5 Tips for Looking for a Coworking Space

5 Tips for Looking for a Coworking Space

A coworking space is a great option for freelancers and small business owners that need a private office but doesn’t want to pay for it on their own.

It’s also a good option for individuals who are looking for more than just office space. They want the community and collaboration of coworking as well.

Here are some helpful tips to consider when deciding on a coworking space.

1. Ergonomics

If you end up spending a lot of time at a coworking space, it’s important that they have a place where you can work comfortably and efficiently. You need to be able to adjust everything to fit your specific needs and preferences.

Ask about the following things:

  • Desks that are the right height for you. You don’t want them to be too high or too low.
  • Chairs that are comfortable and supportive, like an adjustable mesh chair rather than a wooden stool. The right upholstery office chair is essential to avoid back pain while working for hours.
  • Proper lighting. Glaring overhead lights aren’t good for anyone, so make sure there are options for natural sunlight (or lamps) as well.
  • Proper ventilation and air conditioning, especially if the office is in a humid climate (like Dubai)
  • Access to electrical outlets so that you can charge your electronics without worrying about running out of battery power or needing an extension cord
  • Noise levels. If there’s already ambient noise from other workers nearby, then it doesn’t matter how quiet your office is because you won’t be able to concentrate anyway (even if everyone else seems fine with it).

Make sure there’s not going to be a constant distraction while writing code or doing other tasks that require concentration.

2. Customer Service

Customer service is an essential part of choosing a coworking space, as it ensures that your experience using the facility will be a good one.

As with any business, there are bound to be issues that arise, and you need to have confidence that they’ll be dealt with promptly and professionally by the staff.

So how do you know if you’re getting great customer service? Here are a few guidelines:

  • The staff makes it easy for new members to join (i.e. dedicated website, clear pricing).
  • You can easily get in touch with someone by phone or email.
  • Staff members respond quickly when contacted by members.
  • Staff members work hard to resolve member issues.

3. Style

Once you’ve narrowed down your search to a few different spaces, you can start to think about what style of workspace would best fit your needs.

What is most important for your workflow? Do you work best surrounded by white walls, a blank canvas for the imagination?

Or in an environment that stimulates creativity and spirit with pops of color and unique furnishings? Either way, it’s important to know what type of design will make you most comfortable while working.

There are many factors that contribute to a space’s feel and character:

  • The building design – Is it an old converted factory or a modern glass tower?
  • The furniture – Does it have ergonomic chairs?
  • The decor – Are there paintings on the walls or plants in every corner?
  • And even the layout of rooms within it

And don’t forget about more subtle but often impactful things like lighting, temperature, sound level, etc.

Take some time to consider which elements are most important for you—and how much “style” is necessary for your productivity levels before deciding on a coworking space.

4. Networking

A coworking space is a great way to network with other professionals and entrepreneurs as well as a great place for team-building.

Imagine the opportunity to have a lunch meeting with potential business partners and your colleagues in the same building, or even on the same floor!

The friendliness of coworkers may also encourage a more social atmosphere, which is perfect for making friends and connections that could come in handy later in your career.

5. Private Meetings and Events Spaces

One of your considerations should be the private meeting and events spaces that the coworking space offers its clients. These will come in handy when you need to collaborate with other coworkers or have clients sign documents.

Make sure that these spaces have high-speed internet and large, HD monitors.

Another factor to consider is the networking events that your potential coworking space hosts. These can be invaluable for getting acquainted with others who rent office space at the location.

It’s also important to know whether or not they provide social media support so you can make connections with other professionals outside of company hours as well. Make sure they have an active LinkedIn page and clearly profile all of their professional staff members on the site, too!

Compared to working at home, a coworking space can give you the focus and productivity you need for your projects or business. When looking for a coworking space, make sure to consider these factors first to have the best experience possible.

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