Bad Cleaning Habits You Need to Break

Bad Cleaning Habits You Need to Break

Maintaining your home can be a tedious task. Whether your furnished apartment or home is small or massive, it can be overwhelming to clean 

Your habits define your home’s tidiness. We all want to get the cleaning process of our homes or even our offices over with, but some shortcuts can actually lengthen the process.

Some habits may help you get the job done quickly but can negatively impact your home. If you want to avoid calling in professionals, you must learn to separate good cleaning habits from bad ones.

1. Get rid of paper clutter

While you may think it’s harmless to keep paper clutter, this is a bad habit to have. Bills, magazines, newspapers, and used documents tend to pile up.

It’s advisable to designate a place near your entry door for all your mail and documents. This doesn’t only make it easier to sort out the clutter, but it’s also easier to throw away if needed.

If you don’t feel comfortable throwing paper documents that you might need, such as your bills and documents, you can take advantage of self-storage and place them there.

2. Cleaning when it gets overwhelming

The primary reason why people hate cleaning is they wait until their upholstery furniture gets too unclean or their space becomes a giant mess. You want to take it little by little so this doesn’t happen. 

It’s recommended to vacuum your bedroom and areas with carpets at least once a week. If it’s allergy season, be sure to vacuum at least twice a week.

For the areas you don’t occupy as much such as the guest room, you can vacuum this once a month.

If you find simple ways to clean your home and maintain it, you’ll find that you’ll never get to the point of being overwhelmed with cleaning. For instance, if you see your couch or carpet is already dirty, clean them already.

Don’t wait for the mess to accumulate in other areas of your home.

3. Leaving dirty dishes in the sink

Some of us may have a pet peeve for washing dishes. We get it; it’s not a fun chore to do.

However, you must wash the dishes every day to avoid bacteria growth. You may think nothing bad will happen when you leave the pile of dishes overnight, but this is a false assumption.

Your home will smell, and mold and bacteria can form, which encourages pests and other insects to thrive in your home. If you want to avoid calling a pest control company, wash your dishes daily.

4. Using too much paper towel

Paper towels are the primary culprit for any drainage and plumbing issues in your home. Unless you want a handyman to repair your clogged toilet or sink, it’s best to use only a minimal amount of paper towels.

Most importantly, you should never throw paper towels in your bathroom. Paper towels don’t dissolve quickly, and it will take a professional to repair any clog issues.

5. Using too much cleaning products

You may think that more cleaning products mean a faster cleaning process. However, not only is this false, but it can do more harm than good.

Using too much can leave a residue when not cleaned adequately, which then becomes dirt on the surface. So in other words, this is a counterproductive thing to do, even if you mean well.

Be sure to always read the recommended usage per cleaning product to use it properly. Otherwise, you may be wasting the product as well as your time and energy.

While you want to make cleaning as efficient as possible, choose a method that doesn’t cause problems in the long run.

Cleaning is often considered a tedious and time-consuming job, but refraining from doing the activities mentioned above can make it easier and quicker.