Best Air Duct Cleaning Services in Dubai
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The 6 Best Air Duct Cleaning Service in Dubai

For today, we reviewed the best air duct cleaning services in Dubai for this article. These can help you with your grimy vents and make your home’s atmosphere so much nicer.

But first, let’s go ahead and discuss how much this service is going to cost, in case you’re worried about that.

How much does air vent cleaning cost?

Aside from the manual labor that we obviously have to pay for, there are many things that get factored into the final amount that we get charged with.

Factors that affect duct cleaning prices:

  • Level of contamination – How dirty is the entire thing from end to end? What kind of debris would have to be cleaned away? How difficult is it going to be to clean its whole length?
  • Size and type of ductwork – Having either rigid or flexible ductwork in your building is going to affect how much you’re going to spend to have somebody else clean it.

Rigid ductwork is more resistant to mold and water damage, thereby making it easier to clean than flexible ones.

Of course, the size would also have to be considered—the bigger the space covered, the longer the labor, the higher the cost.

  • Duct repairs – If the cleaning crew you hired comes across damage anywhere within the entire length of your ductwork, they will have to repair it. 
  • Accessibility – if a part of your ductwork should ever end up in hard-to-reach places like a crawlspace or the attic, expect that you will have to shell out a little bit more.
  • Vermin – This may come as a surprise, but it shouldn’t. Some air duct cleaners may outright refuse to do their job if they find mice droppings in the vents.

Before calling them, you may want to check the ducts yourself just to see if there are any signs of rodent pests that may be hiding nearby. If you do find them, you can either call the exterminators or handle the task yourself.

It’s a health concern that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Rats and mice can cause illnesses that your cleaning crew may contract if they come in contact with either the animals or their droppings.

  • The number of AC and furnace units you own – The more you have also means the more ductwork you have. 

To have the air ducts in small to medium-sized houses cleaned, you can expect to shell out anywhere from $270-$490 (990-1800 AED). Houses and structures that are on the larger side may pay a minimum of $700 (2580 AED).

If your cleaning crew should find mold and/or mildew anywhere, you may end up paying $500-$2000 (1850-7350 AED) more. It may seem like it’s too much, but mold cleaning requires professionals with special equipment and chemicals.

ServiceUSDAED (Rounded off)
Cleaning for small to medium-size buildings270-490990-1800
Cleaning for larger structures(minimum) 7002580
Additional cleaning due to mold/mildew (add to base price)500-20001850-7350

The Best Air Duct Cleaning Services in Dubai

Now that we at least have an idea about how much we’re going to pay, let’s talk about our providers. Read on below to see the options that we compiled for you.

1. Biosweep Disinfection Services

Biosweep Disinfection Services' Homepage
Address:Office No. 10, 1st Floor, Al Garhoud Center
Contacts:+971-42500516 | +971-561779641 | [email protected]
Services Offered:Air Duct Cleaning, Pest Control, Deep Cleaning, Sofa Cleaning, Mattress Cleaning, AC Maintenance, Odor Removal, Mold Removal

Next on our list is another provider who’s been in the cleaning business since 2011 – but it was only a year later that they added air duct cleaning service.

What sets this provider apart is their electrostatic disinfection service. This is something we did not see anywhere else.

This process involves the spraying of an electrostatically charged mist onto surfaces. This mist is a specialized solution that is atomized inside the sprayer.

This creates what they call a “wrap-around effect” which allows this mist to disinfect hard-to-reach areas. 

Should you ever decide that you want to clean your own air ducts moving forward, this company sells its own brand of cleaning equipment called the Robobrush. You can easily buy the products from them.

Another good thing about this company is that they’re not confined to handling residential spaces and workplaces. They also take projects from medical facilities, hotels & restaurants, beauty parlors, and educational institutes.

If you have a business that needs cleaning, let this company know and they’ll be on it.

But take note that cleaning the AC coils may not be a part of their air duct cleaning procedure. Should you avail of their services, ask them about this.


  • Offers a unique cleaning process called electrostatic disinfection
  • Sells their own air duct cleaning equipment
  • Use the latest equipment and machine to clean the air duct
  • Follow NADCA guidelines in cleaning air duct
  • Air-duct interiors are brushed and vacuumed using Rotobrush duct cleaning technology
  • Inside of the duct is disinfected and sterilized
  • Offer warranty


  • There may be separate procedures from their air duct cleaning services that you will have to clarify

Customer Reviews

Flexible. Effective. Professional.

“The communication before the actual service was easy and the team always answered my emails ot calls very promptly. They were also very flexible when we had to reschedule the service very last minute. When the team came over for the AC duct and coil cleaning they were very effective and professional, did a great job with the AC and also cleaned after themselves. I was very happy with each team member I came across and would happily recommend them to anyone! They were also the cheapest quote I got for this service so I’m overall very satisfied.” – Tiia Laskowski

More fresh flow from the AC.

“Amazing Service for cleaning the ac and resulted in more fresh flow from the AC within the whole apartment. Thank you for a professional and efficient service.” – Suha H

2. Mistral Cleaning Services

Mistral Cleaning Services' Homepage
Address:6th Flr, Concord Tower, Al Sufouth, Dubai
Contacts:+058-5620121 | [email protected]
Services Offered:AC Maintenance, AC Duct Cleaning, AC Filter Cleaning, Mold Remediation, Water Tank Cleaning, Pipeline Disinfection, Marble Floor Polishing

Mistral Cleaning Services has been in the industry for over 10 years, offering its services to both residential and commercial buildings in Dubai.

This company has got it all, it looks like. They’ve got plenty of areas covered, from cleaning your air conditioners to polishing your marble floors.

If you’re thinking of a provider that can offer you more than one type of service, Mistral should be the answer to your prayers. They’re also able to take on any cleaning task, big or small.

One particularly good thing about their method of cleaning is that they utilize medical-grade cleaning solutions that aren’t harmful to you or the environment. 

Their air duct cleaning services are affordable and contract-free, so you’re not tied in with them in case you wanted to try a different provider.

They will walk you through the entire process, so you know from beginning to end what needs to be done and what the crew can do about it. They will not leave until they’ve checked everything and cleaned up after themselves.

You will also be given before and after pictures.


  • Uses environment-friendly solutions
  • Offers a wide array of services that you can avail of along with the cleaning


  • Nothing really, unless their contract-free services don’t sound appealing to you

Customer Reviews

I am very happy with their work.

“I am very happy with the work Mistral Cleaning has done and with how professional the team is. First, they covered the whole apartment couches, tables, chairs, vases, with plastic wraps. They cleaned the inside and outside of the AC units and removed fungus and dirt then disinfected the whole inner area. I definitely recommend Mistral Cleaning Services.”Salma

Perfect quality. Reasonable price.

“We ordered duct cleaning of the air conditioner, the manager was always reachable, and the guys who came to clean came on time. Then, the manager came to check the process. Cleaned very fast with perfect quality and for a reasonable price. Will invite them again for cleaning 100%, highly recommended.”Anastasia P.

3. Adams Care Technical Services

Adams Care Technical Services' Homepage
Address:Yes Business Center Tower Al Barsha, Dubai
Contacts:+971-45571800 | [email protected]
Services Offered:AC Duct Cleaning and Disinfection, Maintenance Services, Sanitization Solutions

Next on our list is Adams Care Technical Services, which has been in the business for over 20 years. This company is also a National Air Duct Cleaning Association member—an internationally recognized group that continuously develops and researches the HVAC industry.

They believe in the science behind cleaning your air ducts, explaining how the human body sheds dead skin cells, which are fed upon by dust mites and can become breeding ground for bacteria.

They provide cleaning services as well as maintenance services to residential and commercial spaces all over the UAE.

What we like about this company is that their services can be availed of in “packages” categorized as silver, gold, and platinum. While it’s clear that their platinum option has all of the services listed in the other two and much more, there is no clear breakdown of what those services are.

Should you wish to hire them long-term, Adams Care can provide for you an Annual Maintenance Contract that’s modified to include only those services that you need.

It also looks like they’d suggest for you to have your air ducts cleaned every year. Depending on your budget and the condition of your air ducts, this may not be necessary. 


  • NADCA -certified company
  • Their services can be bought in bundles they call “packages”


  • Their “packages” are not clear about what they include
  • May upsell yearly air duct cleaning to you

Customer Reviews

You can really feel the difference after.

“The crew came on time, once they got in, they started straight with their work. The crew was very polite, they explained the process and showed us before and after photos. You can really feel the difference between the AC function before and after. The service was worth the value of your money.”Abigail Pido

On time. Fast. Thorough.

“After trying many AC Cleaning services, chanced upon Adam’s and finally found a service which is perfect at the job and reasonably priced. They are not the cheapest, but their quality of work matches the other expensive service providers. The guys who came to do the job were on-time, fast, thorough, and cleaned up after they were done. We got Mattress and sofa cleaning also done, which were satisfactory.”Shreye Mehtani

4. PAM Serve (Perfect Assistance Management)

PAM Serve (Perfect Assistance Management)'s Homepage
Address:Office 43, Port Said, Deira, Dubai, PO Box 233121
Contacts:+971-555530640 | +971-42575667 | [email protected]
Services Offered:AC Duct Cleaning, Coil Cleaning, Mold & Fungus Treatment, Kitchen Hood Cleaning, Marble & Granite Restoration, Tile Polishing, Painting

This company has been in the industry for more than a decade starting out as a small cleaning business. Today, they offer their air duct cleaning service along with many others all across UAE.

They are, however, more known for their floor marble and stone services. This may mean that their specialty are those services instead of air duct cleaning.

Still, what we especially like about PAM Serve is that they offer a 24/7 service that is perfect for those random times that your air conditioner breaks down. 

The chemicals that they use for cleaning are all imported, and the equipment they use seems to be modern. They are also NADCA-certified, meaning that they are required to adhere to strict measures of quality.

They also offer a free assessment before and after their cleaning project. 

Should they find mold and fungus anywhere in your system, you no longer have to hire an external cleaner for it because they have a team that knows how to handle this.

This provider would be the perfect choice for anybody who’s planning to sell or at least renovate their house before selling it. The services they offer include floor restoration, deep cleaning, and painting.


  • NADCA-certified company
  • Can also offer other services that may help homeowners planning to sell their house
  • Available 24/7 


  • Specialize in floor service more than air duct cleaning

Customer Reviews

Best customer service.

“I am so happy about the quality and service that I have received from your company. Your customer service was the best. The chemicals you used were of high quality. Also, you have done ac duct cleaning in such a professional way. I will continue using this service and highly recommending it to my friends.”Jerin Sunny

Really happy—from first contact until the end of service.

“I’m really happy with the service PAM had provided. All the way from first contact until the end of  service. Responsive and on-time team, polite manners and customer oriented. Team of two had arrive on time for Duct cleaning, finished two units smoothly and even sent the report later on the day. I didn’t have furniture at home but even my built-in closets doors were covered to protect against any dust, everything had been cleaned after the service. Apartment left neat and tidy. Thank you PAM team. Will use it’s  services in future.”Marina Don

5. The Healthy Home

The Healthy Home's Homepage
Address:14, Street 1, Al Quoz 1, 050 Telecom Building Warehouse #3 Dubai
Contacts:+971-42813999 | +971-80072648493 | [email protected]
Services Offered:AC Duct Cleaning; Mattress Cleaning; Sofa, Carpet, & Curtain Cleaning; Surface Disinfection; Premium Shampooing Services; Organic Pest Control

If you’re looking for a provider that’s solely focused on sanitization, look no further. The Healthy Home, as their name tells you, promises to give you the kind of home that is safe for your loved ones.

Their wide range of services puts emphasis on the importance of maintaining a clean environment. Their air duct cleaning service alone has a 9-step patented process that you won’t see anywhere else.

What is amazing about their approach is that “duct cleaning” for them is a stand-alone process that’s different from “duct sanitizing”, both of which you get as part of the patented process mentioned above.

Not only are you going to get spotless ducts, but you’re also guaranteed that microorganisms living there will be eradicated – which, honestly, explains why this provider is a bit more expensive than its competitors.

They even give you a certificate of completion by the end of the project.

Just a heads-up though: you may have to clarify if the entire 9-step procedure will be strictly followed.

Why? Because it includes the sanitizing process, which may involve expensive chemicals and equipment needed to eradicate mold even though your system doesn’t have it.

That aside, they’re great if you want a truly hygienic home. Should there be anything else that needs deep cleaning in your house, such as your mattress and your curtains, you won’t even have to hire a different company given their thoroughness.


  • NADCA-certified company
  • Family and home-oriented; uses cleaning agents safe for health
  • 9-step patented process


  • May offer some cleaning steps out services that you don’t need
  • A little bit more expensive than other competitors

Customer Reviews

The team is very organized, and their efficiency justifies the price.

“The team is very organized and knowledgeable of the service they are providing, the team lead Danilo was very thorough in explaining the steps of the process, ensuring the team has covered the house properly to avoid any damage or dirt to impact the house, continuously kept communicating progress and findings and ensured the house was back clean and tidy as they finished. I am very happy with the service even if it comes at a higher price point than the market as the team’s efficiency and care and communications justify the price. I would definitely recommend them and I’ve booked them for other services as well.”Alaa Khorshid

I can smell the difference.

“Thank you, The Healthy Home! They performed basic AC duct cleaning, mattress and sofa cleaning. The teams were friendly, clean thorough, organised and super knowledgeable. I really appreciated that they explained every step of the process and showed the results along the way (before, during and after). I was shocked at the findings and results – horrified at what was living within and very happy they are no longer there!!!!!! I can smell a difference in the apartment and my sneezing has reduced already! I will definitely be calling on The Healthy Home to aid in my allergy symptom relief in the future!”Sara Zwiefelhofer

6. Big Elephant

Address:Empire Heights – Downtown Dubai – Dubai
Contacts:04 446 2056 | [email protected]
Services Offered:AC Maintenance
AC Duct Cleaning
Electrical Maintenance 
Facility Management
Handyman Services
Painting Services
Plumbing Services

Big Elephant was founded in 2016 and has been providing numerous services ever since. IF you are reading this, you must be in need of a duct cleaning.

In comparison to other companies, no matter if you need maintenance or an emergency cleaning, their team members can help you. This is made possible by their 24/7 availability on annual maintenance contracts.

To those who are not aware of what duct cleaners do, they provided a list of components of their typical residential heating and cooling system.

If you have never cleaned your duct, you should not stop thinking twice since nobody wants dirty air circulating around their house.


  • Responsive team
  • A wide array of services, not only AC duct cleaning and maintenance


  • Rates are unavailable

Customer Reviews

Here are a few reviews from their previous clients:

“I had booked Big Elephant service or AC duct cleaning and I am indeed very pleased and satisfied with their service. Kent and Cris arrived punctually on the scheduled time and carried out the cleaning/sanitizing work efficiently and with minimum disturbance. Both were extremely polite, professional and very happy to answer any question. They cleaned the place thoroughly after their work. Admin couldn’t have been any better. Vanessa from their office is simply superb in CRM and coordinated very well. I have no hesitation in recommending Big Elephant’s services. To be honest I rarely come across such good service.”

“Highly recommend, Wonderful and proffesional team. Right from my first call, Ms. Vanessa was very responsive and patient to whatsapp messages in working hours. On field team experience with Bronson, Kent, Noy and Cris was also great. The did their job perfectly, 10/10”

FAQs about air duct cleaning services in Dubai

And there you have it! Our list of the best air duct cleaning services in Dubai. 

Take note that we have other cleaning service reviews you may want to check out, by the way. For example, if your rugs and carpets are getting grimy, try our piece on the best carpet cleaners in Dubai.