How to Revamp and Paint an Interior Door

How to Revamp and Paint an Interior Door

You don’t always have to sacrifice comfort for style when fixing your home’s interior, such as changing your door and adding furniture. Painting your interior door is a good way to give your home a brand new look.

If you have a specific design for your door in mind, hiring an interior designer can help. They have the creativity and expertise needed to revamp your home entirely.

Whether you’re tired of your old design or just feel like changing your home interior to destress, painting your door is a great choice.

Moreover, your door is the first thing you see when entering your room or furnished apartment. If you notice that your door has paint peeling off already or doesn’t match the theme you had in mind, it may be time to get painting.

In the following, we’ll discuss how you can paint an interior door without hiring a professional.

1. Remove the door

While you can certainly choose not to remove the door, it’s easier to paint your interior door by removing accessories like the doorknob and hinges. It’s a more straightforward method compared to keeping it in place.

With that being said, you want to remove the pins in the door hinges, and after you do so, slide the door off. You also don’t have to remove all door hinges, as you can leave the other half on the door casing.

You also must remove the doorknob, rectangular faceplate, round trim, and any existing door hooks and protectors.

2. Sand your door

Before painting, sanding your door is essential if you want the paint to stick. You must sand the entire door, which means including the edges.

For proper sanding, it’s advisable to start with medium-grit sandpaper, particularly if your door already has existing imperfections, such as rough patches and blemishes.

If you fail to sand your interior door before painting, it’s highly likely you won’t end up with a smooth finish. Instead, you’ll have bumps and impurities, leaving it to look messy and uneven.

If you skip this step, the paint may also end up peeling after months.

3. Start painting the edges

With your paintbrush, begin painting the edges of your door. If your door has any door panels, don’t forget to paint them too.

Don’t put too much paint on your paintbrush to avoid runs and sags. Again, you want to make your door finish as smooth and remarkable as possible.

Remember that since you’re only painting the edges, just dab a little paint.

4. Use a foam roller

Foam rollers are typically used for painting homes, which could also apply to your interior door. Foam rollers are ideal to use for doors with flat surfaces.

While you’re at it, you can also touch up any drips you see from your brushwork. The best thing about foam rollers is that they spread paint evenly on your door, and unlike paintbrushes, they won’t leave any bumps or marks.

However, since it applies the paint thinner, you will need two coats of paint. So once the first layer dries, don’t forget to apply a second one.

The remarkable thing about painting is that it can be a DIY home improvement project. However, if you’re a busy individual and lack the time to get this done, you can always hire a painter to get the job done.

Your newly painted door should have a smooth and perfect finish as long as you follow these tips. If you’re looking for more home maintenance tips, you can find more helpful advice here.

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