Retail and Beyond Things to Do in the Mall of Emirates

Retail and Beyond: Things to Do in the Mall of Emirates

Ever heard of a mall where you can ski in the middle of a desert? Well, that’s precisely what you’ll find at the Mall of the Emirates in Dubai!

But the journey doesn’t stop there. From adorable penguins to world-class cuisine, this mall offers more than just retail therapy.

Read further to see the unexpected adventures waiting in the heart of Dubai!

What is the Mall of the Emirates in Dubai?

The Mall of the Emirates is a popular shopping mall in Dubai. It features over 630 retail outlets, numerous dining options, and entertainment facilities.

What sets it apart are its amazing attractions like Ski Dubai, the Middle East’s first indoor ski resort, Dubai Community Theatre and Arts Centre, and Magic Planet, a massive family entertainment hub.

Amazingly, the mall gained global acclaim by winning the World’s Leading New Shopping Mall award in 2005 and earning a spot in Forbes’ list of Dubai’s top five malls in 2017.

Over the years, it’s been growing and evolving as part of the “Evolution 2015” project, adding more retailers, including fashion brands like Lululemon and All Saints, which are making their debuts in the region for the first time.

Plus, there are 12 dining outlets, all located on the new third floor of the mall. The same year, Abercrombie & Fitch, Seafolly, and Omnia Baharat joined the region.

Now that you have an idea of what to expect, let’s go through the top activities at the Mall of the Emirates, ensuring your visit is fun and memorable. 

Go Skiing at the World-Renowned Ski Dubai

One of the main attractions at the Mall of the Emirates is the Ski Dubai experience. This indoor activity offers a unique opportunity to enjoy winter sports right in the middle of the desert.

Whether a seasoned skier or a beginner, you can hit the slopes and experience the thrill of skiing or snowboarding. The resort offers a range of slopes catering to different skill levels, so everyone can have a great time.

But if you’re new to the slopes, no worries! Ski Dubai offers lessons with experienced instructors who’ll have you skiing like a pro in no time.

Yet, those who prefer a more relaxed experience may simply walk through the snow park and enjoy the winter wonderland.

There are fun activities like snowball fights and zorbing (an activity that involves rolling downhill inside a large, transparent, inflatable ball) that the whole family can enjoy as well!

Pro tip:

We advise making a reservation at least 24 hours in advance to ensure you lock in the date and time slot you want.

Ski Dubai is a popular destination, so tickets may be sold out if you wait until the last minute.

Indulge in Luxury Shopping at the Fashion Dome

The Fashion Dome at the Mall of the Emirates is a haven for those who appreciate high-end fashion. It offers a lavish and stylish environment to immerse guests in a world of glitz and glamour.

Inside, you’ll discover the newest collections from well-known international fashion brands such as Dior, Gucci, and Louis Vuitton, making it a prime destination for fashion enthusiasts seeking the latest trends and designer pieces.

But it’s not just about clothing – the Fashion Dome has a treasure trove of designer accessories, such as dazzling jewelry and watches.

Pro tip:

When visiting the Fashion Dome at the Mall of the Emirates, it’s good to make use of the Digital Concierge service. 

This can give you a more seamless shopping experience, letting you tap into the latest trends and discover statement luxury pieces.

Dive into Virtual Adventures at Dreamscape

Dreamscape in the Mall of the Emirates is a must-visit destination for those seeking a fantastic virtual reality (VR) experience. 

As soon as you step inside, it’s like walking into a whole new world – you can either help a whale family in the deep sea, go on space adventures among the stars, or both!

This is a good time to explore with friends and loved ones, as you’ll encounter several challenges to overcome and puzzles to solve while enjoying the incredibly realistic surroundings. 

Pro tip:

When visiting Dreamscape, don’t miss out on “The Temple”, a reading program for kids in grades 2 to 8. It’s like a fun game where you can use your shards (virtual currency) to get new dreams, avatars, and pets.

Eat Xiaolongbao at Din Tai Fung

When you’re at the Mall of the Emirates and craving authentic Taiwanese cuisine, you’ve got to check out Din Tai Fung.

This restaurant is well-known for its delicious Xiaolongbao or soup dumplings. These buns stand out for their thin, delicate wrappers, which encase a delicious filling like pork, crab, or vegetables.

The restaurant’s dumplings may be its claim to fame, but it also serves various other foods, such as noodles, fried rice, and appetizers.

As you step inside, you’ll see a fusion of traditional Asian elements like intricately carved wooden panels, stone lion sculptures, and bamboo baskets, blended seamlessly with contemporary touches like stylish lighting and furniture.

Pro tip:

The options may be limited for vegetarian diners at Din Tai Fung in the Mall of the Emirates, but don’t miss the chance to try dishes with Szechuan sauce since it can add a flavorful twist to your meal.

Enjoy Family-Friendly Fun at Magic Planet

Magic Planet is a fun family hangout at the Mall of the Emirates in Dubai. You’ll find games and awesome prizes for everyone, no matter how old you are.

Additionally, the venue offers a variety of arcade games, making it an ideal place for kids and adults to enjoy quality time together. 

Plus, you can watch your little ones burn off their boundless energy in the soft play area or challenge them to a friendly game of bowling.

Pro tip:

Maximize your experience at Magic Planet by purchasing the card online – you’ll receive bonus points for more fun rides! The VIP card costs AED 1500, while the Gold card costs AED 4000.

It’s also handy to download the Magic Planet app and set up a profile. This allows you to manage your account, redeem rewards, and stay in the loop with the newest offers and promotions.

Watch a Play at the Theatre at the Mall of the Emirates

Watch a Play at the Theatre at the Mall of the Emirates
Image source: Visit Dubai

The Theatre at the Mall of the Emirates is a hidden gem for art and culture enthusiasts. You can experience Dubai’s vibrant performing arts scene as you indulge in various shows, including musicals, plays, and dance performances.

Here, you’ll find both local and international productions, showcasing some of the finest talent from around the world!

This theater’s acoustics and state-of-the-art facilities ensure that every performance is a feast for the senses, providing a memorable experience for all attendees.

Pro tip:

For a hassle-free experience at the Theatre at the Mall of the Emirates, consider booking your tickets online in advance. Choose your favorite seats to make sure you’re in the prime spot for a fantastic view and comfy seating.

Explore the Carrefour hypermarket

If you’re searching for a convenient shopping experience, the Carrefour hypermarket at the Mall of the Emirates is a great choice. It offers a wide range of products, from groceries to electronics, making it a one-stop shopping destination for all your needs.

Besides the extensive product selection, this hypermarket is known for its competitive pricing and occasional special deals, making it attractive for the budget-conscious. 

Pro tip:

Download the MAF Carrefour App, so there’s no more waiting at checkout counters, ensuring a quicker shopping experience.

Relax at the Luxurious Spas and Wellness Centers

In need of some pampering and relaxation? At the Mall of the Emirates, you can treat yourself to a rejuvenating massage, indulge in a luxury facial, or unwind in a tranquil sauna.

The spas offer a bunch of treatments and services to help you revitalize your senses. Immerse yourself in a world of serenity as you escape the hustle and bustle of the mall and indulge in some well-deserved self-care.

Pro tip:

If you’re after the ultimate luxury spa experience at the Mall of the Emirates, you’ve got to check out the SENSASIA Stories Spa at the Kempinski Hotel.

What sets it apart is the ability to customize every aspect of your treatment, from the type of strokes to the scent and intensity – like getting a royal treatment!

Attend Exciting Events at Mall of the Emirates

The Mall of the Emirates is more than just a shopping venue; it’s a year-round hub for events from fashion shows and live performances to art exhibitions and cultural festivities.

The Mall of the Emirates hosts some exciting events throughout the year to bring in lots of fun, deals, and surprises for shoppers and families.

There’s the Dubai Shopping Festival from January to February, the Dubai Summer Surprises from June to August, and the Gitex Shopper happening in April and October. 

Pro tip:

While at the Mall of the Emirates, consider participating in the Feed the Future programme, a fantastic partnership between Replate, the UAE food bank, and the mall’s food and beverage partners.

By donating your leftovers and edible food, you can make a meaningful impact by helping local charities provide for those in need.

Catch a Movie at VOX Cinemas

Catch a Movie at VOX Cinemas
Image source: Propsearch

To wrap up your day at the Mall of the Emirates, how about catching a flick at VOX Cinemas? With state-of-the-art theaters and a wide selection of the latest blockbuster movies, VOX Cinemas offers a premium movie-watching experience.

You can sit back, get cozy, and immerse yourself in cinema as you enjoy the big screen. Whether you’re a fan of action-packed thrillers, romantic comedies, or captivating dramas, VOX Cinemas has something for everyone!

Pro tip:

When you visit VOX Cinemas at the Mall of the Emirates, seize the opportunity to try the exclusive 4DX experience. 4DX is designed for those who want to immerse themselves in the movie, not just watch it. 

With motion chairs, scents, wind, light, and water effects, it’s the ultimate cinematic adventure. Note that this is only available at VOX Cinemas in the Middle East.

Other Attractions Near the Mall of the Emirates

While the Mall of the Emirates is a hotspot for entertainment and attractions, there are also other notable places to visit near the Mall of the Emirates. Here are some of them:

Dubai Miracle Garden

When you’re at the Mall of the Emirates, checking out the Dubai Miracle Garden is a delightful excursion. It’s just a quick drive away from the mall, for your convenience.

This stunning garden has over 50 million flowers arranged in elaborate displays and sculptures – it’s a truly magical sight for nature lovers!

Dubai Autodrome

Another excellent spot close to the Mall of the Emirates is the Dubai Autodrome. It’s a high-tech racetrack that hosts all kinds of motorsport events year-round.

If you’re a fan of fast cars and adrenaline-pumping races, it’s best to check the schedule and catch a race while you’re there.

Al Barsha Pond Park

Al Barsha Pond Park is a peaceful oasis near the Mall of the Emirates for those looking to get away from the urban rush.

With lush greenery, walking trails, and picnic spots, it’s the perfect place to relax and unwind amid nature. The park also features a picturesque lake, providing opportunities for paddle boating and adding an extra layer of enjoyment to your visit.