Best Laminated Countertops Services in Dubai
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The 5 Best Shops to Buy Laminate Countertops in Dubai

Installing a quality countertop is one great way to elevate the look and the functionality of your kitchen. In fact, those who are looking for a more affordable or budget-oriented option may want to look at getting a laminate countertop in Dubai.

Whether you want one that perfectly matches your kitchen aesthetics, or one that plays well with your appliances, you get a very nice selection. So with that, here’s some of the best places to buy nanolaminate countertops in Dubai for all of your needs!

How much you’ll spend on a laminate countertop in Dubai depends on quality most of all. Something with high durability or with extra finishes like antimicrobial treatment will definitely cost more than standard offerings.

To give you an idea on how much you can spend, here’s a quick rundown of different laminate types and their price:

Standard LaminateAED 35 - AED 70
High-durability LaminateAED 75 - AED 200
Formica CountertopsAED 150 - AED 295
Prefrabricated Laminate CountertopAED 185 - AED 735
Antimicrobial LaminateAED 55 - AED 130

Ready to take your house’s aesthetics to the next level? We’ve narrowed down our list of the best places to buy laminate countertops in Dubai based on these following factors:

Facilities – Do they keep their inventory and display clean and well-organized? Is it easy to find the items you need?
Countertops (Laminate Countertops) – Do they have a wide selection of countertops available? Are these items of excellent quality? 
Countertops (Additional Services) – What other items or services do they offer? Can these help you with your kitchen or bathroom needs as well?
Customer Service (Professionalism) – When it comes to installation, is the team good at the job? Are deliveries and assemblies finished on time?
Customer Service (Communication) – Is the staff responsive to client’s questions? Can they explain their products and services well?
Accessibility – Is it easy to visit their store at a convenient time? Do they have decent parking and operating hours?

1. Ideal Surfaces

Ideal Surfaces
SERVICESLaminate Countertops, Sintered Stones, Quartz, Marble, Stone
ADDRESSAl Quoz, Street 18A, Al Quoz, Al Quoz Industrial Area 4, Dubai

[email protected]

+971 4225 1680

OPERATING HOURSMondays - Saturdays: 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Closed on Sundays

Well-known as a provider of high quality stone surfaces like porcelain, quartz, and other treated surfaces, Ideal Surfaces continues the trend even when it comes to their laminate countertops in Dubai.

They’re also the official representative of Spanish brand “ASCALE by TAU” in the UAE, giving them a boost from fans of that brand’s design.

In our experience, they strike a good balance of product quality and service, with plenty of their laminates feeling quite sturdy and high-quality. Their selection should easily last you years, even in-between makeovers.

For those who have strict requirements regarding space and dimensions then don’t fret. Ideal Surfaces’ team is very good at measuring, cutting and installing their countertops in a way that blends seamlessly with your design.

Now, there’s space for improvements with Ideal Surfaces. For one, we wish they could be a bit more responsive over the phone and online, especially for busier clients.

Additionally, they’re not the cheapest source of high-quality laminate countertops in Dubai. Still, we think the pricing is still workable overall so we definitely recommend negotiating a bit to get a great deal on your purchase.

Overall though, we think Ideal Surfaces remain a very competent provider for different kitchen countertops and installations in Dubai. We think they’re more than enough to handle all of your design and decoration needs.


  • Great cutting and installation work
  • Wide array of available designs


  • Takes time to respond to inquiries
  • Can be quite pricey

Customer Reviews

Absolutely the best provider of countertop for the kitchen

“Absolutely the best provider of countertop for the kitchen. Good prices, excellent communication, delivered everything on time, and highly professional installation and cutting of the stone.” – Camilla Shem

Their quality of execution is the best 

“Ideal surfaces have done a brilliant job in cutting and installing the countertop for our kitchen. Not only is their selection of material excellent, also their quality of execution is the best in town.” – Axel Dreyer

2. Envisage Kitchen & Tiles Trading LLC

Envisage Kitchen & Tiles Trading LLC
SERVICESLaminate Countertops, Wardrobes, Vanities, Porcelain Tiles, Vanity Countertops
ADDRESSShowroom 17, Al Shafar Investment Building, Sheikh Zayed Rd, Dubai

[email protected]

+971 4347 8055

OPERATING HOURSMondays - Saturdays: 9:30 AM to 8:00 PM

Closed on Sundays

If you need assistance with kitchen countertops and/or design in particular, then you can definitely go to Envisage Kitchen and Tiles Trading LLC in Dubai. They should carry plenty of options regardless of your preferred design.

Their primary offering is interior design, helping provide wardrobes, vanities, porcelains, and of course, countertops to their clients.

A lot of their furniture and fixtures, including their laminate countertops in Dubai, are geared towards the more “luxury” type of design. However, they do have different designs that lean more wooden, minimalist, and many more.

Pricing is quite competitive here at Envisage Kitchen and Tiles Trading LLC as well. We definitely think there’s something here, even for more budget-oriented shoppers.

Still, they do take some time to restock their items though. Plenty of clients have reported wanting a design they saw online or in the catalog, only to find out that it’ll take some time before they can get it again.

Additionally, we think Envisage can improve on the communications front as well, given that it takes some time for them to respond to inquiries, both over the phone and online.

Still, if you do want a more luxurious laminate countertop in Dubai, then you definitely can’t go wrong with Envisage Kitchen and Tiles Trading LLC. We recommend giving them a visit to look at their main offerings.


  • Flexible and customizable designs
  • Very competitive prices on products and services


  • Takes time to follow-up on service
  • Materials could be out of stock for a long while

Customer Reviews

Envisage UAE is my first choice

“Envisage UAE is my first choice when it comes to kitchen and many more. I am extremely satisfied with their product and services. They have specialized designs and installation team. The delivery is amazing.” – Mohammed Esmael Al-Haji

Our experience with Envisage has been a very pleasant one

“Our experience with Envisage has been a very pleasant one. Their team, led by Imran, have been meticulous in their support and service. We got the feeling that they were as interested as us to ensure that our kitchen matched expectations.” – Ehsan Salahuddin

3. Casamia Flagship Store

Casamia Flagship Store
SERVICESLaminate Countertops, Wallpapers, Sanitary Fittings, Lighting Fixtures, Kitchen Fixtures
ADDRESSCasamia Showroom, 7 2A St - Dubai, Al Quoz 1, Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai

[email protected]

+971 4258 7777

OPERATING HOURSMondays - Saturdays: 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM

Sundays: 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM

Offering luxurious materials and impeccable design, Casamia definitely ranks among Dubai’s best interior designers. They have an array of luxury brands like Gessi, Petra, Versace, and many more inside their flagship store.

Upon entering, you’re immediately treated to a wide number of exemplary designs and layouts, giving you an idea of what the brand is capable of. Everything’s easy to navigate as well so you shouldn’t find yourself too lost.

In case you need assistance though, their staff are all professional. They’re very attentive and are very good at helping people pick out a design they want as well as respond to any questions that come their way.

As for their products, we did find them to offer some of the best laminate countertops in Dubai. Everything appeared to be durable and will definitely suit a wide array of kitchen designs.

Of course, quality does  come at a price here at the Casamia Flagship Store. They have one of the highest prices for their countertops at least in the nearby area, which may not match with more budget-minded buyers.

Additionally, we did find that their delivery takes some time to arrive. They do provide an accurate quote on the time of arrival but this too is quite longer than others.

They’re definitely more suited to renovations that can afford to take some time. Nonetheless, we think the excellent designs are well-worth the wait, especially if you’re looking for the best places to buy laminate countertops here in Dubai!


  • Excellent service by an experienced team
  • Wide variety of designs and materials to choose from


  • Products can be quite pricey
  • Takes time for delivery to arrive

Customer Reviews

Massive professionalism and efficiency

“I would like to say a big thank you to Ms. Tatyana who showed her massive professionalism and efficiency. Her additional knowledge in measurements and visible experience made my life and my choice process easier.” – Safura Abas

I saw some fabulous interior concepts 

“For those who like and can afford the finest home surroundings then this is the place to check out luxury interiors and finishes. I saw some fabulous interior concepts from renowned brands.” – Rashid Pasha

4. Goettling Interiors

Goettling Interiors
SERVICESLaminate Countertops, Kitchen Appliances, Lighting Fixtures, Flooring, Upholstered Panels
ADDRESSU Bora Towers, Commercial Tower, No. 3401, Marasi Dr, Business Bay, Dubai

[email protected]

+971 4427 0568

OPERATING HOURSMondays - Sundays: 9:30 AM to 7:00 PM

Closed on Saturdays

When it comes to conceptualizing modern, stylish kitchen designs in particular, Goettling Interiors comes to mind. They can take on any aspect of your design and execute it to the highest standard.

Goettling Interiors have over a decades experience providing top-notch stone and excellent design to their clients, so standards are quite high here in the store. In our opinion, they’re able to live up to it quite well.

The experience offered by Goettling Interiors is very exceptional. Their team is able to provide a great service from start to finish, delivering the items on time while also ensuring installation goes smoothly.

And despite their billing as a premium provider, we’re quite satisfied with the prices in the store as well. It’s not cheap but it’s not too expensive either, at least when it comes to laminate.

Compared to other providers, we think Goettling has a rather narrow selection of designs and materials. However, what is available is definitely of very high quality, making it a great fit for any room or kitchen.

Those who wish to use their designs however, may want to move fast to secure their choice. In our experience, Goettling’s material stock can be quite inconsistent meaning it may no longer be there when you’ve finalized your choice.

Goettling Interiors definitely stands out as a great option though, especially if you value quality and great service. We definitely recommend checking them anytime you wish to buy a new laminate countertop in Dubai!


  • Quick and efficient installation services
  • Cost effective products


  • Limited materials and designs
  • Stock of materials may fluctuate

Customer Reviews

Not a single delay or deviation 

“The experience with Goettling was purely distinguished, from the day Alaa and the team visited me in my apartment to the day they handed over the project not a single concern , not a single delay or deviation from what we have chosen.” – Rana Fares

My experience with Goettling has been amazing

“My experience with Goettling has been amazing. From the initial design consultations to the installation of our kitchen Alaa and the team have been professional, patient, attentive and all round wonderful to deal with.” – Elizabeth Board

5. Prestige Stone

Prestige Stone
SERVICESLaminate Countertops, Cladding, Flooring, Vanity Worktops, Stairs
ADDRESSPrestige Stone LLC W, H, 6 Street 1, Dubai

[email protected]

+971 4338 3660

OPERATING HOURSMondays - Saturdays: 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Closed on Sundays

Established in 2012, Prestige Stone has built up a reputation as a supplier for fine quality stone here in the UAE. They primarily help with cladding, flooring, stairs, and of course, countertops for any kind of residence.

Prestige Stone has also built up a reputation for competitive pricing, making them a good choice for first-time or budget-oriented buyers.

When it comes to their products, we’re very happy with what’s available from Prestige Stone. They carry a wide array of materials to use for your home, easily allowing you to find one that best matches your house’s design.

Likewise, there’s also a decent selection of finishes to choose from for your laminate countertop in Dubai. So if you want a clean look or one that mirrors a more expensive stone, then feel free to look around!

There’s two main points of improvement with Prestige Stone in our opinion. First is that we wish their staff could be more attentive both online, and in-person.

Some customers have reported waiting quite a bit before anyone can come and offer them assistance with the products.

Next is with their delivery times. While we think their delivery service is quite convenient, there were reports of deliveries running late, which could really cause a setback for much larger projects and renovations.

If you aren’t in a big rush to finish though, then we definitely recommend Prestige Stone. Their good combination of affordability and wide selection of items makes them one of the best still here in Dubai.


  • Very competitive pricing on their products
  • Plenty of different materials and finishes


  • Staff could be more responsive overall
  • Long delivery times

Customer Reviews

Prestige Stone is the Best fabricators of marble and reconstituted stone products 

“Very professional company with lots of options for kitchen countertops .Highly recommended for all. Prestige Stone is the Best fabricators of marble and reconstituted stone products in the market.” – Usman Abdulla

Very professional company with quality and on time service

“Very professional company with quality and on time service. I installed a kitchen countertop and they were great. Highly recommended. Thank you.” – Ma Dal

We hope you’re able to find the laminate countertop you need for your kitchen! In case you want something that feels more premium though, check out the best places to buy quartz countertops in Dubai here as well!