5 Personality Types You Encounter in a Coworking Space

5 Personality Types You Encounter in a Coworking Space

A coworking space is a place where people can work together and share ideas. You can come to a coworking space to meet new people, get work done, and maybe even find a job.

But who are the people that come into these spaces? And which one are you?

1. The Networker

You notice the Networker right away. They’re the person who seems to know everyone and is engaging in multiple conversations at once.

They’re a connector, and it gives them the energy to be around people. The Networker is a natural leader, and they like coworking spaces because it amplifies their ability to connect with others.

They learn from being around other people and thrive on sharing ideas, building relationships, and collaborating on projects—possibly for business expansion.

The Networker likes working in an environment where there are different personalities with diverse perspectives. They can learn so much more here than if they were just working alone in their apartment or in a traditional office setting.

2. The Freelance Writer

The Freelance Writer is the person you’ll get to know the best because you see them every day. They’re usually the first person in and the last to leave, their laptop open while they stare out a window with their headphones on.

Their work hours are often odd, and they love having a space where they can be alone but not alone.

They’re quiet but friendly; they like being around other people as long as they don’t have to work with them.

It may take some time to get used to the Freelance Writer always being there, but once you do, you’ll start looking forward to seeing their familiar face every morning.

3. The Working Mom

You’ll also find a coworking space to be a great place if you need advice. You can get it from the Work Mom, for example.

The Work Mom (usually this is the woman in your office who has a slightly flexible schedule) knows everyone’s name and makes sure they are all up to speed with what everybody else is doing.

She has a big heart, and she cares about people. She really sees the best in them and wants to cultivate it.

She knows that when people have an opportunity to shine and feel heard, they will be happier overall, which means she’ll be happier too!

The Work Mom loves nothing more than getting together after work with coworkers for drinks or food. (She can usually get a discount because of her flexible schedule with the company.)

She’s an excellent listener who won’t mind if you vent about your day over some wine or beer.

Need some advice on how to talk to your boss about needing time off for vacation? She has plenty of tips on how to do it tactfully so that you still get what you want!

4. The Renter

There seems to be no real 9-to-5 for the Renter. Somehow, no matter what time you enter the office, whether it’s 5 a.m. or 9 p.m., they’re there.

They never really seem to leave the coworking space and often stay until the last person checks out for the day unless someone kindly asks them to leave after 10 hours of “working” on that latest startup venture that failed to launch yet again.

These ambitious developers and business owners are typically in progress on a startup company, bound to kick off at any time.

The Renter is at their best when they are focused on their work goals instead of chatting with others in an attempt to create their own coworking space community (which will never replace Facebook).

In their mind, it’s perfectly acceptable to spend months (or years) working on a business idea before finally calling it quits and trying something new.

5. The Highly Caffeinated

You’ll know them by the cloud of invigorating yet slightly disturbing coffee breath that invariably surrounds them.

Whether they’re asking you a question, answering an email, or just sitting at their desk working on something, they have a cup of coffee in one hand and probably another on their desk.

They can be spotted by the way they pause mid-conversation to take a sip from their mug as though it’s second nature to them. The Highly Caffeinated is not dangerous themselves.

In fact, they’re quite pleasant once you get over the initial shock of being hit with such a strong dose of java. The problem is that whatever time you choose to go into the kitchen for your own cup of tea or water will be exactly when they’re brewing another pot.

This can sometimes lead to awkward interactions where neither one wants to leave.

A coworking space is indeed one of the best places to work in, as it encourages a focused environment with an optimized layout for productivity and good furniture that may prevent back pain.

With the several personalities you encounter, it’s also a great opportunity to expand your network and brainstorm ideas.

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