Is Dubai Safe to Live In

Is Dubai Safe to Live In?

Safety is one of the primary reasons why many people opt to move to Dubai. Their low rate of crime is an attractive benefit which is why many residents and expats find it safe to live in the city.

Although it is quite safe to live in Dubai, there are certain rules to consider. Instead of just worrying about crime rates, it is also important to consider the culture and expectations before moving to this vibrant city.

Benefits of Living in Dubai

Dubai offers a lot of opportunities as well as recreational areas like bars, restaurants, hotels, and other fun places.

Aside from that, here are a few other benefits to living in Dubai as well as how they contribute to its overall safety rating.

Safety and Security

Abu Dhabi, Dubai, and Sharjah were all counted among the top ten safest cities to live in back in 2020. Of course, this does mean that there are a lot of rules that people have to abide by.

Strict punishments, highly-publicised convictions, and a good number of undercover police officers are cited as primary factors to this level of order.

Typical crimes against women such as rape, trafficking, and assault are also very low or negligible. Many single women easily feel comfortable staying by themselves while in the city.

Job Opportunities and Income Tax

With many international companies and businesses making their home in the region, Dubai is now one of the best places for work and business. Opportunities from all over the world can now be found here.

Additionally, Dubai doesn’t charge much income tax so you are able to take home a good portion of your salary. This makes it a good city to start building wealth.

Having enough opportunities also helps lower crime rates committed out of desperation, providing people with routine, supervision, and economic power.

High Educational Standards

Dubai’s education standards are quite high, with a good number of public schools and private schools offering a good curriculum. They also have a good number of international schools so expats are not missing out on good education.

Having good schools helps keep students indoors, providing them with a safe routine and reducing the opportunity to commit an infraction.

A lot of these schools do adhere to the British education system, following the National Curriculum of England in the primary. This is something to keep in mind before enrollment.

Car Ownership is Convenient

Buying a car is quite easy and convenient in Dubai since petrol costs are lower compared to other countries. Roadworks are also good for driving in Dubai.

This can help give people some peace of mind, especially if stranger danger is a concern. Car theft is also quite low in Dubai like with most violent crimes. *

Important Factors to Consider Before Moving to Dubai

Of course, moving to live in another country does come with its own challenges. Even with all the benefits, Dubai may still not be the best place to live in for some.

So while not all of the items on this list are ‘cons’ per se, people planning to move will still need to keep these in mind:

Rules on Alcohol

Being drunk in public is frowned upon in Dubai, and alcohol itself doesn’t align with Islamic belief overall.

People who are caught intoxicated in public can face immediate arrest and imprisonment, even tourists. So even if you can drink in Dubai, keep it in moderation.

In recent times, the government has removed the law requiring drinkers to have an alcohol licence. However, people may still need one to buy drinks from bars in Dubai.

The Weather can be Hot

For 8 months of the year, Dubai weather can actually be quite relaxing, with cloudless blue skies and seas. However, June to September weather can be quite hot in the city.

Winds can also be quite humid during those times, making it very uncomfortable. Many expats have taken to scheduling their holidays around this time to avoid the heat.

Anyone susceptible to heat strokes and other related illnesses may want to think twice before living in Dubai. 

Homosexuality is Forbidden

As Dubai follows Islamic law, expressions of homosexuality are forbidden, which includes same-sex relationships, and cross-dressing. Being caught could lead to imprisonment within the city.

Public displays of affection are also frowned upon though it also affects heterosexual couples as well. 

Premarital cohabitation is also illegal so unmarried couples will want to keep that in mind, regardless of sexual orientation.

Medical Insurance

For expats coming in to work, it is important to remember that some of the healthcare services enjoyed for free by residents do not apply. Expats may need to apply for a different health card, especially if they have dependents.

Employees may also choose to work with their employer for this though, as employers in Dubai are legally required to provide at least basic health insurance. So this is something worth considering in terms of health and safety.

Moving to Dubai for work as well as to live still remains to be a safe and lucrative venture, even if it may not be for all. Like with any other country, it will still pay to properly observe the rules and traditions in order to have a safe time in Dubai.