How to Deal with a Sagging Mattress

How to Deal with a Sagging Mattress

Your mattress is a vital part of your bedroom and self-care routine. It’s part of where you unwind and relax after an exhausting day, whether to watch TV or sleep.

One of the reasons we may feel uncomfortable on our favorite mattress is that it’s sagging already. Mostly, it’s visible on your favorite part to sleep on every night.

Eventually, mattresses will sag over time if used for so long, and the time will come when you will need to buy a new one on your next payday.

The good news is there are some things that you can do to improve your sleep even with a sagging mattress.

How to Fix Your Sagging Mattress

It’s not really possible to completely fix your mattress unless you send it to the manufacturer.

Still, some proven methods will help you minimize the uncomfortable feeling a sagging mattress brings during your sleeping time.

1. Mattress Topper

Using a mattress topper is the best method to deal with the sagging area. It will assist you in getting a better and more comfortable night’s sleep.

Since it’s placed directly on top of your bed, it will provide a more even sleeping surface.

It’s a good option for people who don’t want to purchase a new mattress yet but want to be comfortable at night.

2. Rotating the Mattress

One of the most straightforward methods for preventing or reducing the sagging problem in your mattress is to rotate it regularly, turning it every three to six months and switching the top and bottom positions.

Your mattress may sag because of the pressure exerted by your sleeping body. The primary pressure points on the mattress will change if the mattress is rotated regularly.

3. Extra Pillows

Using some extra pillows is an easy trick for you to deal with your mattress’s sagging part. You put the extra pillows on the dip on the mattress.

It’s a temporary countermeasure while you still decide if you want to purchase a new one.

4. Replacing the Mattress Foundation

An incompatible mattress foundation is one of the factors that lead to premature sagging mattresses, and even a great mattress foundation will wear off eventually.

The foundation that best suits your mattress depends on several factors. If you replace your mattress foundation, check in with the manufacturer and follow their recommendations on what is the perfect type to buy for your specific mattress.

5. Warranty Coverage

Checking the terms of the mattress manufacturer is worth it and a wise decision.

If the warranty covers the cause of the damage, you won’t need to buy a new one because it can be repaired or replaced by the manufacturer.

6. Buy a new long-lasting mattress

Extra pillows and mattress toppers can help extend the lifespan of your sagging mattress or temporarily fix the issue, but eventually, buying a new one is needed in the future.

It’s recommended that you replace your mattress every six to ten years. You may be able to save the sagging mattress through some methods, but buying a new one is still a good investment.

Cause of the Sagging Mattress

The material used in the mattress will eventually soften due to the significant pressure put on it every night. The softening will lead to sagging, which will weaken the mattress’s support system. 

Latex mattresses are the most durable, as they can last between 12 to 5 years. Next to latex are memory foams, lasting between 8 to 10 years.

Once the support system of the mattress is no longer comfortable, it will have some effects on the sleeper’s body.

When it comes to a sagging mattress, it’s important you replace this right away if you don’t want to have back pain.

Many doctors will agree that a mattress without enough support is the worst for your spine, as it may cause spine misalignment or other back problems.

If you do already have back pain, you may choose to visit a chiropractor or get physiotherapy for relief.

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