Best Funeral Homes in Dubai
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Top Funeral Homes in Dubai for a Dignified Farewell

We remember the first time we had to arrange a loved one’s funeral. It was harrowing, and we kept wishing that someone would take the job off our hands so we could mourn in peace.

We learned a hard lesson that time: funeral homes are a must for these dark moments of life. 

They arranged almost everything we needed for the funeral, including the processing of documents, grave reservation and preparation, selection of vestments, and many more.

Thankfully, the city has numerous funeral homes that can help carry the burden. To find out which ones are worth it, we went and asked around to give you Dubai’s best funeral homes.

The cost of funeral home services depends on what you need to complete the funeral rites. On top of that, repatriation services, cremations, and other kinds of additional services add extra to the total cost.

Because of these factors, funeral homes provide quotes on a case-by-case basis. 

To help you get started, burials usually are around AED350 if they are a child, and AED1100 if they are an adult. Meanwhile, cremations cost around AED3000.

Before we get right into our list of the best funeral homes in Dubai, here are the factors we considered for our entries on this list:

Range of Services – First and foremost, we needed to consider the funeral homes’ offerings because this let us know whether they can effectively adapt to the loved ones’ needs. It would be great if they offered repatriations, legal support, funeral and cremation organizing, and transportation of the body.
Network – We also considered the different businesses that funeral homes work with to ensure that everything a client needs can be sourced for the funeral, wake, and/or repatriation.
Service Quality- We also considered the funeral homes’ overall approach to handling customers. Everything must be treated with respect and sensitivity in these situations.
Service Features –  Lastly, we checked if they offer other features that offer coverage for special cases and requests from grieving clients. This would show us how these funeral homes can differentiate themselves from others.

1. V Care

V Care
SERVICESFuneral services, cremation services, repatriation
ADDRESS2 Al Serkal Building - 17 19B Street - Port Saeed

[email protected]



A funeral services firm working under the Dubai Economy Department’s Value Care Project, VCare specializes in repatriation on top of its funeral home services.

Besides this specialization, it also has funeral and cremation services, both of which operate under the laws for expatriates. 

However, outside of funeral home services for foreigners in the UAE, there is not much that VCare offers. 

We think that it’s best for expatriates who are looking for experts who know the ins and outs of repatriation. You might not find most of its services useful if you are a local.

It’s compensated by its great global network of funeral homes, which they regularly coordinate with to process the transfer of the corpse.

We are also impressed by its team’s efficiency and notable experience in working with different local government units. 

In many cases, the loved ones of the late expatriate would have to take the time and energy to study repatriation, but with VCare, it’s mostly a hands-off experience.

On top of that, we like that its service features include a lot of cooperation with UAE private companies, the consulate, and the government. This makes its services accessible to expats and their employers throughout the city.


  • Specializes in repatriation services for expatriates
  • Has a wide global network of funeral homes
  • Excellent and efficient customer service


  • Services are focused on foreigners and repatriations

2. Via Funeral Homes

Via Funeral Homes
SERVICESFuneral services, cremation, repatriation, transportation of the deceased, funeral products
ADDRESS2nd December St - Jumeirah - Jumeirah 1


OPERATING HOURSEvery day: 9 am - 7 pm

When Via Funeral Homes works with its clients, whom they treat as friends and family during these trying times, they always remember their motto “Close when needed.”

It has a holistic set of services that cover mostly everything for arranging a funeral for a loved one. It even has repatriation services and transportation for bodies that need to be moved from Dubai to any point in the UAE.

Its funeral arrangement services include in-house washing and dressing, embalming, haircutting, and makeup. Organizing funeral rites according to the deceased’s religious tradition is also offered.

On top of that, it has a catalog of funeral products that gives clients options on how they want the funeral to look.

However, we were disappointed to learn that it only provides partial support for handling legal documents, unlike our other entries, which offer a complete service for this.

On top of that, this funeral home lacks a significant network that could help source other services for the funeral arrangements. This means the service is affected if a client asks for something that is beyond its in-house capabilities.

Speaking of service, we do like that the team means it when they say “close when needed.” They are generally quite respectful of their clients, and accommodating and enthusiastic in giving support when called upon.

However, it only includes a few service features. We wish it offered more to show us that its team goes beyond expectations to help its clients.


  • Has a great range of funeral home services
  • Excellent customer service
  • Has its own catalog of funeral products


  • Lacks the network to source other services
  • Service for processing legal documents needs improvement
  • Limited service features

What truly stood out was their compassion

“I cannot express enough gratitude for the exceptional service we received from VIA Funeral Home during a difficult time for our family. From the moment we walked through their doors, we were met with a level of professionalism and kindness that eased our burden. The staff, particularly Anna, was incredibly patient and understanding, allowing us the time and space we needed without any pressure.

What truly stood out was their compassion—VIA Funeral Home didn’t rush us to pay a deposit, and they went above and beyond by assisting with the selection of the coffins, ensuring that everything was tailored to our wishes before any commitment was made. Anna, in particular, was a beacon of support, offering empathy and practical guidance when we needed it the most.

I wholeheartedly recommend VIA Funeral Home to anyone seeking a compassionate and reliable partner during a difficult time.” – Nam P, Google Reviews

The timeliness and attentiveness to the task are very admirable

“The timeliness and attentiveness to the task are very admirable. They managed to handle the obstacles we faced and we were able to have the final funeral arrangements as per our desired manner and dates. They were with us till the very end and supported our family both service-wise and in true human spirit.” – Lasantha Gonaduwage, Google Review

3. Gulf Care

Gulf Care
SERVICESFuneral home services, burial and cremation services, repatriations, document processing
ADDRESS3 4th St - Industrial Area - Al Quoz Industrial Area 3

[email protected]



Founded in 1920, Gulf Care’s 100 hundred years’ worth of heritage built around funeral home services has finally been brought to Dubai.

It’s a part of one of the biggest business groups, The Coppola Family Group, for funeral home services. Because of this, it has a wide global network that can service clients who need repatriation assistance.

Its other offerings include funeral arrangements, burial, and cremation services, and separate assistance for processing paperwork.

We adore the last one because it allows the team to process the documents quickly and efficiently on your behalf. This leaves their clients with some peace of mind.

Another benefit to Gulf Care’s global network is that it can hold a funeral in another country. We think this is amazing because this would let loved ones, who can’t come home, grieve and say their goodbyes.

Speaking of service features, it also has its own catalog of funeral products that include coffins, bouquets, wreaths, and many more.

However, we have heard from past clients that its service quality is not the best. Reports of rude experiences and questionable attitudes happen too often for us to ignore.


  • Complete range of funeral home services
  • Partnered with many global businesses
  • Great range of service features


  • There have been reports of the team being rude and unprofessional

4. Middle East Assistance

Middle East Assistance
SERVICESFuneral home services, burial and cremations, repatriations
ADDRESSOffice #M 01, M Floor, Al Ashram Building - Omar Bin Al Khattab St - Deira

[email protected]

+971 50 494 1624


Considered a pioneer in the funeral industry in the United Arab Emirates, Middle East Assistance has gained extensive experience within the business ever since its founding in 2006.

Its services include the basics you would need when a loved one passes away, including repatriations, burial arrangements, cremations, and transportation of the deceased.

However, we wish its services evolved to utilize newer techniques and technology so that they can adapt to clients’ different situations.

Fortunately, Middle East Assistance has built a robust local network that can outsource any extra requests a client would ask. It also works with crematoriums and graveyards so clients can have all the options they want.

We also like that it offers free consultations for all of its services. On top of that, it liaisons with priests, other religious figures, and even guests to give you more time to grieve.

When it comes to its service quality, we love how accommodating and understanding the team is. They always take the initiative to offer some assistance to their clients.

Former clients told us they appreciated the team for their dignity and empathy. To us, this is proof of their extensive experience working in this industry.


  • Has a complete range of basic services for funerals
  • Robust local network of crematoriums, graveyards, and many more
  • Excellent service quality
  • Offers free consultations


  • Limited service features
  • Nothing special about its range of funeral home services

Middle East Assist definitely helped a very sad situation

“Middle East Assist definitely helped a very sad situation a lot less stressful. Planning a funeral and or cremation here in DXB isn’t easy. MEA really did help smooth the process and allow us time to process our loss.” –  Suzanne Priestley, Google Reviews

Extremely kind and helpful

“Vivian was extremely kind and helpful, guiding us through a very confusing process with the Funeral of my Father, and expat in Dubai. He arranged all the paperwork and knew who to deal with at the church and cemetery. During the whole process, he was respectful and present, we were very glad to have found him.” – Michael Mitry, Google Reviews


SERVICESFuneral home services, burial and cremation services, repatriations, document processing
ADDRESS#201 - Tamdeen Business Center, Al Karama

[email protected]

+971 50 920 1893

+971 50 768 1893

+971 4 271 2554


Hailed as the first global funeral provider in the Middle East, GRAFCO has a complete suite of funeral services tailored to your needs. It’s backed by more than 10 years’ worth of experience.

We are amazed by its range of services which includes the basics such as burial and cremation services, and repatriations. 

Moreover, it has offerings like air ambulance services, passport processing, visa processing, pre-planned funerals, and many more.

GRAFCO offers services designed for departed loved ones as well as for the ones left behind.

On top of that, because of its global network, this company also has services that extend beyond borders to provide support and assistance to families in times of need. 

Some of these services include DNA services, passport cancellation NOL from embassies, and medical tourism in India. This also plays a vital role in its repatriation services, enabling the team to efficiently process legalities for their clients.

However, where GRAFCO shines in its diversity of offerings, it lacks in service features such as free consultations, and cooperation with the local government for repatriations. 

We also would have liked it if it also offered funeral products and utilized more of its global network to improve its funeral services.


  • Excellent range of services
  • Great network for extended services around the world
  • Excellent customer service


  • The quality of its service needs improvement
  • Lacks service features that would elevate the client’s experience

We hope this helped you find the right funeral home in Dubai. Planning for your family’s future starts now. Here are some resources that can help make sure everything is covered before you leave.