The Best Acupressure Massage for Colds

The Best Acupressure Massage for Colds

Getting sick is definitely not a nice feeling. Feeling lethargic and weak for several days can excuse you from doing chores or work– but only for that period of time. 

Take, for example, having a cold. Usually, you’d go to your doctor to know if it’s just a cold or something else entirely (Row 1067 – signs its not just a common cold – Dubai). 

The usual remedy for a cold is long rest periods and some medicine. However, other methods exist of taking the ailment away and kicking it out to the curb. 

One of them is the art of acupressure. A type of massage (row 1004 – types of massages – Dubai) that utilize the vital energy points in the body to provide relief to a person. 

Here are the following areas in your body where you can massage to hopefully swat the cold away! 


Yingxiang, which translates to “welcome fragrance,” is the area near the side of your nose, just on the same line as your nostrils. 

Massaging this particular point would restore one’s sense of smell and allow us to breathe easier. 

We recommend placing light to medium pressure on the area and making small circular motions for one minute or until you feel your sinuses start to clear. 


If you locate the space between the bottom of your nose and above your lips. This is where Renzhong is! 

Applying a gentle but firm pressure for one minute in this area can help clear the nose. Aside from that, massaging the renzhong can help us feel calm and relaxed. 


Shenting is the area behind the start of your hairline. Rubbing this area backward and forwards for one minute can help clear the nose. 


Massaging the fenting helps with headaches, itchy eyes, and blocked ears. This point is the hollow where the head meets the neck on both sides. 

We recommend massaging these points with your thumbs at the same time. Try this while lying down to further induce relaxation! 


Located between the eyebrows, the Yintang aids with nasal blockage and runny nose. We recommend applying pressure on this point for a minute. 

Repeat until you feel your nose becoming a bit lighter or clearer! 

If you’re a bit hesitant about doing the massages yourself, there are professionals who can do it for you and provide more therapeutic services to help you with your cold. 

Remember, these massages are kind of like a self-care routine: you don’t need to necessarily do them, but they exist as an alternative method to give you ease and relaxation during periods of stress. 

Of course, we will always advise heading to a dedicated healthcare professional on dealing with any kind of sickness. If you are doing this to your child, we do recommend visiting their pediatrician first.

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