The Guide To Creating An Email Marketing Strategy

The Guide To Creating An Email Marketing Strategy

There are various ways (Row 1054 – different types of marketing – dubai) how to market a business online. You can, if you have the extra budget, rely on the prowess and expertise of a digital marketing agency

You can also do it on your own. There are pre-existing guides on how to create your own marketing strategy (Row 1016 – creating a marketing plan – dubai) or how to do digital marketing by yourself. 

One of the easiest methods to advertise your company is via email. Do you notice the constant onslaught of messages coming in from different companies in your inbox?

This is usually done to alert you that their company still offers various services that might be of interest to you. This kind of marketing also allows them to send a long message that details their products in the hopes of further attracting your attention. 

Usually, though, most of these emails are ignored, or put into the spam folder. Here are our top tips for avoiding that fate and yielding more customers for your company! 

Get and maintain a “Top Sender” reputationGet and Maintain A Top Sender Reputation. 

This is what helps email algorithms to measure the trustworthiness of your emails, which then determine where your messages will be sent in the inbox. 

You want to avoid being blocked or placed under the spam folders.

You need to keep up with the current and proper marketing trends. This will all be based on the clientele you want to engage with and determine what are the factors these people consider to be… spam-worthy. 

Make sure to diagnose and determine what issues prevent you from getting that sender reputation!

Fix your scheduling times

Email marketers usually bulk send their messages for rounded numbers like 12:00 NN or 1:00 PM to the point that customers get an onslaught of automated emails at the same time.

This means that the chances of them actually clicking your email against others are slim. We recommend offsetting your sending times a bit – even to the point of pushing them out at odd hours to garner the attention of potential clients. 

You don’t have to shift it by hours, or so– offsetting your scheduled sending times by ten to fifteen minutes can already make sure your email won’t get lost among the hoard of messages. 

We also recommend avoiding automating your company’s marketing materials. Customers tend to open messages in their inbox if they’re tailored to what they are actually interested in. 

Creative agencies can provide their own spin on your resources to gather the most attention towards your company– you can definitely seek out their expertise!

Hey, the weekend exists

Studies have shown that emails flock more during the weekdays. Should you send your messages around that time, then the chances of a recipient opening your message are very slim. 

Try sending your materials on Saturdays and Sundays. This can help you be distinguished from the influx of weekday messages coming in. 

Overall, our very advice in handling email marketing is to know who you’re sending your advertisements to. Once you can determine what makes them click on your emails, the next steps are only strategizing when and how many times you need to send them to entice their attention!

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