A Travel Guide to the Dubai Autodrome

A Travel Guide to the Dubai Autodrome

Dubai is truly a city that caters to everyone’s needs, taste and hobbies. And for motor and racing enthusiasts, there’s only one tourist spot to visit in the city: the Dubai Autodrome.

If you’re one of those who want to explore this attraction in Motor City, this guide will give you all the information you need for your visit.

What is the Dubai Autodrome?

The Dubai Autodrome is a motorsport facility that hosts different races throughout the year. 

Opened in 2004, the Dubai Autodrome is the second desert-based racetrack in the world and one of the best in the Middle East.

The venue has hosted several prestigious races over the years including the final rounds of the FIA GT Championship, the 2004 Formula Renault V6 Eurocop Season and the 2005 A1 Grand Prix.

Since 2006, this facility has also become the home to the Dubai 24 Hour, an endurance race that tests both professional and semi-professional teams in an all-day sports car and touring car race.

The racing circuit at the Dubai Autodrome is FIA Grade 1 certified, which means that it’s qualified to host the Formula One race that’s held in Abu Dhabi.

The Dubai Autodrome has six track configurations, four racing and two non-racing tracks.

These include a Grand Prix Course, an International Course, a National Course and a Club Course. It also has a Hill Handling Course and an Oval Handling Course.

The venue also has the Dubai Katrdrome, which is a standard international karting track that hosts the UAE championship karting.

The Dubai Autodrome also welcomes guests who want to experience racing and those who want to learn how to become a race car driver.

Best Time to Go

The Dubai Autodrome is open all year round from 9:00AM to 5:00PM. But since it’s an outdoor venue, it can be very hot to visit during the summer.

So, if you want to make the most of your visit, do it during the cooler winter months where you get to enjoy more time outdoors.

You should also check the schedule of the races at the Dubai Autodrome if you want to watch your favorite drivers race their way to the finish line.

Things to Know

If you’re ready to spend the day at the Dubai Autodrome, here are some things that you need to keep in mind:

  • Parking

There’s a free parking facility at the Dubai Autodrome for visitors. But if you’re visiting during race day or peak season, try to come early before the parking lot gets full.

  • Ticket Rates

Ticket rates to the Dubai Autodrome will depend on the race that you’re watching or the type of experience that you book:

F1 Experience

Car: F1 Jaguar 2000 or F1 Arrows 2022

AED 9,995
Formula One DXB Experience

Car: Dubai Autodrome Lightweight Car

AED 920
Hot Laps Track ExperienceFerrari GT Passenger Ride - AED 825

McLaren Passenger Ride - AED 615

Porsche GT4 Passenger Ride - AED 565

Clio Cup Passenger Ride - AED 350

Driving ExperienceFerrari GT - AED 2,995

Porsche GT4 - AED 1,950

McLaren Sprint - AED 2,365

Clio Cup - AED 1,150

Prodrift Academy Hot Laps

Car: Chevrolet Corvette

AED 350 per lap without instructor
Easy Drift Experience

Car: Scirocco

AED 1,000 with instructor
KartingIndoor - AED 137

Outdoor - AED 105

Laser TagAED 55

How to Get Around

Trains: There are no Metro lines that stop near the Dubai Autodrome.

Buses: Take Bus Line F29 and stop at the station near the Dubai Autodrome. The venue will just be a few minutes walk away.

Taxis: If you want to get to the Dubai Autodrome fast and easy, you can book a taxi through Uber or Careem.

Car service: You can arrange for a private car service with your hotel or book one with your travel agent.

Where to Stay Near the Dubai Autodrome

Studio One Hotel

Address: Dubai Studio City – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Phone: +971 800 788346
Pricing: $$$
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One of the most stylish boutique hotels in Dubai, Studio One Hotel offers a unique experience where you get more control of how you’d want your experience to be.

The hotel has also become a dining and entertainment destination with some of the best local restaurants in the city.

Studio One Hotel is the epitome of modernity and hospitality combined with contemporary interior design in a relaxing environment.

Park Inn by Radisson Dubai Motor City

Address: First Avenue Mall and Hotel –  Turin Boulevard Road – Motor City – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Phone: +971 4 249 4100
Pricing: $$$
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If you want the full motor experience, you should stay at the only motor-themed hotel in the city.

Park Inn by Radisson Dubai Motor City offers you the perfect view of the Dubai Autodrome, which should be a dream come true if you’re a motor racing enthusiast.

True to Radisson’s reputation for world-class design and unparalleled hospitality, each room and suite at this hotel is carefully designed and the best amenities are provided for you to enjoy,

Here, you can take a dip at the rooftop pool while looking at the racetrack, enjoy 24-hour room service, get fit at the gym or just indulge yourself in the spa.

The S Hotel

Address: Dubai Science Park – Al Barsha South 2 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Phone: +971 4 871 2222
Pricing: $$$
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The S Hotel gives you comfort, convenience and accessibility in a relaxing environment that will surely make your holiday in Dubai more unforgettable.

Just a few minutes’ drive away from the Dubai Autodrome and other tourist attractions, the hotel puts you in the perfect spot for exploring the city.

Aside from its well-appointed rooms and suites, you also get to enjoy amenities like its restaurants, spa, gym and ripples pool.

The First Collection at Jumeirah Village Circle

Address: Street 1 – Jumeirah Village – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Phone: +971 4 275 6666
Pricing: $$$
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A true escape in the middle of the city, The First Collection Jumeirah Village Circle has all the elements of a relaxing stay – from its spacious rooms to its resort-style pool.

Here, you’re in for a treat by becoming part of a vibrant community that embodies true Dubai culture.

You also get to enjoy close proximity to top tourist spots like the Dubai Autodrome, the Mall of the Emirates and the Dubai Marina. 

FIVE Jumeirah Village Hotel

Address: Lazuward SW – Jumeirah Village – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Phone: +971 4 248 9999
Pricing: $$
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Offering penthouse-style living, FIVE Jumeirah Village Hotel dares to be different by encapsulating what it feels like to live in modern Dubai.

This chic hotel features 269 pools and jacuzzis, world-class restaurants, a modern spa and a private beach for you to enjoy during your stay.

FIVE Jumeirah Village Hotel is more than just an accommodation. It’s a complete holiday experience that also gives you accessibility to the city’s best tourist destinations.

Where to Eat Near the Dubai Autodrome

SanSation Restaurant

Address: Detroit Road – Motor City – Green Community – Motor City – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Phone: +971 4 456 7371
Pricing: $$

After spending a day at the racetrack, you deserve an indulgent Mediterranean meal at Sansation.

Offering a diver selection of authentic Mediterranean dishes using only the best ingredients, this restaurant in Motor City has been a favorite among locals and tourists.

Here, you can enjoy everything from meat, seafood and vegetarian options.

The Cycle Bistro

Address: Unit B6 – Dubai Autodrome Grandstand – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Phone: +971 4 425 3000
Pricing: $$$

It’s the first and only paleo restaurant in Dubai, but even those who don’t practice paleo loves this dining spot in Motor City.

The Cycle Bistro is known for creating innovative paleo dishes without any dairy, sugar or gluten, but still taste like your comfort food favorites.

In fact, a lot of people who tried eating here keep coming back since they don’t notice any difference in the flavors of their food.

Some of its must-try dishes include its Breakfast Tostados, Steak and Eggs, Beef Short Rib Ramen, Beef Bourgignon, Truffled Quinotto and Vegan Biryani.

Friends Avenue Cafe Dubai Motor City

Address: Restaurant 2 – The Ribbon Mall – Motor City – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Phone: +971 4 243 2866
Pricing: $$

An institution in Motor City since 2015, Friends Avenue Cafe Dubai Motor City offers a diverse menu consisting of English, European and Australian dishes in its famous breakfast and lunch menu.

Start your day with a hearty breakfast of Avocado on Toast, Crispy Bacon and Kale Benedict, Kings’ Smoked Salmon Bagel or the Ultimate Brekkie Board.

You can also enjoy lunch with favorites like Burrata Spaghetti with Pesto, Norwegian Grilled Salmon Bowl, Kofta by Chinor or Not Another Boring Vegan Bowl.

Oregano Restaurant

Address: Apex Building – Motor City – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Phone: 04 447 0740
Pricing: $$

An exciting day at the racetrack will surely leave you famished, and there’s one place to satisfy that hunger.

Featuring the flavors of Italy, Oregano has an impressive menu of pizzas, pastas, seafood, soups and salads.

Some of its must-try dishes include the classic Burrata Salad, Lasagna di Carne, Pan Seared Salmon Fillet, Blackened Chicken with Fettuccine and Cajun Seafood Risotto.

Pickl Motor City

Address: Ribbon Mall – Motor City – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Phone: +971 4 568 6882
Pricing: $$

If you’re craving for a hearty burger after a day at the track, Pickl is the place to be. But this isn’t just your typical fast food joint because Pickl takes pride in bringing fresh fast food into the market.

Try hunger busters like the Impossible Cheeseburger, The Jeff Cheeseburger, the New Yorker Cheeseburger,and the BBQ Bacon Cheeseburger.

What to Do in the Dubai Autodrome

Watch the Races

Address: Motor City – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Phone: +971 4 367 8700

The Dubai Autodrome hosts a wide variety of races throughout the year and motosport enthusiasts from around the world travel to the city to watch their favorites dominate the racetrack.

Just make sure to book your tickets ahead, especially for international races since slots can easily fill up.

Experience Being on a Race Car

Address: Motor City – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Phone: +971 4 367 8700

The Dubai Autodrome offers more than just a venue to watch races. You also get to experience being on the passenger seat or behind the wheel if you dare.

With a wide variety of driving experiences and your choice of racing cars, you’ll surely have an exhilarating time riding on the racetrack.

You can ride with an experienced instructor who will show you how to handle these fast cars or if you have the experience, you can take the wheel and enjoy this world-class track by yourself.

The best part is, you have the option to experience being a Formula 1 driver with the facility’s extensive lineup of race cars that have been used in professional driving circuits.

Go Karting

Address: Dubai – Kartdrome – Motor City – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Phone: +971 4 367 8700

If fast cars are not your vibe, you can get your fill of speed with karting. The Dubai Autodrome has a world-class karting facility where you and your friends can have a grand time.

You can also check out the many activities offered in the kartdrome for guests of all ages.

Where to Shop Near the Dubai Autodrome

First Avenue Mall

Address: Near Dubai Autodrome – Motor City – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Phone: +971 4 249 4919

If you want to go shopping after spending the day at the Dubai Autodrome, the First Avenue Mall is just a few minutes away.

This retail destination in Motor City boasts of an extensive list of retail stores, local shops, restaurants, cafes and entertainment centers for all kinds of guests to enjoy. 

What to Expect from Weather in Dubai Autodrome

Winter: Winter is the best time to visit Dubai since the weather is fair and the temperatures are lower than what you’d normally get in other months. From December to March, the city enjoys temperatures of 16 degrees Celsius and lower, which make it the perfect time to explore the outdoors.

Summer: Summers that run from June to September are the hottest months in Dubai. Tourists tend to avoid visiting during summer since the heat can be unbearable with temperatures reaching up to 50 degrees Celsius during the day.

Transition period: As the seasons switch, Dubai also goes through two transition periods – from April to May and October to November.

Apps to Download When Visiting the Dubai Autodrome

Visit Dubai: Dubai’s tourism app that provides tourists with information about the city’s top tourist attractions including the Dubai Autodrome
iOs | Android

S’hail: If you want to commute while in Dubai, this app will help you get familiar with the city’s public transportation system including the bus, tram, monorail, metro and water buses
iOs | Android

Uber: Booking a taxi or private car service to take you around the city
iOs | Android

Careem: Booking a private car service around Dubai
iOs | Android

RTA Dubai Drive: A useful tool if you’re renting a self-drive car since it helps you find the best routes around Dubai and even the right parking spots near the places you visit
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