Best Cabinet Refacing Services in Dubai
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The Best Cabinet Refacing Services in Dubai

Looking to dramatically change up the look of your kitchen or bedroom? Going for cabinet refacing in Dubai could really help you save on costs while getting a beautiful result.

Whether you have a few antique pieces you wish to preserve or perhaps you want to allocate your budget elsewhere, here are some of the best companies offering cabinet refacing in Dubai!

The price of cabinet refacing in Dubai typically ranges from AED 10,000 to AED 20,000, depending on the size and number of cabinets that need it. Using quality materials could also bump this up a bit so do your research well.

To give you a slightly clearer idea though, here’s a small table showing how much cabinet refacing costs compared to other options in Dubai.

Cabinet RefacingAED 10,000 to AED 20,000
Cabinet ReplacementAED 15,000 to AED 40,000
Cabinet RepaintingAED 5,000 to AED 10,000

Looking for the best cabinet refacing in Dubai? We’ve narrowed down the best options we found based on these factors:

Facilities – Do they have all the necessary equipment? Are they able to keep their working space well-organized?
Primary Services : Cabinet Refacing – Is the cabinet refacing done to a high quality? Do they have a good eye for detail concerning the work? 
Primary Services : Variety – Apart from refacing what other services do they offer? Are these up to client standards as well?
Customer Service: Professionalism – Are they able to finish the work on time? Does the team display a good eye for detail?
Customer Service: Communication – Do they provide timely updates concerning the work? Can they explain details like pricing and materials well?
Accessibility – Is it easy to schedule their service? Are they available at convenient hours or days?

1. KitchenScape

SERVICESCabinet Refacing and Refinishing, Cabinet Repair, Cabinet Installation, Furniture Assembly, Varnishing
ADDRESSSIT Tower, 1012 10th Floor, Dubai Silicon Oasis, Dubai

[email protected]

+971 56 847 5760

OPERATING HOURSMondays - Saturdays: 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM

Closed on Sundays

Known for designing an assortment of wardrobes, vanity pieces, and other premium furniture, it’s no wonder KitchenScape comes to mind a lot when it comes to cabinet refacing in Dubai as well.

Whether you’re building a new walk-in closet, a wet bar for all your beverages, TV and home entertainment cabinets, or even a simple kitchen, you can generally count on KitchenScape for your needs.

Their cabinet refacing is offered as part of their larger renovation package, transforming your kitchen into a nice, functional and clean part of your home.

From our research and experience, clients are very satisfied with the professionalism and expertise shown by KitchenScape’s team here in Dubai, especially for more delicate, custom cabinets.

Materials used all appear to be high-quality as well and we’re quite impressed that they’re able to keep things at a reasonable price. It’s still quite pricey overall, but not so much that most people can’t afford it, we think.

Given their professional services though, we do want to mention that consultation with KitchenScape is quite pricey here in Dubai. Still, we think their expert advice could be worth it, especially for bigger projects.

Communication could use some improvements though, since some clients report waiting a while before they can get follow-ups on their inquiries.

But if premium cabinet and renovation services are what you’re after, KitchenScape is definitely the way to go. Highly recommend checking them out.


  • Reasonable costs of service
  • Professional and informative customer service


  • Expensive consultation fee
  • Difficulty following up on project status

I cannot recommend them highly enough

“We have recently completed a kitchen project and worked with KitchenSpace for all the kitchen needs. I cannot recommend them highly enough!” – Agne Zydelyte

Kitchenscape is your go to company

“Kitchenscape is your go to company for any kitchen setup needs. We refurbished our villa kitchen as it was more than 10 years old. He gave us the most affordable and usable solutions that we enjoy everyday.” – Asma Kachwala

2. Al Meera (Factory) – Dubai

Al Meera (Factory) - Dubai
SERVICESKitchen Remodeling, Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing and Refacing, Custom Cabinet Construction, Interior Structural Repairs, Vanity Designer
ADDRESSStreet # 7, Ras Al Khor Industrial Area 2, Dubai

[email protected]

+971 4333 0722

OPERATING HOURSMondays - Fridays: 7:00 AM to 4:50 PM

Closed on Saturdays and Sundays

As a leading name in the industry, Al Meera bills itself as the one-stop solution for all the woodwork needs any home could ever ask for. With a service range covering anywhere from the UAE to Oman, it’s a reliable choice for cabinet refacing in Dubai.

With over forty years of experience in the woodworking business, Al Meera boasts a wide variety of services. Their offerings include cabinet refacing and cutting worktops to full kitchen and interior fit-outs, providing fresh new looks to any home. 

Al Meera’s services are also well-known among its regular customer base for their good value for money. The team is more than willing to work with the client on determining what materials would suit the project best while still keeping within budget.

After a free consultation and the initial planning, it’s time to let the Al Meera team get the project underway. 

In our experience, we’ve observed that they can be quite quick and efficient with their work, which can be very helpful to clients seeking urgent services. 

On the other hand, some clients have noted that the stock of available materials may fluctuate at times. In these cases, customers may visit any of the company’s showrooms to confirm the availability of materials, or reach out to the company online. 

Overall, Al Meera’s quick project times and low cost definitely makes it a reliable choice for any client needing cabinet refacing in Dubai.


  • Services are good value for money 
  • Quick and efficient


  • Limited amount of materials available 
  • Difficulty contacting company through phone

Valuable advice in choosing the right fit

“Excellent quality and outstanding service. Valuable advice in choosing the right fit, impeccable planning and execution, along with promptness and professional attitude.” – Margareta Aburas

I got the best service 

“I got the best service for my Kitchen and Wardrobe, timely completed thanks, recommend it.” – Yashpal Singh

3. Algebra Contracting LLC

Algebra Contracting LLC
SERVICESKitchen Remodeling, Carpentry Services, Kitchen Cabinet Refinishing and Refacing, Interior Designer, Landscaping
ADDRESSMarina Heights Tower, Office 102, Dubai Marina, Dubai

[email protected]

+971 4883 7300

OPERATING HOURSMondays - Fridays: 8:00 AM to 3:00 PM

Saturdays: 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM

Closed on Sundays

Making their way on our list again is Algebra Contracting LLC. It’s a very well-known company when it comes to all sorts of renovation work, including cabinet refacing in Dubai.

Algebra Contracting LLC is known for having worked on several businesses, villas, offices, apartments, and homes here in the city, over the course of their 15-year operational history.

They’ve got good services for beginners too. Algebra’s team can always be tapped to provide a quick 3D mockup of the area or furniture they’ll have to renovate a bit to give the client an idea of what the finished work could look like.

From there, it’s all up to their team to carry out the client’s wishes. They arrived on time and were able to keep a good pace throughout the project; all the while displaying good attention to detail while working with the more intricate cabinet parts.

Given that cabinet refacing in Dubai’s more small-scale oriented, clients did mention the team finishing up quite fast though still a bit longer compared to other providers. 

Still, at least all of these are communicated in advance. Communication is very good for the most part though some clients still report a few inconsistencies when getting the right pricing for their projects.

All these combined just serve to make Algebra Contracting LLC a very compelling option for when you need any makeover in Dubai. We definitely suggest giving them a call.


  • Communicative and accommodating staff
  • Very timely with progress updates


  • Prices tend to be inconsistent
  • Takes time to finish most projects

Took great care to help us optimize design ideas 

“Highly recommended! Really friendly team helped us not only completely renovate our new flat in Marina but also took great care to help us optimize design ideas and save money on other ideas.” – Malek Mroueh

It is always a pleasure dealing with Algebra

“It is always a pleasure dealing with Algebra. They are one of the few teams we have found to be consistently reliable and helpful, and always delivering as promised.” – M Kelleher

4. KLG Technical Services

KLG Technical Services
SERVICESKitchen Remodeling, Kitchen Cabinet Refacing, Landscape Designing, Lawn Care, Handyman Services
ADDRESSOffice 603, Prime Business Center Tower B, Dubai

[email protected]

+971 58 169 4498

OPERATING HOURSMondays - Sundays: Open 24 hours

KLG Technical Services bills themselves as one of the best renovation and fitout services. They’re definitely one more option to consider if you’re looking for a decent cabinet refacing service in Dubai.

As a renovation company though, KLG Technical Services covers a wide number of disciplines ranging from full-on renovations, painting, wooden floor installation, carpentry, and even false ceiling work here in Dubai.

Basically, if you’re looking to spruce up the overall appearance of your home, then they’re a solid option to call. Of course, this covers their cabinet refacing service as well.

Their team is very solid both in terms of their professional conduct and their punctuality. Plenty of clients have reported being satisfied with their attention to detail, especially with more fragile fixtures around the house.

They’re quite strict with their schedule though so this is one company you’ll definitely want to fit in your time. Trying to reschedule with them is a bit of a hassle at times though we think it’s understandable since they do help with urgent requests too.

Additionally, they’re one of the more expensive services we found but we think the level of work and professionalism on display makes them worth it.

So if you want a renovation company that’s available 24/7 then KLG Technical Services has your back. This is especially true if you don’t mind paying a more premium price for getting bumped up their urgent list.


  • Very accommodating of urgent services
  • Punctual and timely service


  • Cost of service can be quite high 
  • Strict appointment schedule

This company has good quality and good value

“This company has good quality and good value.. The staff of this company is so respectful and responsible and also professional.” – Mushahid Hussain Awan

I was impressed by their professionalism and expertise

“KLG Technical Services is not just a landscaping company; they offer the best technical services in Dubai. From the moment I engaged with their services, I was impressed by their professionalism and expertise.” – Malik Usama

5. Fixwell Technical Services LLC

Fixwell Technical Services LLC
SERVICESKitchen and Bathroom Renovation, Countertop and Cabinet Refacing, Property Maintenance, Furniture Assembly, Handyman Services
ADDRESSOffice 4203, Aspin Commercial Tower, Sheikh Zayed Road, SZ Road, Dubai

[email protected]

+971 55 524 4076

OPERATING HOURSMondays - Saturdays: 8:00 AM to 6:30 PM

Closed on Sundays

Lastly, we come to Fixwell Technical Services LLC; one of the largest and most popular property and home maintenance services in Dubai.

Their offerings are quite straightforward, being able to take on a number of tasks for villas, offices, apartments, commercial establishments and single-family residential homes here in Dubai.

Clients have come to them for all sorts of cleaning services, electrical services, painting, and even joinery services. And yes, this does include cabinet refacing as part of a great kitchen renovation project if you prefer.

They have a professional team of technicians able to perform the wide array of maintenance work they offer. In our experience, they’re rather professional enough, always arriving on time.

They’re also good at sourcing materials that best fit the project to the best of their abilities. And while there are some reports of them not being able to find the right ones to use, they’re still good at coming up with a compromise if needed.

Communication is generally good with Fixwell, according to their clients. They’re very responsive over the phone and are able to provide a fast yet accurate quotation for their cabinet refacing services.

There’s some reports of delays when it comes to bigger projects but generally, most clients have walked away satisfied.

Overall, Fixwell Technical Services LLC is another great option for cabinet refacing in Dubai. We definitely recommend them for your next renovation.


  • Prompt and timely quotations
  • Reasonable cost of services


  • Project times prone to delay
  • Materials used can still be improved

I had a fantastic experience with Fixwell 

“I had a fantastic experience with Fixwell Technical Service! Their team was prompt, professional, and incredibly knowledgeable. They fixed my issue quickly and at a reasonable price.” – VP Nganhang

Team is just amazing 

“As I am very new to Dubai, and used Fixwell’s handyman services for my apartment. Team is just amazing having expert knowledge with reasonable prices. Definitely recommend.” – Bilal Mughal

We hope these cabinet refacing services were able to help you get more out of your furniture! If you need help building your new sets however, then make sure to check out the best furniture assembly services in Dubai here as well!