Advertising Tips for Small Businesses

Advertising Tips for Small Businesses

As a small business owner, your resources are limited. It can be challenging to expand your business or hit your target revenue.

You need to be realistic, which means going for low-cost solutions while still getting your desired results. This is why financial budgeting is an essential part of your marketing strategy.

While some small businesses can afford an advertising agency, it’s necessary that you still stick to your budget. With this being said, we’ll be listing some advertising tips for small businesses.

1. Target the right audience

Your marketing strategy should not cater to everyone. It’s essential to know your target market, including the specific demographics.

Market research is an integral part of any marketing strategy because without getting to know your audience first, you can’t anticipate their needs and wants.

You need to know what they like, what age group your market is from, which channels they spend the most time on, and aspects like that. These questions will help you identify your customer profile.

For instance, if your small business is on makeup and skincare essentials, most of your target market would be from younger age groups like Millennials and Gen Z. You’d know when they’re most active if you do proper research.

Research suggests that Instagram posts get the most engagement between 9 am and 4 pm on weekdays, with weekends having lower engagements.

2. Build your online presence

Digital marketing is the best move you can make for your small business. The best part is that it doesn’t cost much.

Of course, you can always choose to hire a digital marketing agency. However, since you’re just a startup, the budget may be something to consider.

With this being said, your best resource is social media platforms. Channels like Facebook and Instagram are the best way to get engagements on your post.

Engagements is the numerical measurement of users that are interacting with your posts. This includes the number of views, comments, shares, and likes your post gets.

You may also use free graphic design tools such as Canva to make more attractive and creative posts that can better reflect your brand identity.

3. Prioritize customer service

When a brand has a reputation for not prioritizing its customer service, this affects everything about your business.

This is also why some companies choose to hire PR agencies to enhance their credibility and brand image in the eyes of their valued customers.

So as a startup, the best thing you can do is meet the needs and wants of your customers. You may not attend to each one, but you must anticipate their needs.

It’s also vital that you know how to handle customer complaints and dissatisfaction gracefully when the time comes.

Whether it’s issues in your packaging, delayed logistics, or inadequate customer response, you need to handle these well without destroying your brand image.

4. Track your advertising

Most businesses have no idea whether their strategy is working or not. You must track your advertising to properly analyze afterward what you can do to improve and whether a particular marketing strategy is working.

Platforms like Google Ads and Facebook give you a detailed report regarding your advertising. You may see engagements, clicks, impressions, and many more on Facebook Ads.

5. Build a website

You must build and design a website if you’re a small business owner. While it may cost you a bit to purchase one that includes your preferred domain name, you will attract several viewers worldwide with a website.

Especially if you’re planning to have international operations in the long run, a website provides customers with everything they need to know about your brand. Customers see everything with just a couple of clicks—from your products and services, reviews, logistics, to who you are.

Most importantly, this is where you can take advantage of optimizing your content. SEO, also known as Search Engine Optimization, is the leading strategy in terms of online content.

The goal is that when a user searches a particular keyword related to your brand, yours is the first page to show in a search engine like Google. 

Advertising for a small business isn’t an impossible task. It can be challenging since you have minimal resources and workforce, but you can still expand your business and achieve remarkable results.

Whether through website design or social media marketing, these are some tips you can use to stand amongst your competitors and make your business known.

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