A Museum of Illusions Travel Guide

A Museum of Illusions Travel Guide

In Dubai, you’ll never run out of things to do and explore. In fact, the city is guaranteed to satisfy even the most discerning traveller.

If you’re one of those who crave for a mindblogging experience, the Museum of Illusions should be on your itinerary. 

In this guide, we’ll show you everything you need to know about this unique tourist attraction in Dubai.

What is the Museum of Illusions?

The Museum of Illusions is part of the international museum chain that started in Croatia featuring over 80 exhibits that challenge your imagination.

This museum is the biggest of its kind in the world and has everything you need to trick your senses and give your brain a good workout.

Best Time to Go

Since the Museum of Illusions is an indoor tourist attraction, you can visit it all year round.

But if you want to avoid the crowd, it’s best to go on weekdays. Just make sure to check the museum’s calendar, especially during special holidays and Ramadan.

Things to Know

Are you ready to enjoy a mindboggling experience at the Museum of Illusions? Here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Location

The Museum of Illusions is located in Al Seef in Dubai Creek. Look for Shop No. P3-17-1 when you’re in the area.

  • Operating Hours

The Museum of Illusions is open daily from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM Sunday to Wednesday and until midnight from Thursday to Saturday.

  • Parking

If you’re driving your own car to the museum, it’s best to head early to take advantage of the free parking in the area.

But you can also go for valet parking for AED 50 per hour.

  • Ticket Prices

Ticket prices for the Museum of Illusions are:

AdultAED 80
Children (5 to 15 years old)AED 60
Family Ticket (2 adults and 2 children)AED 225

While you can walk in at the museum, it’s recommended that you book ahead online, especially during peak season and to skip the long queues.

How to Get Around

Trains: There are no direct metro lines to the Museum of Illusions. But you can take the Metro Green Line and stop at either the Al Fahidi Station for a 5-minute walk or the BurJuman Station for a 15-minute walk.

Buses: If you’re traveling from Downtown Dubai, you can take Bus 29 and stop at the station about 1 kilometer away from the museum, which would be a 10-minute walk. But if you’re taking the Metro, stop at the Burjuman Station and ride Bus F70, which will take you just 300 meters away from the museum.

Taxis: If you’d rather go straight to the museum, book a taxi through Uber or Careem. But if you’re far away from the Museum of Illusions and you’re on a budget, you can take a taxi to the nearest metro station and take the Metro from there.

Car service: You can book a chauffeured car service or self-drive car with your hotel or one of the companies in Dubai.

Where to Stay Near Museum of Illusions

Al Seef Heritage Hotel Dubai

Address: Al Seef St. – Dubai Creek – Umm Hurair 1 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Phone: +971 4 707 7080
Pricing: $$$
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Located right at the cultural center of Dubai in Al Seef, the Al Seef Heritage Hotel combines the charm of old-world Arabia with Hilton’s signature brand of hospitality.

Wake up to views of the Dubai Creek and Old Dubai in one of the 190 guest rooms spread across the hotel’s 10 traditional Arabian homes complete with wind towers.

From the hotel, you can just walk to some of Old Dubai’s best spots including the souks and museums.

Best Western Plus Pearl Creek

Address: Deira Creek 90 – Baniyas Road – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Phone: +971 4 222 4555
Pricing: $$$
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A four-star hotel in the heart of Old Dubai, Best Western Plus Pearl Creek has 202 guest rooms, some of which offer views of the historic Dubai Creek.

You also get to enjoy modern amenities including a swimming pool, fitnes center and restaurant.

The hotel is also just a few minutes walk away from top attractions in the Old Dubai area including the Museum of Illusions, Dhow Cruise and Dubai Museum.

Ibis Styles Dubai Deira

Address: Maitha Plaza – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Phone: +971 4 492 9999
Pricing: $$
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Inspired by its surroundings, Ibis Styles Dubai Deira combined contemporary design with Arabic calligraphy in its 143 standard rooms.

Here, you can wake up to views of Dubai Creek and enjoy the hotel’s including a pool, restaurant, bar and meeting room if you’re traveling for business.

Ibis Styles Dubai Deira is also near some of Deira’s top tourist attractions making it one of the best accommodations to choose if you want everything within a few minutes’ walk away.

Hyatt Place Dubai Baniyas Square

Address: 15 Al Suq Al Kabeer St. – Deira – Al Rigga – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Phone: +971 4 404 1234
Pricing: $$$
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Hyatt Place Dubai Banyas Square takes you right into the middle of the city’s cultural district right near Banyas Square and Dubai Creek.

True to Hyatt’s brand of excellence, each room in this hotel is fitted with all the modern amenities that you need to enjoy a relaxing stay.

You also get to enjoy the hotel’s swimming pool, restaurant and fitness center. 

And if you step out of Hyatt Place Dubai Banyas Square, all the top tourist spots in the area are just a few minutes away.

Riviera Hotel Dubai

Address: Baniyas Road – Deira – Al Rigga – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Phone: +971 4 222 2131
Pricing: $$
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It may be one of the oldest hotels in Deira, but the Riviera Hotel can definitely compete with its newer counterparts.

In fact, staying in this hotel is one of the best ways to enjoy the authentic Arabian experience, from its interiors to its hospitality.

Where to Eat Near Museum of Illusions

Saba’a Restaurant

Address: Al Seef Heritage Hotel – Al Seef St. – Dubai Creek – Umm Hurair 1 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Phone: +971 4 77 7077
Pricing: $$

Saba’a Restaurant is an institution in Al Seef offering the full Arabian experience with its stunning interiors and authentic food. 

Located at the Al Seef Heritage Hotel, the restaurant offers an extensive menu combining Emirati and international cuisines.

Try dishes like the Tabobouleh, Levantine Salmon and Lamb Wellington. You can also enjoy spirits, cocktails and mocktails for a relaxing evening.

Al Fanar Restaurant and  Cafe

Address: Al Seef Street – Al Hamriya – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Phone: +971 4 396 6669
Pricing: $$

Wih locations around Dubai, Al-Fanar Restaurant and Cafe is the best restaurant to go to if you’re looking for authentic Emirati flavors.

The restaurant is inspired by the traditional houses in Dubai with outdoor seating that offer views of Dubai Creek.

It also specializes in fresh seafood cooked using Emirati spices that you’ll surely love.

Some of the must-try dishes at Al Fanar include their famous Emirati breakfast tray, Laham tray, Machboos tray and mixed grill and seafood tray.

Al Khayma Heritage Restaurant and Cafe

Address: Al Fahidi Historical Neighborhood – 79 Al Musallah Road – Al Fahidi – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Phone: +971 55 180 2080
Pricing: $$

Another institution in Dubai is the Al Khayma Heritage Restaurant, which takes you back in time with its traditional courtyard setting and beautiful decor inspired by Old Dubai.

Located in Al Fahidi Historical Neighborhood and just a few minutes away from the Museum of Illusions, Al Khayma is a must-try if you’re looking for an authentic dining experience.

Here, you can enjoy the classic Arabic coffee and “chebab” or Emirati pancakes for breakfast or feast on the restaurant’s famous seafood platter for dinner.

Arabian Teahouse Restaurant and Cafe

Address: Al Fahidi – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Phone: +971 4 353 5071
Pricing: $$

The locals say that if you want to experience true Emirati hospitality, you’ll only need to go to the Arabian Teahouse Restaurant and Cafe in the Al Fahidi Historical Neighborhood.

The restaurant itself features al fresco dining in a building inspired by a traditional Emirati house with turquoise benches lovely flowers.

But what really makes this place a hit among locals and tourists is its food. Start your day with a tradittional Emirati breakfast tray and Arabic coffee before heading to the Museum of Illusions.

You can also visit the restaurant for dinner and enjoy its assortment of Kababs, Laham, Saloona and Robian.

Al Ustad Special Kabab

Address: Metro Station – Al Mussallah Road Near Al Fahidi – Al Hamriya – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Phone: +971 4 397 1933
Pricing: $$

It’s a favorite of the Royal Family of Dubai and some of the country’s most famous people, and they all come for one thing – the famous Kabab.

Al Ustad is the best place in Dubai to get authentic Persian Kabab. It’s a fairly simple restaurant with walls decorated with flags and the photos of the Royal family. 

But the food in this restaurant combined with the staff’s hospitality is what really makes Al Ustad the best Kabab place in town.

What to Do in Museum of Illusions

Take Mindboggling Photos 

Take Mindboggling Photos
Image source: Gulf News

One of the best ways to share your experience with family and friends is to confuse them with your photos, and you’ll have a lot of opportunities at the Museum of Illusions.

Head to the Ames Room, one of the most famous exhibits in the museum where two people can take a photo to look like one is smaller and the other is bigger.

You surely won’t believe your own eyes as you walk from one end of the room and watch yourself shrink or grow. 

Defy Gravity at the Upside Down Room

Defy Gravity at the Upside Down Room
Image source: The National

Have you ever wondered what it feels like to defy gravity? The Upside Down room will let you experience just that – or in your mind.

Stepping inside this room will make you look like you’re hanging off the ceiling and you’ll surely have everyone asking how you did this stunt.

Trick Your Mind with Holograms

Trick Your Mind with Holograms
Image source: Dubai Travel Blog

As if growing or shrinking yourself isn’t enough, you can trick your mind further with the largest exhibition of hologram images in any Museum of Illusions around the world.

Here, you get to see holographic portraits of famous personalities like Albert Einistein and cities that transform and disappear before your eyes.

Put Your Head on a Platter

Put Your Head on a Platter
Image source: Museum of Illusions

Give your family and friends back home a scare by sending them a photo of your head on a platter.

One of the top exhibits at the museum, the head on the platter is a favorite among guests to take photos, so make sure to get to that part first.

Test Your Balance at the Vortex Tunnel

Test Your Balance at the Vortex Tunnel
Image source: Time Out Dubai

Do you think that you have a good balance? Wait until you enter the Museum of Illusion’s Vortex Tunnel to prove that.

One of the most popular exhibits at the museum, this mindboggling tunnel will send you into a rotating cylinder that will surely make you dizzy as you walk.

The challenge here is to keep your balance and stop yourself from puking as you go through the tunnel.

A lot of people who think they’re good at maintaining their balance ended up being defeated by the might of the Vortex Tunnel.

The question is: do you dare to take the challenge?

Where to Shop Near Museum of Illusions

Dubai Spice Souk

Address: 41 34th Street – Deira – Al Ras – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Phone: +971 50 222 3627

After exploring the Museum of Illusions, you need to drop by the biggest spice market in Dubai to stock up on your spices.

With spices being one of the best things to purchase when you’re in the city, the Spice Souk has an extensive list of authentic Middle Eastern spices including the very expensive saffron.

Make sure to go around the shops to check out what sellers have to offer. You can even have your own spice blend created if you want to be adventurous with flavors. 

You can also shop for dates, dried fruits and other local products while you’re in this market.

Dubai Gold Souk

Address: Deira – Al Ras – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Phone: +971 800 900

Of course, you can’t be in Dubai and not shop for gold jewelry at the Gold Souk.

The city is known for selling authentic gold, diamond and gem jewelry pieces at lower prices.

So, make sure that you browse through the many shops in this massive souk and don’t forget to haggle to get good deals from the jewelry that you want.

You can even have your jewelry customized in one of the shops if you’re staying in the city for a longer time and they’ll have it ready for you before leaving the city.

What to Expect from Weather in Museum of Illusions

Winter: Winter is the best time to explore Dubai’s top tourist spots including the Museum of Illusions since the weather is not as hot and can even drop to 16 degrees Celsius at night. Winter in Dubai runs from December to March.

Summer: Summer season that runs from June to September is the hottest time in Dubai where temperatures can reach up to 50 degrees Celsius.

Transition period: Dubai goes through two transition periods – from April to May and October to November. Here, the weather can be hotter or cooler as the seasons switch.

Apps to Download When Visiting Museum of Illusions

Visit Dubai: Dubai’s tourism portal that has all the information that you need about its top tourist destinations.
iOs | Android

WithLocals: A useful app if you’re travelling alone or you just want to take a private tour with a local from Dubai.
iOs | Android

Uber: Booking a car to go to and from the Museum of Illusions
iOs | Android

Careem: The local alternative to Uber when booking a private taxi service to take you around the city
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