Best Masonry Contractors in Dubai
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The 5 Best Masonry Contractors in Dubai

Drywalls are pretty common materials for partitions and walls because of its durable and accessible quality.

Luckily, the city has numerous companies that provide masonry contractors that can get the job done efficiently and safely. 

To find out which ones are the best, we went and asked around to give you Dubai’s masonry contractors.

The cost of hiring a masonry contractor depends on how big is the project area, the complexity of the job, the cost of the materials, and the amount of labor needed to accomplish the job.

Because of these factors, masonry contractors usually give quotations instead of fixed rates.

Before we get right into our list of the best masonry contractors in Dubai, here are the factors we considered for our entries on this list:

Credibility – First and foremost, we needed to consider the companies’ certifications, accreditations, and training because this gives us a sense of its team’s standards when they work.
Range of Expertise – We also considered the companies’ masonry services because this will help us see which kinds of jobs they excel at, and how versatile they are.
Service Quality – We also considered the companies’ overall approach to handling clients, and the service features that make it easier for its clients to work with them.
Other Services – Lastly, we considered these companies’ other services that allow their clients to further improve on masonry construction.

1. ProActive Technical Services

ProActive Technical Services
SERVICESMasonry, painting, drywall & gypsum installation
ADDRESSAB Plaza 7 Office 405, Al Mamzar, P.O.Box 237041, Dubai, UAE

[email protected]

050 207 9373, 04 852 3101

OPERATING HOURSMonday to Saturday: 8 am - 6 pm

ProActive Technical Services is known as one of the fastest-growing false ceiling sub-contractors in Dubai, and this is because of its reputation for high-quality work with top-notch techniques and efficient installation.

From DAMAC Properties and Emaar Properties to FIBREX Construction Group and Al Ghurair, this company has shown and proven that it is capable of turning out high-quality drywall installation projects.

However, despite its varied clientele, we were disappointed to learn that it does not have a lot of awards or special certifications that give it the edge against other competitors.

Despite that, it differentiates itself by being one of the companies in Dubai that exclusively deals with drywall masonry projects. This is amazing because it lets them focus and specialize in these kinds of jobs.

We love the fact that it provides a niche drywall service called acoustic drywall partition. For those looking to insulate their spaces from the noise of the outside world, ProActive Technical Services shines in this service.

However, because of this, it really does not offer any other masonry services outside of drywalls, which makes it a less versatile but more specialized company compared to other entries.

On top of that,  it does lack some service features that prevent this company from having one of the most excellent services around. We would have loved to have access to 24/7 customer support and maybe even free consultations.

It also does not have any other services to offer outside of drywall jobs.


  • Has high-end clientele from across different industries
  • Specializes in drywall projects
  • Known for its high-quality work across the industry


  • Lacks service features that improve client experience
  • Does not offer any services outside of drywall installation and construction


ADDRESS23rd St - Al Quoz - Al Quoz Industrial Area 3 - Dubai - United Arab Emirates

[email protected]

+971 4 347 3400, 971 4 347 3402

OPERATING HOURSMonday to Friday: 8 am - 5 pm

Saturday: 8 am - 1:30 pm

Considered to be one of the market leaders in producing concrete blocks, lightweight pumice blocks, thermal blocks, and many more, EMCON also offers masonry services to the UAE.

This company is a certified and specialized contractor for a number of masonry services such as concrete restoration and protection, shotcrete, and urban beautification. 

It also has its own fleet of airless spray equipment, plural component sprays, injection equipment, surface preparation equipment, blasting equipment, water jets, compressors, and shotcrete equipment.

This means that clients looking to work with them will not have to worry about paying extra for a third party to come in and provide the vehicles needed to transport equipment.

However, most of its services are considered to be more supplemental to the construction. With offers such as concrete restoration and protection, EMCON shines in strengthening and repairing worn-down and broken masonry projects.

And that’s also noticeable in its range of products, which are designed for durability and substance rather than style.

We think this is a shame because if it is able to combine its durable heavy-duty products with style and retrofit its services to accommodate small-scale projects, it would be virtually unstoppable.

Nonetheless, the presence of having products to offer for different projects definitely helps cut costs for the client.


  • Certified and specialized masonry contractor
  • Has a wide range of supplemental masonry services
  • Has its own fleet and equipment
  • Offers own products to cut costs for clients


  • Most of its offerings lack basic masonry services
  • Its products focus too much on durability rather than style

Good quality and best price!

“Best company for masonry blocks, Interlock pavers, special tiles, and kerbstone. Good quality and best price.” -Ibrahim Mohamed, Google Reviews

EMCON is greener now!

“EMCON is greener now. They have recently connected their rooftop solar power plant to the DEWA grid and started getting benefits of the Shams Dubai program.” – Yavuz Perk, Google Reviews

3. TBN Technical Services Dubai

TBN Technical Services Dubai
SERVICESMasonry, handyman, carpentry, painting, plumbing
ADDRESSNear Battuta Mall, Office 102-C, Battuta Gate Offices, Dubai

[email protected]

+971 55 306 1138

OPERATING HOURSSaturdays - Thursdays: Open 24 hours

Fridays: 2:00 PM to 11:00 PM

TBN Technical Services is known for its maintenance services for homes, apartments, and even larger properties like villas, but its services also include any masonry services needed for these places.

It has garnered over 100 professional workers, more than four thousand projects completed, and over three thousand satisfied clients throughout its many years in Dubai.

Because of its large workforce, TBN Technical Services is able to deploy its services efficiently and timely. Its 24/7 customer service also helps out a ton for urgent jobs.

Its masonry offerings are mostly categorized under its building maintenance services, which summarizes this company’s specialty. 

Services such as concrete rehabilitation, exterior and interior wall repair, tiling work, supply, and installation of built-in wardrobes and kitchens, are all offered by TBH Technical Services.

It especially has a good reputation when it comes to tiling work, according to most clients we’ve spoken to. We think it is a great option should you need help with your bathroom specifically.

However, it is quite limited to these services only. This means its weak point, when it comes to its range of expertise, is construction, while it shines in maintenance, repair, and installations. 

On top of that, we were disappointed to learn that it does not have a lot of special certifications and acclaim that helps.

Despite that, TBN Technical Services also offers many other home maintenance services outside of masonry which all come together to offer a holistic choice for many clients. 


  • Services are available 24/7
  • Its large workforce is able to execute services efficiently and timely
  • Has a great range of masonry services for maintenance and repair
  • Has a great range of home maintenance services


  • Not a lot of certifications and acclaim
  • Masonry services are only focused on maintenance, repair, and installations

Their work was quick, and their manners were very pleasant. Recommend them

“Called these guys in the middle of a minor plumbing emergency, and despite it being at around 7 pm on a Friday, they responded and arrived at the house within just half an hour. Their work was quick, and their manners were very pleasant. Recommend them.” – Muhammad Wali Nawab

Great job done and recommend the team

“The work was done in the time estimated, the quality was high and per expectation and the guys helped me out with an additional cooler I bought myself. Great job done and recommend the team!” – Muhammad Yousaf

4. KCJ Landscaping

KCJ Landscaping
SERVICESMasonry, landscaping
ADDRESSOffice No: 308, (3rd Floor), Diamond Business Center 2, Al Barsha, Dubai, UAE


OPERATING HOURSMonday to Saturday: 8:30 am - 9 pm

Considered to be one of the best landscaping companies in Dubai, KCJ Landscaping also has a great construction team that provides masonry services.

Its masons have a wide range of expertise such as construction, demolition, repair services, and maintenance works. 

On top of that, the company’s valuable experience in outdoor projects makes it the best choice for masonry on patios, walkways, roofs, pools, and many more.

It even has niche masonry services such as sewage tank installation, car parking area works, block work services, and many more.

We also love the fact that even though it has highly experienced masons on the clock for all of its projects, the team never operates without engineers to ensure the integrity of what they are building or repairing.

However, its overall service quality is brought down by the fact that it lacks service features such as being available 24/7.

On top of that, the company itself does not really have any acclaim or special certifications that are specific to its masonry and construction team, which is disappointing since its landscaping is quite well-known in Dubai.

Despite that, its other services make this company a one-stop-shop not just for masonry services but also for beautifying the finished product.


  • Has a wide range of masonry services
  • Highly-experienced team
  • Has a wide range of services complementary to masonry


  • Lacks acclaim and certifications specific to masonry
  • Lacks service features that would improve client experience

They completed the project in a timely manner

“The team at this swimming pool company was amazing to work with. They were knowledgeable, and friendly, and completed the project in a timely manner. The pool they built for us is not only stunning, but it has added so much value to our home. I will definitely be using them again in the future.” – Mohamed Asharudeen, Google Reviews

I am very happy with the work by KCJ Landscaping

“I am very happy with the work by KCJ landscaping & I would highly recommend them.

The staff is friendly & courteous.

I appreciate & wish them all the best for their future projects.

Also, I have recommended them to my friends as well.” – Jerish Servatius, Google Reviews

5. Handyman Dubai

Handyman Dubai
SERVICESMasonry, carpentry, plumbing, painting, handyman services
ADDRESSMillennium Plaza Hotel Tower, Office: 1504, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

[email protected]



HandyMan Dubai is a duly licensed handyman company that offers its services to Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah.

Most of its masonry services are limited to tile works. While we were disappointed at first, we quickly learned that it has one of the most varied tiling masonry services throughout the entire city.

It does tile flooring masonry for both the kitchen and the bathroom, two of the most common places in a house where tiles are used. It even has more complex and demanding tile work services such as tile wood flooring, and ceramic tile fixing.

However, despite its wide range of tile flooring masonry services, we cannot ignore that it is a one-trick pony compared to our other entries on this list.

Thankfully, Handyman Dubai is one of the few masonry contractors in the city that is available 24/7. This means you can book its services, especially for urgent tile flooring repairs, at any point of the day.

On top of that, all of its masons are highly experienced and used to demanding urgent jobs.


  • Excellent service quality
  • Specializes in different tile flooring masonry works
  • Has a wide range of complementary handyman services


  • Lacks special certifications
  • Masonry works only focused on tile flooring

Very reactive and punctual team

“Very reactive and punctual team. Reached my flat at 10.30 am and left at 5 pm.

Before cleaning they made sure everything was clean and working” – Luca Bocci, Google Reviews

Great service

“Great service. They had a solution for everything and had all the right tools with them. Very professional and quick. Highly recommended.” –Dalia Arja, Google Reviews

We hope this helped you find the right masonry contractor in Dubai. If you’re looking for more construction services, then check out these articles: