seen and always on point. The best part is the team, they remember you they make you feel part of a family and my trainer has transformed me and my life and my relationship to working out” – Kelly Cyndrowski, Google Reviews

2. Fitness First

Fitness First's Homepage
CLASSESHIIT, cardio, strength & conditioning, yoga, boxing, spin cycling, barre
ADDRESS1st Floor, Central Court Mirdif City Center Mall - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

Has 20 more locations throughout the city

CONTACT DETAILS+971 4 236 2288

OPERATING HOURSMonday to Friday: 6 am - 11 pm

Saturday to Sunday: 6 am - 12 am

Amenities★★★☆☆ (3/5)
Range of Classes★★★★☆ (4/5)
Credibility★★★★☆ (4/5)
Accessibility★★★★★ (5/5)

If we are talking about accessibility and access to a complete set of workout equipment, then nothing comes close to the global gym brand, Fitness First.

With over 20 locations throughout the city of Dubai, finding one branch is never hard. Couple that with the fact that all of its locations are either found in commercial districts or in residential neighborhoods, going to the gym has never been easier.

Also, while we do appreciate the sauna, which is perfect after an intense workout, and the 3D body scanners that can help track our progress, there is nothing really special.

But we do appreciate that Fitness First gyms are always so spacious. We love that there are always dedicated areas for different kinds of equipment – strength, cardio, free weights, and more. 

It also offers a great range of fitness classes with its signature programs. It has around 40 different classes that are available for its members to join.

We think that this is amazing and completely unrivaled. However, not all classes are available in every location, so members are limited by the classes being offered at their preferred branch.

The staff can also be a hit-or-miss. With over 20 locations, the experienced staff is definitely spread thin, so it is wise to figure out which ones are the best in your location.


  • Has over 20 locations throughout the city
  • Spacious gym
  • Has over 40 fitness classes


  • Not all locations offer all classes
  • The excellent gym staff are spread thin
  • Nothing special about the amenities

Customer Reviews

The gym is very spacious and has plenty of machines

“The gym is very spacious and has plenty of machines. Perfect for all kinds of workouts.

If you don’t want to see yourself waiting for almost every machine or bench, try to avoid peak hours (18:00 to 21:00) as it gets REALLY busy.

The showers and changing rooms are very clean.

Among my favorites are platinum fitness first gyms.

Recommended. 👍” – Antonio, Google Reviews

Fitness First Mirdif City Center is a great gym

“Fitness First Mirdif City Center is a great gym and gives you the opportunity to have a total body workout. They have state-of-the-art fitness equipment, there are great classes, and the very best instructors and personal trainers. I find the classes particularly impactful with very encouraging, inspiring, and motivational instructors. I would highly recommend this Gym to everyone!” -Amen Ebohon, Google Reviews 

3. Gym Nation

Gym Nation's Homepage
CLASSESCrossHIIT, Jumpnation, Bollynation, yoga, Zumba, muay thai
ADDRESSSheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed St - Al Mankhool - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

Has 13 more locations throughout the city.

CONTACT DETAILShttps://gymnation.com/contact-gymnation/
Amenities★★★☆☆ (3/5)
Range of Classes★★★★★ (5/5)
Credibility★★★★★ (5/5)
Accessibility★★★★★ (5/5)

Voted as the Best Gym in the UAE by Virgin Radio and named the Favorite Fitness Facility by What’s On, Gym Nation is one of the few gym franchises in Dubai that is open 24/7 and has multiple locations.

This gym gives Fitness First a run for its money when it comes to accessibility. While it does not have as many locations (it still has a lot despite that), it definitely is a contender with its locations that can be used by its members anytime.

We love how it understands that not everyone has the same lifestyle and its answer to that problem is by allowing members to come into the gym anytime.

It has around 15 classes that it offers to its members, including CrossHIIT, Zumba, Muay Thai, yoga, and more, which is overall an impressive feat considering that some of these classes are specialized martial arts.

These classes are also facilitated by Les Mills instructors, which means that whatever Gym Nation teaches in these classes is backed by a well-established global gym brand.

However, the amenities and the overall physical look of the gym definitely need some improvement. Besides a separate space for its women’s gym, it does not have anything special to offer.

On top of that, the gym tends to look dim because of the dark paint on the walls and floor, and the white fluorescent lights just make the whole space feel cold.


  • Has multiple locations
  • Open 24/7
  • Has around 15 fitness classes
  • Classes are led by instructors from Les Mills


  • Gym tends to look dark and cold
  • Nothing special about its amenities

Customer Reviews

Such an awesome gym!

“Such an awesome gym! From the facilities, equipment, classes, and staffs.

All staff are superb – diligent and courteous. Special mention to Abid at the reception who effortlessly balanced providing assistance to multiple individuals, ensuring that each person received the attention they needed.

With this exceptional gym and great service by your side, you’ll feel motivated, supported, and confident – ensuring every workout counts! Making your fitness journey a seamless and enjoyable experience.” – Ann Neo Celeste, Google Reviews

I like this gym very much

“I like this gym very much. The staffs and trainers are very friendly and approachable. The overall ambiance of this place gives me more positive vibes every day. There is a wide variety of equipment and large spaces for training. The thing I like most is the group classes. They are providing Zumba, Yoga, BollyNation, and other group training sessions free of charge for the members.” –

Ranjini V K, Google Reviews

4. StudioRepublik

StudioRepublik's Homepage
CLASSESDance lessons, yoga, pilates, barre, boxing, jiu-jitsu, and Muay Thai
ADDRESSExit 41 - Umm Al Sheif, Eiffel Building 1, Sheikh Zayed Road - 8 16th Street - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
CONTACT DETAILS+971 4 246 1500, 800 235664

OPERATING HOURSSunday to Friday: 5:30 am - 11 pm

Saturday: 5:30 am - 9 pm

Amenities★★★★★ (5/5)
Range of Classes★★★★★ (5/5)
Credibility★★★★☆ (4/5)
Accessibility★★★★☆ (4/5)

With a two-story building to its name, StudioRepublik is more than just a gym, it is a lifestyle hub that has a range of amenities for fitness, arts, and wellness.

We love how fully immersive this place is. It has all kinds of activities that can get you sweating, but there are also offerings beyond that.

For its fitness amenities, it has a fully-equipped gym, dance studio, yoga studio, and an area for martial arts practice. Practically everything we need for a full-body workout is here, and we love it so much.

And because of its full range of amenities in one building, it has loads of classes to offer. From all kinds of dance lessons, including aerial dance, yoga, pilates, and barre to boxing, jiu-jitsu, and Muay Thai, StudioRepublik has almost everything.

We also love that each program being offered here is led by a credible instructor. While some of them may not have the most remarkable or prestigious experience, they all have adequate credibility for the classes they handle.

When it comes to accessibility, sadly it only has one location. It also does not help the fact that it is located on Sheikh Zayed Road, one of the city’s busiest roads, so going there during rush hour can be a pain in the ass.


  • Has a full range of amenities for fitness and more
  • Has an amazing range of classes


  • Only has one location
  • Staff’s background and experience are nothing special

Customer Reviews

This is probably the best fitness center I’ve ever been in Dubai

“This is probably the best fitness center I’ve ever been in Dubai. 🙏🏻

A few weeks ago, I availed of their trial for Hiphop dance and as I came inside, I can already feel and see the brilliance of their ambiance.

They even have a cozy cafe inside their center and all rooms are specialized in the skill you wanted to learn or enroll in.

They can be quite expensive for average earners though but surely, I know from visiting there that what you’ll pay for if/should you enroll is worth it.” – E Lai Laine , Google Reviews

It was an amazing experience!

“I had the pleasure of joining Studio Republic Gym for their dance classes and I must say, it was an amazing experience! The community here is so welcoming and supportive, and the instructors are absolutely fantastic. Yarisha and Craig are two of the most skilled and inspiring dance teachers I have ever had the pleasure of learning from.

Their passion and dedication to their craft is truly contagious, and they have a unique ability to break down complex dance moves into easy-to-follow steps, making it accessible to beginners and challenging for advanced dancers.

The dance studio itself is well-maintained, clean and spacious, providing the perfect environment for practice and creativity. The facilities are top-notch, and the staff is always available and ready to help with any queries or concerns.

I would highly recommend Studio Republic Gym to anyone looking for a vibrant and supportive dance community. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned dancer, Yarisha and Craig will challenge and inspire you to achieve your goals and take your dance skills to the next level. Thank you Studio Republic Gym for an amazing experience!” -Sara Ch, Google Reviews

5. The Platform Studios

The Platform Studios Homepage
CLASSESHIIT, spin cycling, barre, pilates, yoga, boxing, reformer pilates, booty burn & core
ADDRESSThe Platform Studios, Retail Level 1, Index Tower, DIFC, Dubai

Has 3 more locations throughout the city

CONTACT DETAILS+971 4 584 4708

OPERATING HOURSMonday to Thursday: 6 am - 9 pm

Friday: 6 am - 8:30 pm

Saturday to Sunday: 7 am - 4 pm

Amenities★★★★★ (5/5)
Range of Classes★★★★☆ (4/5)
Credibility★★★★★ (5/5)
Accessibility★★★★☆ (4/5)

Awarded as the Best Boutique Fitness Studio of the Year for three years in a row, from 2018 to 2020, The Platform Studios offers a premium workout experience that is unlike any other.

Its gym in DIFC has 10,000 square feet of space and has more than enough rooms for everyone to enjoy its amenities that cover everything you need before, during, and after your workout sessions.

It has luxurious showers that come with beauty essentials free for its members to use and an amazing cafe where you can get your pre and post-workout smoothie.

On top of that, it has in-house DJs playing tunes all day long to keep the energy and the mood high.

It also has a wide range of fitness classes such as HIIT, boxing, cycling, Barre, pilates, booty burn & core, and yoga. And recently, it has added two more spaces for reformer pilates and meditation sessions.

However, we must warn you, the gym is very strict when it comes to latecomers. Those who arrive a few minutes late are barred from entering the class even though they have booked it already.

And speaking of classes, we love that its staff is composed of world-class coaches and experts, ensuring that everything you do is safe and correct.

But while it has a few scattered branches throughout Dubai, most of them are in high-end areas that are often hard to go to by public commute.


  • Large spacious boutique gym
  • Has amazing amenities
  • Has a wide range of fitness classes
  • World-class coaches
  • Multiple locations


  • Unreasonably strict with latecomers
  • Some locations are hard to commute to

Customer Reviews

This was by far my favorite ride class ever

“This was by far my favorite ride class ever!! Chelsea has great energy and radiates positivity and excitement. From the playlist to the rhythm, the moves, and the choreography, it was all so perfect. I was second-guessing my decision to go and I came out of the class extremely energized and grateful that I pushed myself. I can’t wait to attend another one of her classes” – Sima El Halwani, Google Reviews

Best Boutique studio in Dubai

“Best Boutique studio in Dubai. Started my journey with Platform over 3 years ago and I’m never leaving! My love for spin classes started here, if you love Rhythm Cycle you have to try their classes. Adam Lyndsey Megan Jamie and Muhala are amazing instructors it’s a party on a bike every time! The platform really invests in its instructors and selects only the best! Amazing studios with the best equipment and friendly staff that make you feel welcome! Love you Platfrom Fam! ” – Amy, Google Reviews

6. 24FITNESS Gym

CLASSESCycling, boxing, TRT, HIIT, Yoga, Pilates
CONTACT DETAILS(971) 4 328 9887
(971) 56 417 8246
Saturday 7am – 9pm
Sunday 7am – 11pm

Edit Table 

Amenities★★★★☆ (4/5)
Range of Classes★★★★★ (5/5)
Credibility★★★★★ (5/5)
Accessibility★★★☆☆ (3/5)

Our experience with 24FITNESS Gym highlighted their diverse range of fitness services. From modern workout equipment to various group classes, they catered to a variety of fitness preferences. The availability of professional trainers added value to our gym sessions, providing personalized guidance and support.

Efficiency is a standout feature of 24FITNESS Gym. The gym’s layout is well-organized, making it easy to navigate and access equipment. The cleanliness and maintenance of the facilities showcased a commitment to providing a comfortable and efficient workout environment. Quick and hassle-free check-in processes contributed to a smooth overall experience.

Quality in fitness offerings is a strength of 24FITNESS Gym. The modern and well-maintained equipment ensured a high standard for our workout routines. The variety of classes, from cardio to strength training, reflected a commitment to offering diverse options for achieving fitness goals. Our experience with knowledgeable and friendly trainers enhanced the overall quality of our workouts.

Cost-effectiveness is a positive aspect of 24FITNESS Gym. The membership fees were reasonable, considering the range of services and facilities provided. The absence of hidden fees and transparent pricing added to the overall affordability. The value for money, combined with the quality of services, made our investment in a gym membership worthwhile.

24FITNESS Gym’s customer service is commendable. The staff was friendly, approachable, and always willing to assist. Their responsiveness to inquiries and willingness to address any concerns contributed to a positive overall experience. The client-focused approach made us feel valued as members of the gym community.


  • Large spacious boutique gym
  • Has amazing amenities
  • Has a wide range of fitness classes
  • World-class coaches
  • Multiple locations


  • Busy during peak days

7. Easy Fit

Easy Fit Homepage
CLASSESEMS training, HIIT, and more
ADDRESSThe Waves tower - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

Has 2 other locations throughout the city

CONTACT DETAILS+971 (0)56 557 8833
OPERATING HOURSMonday to Sunday: 7:00 am - 10:00 pm
Amenities★★★★★ (5/5)
Range of Classes★★★☆ (3/5)
Credibility★★★★★ (5/5)
Accessibility★★★★ (4/5)

Easy Fit is one of the best gyms for those who are looking for a quick yet effective workout regime in the middle of their busy schedules. It’s a perfect choice if you’re looking for evidence-backed methods for your weight loss program. 

We love that they provide a premium workout experience with top-of-the-line equipment and world-class coaches. In addition to their exceptional, personalized workout regimes, it’s easy to stay committed and motivated through each session and throughout your journey. 

We appreciate that its facilities provide more than enough amenities to cover all your development and recovery needs at every phase of your workout session. Moreover, its facilities are well-maintained which quickly becomes one of the highlights of your workout.

We were delighted that it highlights specific goals for its members to work towards and developed uniquely effective programs to help achieve that. This all comes with a hefty price tag though. 

Its highly personalized workout programs mean that it’s rather expensive especially compared to other options. This also means that the classes they offer will vary greatly between people and their goals. 

We also disliked that even though they have multiple branches throughout Dubai, they’re clustered along similar areas, so it isn’t as accessible as other options. 


  • Personalized workouts
  • Evidence-backed methods
  • Excellent facilities
  • Professional personal coaches
  • Multiple locations


  • Classes offered will vary
  • Expensive

Customer Reviews

Amazing Technology!

“A very unique experience that you will like to repeat. It’s like a massage of the muscles and training at the same time. After 20min you can feel like your all body had a very good workout but it does not make you very tired. I love that the trainer is always with you and controls the whole process. It’s a time saver and it’s fun. If you don’t have too much time for the gym, it’s a perfect alternative. I tried it twice and would like to do it more often as I can see.” – ehab Elganady, Google Review

Perfect for busy schedules!

“I am really excited about the concept of a 20-minute workout, especially during a hectic week! It’s incredible how every muscle in your body, even the tiniest, gets engaged. This unique fitness experience is something that everyone should definitely give a try. The studio is stylish, the music is great, and the overall vibes are amazing!” – FitCoupleUA, Google Reviews

FAQs about Gyms in Dubai

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