Which Electronic Items are Cheap in Dubai

Which Electronic Items are Cheap in Dubai?

Dubai is known for having well-discounted prices and lower rates. This is because of the city’s tax policies and general pricing scheme in different stores. 

There’s definitely no harm in browsing for some good electronic deals in various shops and malls around the city though! 

If you’re looking to get some good deals during your visit to Dubai, look out for the items that we will be discussing in the following sections. This is because you can get them for a discounted price in the city. 

Which Electronic Items are cheap in Dubai?

Televisions, laptops, phones, gaming consoles, and DSLR cameras are the some of the cheapest electronic items to purchase in Dubai. 

However, not all brands are cheaper though. Some brands still cost the same, or even more, compared to other countries. 

How Do We Determine If It’s Really Less Expensive? 

Overall, we believe that the best way of determining price rates is by double-checking the currency conversion between your home and the Dubai. 

This is because depending on some conversion rates, what may seem very affordable for others can be expensive to you. 

For the purposes of this article, we will compare Dubai’s prices for electronics with that from the United States and India. 


It turns out that some models of televisions are cheaper in Dubai than in the United States and India, even with the travel and transportation fees associated with it. 

For example, in a story by the Gulf News, an Indian resident shared that he saved up to AED 4,200 (approximately Rs 82,852) when he was buying a television from Dubai. 

The table below lists some television manufacturers and the specific size of their products. Do note that the prices are in AED to show comparison. 

TV SpecsPrice in DubaiPrice in IndiaPrice in the US
LG 65"AED 5,999AED 9,200AED 7,000

To find great deals like these, we recommend checking out some of the bigger-inch models in Dubai in some of their more popular electronic stores


Laptops, regardless of type and brand, can also burn a hole through your savings. Prices can vary depending on the model, the specifications, and when it was released. 

For example, looking into Apple’s latest Macbook Pro, you can save up to AED 400. While this seems quite minuscule, this amount can be a big discount if converted to your currency. 

Taxes and import fees can be negligible, as you can easily hand carry one laptop with you as you go home. This is part of why buying these electronics would be cheaper.

We recommend checking out the stores in the city for laptops from brands like Acer as well. 

For reference, we’ve listed a comparison below of the Macbook Pro as an example:

Laptop BrandPrice in DubaiPrice in IndiaPrice in the US
Apple Macbook ProAED 4,761AED 5,105AED 4,771


There are some models and brands of smartphones that are less expensive in Dubai. Moreover, you also don’t have to worry about import tax or other fees as you buy one. 

One of the companies that offer lower prices in Dubai compared to other countries is Samsung. You can save up to AED 200 – AED 600 or more if the shops in the area are having a sale. 

Gaming Consoles 

The usual pattern for console retail prices around the world is relatively equal. However, there are some models, such as the newer ones from Nintendo and Sony, that you can get cheaper in Dubai. 

From what we’ve observed, tourists can save up to AED 600 – AED 2,000. To show how affordable this can be, a visitor from India can save up to Rs 5,000 to Rs 42,000). 

The table below lists  sample price comparisons for a major ninth-generation gaming console in various countries: 

ConsolePrice in DubaiPrice in IndiaPrice in the US
Playstation 5AED 1,500AED 3,449AED 2,100

DSLR Cameras 

Looking at the prices of the common DSLR camera brands around the globe, we’ve observed that we can certainly get some models for a cheaper price in the city. 

A tourist can potentially save from Rh 9,800 – Rh 36,000 if they buy a DSLR camera in Dubai instead of in India. On the other hand, if we look at the US prices, you can save roughly $273 – $740.  

Overall, how much you save will ultimately depend on the conversion rates you’ll be comparing Dubai’s currency and prices with. 

As always, we recommend double-checking the prices in your home and putting them against Dubai’s retail prices. But you can certainly buy electronics for a good price in the city! 

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