Top 5 Places for Pet Relocation in Dubai
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Top 5 Places for Pet Relocation in Dubai

Moving can be a stressful process if you have furry family members. Good thing there are various pet relocation services that can assist you in bringing your pets with you to your destination. 

In this article, we introduce you to the best pet relocation service providers in Dubai that can help you make the transition easier and worry-free. 

We’ll also discuss how much pet relocation services cost and what documents you need to prepare, before reviewing our top selections for pet relocation services.

How much does it cost to relocate a pet? 

The price for pet relocation depends on several factors, such as which service provider you choose, the destination country,  and the size of your pet, among other things. 

It will also depend on whether you are importing a pet to Dubai or exporting it. 

Note also that you will need to secure permits and health certificates in the process. These will cost you more, so you’ll need to prepare for that. 

To give a ballpark price, it can cost you from ~2500 AED up to ~20,000 AED to relocate your pet. 

We’ll give an example of how much it costs to transport a pet from Dubai to the UK based on their size in the table below.

Type of AppliancePrice RangeDestinationCost
Small dogDubaiUnited Kingdom7,000-8,000 AED
Big dogDubaiUnited Kingdom16,000-17,000 AED

For specific prices, you can ask your chosen service provider for a quotation based on your information.

What will I need when relocating a pet in Dubai? 

When importing a pet to Dubai, you will need the following requirements: 

  • A copy of the owner’s passport 
  • Health certificate from country of origin
  • Original certificate for Rabies Serum Neutralization test (RSNT)
  • Vaccination card/ Animal passport 
    • This should contain important information such as: 
      • Microchip number 
      • Description of your pet (breed, color, gender, date of birth etc.) 
      • Proof of necessary vaccination (including what type of vaccine administered, manufacturer, batch number, and date vaccinated)
  • Import Permit – Keep in mind that this permit is only valid for 30 days. This permit is necessary to clear your pet at customs and to be able to book them a flight. 

On the other hand, when exporting a pet from Dubai to another country, you will need the following: 

  • Export permit 
  • Health certificate
  • Pet registration and microchip number
  • Proof of rabies vaccination 
  • Travel crate that complies with IATA requirements. You can view their guidelines here

List of Best Pet Relocation Service Providers in Dubai

Now that you know how much pet relocation services cost and what requirements you will need, let’s now dive into our list of top pet relocation service providers in Dubai. 

We evaluated the following based on the following criteria: 

Accessibility – It is important that the service provider is reachable and approachable at all times. Accessibility is important whether in communication, location, or customer service. 
Quality of service – We also assessed how well they perform the services they advertise and whether or not their previous customers were satisfied with their care.  
Range of services – Since every pet is different, we need a versatile service provider that can provide the necessary care and service in a pinch. 
Ease of service – Since moving can be a lot of work, it’s important that the service providers have clear-cut systems in place for a seamless transaction.  

1. Dubai Kennels & Cattery

Dubai Kennels & Cattery's Homepage
ADDRESSStreet 34, Umm Ramool, Dubai, UAE (between Festival City and Dubai International Airport)
EMAIL ADDRESS[email protected]
TELEPHONE NUMBER+971-4-211-4800
OPERATING HOURSMonday-Friday (8 AM-7PM); Sunday (10 AM-5PM); Closed on Saturdays

Dubai Kennels and Cattery (also referred to as DKC) offer global pet relocation services, boarding and daycare, and veterinary services. 

They are a one-stop shop for services for your pet’s needs in every step of the relocation process. They can help with any documentation needs and any other vet-related treatments since they have their own veterinary clinic in-house. 

They have been in the global pet relocation and transit care business since the mid-1980’s so they have extensive experience. They are also the trusted animal handlers of Emirates Airline and Dnata at Dubai International Airport and Dubai World Central. 

DKC is also a known member of the  International Pet and Animal Transportation Association and the Animal Transportation Association. 

These partnerships and memberships tell us that their services and operations are kept in check to meet those agencies’ standards, so we’re pretty impressed by them. 

And just so it’s clear, it doesn’t seem like we’re the only ones impressed. DKC won the World Branding Forum’s Brand of the Year award for the Animalis category in 2017 and 2019 for their pet relocation services in particular. 

This reflects in their clients’ feedback: a lot of their customers praise their efficiency and professionalism. This quality experience comes with a hefty price, however. 

Based on our poll of their customers, their services are a bit on the high end for most consumers… but most also agree that the level of care is well worth the price. However, if you’re looking for a cheaper alternative, it might be best to go for another option. 

Their website offers a lot of insightful guides on further questions you may have about pet relocation, by the way, which we like. They also provide an option for you to contact them through their website. 

However, since they deal with a high volume of customers, they take quite a long time to respond to inquiries based on our experience. So it might be better to give them a call directly for a faster response.  


  • Extensive experience
  • Wide range of services – has in-house boarding & daycare and veterinary clinic
  • Prime location (near Dubai International Airport)
  • Official animal handlers of Dubai International Airport and Dubai World Central


  • Fees are on the high side
  • Takes time to reply to inquiries

Customer Reviews

Very professional, fast and clear on every step

Recently I used DKC pet relocation service to bring my puppy back to Dubai, they have done a great job, Fabio was very professional, fast and clear on every step, also kept me informed all the time making me feel less anxious as it was the first time my baby traveled on cargo, also the delivery guy, I forgot to get his name but he was very friendly and patient with Ludwig(my puppy). I highly recommend them! it’s so hard to find a good service in Dubai, I will bring my dog to them again for sure! Thanks a lot guys. -Victoria S. 

Cannot recommend them enough

I used DKC services to relocate my cat from Dubai to Amsterdam. Amy from DKC has been amazing in every aspect – she was perfectly well informed, communicated with me at all times, offered a lot of “free” advice and help and has been very caring throughout. I am very impressed by their services, responsiveness, and overall amazing and caring attitude towards humans and pets 🙂 I cannot recommend them enough for anything related to pet relocation and thank you Amy! -Matea Malikanovic

2. JetSet Pets 

JetSet Pets' Homepage
ADDRESSJetSet Pets LLC. International City, English Cluster Y17, Dubai – United Arab Emirates
EMAIL ADDRESS[email protected]
TELEPHONE NUMBER+971 56 21 21 200
OPERATING HOURSMonday- Thursday & Sunday (9 AM-6 PM); Saturday (11 AM-5 PM); Closed on Fridays

JetSet Pets is an independent pet shipping company that takes care of every step of the relocation process.  

JetSet Pets was established in 2018, so they are pretty young compared to other service providers here. However, they were a necessary addition to the list because of their track record and transparency. 

Once you book their service, they take care of booking and boarding, picking up and dropping off your pets, connecting you to veterinary services, and securing necessary health certificates and import permits. This eliminates the need for you to prepare these requirements, making relocating much easier on your end. 

They also have extensive experience related to customs clearance, which can be quite complicated if you deal with it on your own. Another plus is that you don’t need to worry about getting your own crate because they can supply the best one suited for your pet that satisfies IATA requirements.  

If you’re importing pets to Dubai, they can also get Dubai Municipality tags on your behalf once your pet arrives. As you can see, they take care of the necessary processes associated with pet relocation every step of the way. 

JetSet Pets is an independent shipping company and doesn’t offer other services in-house, but they do connect you to veterinary clinics and facilities you need. They have a lot of connections so they can find where you can get any additional service you require. 

Although it might cause additional work because it’s not readily available, the perk is that you can choose where to get the services done based on your preference.  Whether it’s an airline preference, or a veterinary clinic, they can cater to what you want. 

They also have an interesting guarantee that they do not mark up on these external services. They provide documentation to show exactly how much those services cost, with zero mark-ups from them – and in our case, at least, the numbers did seem to make sense. 

They have extensive experience transporting pets to different countries too, by the way. This shows in their previous clients’ feedback. 

A lot of them comment on the service provider’s efficiency, transparency, and flexibility. JetSet Pets give updates regularly and are really hands-on, giving the customers a worry free experience. 

They also offer door-to-door service, which is a very convenient option because you don’t have to worry about transporting your dog even from the airport to your new residence. 

Note however that they are only open for a limited time on Saturdays and are closed on Fridays. Take that into consideration should you book an appointment with them. 


  • Wide range of services
  • Frequent updates about your pet
  • Offers door to door service
  • Transparency in pricing (zero markup on external services)


  • Newer compared to competitors (established in 2018)
  • No in-house services like boarding and veterinary clinic

Customer Reviews

Would recommend to anyone relocating internationally with their pets 

I had a very stress-free experience relocating my cat from Dubai to Muscat. Very thorough communication. They handle all the paperwork in advance, book all the necessary tickets and do all the leg work themselves, leaving a very hassle-free experience for the customer. Jessica met me personally at the airport in Dubai and handled the check-in procedure, and my cat Sonic was happily waiting for me by the baggage belt in Muscat. A very excellent comprehensive service, would definitely use again, and would recommend to anyone relocating internationally with their pets. -Daniel Baxendale

Made the move seamlessly easy

JetSet Pets really did an amazing job in helping me relocate my cat from Dubai to Canada.

They helped in every step of the way and made the move seamlessly easy.

I did not have to worry about documentation or pickup and drop-off and their service is very price convenient compared to others. I highly recommend them. -Sami Sultan

3. Pawsome Pets 

Pawsome Pets' Homepage
ADDRESS26th St - Al Quoz - Al Quoz Industrial Area 4 - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
EMAIL ADDRESS[email protected]
TELEPHONE NUMBER+971 (0) 50 301 7663

+971 (0) 50 465 9127

OPERATING HOURSMonday- Thursday & Sunday (9 AM-6 PM); Friday & Saturday (9 AM-5 PM)

Pawsome Pets started out as a small venture helping animal welfare groups in the UAE by sending rescue pets to their adoptive owners. From there, they developed Pawsome Pets into the service provider it is now. 

Pawsome Pets offers import and export travel solutions and global pet relocations. To date, they have over 2,127 successful pet relocations. 

That number may not be as high as other competitors because they are a relatively young service provider. Still, they are still worth a mention because of their impressive track record and unique boarding facilities. 

Pawsome Pets’ boarding facilities offer premium amenities like play areas and include personal care for your pets according to your specifications. When we say premium amenities, we mean it. 

In fact, one of their boarding facilities is a luxury hotel just for cats that opened last year. We took a peek at it and it’s pretty nice: a lot of spacious rooms, lounges, scratching posts, and cat trees. 

Pawsome Pets are also recent members of the IPATA and ATA. This says a lot about their service since this means they underwent strict vetting processes and that they abide by the rules and standards of these two organizations when it comes to the safe and ethical transportation of animals.  

Another noteworthy thing about their team is that they are all certified to provide canine first aid. Although we hope they won’t get to use it, it’s comforting to know that they are certified should an emergency arise. 

Once you book an appointment with them, Pawsome Pets helps you settle and assess your pet’s travel requirements, making sure that they are fit and ready for travel. They also liaise with customs and quarantine officials, which is really convenient – you don’t have to worry about these steps any longer. 

They can also arrange transport of your pets and even offer door to door services. They also have a lot of arrangements should your pet need boarding, since they have their own facility and have contacts in other boarding facilities from all over the world. 

However, they also don’t have an in-house veterinary clinic. They can only advise and help arrange vet-related appointments such as parasite treatments and blood tests. 

This can be a point of inconvenience, especially if you still need a lot of vet-related services done. So that’s something to consider if you ever book an appointment with them. 


  • Door to door services
  • Premium boarding facilities
  • Members of the IPATA and ATA
  • Whole team are certified canine first-aiders
  • Open all days of the week


  • No in-house veterinary clinic
  • Less experience compared to competitors (have only relocated over 2000 pets)

Customer Reviews

Such an efficient and knowledgeable team 

The best people to deal with if ever thinking of pet relocation, their genuine love for the animals is so obvious. French bulldogs travel restrictions are insane so I was so worried but they made it look effortless whilst ensuring everything was ready without me having to do a thing. Such an efficient and knowledgeable team who also happen to be extremely kind people I wouldn’t hesitate to use them again. -Kate Lynch

Delivered excellent service from beginning to end 

Pawsome Pets delivered excellent service from beginning to end helping us to fly our 2 Frenchie’s back to the UK.  They were recommended to us by a friend and did not let us down.  From ensuring we had the correct crate size for our Frenchie Pixie through to guiding us through the vet visits they put our minds at rest. A special thanks to Arno too who quickly became best friends with Boo & Pixie on the final day and helped me understand the process for the Ministry Vet visit and check-in, keeping me up to date on the process with photos! Boo & Pixie are now safely home in the UK getting used to the cold weather! -Craig Goddard

4. Snoopy Pets 

Snoopy Pets' Homepage
ADDRESSSnoopy Pets LLC, Capitol Complex Warehouse, 1 - 14 C St, Al Quoz, Dubai, UAE.
EMAIL ADDRESS[email protected]
TELEPHONE NUMBER+971 4 321 3095
OPERATING HOURSMonday- Saturday (7 AM-7 PM); Sunday (9 AM-5 PM)

Snoopy Pets is the official partner of Emirates Pets and has over 8000 successful pet relocations. It goes without saying that they have extensive experience in relocating pets. 

They were also recognized as the Best Pet Relocation Provider and also the Best Dog Daycare Facility by the UAE Business Awards for two consecutive years. So they are well-known in their industry for their services.  

We also found a lot of previous clients who praise them for their professionalism and genuine care for the pets. Based on our survey, they have a lot of return clients because of their consistent and great service. 

Snoopy Pets is also a member of the ATA and IPATA, which is a good thing, as mentioned in the entries before. This shows us that their services abide by the standards of these two organizations on ethical and safe transportation of animals.  

Aside from relocation services, Snoopy Pets also offer daycare services and pet taxis to transport your pets. Like the other service providers, they also have an in-house boarding and cattery. 

What is unique about this service provider is that they also offer grooming services for your pets, a dog swimming pool, and even a certified dog trainer. Although these might not be the top priority when moving, it is still nice to know that you can avail of these services should you want them. 

However, they lack an in-house veterinary clinic (which is honestly what we’d have preferred over those other services!). So if you would need in-house vet-related services and treatments for your furry friend, it might be best to go with another option. 

Their website is also a bit limited when it comes to information unlike the other service providers. They are also not as active on social media – we see that it’s been a while since they updated their pages. 

It makes it a bit inconvenient to see the extent of their services and learn more about them. It also makes us worry a little about their potential responsiveness on social media.  

In line with that, they don’t respond quickly when you inquire on their website, based on experience. So it might be best to give them a call or pay them a visit directly to inquire. 


  • Named Best Pet Relocation Provider by the UAE Business Awards
  • Extensive experience in pet relocations
  • Member of ATA and IPATA
  • Offers daycare services, pet taxis, grooming services
  • Has inhouse boarding facilities


  • Social media accounts are outdated
  • Website does not offer a lot of information
  • Takes a long time to respond to inquiries

Customer Reviews

We always knew exactly what to expect and what must be done next.

Snoopy Pets, you guys are amazing! A huge thank you to Ruth!  She was excellent with importing our two babies from South Africa to Dubai.  When sending through our paperwork to Ruth she immediately picked up and notified us about mistakes on it that needed to be rectified.  Ruth made 100% sure that every last detail is 100% correct and kept us informed the whole time.   We always knew exactly what to expect and what must be done next. The two gentlemen who delivered our pups were just as amazing with animals, showing genuine love for animals and treating them with the most care. Our dogs arrived in Dubai safe and sound and from our family, we just want to say thank you! -Jo-Mari Pretorius

A truly exceptional experience

Thank you again to Lindsey and team for a truly exceptional experience using Snoopy Pets to take my two dogs safely and comfortably to Australia from Dubai. This is the 3rd time I’ve used Snoopy and each time has been a great experience with a team who genuinely go out of their way to make sure every single possible detail is looked after. Thank you again Lindsey !! -Benjamin

5. Pet Express UAE

Pet Express UAE's Homepage
ADDRESSPet Express LLC, PO BOX 23261, Dubai, United Arab EmiratesGarhoud - Dubai - United Arab Emirates
EMAIL ADDRESS[email protected]
TELEPHONE NUMBER+971 52 683 7109

• Linda Tedd ( Managing Partner ) - 050 724 2588

• Alison Ingham ( Managing Partner ) - 052 683 7109

OPERATING HOURSMonday- Sunday (9AM-6 PM); Closed on Fridays

Established in 2007, Pet Express UAE has extensive experience in pet relocation. Combined, their team has over 12 years of experience transporting pets to and from the UAE. 

They are very well-versed on the different types of travel documents you need depending on your case. Whether importing or exporting a pet from Dubai, Pet Express UAE can arrange everything needed every step of the way. 

They are also very communicative. They update pet owners about the status of the relocation constantly. 

This is great because it eases the worries of the pet owners and also shows that they are accountable and reliable. 

They even offer a pick-up and drop off service. This includes home delivery within the UAE. 

Should you need home delivery outside the UAE, you can book them as well. Just coordinate with them via email to arrange the details of the delivery – we tried it ourselves and found it a snap to arrange. 

They also offer IATA-approved crates for your needs. They will even assist you in finding the one best suited for your pet, so that’s another nice thing about them. 

However, compared to the others, Pet Express UAE doesn’t offer services outside of pet relocation. They do not have in-house boarding facilities or a veterinary clinic. 

So if you and your pet need those other services, this might not be the best option for you. 

They do however have external partners, which is worth a mention. These include Pet’s Delight for grooming and accessories and Paw Parking for boarding. 

As for accessibility, although their website does not have a whole lot of information, they are very active on social media. So it might be best to reach them there or give them a call directly to inquire. 


  • Offers home delivery in and outside the UAE
  • Communicative – gives updates regularly
  • Accessible and active on social media
  • Extensive experience (over 12 years)


  • Website doesn’t offer a lot of info
  • Does not offer a wide range of services outside of relocation

Customer Reviews

Recommended without hesitation

Fantastic seamless process. Alison and team assisted with the relocation of our cat from the UK to Dubai. From organising local representatives for Heathrow and dealing with the new restrictions to VIP pickup and drop off in Dubai. Great communication throughout even video arrival footage. Thanks to all for a great experience- recommended without hesitation. -Claudia Philipps

The process was a lot smoother than expected

Pet Express is an extremely professional, helpful and kind service provider. I had to move my three dogs from Singapore to Dubai on short notice under some special circumstances and Alison was very accomodating and reassured me at every stress point. The process was a lot smoother than I expected, owed greatly to Alison’s hard work and great communication. As a pet owner who understands how stressful this process can be, I can safely say choosing Pet Express was the best decision I made. Even after arriving in Dubai, Alison and her team continue to be very helpful. -Valerina Sureshkumar

FAQs about Pet Relocation in Dubai

Moving is challenging in itself, but even more so when you’re traveling with pets. The service providers in this article can be a big help to make the relocation process smoother. 

Did we miss any service providers that you think should be included in this list? Send us a message and tell us all about your experience, we’d love to know! 

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