5 Best Bubble Tea Shops in Dubai
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The 5 Best Bubble Tea Shops in Dubai

Having steadily risen in popularity in the past few years, bubble teas have become a very trendy drink to try out anywhere. As such, it’s not surprising that you can also find some trendy shops selling bubble tea in Dubai.

Whether you want a refreshing fruit flavor or a more decadent chocolate or cheesecake flavor, here are some of the best bubble tea shops in Dubai. Make sure to add them to your bucket list on your next day out!

How Much Does Bubble Tea Cost in Dubai?

The price of bubble tea usually just depends on the size and the toppings you add to it. The larger the tea and the more toppings you add, the pricier it gets though some seasonal flavors can also cost a small premium.

Here’s a small table showing how much different flavors and types of bubble teas cost in Dubai for reference:

Brown Sugar Milk TeaAED 20 - AED 25
Fruit-Flavored TeaAED 30 - AED 35
Classic Bubble TeaAED 20 - AED 40
SmoothiesAED 25 - AED 30
Iced Teas and JuicesAED 10 - AED 25

Choosing the Best Bubble Tea Shops in Dubai

When it comes to choosing the best bubble tea shops in Dubai, we’ve narrowed down our list based on the following factors:

Facilities – Does the place have a nice ambiance? Is everything clean and well-maintained?
Bubble Tea
Quality – Is the bubble tea delicious? Are they able to provide a nice experience? 
Variety – Do they have a good variety of flavors? Can customers customize their drinks with toppings and add-ons?
Customer Service
Professionalism – Is the team polite and friendly? Can they get the orders out in a reasonable timeframe? 
Communication – Are staff attentive towards customers? Are they consistent at getting the order correctly?
Accessibility – Is it easy to visit the establishment? Are they open at convenient hours?

1. Tealicious

Tealicious Homepage
MENUClassic Bubble Tea, Signature Bubble Tea

Tea Latte, Smootea, Iced Tea Series

ADDRESSJBR Walk Amwaj-AD09, Dubai
CONTACT DETAILS+971 56 166 5783

[email protected]

OPERATING HOURSMondays - Sundays: 10:00 AM to 2:00 AM
FACILITIES★★★★☆ (4.5/5)
BUBBLE TEA★★★★★ (5/5)
QUALITY★★★★★ (5/5)
VARIETY★★★★★ (5/5)

Tealicious is a shop in Dubai that specializes in healthy and fresh bubble tea. The shop places its focus on catering to all dietary requirements and preferences with healthier alternatives. 

The shop itself offers a variety of refreshing tea-based drinks, ranging anywhere from classic bubble tea to their own Yakult special drinks. Macchiatos and lattes are also available for caffeine lovers. 

Customers will also find themselves spoilt for choice with the shop’s various customization options. Anything, from the milk used in the drink to the flavor of the boba and sinkers used are customizable, alongside the customary sweetness level.

The drinks are a little pricier than many nearby places but, we think the level of customization given more than makes up for it.

The shop is also known for its quick turnaround time, from the ordering process to the serving of the drinks. This is facilitated by the staff’s professionalism and efficient service.

Newcomers to bubble tea shops have nothing to worry about, as the staff are also known to be very accommodating of requests. They will also gladly explain how to order, making the process easier.

It should be kept in mind though that the seating area of the shop is fairly small. Customers may have better luck getting their drinks for take away since the lines could be long.

Overall, we would recommend Tealicious for anyone looking for a refreshing treat to beat the heat. The shop’s quick service time and wide customization are sure to satisfy any palate.


  • Very accommodating and friendly staff
  • Wide customization options


  • Bubble tea is on the pricier side
  • Small seating area

Customer Reviews

Pretty authentic! 

“Great boba tea! Pretty authentic! But a little pricey. Different flavors including matcha, milk teas, taro and purple potato, Yakult drinks!” – Elena Orlova

Worth every penny

“The tea is really good for this summer season. I like how they blend those concoctions to perfection. Will definitely order again. Worth every penny. Must try.” – Vuong Duong

2. Joy Bubble

Joy Bubble's Homepage
MENUMilk Tea Signatures, Bakery, Savory

Health-Tea Series, Toppings and Sinkers

ADDRESS314 Damascus Street, Al Qusais Industrial Area, Al Qusais Industrial Area 2, Dubai
CONTACT DETAILS+971 4255 0527

[email protected]

OPERATING HOURSMondays - Sundays: 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM
FACILITIES★★★★★ (5/5)
BUBBLE TEA★★★★☆ (4.5/5)
QUALITY★★★★★ (5/5)
VARIETY★★★★☆ (4.5/5)

As a shop that bills itself on the enjoyment of tea drinking in Dubai, Joy Bubble specializes in premium, tea-based drinks. The shop focuses on organic teas and sustainable production for a healthier experience. 

With that in mind, the shop offers a wide variety of drinks, ranging from their signature milk tea to smoothies and lattes. They also offer fruit tea with probiotic supplements for a healthy alternative. 

The shop offers various flavors for their drinks. Classic flavors like wintermelon and caramel are available, alongside sweeter blends like matcha, strawberry and cotton candy. 

On the flip side, we think the toppings and sinkers are a little on the small side. It’s not as varied as some of the other shops we visited though they do taste great too.

To go along with their drinks, the shop also has its own food menu. These feature everything from baked sweets to savory products, like chicken and waffles. 

Customers can also enjoy the shop’s offerings without breaking the bank. The shop is known for its affordability and reasonable costs of its products, allowing customers to get a full meal at a low price. 

With that in mind, however, delivery times at the store tend to be long for those ordering online. We still recommend giving the shop a personal visit to speed up the process and enjoy the tea at its best.

All in all, Joy Bubble is a great place to sit down for a drink break or even a quick meal at, thanks to the affordability and the wide menu.


  • Food and snacks are available
  • Prices are quite affordable


  • Could use some more toppings and sinkers
  • Takes some time to deliver items

Customer Reviews

Creamy and delicious bubble tea

“Creamy and delicious bubble tea joint in Al Gusais.. tried their tiger stripe and Oreo cheesecake bubble tea. Loved their boba bun, unique flavor and taste with stuffed boba bubbles.” – Angel Law

Cute Cafe with a variety of drinks and food options

“Cute Cafe with a variety of drinks and food options for all. I had the unicorn bubble tea which was sweet and delicious. Their pastries are delightful. My favorite was their boba buns and Korean corn dogs.” – Momina Anjum

3. Latea

Latea's Homepage
MENUMilk Tea, Seasons Tea, Fruit Tea, Desserts, Egg Waffles
ADDRESSShop No: 4, 52A Al Rigga Near Metro Station Exit-2, 33B St, Deira, Dubai
CONTACT DETAILS+971 54 353 8146

[email protected]

OPERATING HOURSMondays - Sundays: 11:00 PM to 1:30 AM
FACILITIES★★★★★ (5/5)
BUBBLE TEA★★★★☆ (4.5/5)
QUALITY★★★★★ (5/5)
VARIETY★★★★☆ (4/5)
COMMUNICATION★★★★☆ (4.5/5)

Newly established in 2020, Latea is a bubble tea shop serving various tea-based drinks and products. With various outlets found all over Dubai, the shop is a steadily rising brand in the tea market. 

The shop itself specializes in authentic tea, using various teas to brew their drinks. They also are sparse on mix-ins, using mostly fresh fruits and cheese to flavor their milk teas. 

As the shop bills itself as a cozy spot to enjoy drinks with friends, their outlets reflect this. Their white, minimalist interiors lend the shops a relaxing ambiance enjoyed by many of its customers. 

The service time at the shop is noted to be quite fast, too, with a smooth ordering process and serving time. The menu is extensive and features various promotions, so any palate can be satisfied. 

Customers struggling with a choice can also turn to their staff, who are known for their professionalism and friendliness. They are able to give recommendations for what drink would best suit the customer’s taste. 

However, customers who are sensitive or intolerant to dairy may find themselves struggling with the menu. The shop has a fairly small amount of dairy-free products, mostly just their fruit teas.

Customization as a whole is still quite limited as a result. Those who like to experiment with their orders at all times may want to check the other establishments in the list. 

Nevertheless, we would still recommend Latea as a go-to for authentic milk tea with fresh flavors. The cozy atmosphere and quick service time make it a good place to take a break with friends or family.


  • Very relaxing ambiance
  • Fast serving times


  • Limited dairy-free options
  • Not as much customization

Customer Reviews

It’s so great to feel welcome

“It’s so great to feel welcome. You have an accommodating staff in this branch. We come here to buy every time and it feels great that the staff give the best and fast service.” – Ericka Gomez

The menu selection was impressive

“I had an absolutely delightful experience at this cafe! The ambiance was charming and cozy, creating the perfect atmosphere to unwind. The menu selection was impressive, catering to various tastes and dietary preferences.” – Frances Taduran

4. Tiger Sugar

Tiger Sugar's Homepage
MENUBlack Sugar Mochi Series, Milk Tea Series

Tea Series, Fruit Series, Snacks

ADDRESSFood Court، Dubai Mall, Level 2, Financial Center Rd, Downtown Dubai, Dubai
CONTACT DETAILS+971 4547 7828

OPERATING HOURSMondays - Thursdays: 10:00 AM to 12:00 AM

Fridays - Sundays: 10:00 AM to 1:00 AM

FACILITIES★★★★★ (5/5)
BUBBLE TEA★★★★☆ (4.5/5)
QUALITY★★★★☆ (4/5)
VARIETY★★★★★ (5/5)

Originally established in 2017, Tiger Sugar is a well-known bubble tea brand hailing from Taiwan. The brand has various shops spread out through the UAE, Asia and Canada, with four locations in Dubai. 

Tiger Sugar is most well-known for its tiger striped milk teas, made with black sugar boba and syrup. The shop also offers iced teas and fruit teas for a less sweet alternative to their main products, along with snacks.

As the shop specializes in premium milk teas, it offers various promotions to help customers save on money– usually pairing one of their best selling drinks with their very own chicken popcorn snack or boba ice cream. 

Customers who are new to the shop will also find themselves easily informed by the helpful and professional staff. They can give recommendations for drinks, as well as how to best enjoy it. 

The wide variety of the flavors offered are also attractive to customers, blending classic tea blends with cream mousse and other unique mix-ins, like mochi.

We definitely recommend going for any interesting flavors you want right away. It takes some time to restock a flavor at a branch when they run out based on our experience. 

Customers who aren’t fond of sweet drinks may also struggle with the shop’s lack of sweetness levels, however. The shop’s use of brown sugar does mean they have a rather strict recipe to follow.

With the above in mind, Tiger Sugar is definitely a recommended spot for getting a premium milk tea experience, thanks to the unique concept and taste of the drinks offered.


  • Plenty of promotions help bring down the price or increase value
  • Very good quality products


  • Flavors tend to fluctuate
  • Sweetness can’t be adjusted

Customer Reviews

Hands down the best refresher drink 

“I recommend Tiger Sugar for tourists visiting Dubai mall. They are located at the 2nd floor food court. Hands down the best refresher drink if you are a huge fan of boba.” – Kevin Brion

It’s explosive to say the least

“Oh my God!!! If you’ve never had tiger sugar black pearl boba and mousse, I don’t know what you are drinking!!!! It’s explosive to say the least.” – Fadilah Fapus

5. Chatime

Chatime's Homepage
MENUSignature Pearl Milk Tea, Brown Sugar Milk Tea

Fruit Tea, Juice & Smoothies, Hot Drinks

ADDRESSAl Satwa, Dubai
CONTACT DETAILS+971 4336 3199

[email protected]

OPERATING HOURSMondays - Sundays: 12:00 PM to 12:00 AM
FACILITIES★★★★☆ (4.5/5)
BUBBLE TEA★★★★★ (5/5)
QUALITY★★★★★ (5/5)
VARIETY★★★★★ (5/5)

Chatime is a bubble tea shop originally established in 2005 in Taiwan. The brand has since come to the UAE, boasting several locations in Dubai. The shop bills itself as specializing in the use of quality ingredients to create all new flavor combinations. 

As such, their menu hosts an extensive amount of unique milk tea, from the classic pearl milk tea to brown sugar and more. They also offer hot drinks for those looking for a warmer experience. 

In our experience, the staff at Chatime also demonstrate good professionalism. The service time is quick, and they are able to guide customers through ordering and recommending drinks if needed. 

The ambiance at the store is also good for anyone looking to just unwind. The shop’s distinct purple and white color scheme is pleasing to the eye, although the seating area can be quite small. 

The shop also boasts a wide variety of flavors and mix-ins for their teas. The customization options are wide, with options like QQ jelly and mousse being included as possible mix-ins.

Overall, flavors, sinkers, and customization is quite good here at Chatime. 

Due to the shop’s delivery service having a minimum spending amount, though, customers may want to visit the shop in person to place smaller orders. The limited parking space may pose a problem to car owners. 

All in all, Chatime is a good and reliable shop to stop and get a refreshing drink of bubble tea at. Novices to the drink, in particular, may benefit from the shop’s reliable staff recommendations.


  • Wide variety of flavors available
  • Very relaxing ambiance in the store


  • Limited parking space
  • Minimum spend required for delivery

Customer Reviews

Will be going back to try more

“I was craving for pearl teas and after a quick search on Google and then cross-checking on Zomato, I decided to try this place. I’m glad I did, because I loved the two flavors I tried and will be going back to try more.” – Elizabeth Jacob

Quality and taste of tea was fantastic

“Quality and taste of tea was fantastic, especially Brown sugar pearl milk tea. Staff was friendly and quick.” – Jahan Zeb Khan

FAQs about Bubble Tea in Dubai

We hope you enjoy the wide variety of bubble teas in Dubai! In case you have the time for something a bit more formal though, make sure to check out the best places for high tea in Dubai as well!