Home Remedies for Lower Back Pain

Home Remedies for Lower Back Pain

Back pain is one of the most common and frustrating things we deal with daily. There are several reasons why this happens, ranging from poor posture and lifestyle choices.

If you’ve been suffering from back pain for a prolonged period now, it can help to visit a chiropractor or spa massage. Both these visits will provide you with the relief you need for the tension in your back joints and muscles.

It could also help to visit a medical professional on the chance that there’s an underlying condition for your back pain like arthritis and osteoporosis.

In the following, we’ll be discussing some of the effective home remedies for lower back pain.

1. Lower-Back Exercises

If you live a sedentary lifestyle, this can be detrimental to your lower back. Exercise is an excellent inclusion to your self-care routine.

Even with a packed schedule, it’s vital to incorporate any form of physical activity such as yoga or bodyweight exercises. Studies have significantly shown the link between exercise and back pain, with between 10% to 50% back pain reduction.

Examples of exercises that can strengthen your lower back muscles are planks, superman, and back crunches. Also, when you strengthen your back muscles, there’s an increased chance your posture will improve as well.

2. Apply ice or heat

If the cause of your lower back pain is an injury, it’s crucial to apply ice or heat right away. Placing an ice bag or a heat compress on the area that hurts can significantly reduce the pain.

Professionals recommend approximately 20 minutes on and 20 minutes off for the cycle of placing ice or heat on your back. Ice numbs sore muscles, providing relief similar to anesthetics; reduces swelling; and decreases inflammation.

On the contrary, heat is the best option for subacute or chronic back pain because it improves back stiffness, repairs damaged muscles, and relieves inflammation, too.

3. Arrange your work desk

Lower back pain can often be caused by poor lifestyle choices, especially when living a sedentary lifestyle. If you constantly sit at your desk for eight hours straight, this will strain your back.

This is because of the increased pressure on your neck, spine, shoulders, and arms. Your spine is kept in good condition through encouraging flexibility and movement, so sitting for a prolonged period will strain your back muscles.

This can cause the discs in your vertebrae to lose their cushioning, which is why you feel pain in your lower back. With all of this being said, it also helps to get upholstery furniture or comfortable office chairs.

This will ensure comfort even when you’re working for hours in your furnished apartment, home, or office. Incorporating an ergonomic setup through an adjustable office chair and laptop stand is also beneficial.

4. Fix your posture

Your posture is everything when it comes to back pain. If your back is always hunched and you aren’t sitting upright, there’s a huge chance you’ll have back pain throughout the day.

Proper posture means your back is straight with shoulders back and properly leaned on your chair. This goes for sitting on whatever furniture, whether an office chair or sofa.

Also, you shouldn’t cross your legs, as this position encourages you to hunch your back. Ideally, your knees should also be bent at a 90-degree angle, and there should be a small gap between your chair and the back of your knees.

Most importantly, be mindful that your back or any part of your body isn’t stiff.

5. Fix your sleeping arrangements

Aside from your working arrangements, your sleeping arrangements also affect your back pain. It’s vital you purchase the right kind of mattress that will support your back and the rest of your body.

You may not know this, but the wrong mattress will cause back pain or even make it worse. Without the right kind of support, it’ll be easy to fall into the wrong sleeping position.

This will encourage incorrect spine alignment and strain your muscles, which contribute to lower back pain. 

6. Draw a mineral bath

A mineral bath is one of the most relaxing and therapeutic things you can do for your back. Especially if the cause of your back pain is inflammation, this can greatly help.

Epsom salts are known for easing tension and providing relief for your body. Try adding 300g of salt to your mineral bath and let it soak for at least 15 minutes.

Make sure your bath is warm but isn’t too hot to soak all the benefits for your back.

7. Avoid sleeping on your stomach

Similar to having the wrong mattress, sleeping on your stomach can worsen your back pain. The best sleeping position is still on your back, followed by sleeping on your side.

Sleeping on your stomach makes your torso sink deeper into your mattress. As a result, your back will tend to arch, which then brings your back out of its natural alignment.

Since you’re in this position for hours, it will worsen your back pain more than any other sleeping position.

If none of these remedies seem to work, you can always take advantage of physiotherapy treatments for your mobility and function. Since your back affects most, if not all, of your body functions, this can give you the relief you seek.

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