5 Tips for Wrapping an Odd-Shaped Gift

5 Tips for Wrapping an Odd-Shaped Gift

Giving a gift is really fun, especially when you see the smile that appears on the recipient’s face when they open it. For some, it even counts as a way to destress from daily life.

However, choosing the right wrapping paper, ribbon, and even boxes can be a challenge. There are different sizes, shapes, and lengths.

Here are some unique ideas for wrapping an odd-shaped gift.

1. Use pixie or decor lights

Use pixie or decor lights

If you’re wrapping something that doesn’t have a box, but you still need to make sure that it won’t get squished or damaged during transit, try using string lights.

Use a light color wrapping paper so that the lights can be easily seen through it, and then tie them in place with a ribbon. 

You can also decorate your light string with bows if you want to give the gift a festive touch.

Make sure the lights work before giving them as a gift, then tie them in a knot at the back of your gift when you’re done!

2. Make a sampler gift box

Make a sampler gift box

To give your recipient lots of presents in one go, wrap a sampler gift box. The idea is to compile a collection of small gifts and wrap them in a box.

Each gift should be wrapped individually and placed inside the box as you go along so it’s easy to see what’s inside without having to open everything up.

Some suggestions for items you might include: mini bottles of wine or whiskey, decorated sugar cubes, chocolate bars with fun shapes (like an elephant), fancy cookies from an artisanal bakery (with their names written on the bag), cute fortune cookies, and handmade jewelry made out of metal scraps — the possibilities are endless! 

Wrap the entire sampler in festive paper and add a bow or other embellishment at one end if desired.

3. Supersize a Christmas cracker

Supersize a Christmas cracker

If you’re wrapping a gift in a box that doesn’t quite fit, don’t panic. A little creativity will help you make the most of your materials and turn an awkward shape into something fun.

To start, use a huge cardboard (preferably a size that fits your intended gift) and roll it as the base for your package. Secure it with tape on both ends as they meet in the middle.

Next, simply wrap the entire package in decorative paper, securing it with ribbon or twine as well (if there are flaps to cover). After this is done, don’t forget to put your gift inside!

Feel free to use any decorative elements outside the wrapping paper you please!

4. Make a wrapper paper bag

Make a wrapper paper bag

There is a way to wrap an odd-shaped gift that doesn’t fit in a box. It’s called the paper bag, and it’s one of the easiest ways to create a unique look with minimal effort.

Once you buy your paper bag on your payday, you can decorate it or not—it’s up to you!

If you want to get fancy, we recommend getting some wrapping paper and cutting out shapes with scissors before putting them in your bag.

You could also use tape and make dotted lines around the edge of the bag for decoration.

You can also put other gifts inside this wrap; this makes for an excellent grab-bag effect!

5. Make flower-bouquet-styled gifts

Make flower-bouquet-styled gifts

If you’re trying to wrap a small gift but don’t want to put it in a box or bag, try arranging the items in a bouquet.

You can use flowers or other decorative things to wrap around your present and then secure them with ribbon.

This easy trick is perfect for small gifts like jewelry, scarves, candles, and more!

Just like how flowers would be arranged in a bouquet, place the gifts at the center of your paper.

Then wrap some ribbon around the top part of each item, and tie off at one end by tucking in any excess paper.

Wrapping odd-shaped gifts aren’t difficult, but it will take a little bit of creativity to find the best way to address the shape of your gift.

Some of the techniques used above can be used on any size product.

So no matter what your gift may be—whether clothes or even cake—any of these ideas will do! 

You may also choose to deliver your gift to make things more convenient for you.

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