The 5 Most Lucrative Jobs in Dubai

The 5 Most Lucrative Jobs in Dubai

Picking a specific career path takes a lot of time and effort. You have to consider various factors such as education, training, and expenditures needed for you actually to be capable of handling your chosen job. 

Some pick their college courses or jobs based on what they’re passionate about. Others would choose via the salary given per month. 

Generally speaking, the higher the salary, the better. With that said, we’ve listed the most lucrative jobs in Dubai that can help you decide what path you want to take in the future! 

What is the minimum wage salary that can be earned? 

Before we actually begin listing things down, let’s first set a threshold. This is to ensure that we are giving you the jobs that provide the highest salaries in the city. 

The following table lists the estimated average wages that can be earned: 

Minimum wage/month (in AED)$21,850.00
Maximum wage/month (in AED)$99,000.00

Please note that this is merely the average. Obviously salaries can go way beyond AED 99,000. 

1. Finance 

Average Monthly SalaryAED 75,000
Salary RangeAED 55,000 - AED 90,000

Financing involves wealth management. Companies usually hire bookkeepers, accountants, and at the highest level, chief financial officers. 

These professionals are in charge of overseeing an establishment’s profits and losses. On the other hand, they may also be hired to oversee a client’s wealth, estate, and property. 

2. Law 

Average Monthly SalaryAED 77,000
Salary RangeAED 60,000 - 106,000

Lawyers have high salaries because they are very educated individuals that took great effort in studying the intricate details of government laws in the country. They are hired to provide legal advice and guidance for individuals and companies. 

Certain companies and coporations usually hire an in-house lawyer that will be at their beck and call for necessary decisions or lawsuits. 

Should you choose to become a lawyer, note that you can specialize in various areas such as real estate, divorce, property, notary, and labor.

3. Medicine 

Average Monthly SalaryAED 73,460
Salary RangeAED 16,000 - AED 80,000

For this section, we’re specifically referring to doctors. These medical professionals are required to obtain a level of higher education, finish a specific period of training, and pass a government-regulated certification for their chosen field of practice. 

Doctors are required to make life-changing decisions to ensure a patient will be cured of their ailment or disease. Therefore, they are compensated accordingly. 

For people choosing this career path, note that you will have to pick a specialization to focus on. Possible medical fields include psychology, and pediatrics, among countless others.

4. IT and Tech 

Average Monthly SalaryAED 60,000
Salary RangeAED 50,000 - AED 80,000

With the vast advancements made in technology and its introduction to our daily lives, more people and companies are seeking the expertise of information technology professionals. 

IT Managers, specifically, gain the highest salary in the IT industry. These people are responsible for the deployment, project design, and business solutions in a company.

Heads up though: to get this role, companies require at least twelve years of experience in the industry. It will take a long time and lots of hard work, but once you’ve qualified, it will be worth it! 

5. Education 

Average Monthly SalaryAED 25,000
Salary RangeAED 19,000 - AED 40,000

Education is necessary for most, if not all, of the jobs around the world. College-level professors are partially responsible for imparting the information a student needs for the career they are aiming for upon graduation. 

Professors are often required to have master’s or doctorate degrees in their chosen field. Aside from that, some universities may require tenured teachers to produce research or outputs that can be submitted to conferences. 

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