6 Signs Your Website Needs a Redesign

6 Signs Your Website Needs a Redesign

Your website is the face of your business to your clients and customers.

If it’s looking a little dated, your customers might take you less seriously and think that you don’t care about designing something that looks good.

This could lead to them losing confidence in you as a professional. Here we list some of the signs it’s time to refresh your website design.

1. You haven’t updated your website

If your business has grown, changed, or evolved since the last time you updated your website, it may be time for a refresh. Has your original product expanded to include new options?

Have you added services or features? Has your target market shifted?

If any of these are true, your website may no longer represent who you are as a company or what you have to offer.

A helpful exercise is to search for yourself online in an incognito window, which hides stored cookies and browsing history. Look at the first few results that show up on the screen.

Do they accurately reflect who you are now and what matters to you as a business owner? If not, it’s time to refresh your website.

2. Your site takes longer to load

If your site takes more than seven seconds to load, you’re in trouble. In fact, if your site takes longer than three seconds to load, about 50% of your mobile visitors will leave.

In other words, a slow-loading site can be detrimental to your business, and it might be time for a refresh.

There are several reasons why a website loads slowly. However, the most common is because it isn’t optimized.

3. Your site isn’t mobile-friendly

Mobile internet traffic is at an all-time high, with over half of all web traffic coming from a mobile device.

If your website isn’t optimized for mobile use, there is a good chance visitors will leave before they even find what they’re looking for.

This can severely hurt your business in the long run, as your audience may go somewhere else to get the information or product they need.

The worst part? You might not even know it’s happening!

A lot of businesses don’t realize the problem until their bounce rates are through the roof and their search engine ranking has plummeted.

4. Visitors experience low user experience

If your website traffic is rising but users aren’t spending much time on your site, it could be a sign you’re having trouble offering an optimal user experience.

A significant aspect of providing a positive user experience is encouraging your viewers to find whatever it is they’re looking for. Visitors who bounce from the homepage to the page where they make a purchase are more likely to convert than those who click around for several minutes with no luck.

Your site’s bounce rate (defined as a single-page session on your website) is also a problem. If most visitors leave after viewing just one page, you may need to refresh your content.

5. Your website has too much text

Are there huge chunks of text on your website? It’s important to have plenty of information on your site, but there’s a fine line between having enough and too much.

If you’ve found that your website has become more text than anything, it might be time for an update.

Whether it’s creating new graphics or reworking old ones—like making the text smaller and putting in images or reworking the entire layout so that it becomes more balanced—giving your users other ways to take in information is crucial.

6. Your search engine rankings struggle

Google and other search engines prioritize fast-loading websites because they want to provide the best user experience to those who are searching.

If you own a slow website, there’s a chance that search engine algorithms will perceive it as low quality and therefore place it lower in their rankings.

It’s important to know that both speed and quality are two different metrics that contribute to your overall SEO performance.

In some cases, a slow website may not have as much of an impact on your overall search engine ranking, but if your site is already struggling with its organic search visibility, a slow site can hinder its performance even further.

Your website is one of the essential aspects of your business. Most, if not all, marketing agencies will convince you that without an adequately designed website or if it’s functioning inefficiently, it might affect your revenue and sales.

Of course, if you need assistance with your website redesign, you shouldn’t hesitate to find a creative agency for your brand.

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