Where to Buy Diamond Engagement Rings in Dubai

Where to Buy Diamond Engagement Rings in Dubai?

As the ‘City of Gold’, Dubai does give off the impression of being one of the best places to buy jewellery. For anyone looking to tie the knot in the city, they might look towards the ever popular diamond engagement ring.

Fortunately, there are a lot of speciality shops ranging from international brands to local stores where you can get this beautiful trinket at a rather competitive price.

Gold Souk 

Started back in the 1900s, the Dubai Gold Souk is one of the oldest and most reputable jewellery markets in Dubai. Shoppers can find everything from bullions, bars, and precious stones and is typically seen as a ‘must-visit’ location in Dubai.

While the Gold Souk is commonly known for getting gold and gold accessories at a competitive price, stores also sell precious stones like diamonds as well.

Merchandise is regulated and inspected by the Dubai government, ensuring that customers end up with authentic and high-quality items. Still, it does pay to be attentive to details when shopping for such expensive wares.

In terms of prices, diamonds are quite decent. However, it is typically not that different when compared to other major establishments in Dubai.

Most shops in the Gold Souk accept cash and credit cards for purchases. If you’re willing to bargain however, you might want to pay for some items in cash to increase your chances of getting a good deal.

The Gold Souk is a very popular spot and you should expect a lot of visitors. As a result, you may encounter a big crowd wherever you go shopping within the place.

Damas Jewellery

When looking for a diamond engagement ring in the Gold Souk, you might want to check out Damas Jewellery. They started as a goldsmith, eventually growing into one of the most recognised jewellers in the Middle East.

Here, you can expect to purchase a number of pieces from international brands like Roberto Coin, Marco Bicego, Mikimoto, and Leo Pizzo.

Aside from weddings and proposals, they also carry keepsakes like watches and necklaces that you can give as general gifts for other occasions like graduations and anniversaries.

Dubai Gold and Diamond Park

Aside from the popular Gold Souk, many locals opt to buy gold and precious stones at the Dubai Gold and Diamond Park. It boasts around 90 different jewellery retailers as well as 120 manufacturing centres for crafting jewellery pieces.

Even though it might seem intimidating, the mall is quite manageable to explore. You can easily browse through the many selections without being overwhelmed.

Shopping is quite pleasant here since it is air-conditioned. In case you get tired, you may rest up and recharge at the courtyard with its many cafes and restaurants.

Precious gems and metals sold here are all certified so you can ask to see their documentation. The mall is well-known for sourcing stones like rubies, emeralds, amethysts and others from India and Sri Lanka.

In addition to some of the pieces on display, the Gold and Diamond park is also a great place to commission your own designs. Jewellers and artisans are happy to work with you to truly create something special.

Dubai Mall

Of course, people looking to shop in a more convenient way can just check out Dubai Mall. The Dubai Mall can be an attractive option since they have branded stores like Cartier.

When shopping at the mall, you can be more confident in the authenticity of your precious stones. You should still ask to see the certificates though, just to be sure.

However,don’t expect a lot of room for haggling. Most stores sell their items at a fixed price which may turn off bargain hunters.

As mentioned earlier, Cartier is generally seen as one of the best ‘branded’ stores to buy diamond engagement rings due to their service. They have a private viewing room with softer lighting, allowing you to view the piece in a more neutral condition. 

Of course, as a branded store, shopping at Cartier can be a lot more expensive than shopping at other places. 

Pieces are usually bought off the rack so sometimes, the size doesn’t match well. Fortunately, Cartier does offer free resizing within 3 months, typically taking 10 – 15 days to finish.

The 4 ‘Cs’ of Buying a Diamond in Dubai

Aside from making sure that you buy your diamond from a reputable seller, experienced gemologists look at something called the 4 ‘Cs’ when it comes to selecting a piece.

  1. Carat – This stands for the carat weight or physical weight of the diamond. The heavier the diamond, the more expensive the piece.
  2. Clarity – Clarity is the measure of how clear a diamond is, with pieces on the ‘Flawless (FL)’ scale being the clearest and most expensive.
  3. Colour – Diamond colours range a lot with clear ones being labelled ‘Grade D’. The further up the alphabet you go, the more tint a piece will have.
  4. Cut – Cut describes the shape of the diamond. It can come in many shapes like round, marquis, pear, princess, and even hearts.

Buying a diamond engagement ring is a very significant expense. You want to be very careful and make sure you get a certified authentic stone to get your money’s worth.

Whether you choose to buy a ring or have one custom-made, you can really get a great deal if you know how to shop around. Take time and compare all your options and hopefully, you find a piece that really speaks to you.