A Guide To The Must-Visit Places in Dubai

A Guide To The Must-Visit Places in Dubai 

Are you readying your travel itinerary? Maybe interested in roaming the various streets and tourist spots in Dubai?

Well, we’ve got you covered! Here are some of our recommended areas you have to visit while you’re in the city! 

1. Mosques

Mosques are a sacred place of prayer for Muslims. These intricately-shaped architectural marvels are also a testament to the culture and traditions in Dubai. 

If you would want to fully immerse yourself as you travel around the city, we recommend visiting one or two mosques. You could simply travel to gawk at the edifice’s design, but it could also be a good source of enlightenment if you are looking for it. 

2. Gardens 

Dubai is not just full of skyscrapers and corporate buildings. The city has made its own large and breath-taking eco-parks and nature-friendly spaces that can be visited by tourists as well. 

These gardens can certainly be a good spot for taking Instagram-worthy photos. In addition, you can also take a look at the various flora from all over the world planted and maintained in Dubai’s gardens. 

3. Theme Parks 

Get your adrenaline pumping with fun, fast, and quirky rides and attractions in Dubai’s theme parks. 

We’re not just talking about rides though. Dubai is home to multiple theme parks that can range from downright quirky like LEGOLAND to what can be called a resort such as water parks.

There are a lot of options for you to choose from, depending on what you want to see. 

Some theme parks also have special performances, which can include light or drone shows, dancers, parades, and more. Rest assured you wouldn’t be bored visiting one during your stay in Dubai! 

4. Skydiving 

Speaking of adrenaline, try jumping down from a very high place. In this case, maybe from one of Dubai’s high skyscrapers? 

Using the advantage of the built structures around the city, some companies took the chance to offer tourists and residents one of the ultimate thrills they can have in their lives. 

If you fancy yourself a daredevil, then we dare you to take the plunge from any of Dubai’s skydiving locations! 

5. Shopping Malls 

Would you actually go back home from Dubai without buying something? This city is known for its cheaper prices and wide variety of brands and items to choose from. 

The city has various malls, each hosting a lot of brands and stores you can easily spend hours getting lost in. Aside from that, the shopping malls here are filled with amenities and food stops where you can drag your friends or family to spend time in! 

BONUS. Festivals 

This city is no stranger to festivals. This comes in the bonus section as trying to get into one can get tricky. 

We’re talking about booking at the right time so you can actually attend one. Regardless, if you have the time, energy, and funds – Dubai’s festivals are one of the good reasons you can come visit the city. 

From historically significant Dhow races to international boat racing tournaments, you can have many festivals to choose from. 

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