5 Alternatives for When Your Gift Doesn't Arrive on Time

5 Alternatives for When Your Gift Doesn’t Arrive on Time

If you’re shopping for someone who lives far away or is difficult to get a hold of, it can be nerve-wracking to send a gift without knowing if it will arrive on time.

But don’t worry — there are plenty of alternatives for the best gift that will still put a smile on their face!

1. Surprise them with an experience

If your gift doesn’t arrive on time or if the recipient simply misses receiving the package on the intended date, do not fret! You can give them an experience that they will enjoy.

The next time you’re planning to spend some quality time with someone who’s a sports fan, consider giving them tickets to a sporting event as a gift. 

This can be as simple as getting two tickets for their favorite baseball game.

If you want something more unique, consider getting them a gift certificate for a spa treatment or a virtual cooking class. They’ll surely appreciate the chance to relax or make something delicious at home.

2. Gift them gift cards

If you’re worried that your gift won’t arrive on time, consider giving a gift card instead.

Gift cards are popular with shoppers because they don’t require any thought or judgment from the giver and the recipient can get to choose their own gift.

Gift cards can be purchased at most stores and online retailers, either as an electronic card or through the mail.

There are several different types of gift cards to choose from. You can buy one that is redeemable only at one specific store or multiple stores (like Amazon).

You can also purchase an e-gift card for someone’s favorite store or service, which means they’ll receive an email containing a link to their account where they can use it immediately.

If you want to give someone more flexibility when shopping for their own presents after receiving yours late, consider offering them a prepaid credit card with some funds on it.

This way, they can go out and pick up whatever strikes their fancy without having to worry about spending too much money before payday arrives again next month!

3. Gift a subscription box

If you’re looking for a gift that’s as thoughtful as it is useful, consider giving a subscription box.

You can find them on sites like Amazon and Etsy, but if you want to give the gift of something truly unique (and less expensive than the retail price), try checking out niche websites that feature artisanal goods.

If your friend loves tea, for example, subscribe to a recommended tea brand and surprise them with a box full of different blends they’ll enjoy trying out!

If you’re going with this option and want to purchase a subscription on someone else’s behalf, it helps to have an idea of what kind of items they’d like.

4. Shop at physical stores

If you have time before the gift recipient’s birthday, you might consider going to a store and buying another gift. This is generally easier than ordering online, and it can be done in a few different ways.

First of all, if you’re buying something small (like flowers or chocolates), then just walk into the store and pick up what you need.

The best thing about physical shopping is that while it’s a very last-minute option, it guarantees you have a gift right away, and if you have the extra time, you could even get it wrapped with a nice little bow!

5. Surprise them with a trip

If you can’t send a gift in time, don’t worry! You can always use the gift of travel.

One option is to offer to plan and book a trip (possibly through a travel agency) for the recipient and their family.

The cost doesn’t have to be extravagant. You could choose a destination that’s close by or even just a weekend getaway from home.

If you’re feeling up for it, go all out and plan an international vacation. Your loved one will appreciate your thoughtfulness, and they may not realize what’s coming until they get there!

You can even go with them on this trip, and if this is the case, don’t forget to bring your travel insurance with you.

We hope you never have to go through this yourself, but emergency gift planning is an unfortunate reality for many, whether this is for Christmas, Valentine’s Day, or another occasion.

But when you heed these tips to heart, you should be able to come up with a remarkable gift for them—maybe even better than the original gift!

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