The Best Things to Buy in Dubai on a Budget

The Best Things to Buy in Dubai on a Budget 

Even if you’re on a budget, there are still items you can purchase to remind you of your travels in Dubai. 

The cheap products people can buy in Dubai on a budget include camel milk chocolate, gold jewelry, lucky stones, and hookahs. In addition, good deals on electronics, rugs, capets, and diamonds can be found! 

For this brief guide, we’ll be discussing each item you can get on a budget in the city as well as where you can buy them. 

Gold Jewelry 

One of the most coveted items in Dubai is jewelry. Now, accessories, specifically those made of pure gold can get expensive.

Not in Dubai, though! This is because of a tax exemption in the Emirates for gold. 

The only extra charge on these precious items in the city is Value Added Tax (VAT), which only increases prices by 5%. Tourists can also cancel this out by claiming VAT refunds for their purchases in Dubai. 

Compared to getting these products from other countries, you might get charged not only with the base price and VAT. Additional charges from various types of taxes in that location will make the price in Dubai fairly cheaper. 

Gold jewelry are sold mostly in Dubai’s Gold Souk. There are tours that pass by here, so you can easily hop off and purchase some. 

If you’re going around for this precious merchandise, we recommend looking up a store’s gold purity hallmark on their items. This is a certificate that details the karat and weight of the actual gold in the accessory you want to buy. 

Looking for that document ensures that the item you’re buying is legitimate! 

On average, tourists and visitors can spend up to AED 20 – AED 50 for these jewelry. 


Chocolates are a common snack that’s usually brought home as gifts and souvenirs. Dubai has their own spin on the classic treat. 

Called Camel Milk Chocolates, these scrumptious sweets are made and sold exclusively in different stores in Dubai. What’s interesting about these chocolates is that only one company makes and distributes them. 

The company, Al Nassma sells a wide variety of flavors of this Dubai delicacy. People can get the treat in whole milk, macadamia, and spiced variations. 

Interested parties can grab one at Al Nassma kiosks in the Dubai Mall, Burj Al Arab, Burj Khalifa, and Duty-free shops in and outside the Dubai Airport. 

In terms of pricing, we’ve observed that it’s fairly cheap for small amounts. Expect to spend around AED 30 – AED 50 at minimum!  


Dubai is home to a lot of factory outlets and shopping malls. These locations house various luxury and common brands. ‘

Clothes frequently go on sale in Dubai and you can get branded clothes at up to 50% discount during their sale periods. 

We estimate that during sales, you can grab different articles of clothing from around AED 100 to AED 200. Overall, we advise heading to the city’s outlet village for some good deals! 

Lucky Stones

Lucky stones, as their name implies, are items that are believed to give good luck. These are usually based on your birth month. 

People can get these stones as is or ask them to be placed in gold, silver, or platinum rings or pendants. This souvenir can be customized to the customer’s wishes. 

Alternatively, clients can choose from one of the many designs sold in shops around Dubai. Speaking of shops, you can get these stones in Dubai Marina, Pearlicious in Covent Garden, and The Gold and Diamond Park. 

These stones can cost around AED 50 – AED 400 (at maximum). While that price is high, there are a lot of options for those on a budget as well! 


Hookahs are single or multi-stemmed instruments used for vaporizing and smoking various substances. This prominent and common item is found all around Dubai as it is a staple item in Arab households. 

Costing from around AED 150 – AED 400, these elegantly-formed and fancy hookahs are one of the best cheap items you can get on a budget as a memorable gift.

It would be perfect for the smoking enthusiasts or people who want a fancy decorative piece for their home. You can get these instruments in Smokers’ Center outlets, hypermarkets, and Dubai’s souks! 

Incense Holders 

Incense holders are one of the common souvenir items you can purchase in Dubai. These products come with designs and carvings that reflect the trend and culture in the city.

Aside from that, they also carry rich and soothing fragrances! 

In terms of price, you can get incense holders for as cheap as AED 40. If you’re aiming for the fancy ones, you can save up at most AED 200 for them. 

Interested individuals can get these beautiful gifts in the city’s Spice Souq. 


Now, not all electronics are cheap in Dubai. There are some that you can get on lower rates, such as laptops, phones, and consoles.

This is because they are sold for relatively lower prices compared to other countries. Aside from that, electronic shops and stores all around Dubai also offer seasonal discounts and promos. 

You can definitely spend just around AED 100 up to AED 3,000 at most if you find the right deals! 

(Optional) Diamonds 

Now, having a budget means that you’re setting a specific amount to spend to avoid getting a huge dent on your savings. Alternatively, you can also allot a bigger amount to get something at a lower rate in Dubai during your visit. 

If you’re interested in obtaining more expensive and luxurious items, try looking for diamonds. Prices for these precious stones are relatively low because of the lack of import taxes. 

We estimate that finding diamond rings or jewelry in the city, especially at discount seasons, are more than 30% cheaper compared to some areas in the world. 

If you’re interested, we recommend making sure that the diamond you’ll be getting is of good quality. Make sure to check for certifications or lifetime guarantees! 

We hope that this short guide will be of assistance to you when it’s time for you to budget your expenses and get some products to bring home from your Dubai trip! 

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