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The Best Tips to Keep Pests Away From Your Property in Dubai

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Dubai’s year-round warm weather is great, but on the flip side, it’s also one of the main causes of pest infestations in the city. 

Densely populated neighborhoods in Bur Dubai, Al Barsha, Deira, and Dubai Marina are suffering from a lot of pest problems right now. Even your property might be at risk too. 

But there are ways to stop unwanted critters and bugs from making your home theirs. The easiest way is to hire pest control companies, of course, but some methods are DIY-friendly too.

Let’s start with the things you can do yourself to keep pests away from your property in Dubai! 

Common Dubai Indoor Pests and How to Get Rid of Them

No matter how much extra space you have at home, you shouldn’t be sharing it with pesky critters. Here are some of the common house pests you should watch out for, along with the ways to nix them for good. 

ANTS – How can I keep ants away in my house? 

Not all ants are pests. In fact, the only probable reason they invade homes is that they’re looking for food and shelter. 

However, when you notice a steady stream of ants parading on your kitchen floors, well, that may be a big problem. Here are the steps you can try to keep them away permanently. 

  1. Look for the thing or food that’s attracting the ants and clean it up. 
  2. Destroy the ant trail by spraying a mix of one tablespoon of vinegar and three cups of water. 
  3. If step two did not eliminate all of your unwanted tenants, you can use another spray mixture composed of one tablespoon peppermint or lavender oil and three cups of water. You can also opt for the chemical route like sprays with boric acid. Just note that the latter option can be harmful to pets and kids. 

FLIES – How can I eliminate the flies in my house? 

Whether you’re staying in a serviced apartment or renting a furnished apartment, flies might still find a way to annoy you because they prefer to stay where people live. 

On top of being a total nuisance, they can also carry and spread diseases, so it’s best to get rid of them promptly. Here’s a solution you can try. 

  1. You can start by making your own fly trap. Cut off the bottom of any two-liter soda bottle. 
  2. To lure in the flies, you can put something sweet in that container together with some fruit-scented dish soap. We recommend using juice, sugar water, or apple cider vinegar.
  3. After that, make sure to tightly cover the container with plastic wrap. Don’t forget to poke a few holes in the wrap so flies can get into the container but not out. 

ROACHES – How will I get rid of the cockroaches in my home? 

Cockroaches prefer to stay in dark and damp areas with food and water sources. Unfortunately, these pests can quickly multiply, so it’s best to get rid of them before an infestation occurs. 

To help you deal with these icky critters, here’s a home remedy you can try. 

  1. When it comes to eliminating roaches, boric acid will be your best friend. Just spread the powder on your drawers, cabinets, or the dark corners of your house. See to it that you wear gloves and a mask during the process to avoid inhaling the product. 
  2. Leave the boric acid for a day. However, if your space is already infested with cockroaches, we suggest that you leave it for two to three days. 
  3. After the waiting time, you can expect to see dead roaches in those areas. Make sure to clean it properly to get rid of all the boric acid. 

BED BUGS – How can I stop bed bug infestation? 

Bed bugs are tiny bloodsuckers that can quickly wreak havoc in your house if not eliminated properly. 

We suggest that you call in a professional exterminator team if there’s already an infestation. In the meantime, here’s a home remedy you can try. 

  1. No matter how high-quality your mattress, upholstery, or carpet is, take the time to vacuum them properly. 
  2. You can also clean your bedding or other soft items where bed bugs might be. Make sure to use the hottest setting possible on your washing machine.
  3. If vacuuming your mattress and furniture is not enough, you can also try steam cleaning them. Clean every nook and cranny because it’s where bedbugs hide. 

RATS – How can I keep rats out of my property?

Rats can thrive even in the most narrow spaces of your property. 

These unwanted visitors can carry diseases that may pose serious health issues to your family. In addition to that, they can also cause structural damage to your home by chewing through walls, gnawing on insulation wires, nest-building, and more.

To avoid further infestation, here are the steps you can take. 

  1. Seal any hole, crack, or gap in your home using caulk, cement, hardware cloth, or plaster. 
  2. Rats love hiding, so make sure to eliminate the areas where they can find shelter. Keep your trash or food in tightly closed bins and get rid of any clutter in and around your property. 
  3. If there are still rats in your home, you can try placing traps in areas where they might be hiding. You can use baits like unsalted seeds, peanut butter, and meats. 

Helpful Tips to Prevent Pest Infestation In Your Property 

Helpful Tips to Prevent Pest Infestation In Your Property
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Now that you have some idea of how to get rid of the pesky critters inside your home, it’s time to go on offense. That means you should try to take preventative steps to discourage future infestations. 

1. Try blocking potential entry points. 

Blocking any potential entry points in your house can substantially reduce the chance of pest infestations. 

If you wish to enjoy the breeze without the annoying presence of mosquitoes or flies, you can install window screens. 

In addition to that, we also suggest that you immediately repair and seal any cracks or holes in your roof, vents, and walls to avoid insects from getting in and establishing a nest. 

2. Stay on top of maintenance work and practice routine cleaning.

Pests love unhygienic and damp places, so one of the best preventive measures you can do is to practice routine cleaning in and around your house. 

For an added safety measure, you can also opt to hire a professional cleaning service or disinfection service in Dubai. 

Besides that, you should also be aware of the repair and maintenance work that your house requires. Poorly maintained houses typically get infestations faster, whether because they tend to have more entry points, have leaks that provide ready water sources for pests, or something else.

However, if you can’t keep up with the maintenance requirements of your space because of your schedule, you can also hire some of the best carpenters and handymen in Dubai to do the job for you. 

3. Store food items properly. 

Food items and products that are not sealed or stored properly attract a range of pests such as ants, rats, and cockroaches. That is why it’s essential to keep each item tightly wrapped or sealed. 

Make sure to clean any spill or crumbs immediately. Besides that, we also suggest that you regularly clean your pantry and kitchen. 

4. Manage waste disposal properly. 

Proper waste management is key in keeping the pests and critters at bay. We recommend that you regularly take out your trash and avoid letting it overflow. 

You can invest in a good-quality trash bin with a lid to lessen the risk of leakage. Aside from that, it can also effectively prevent critters from entering. 

5. Get in touch with a professional pest control service provider. 

While the above-mentioned tips can help lessen the risk of infestation, we still recommend getting in touch with a pest control team, especially if you have experienced these problems before. 

Since these experts can accurately identify the source and type of infestation you have at home, they can provide professional advice, management methods, and treatments to prevent future infestations. 

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