9 Effective Digital Marketing Tips for Business Owners

9 Effective Digital Marketing Tips for Business Owners

Nowadays, more and more business owners are turning to digital marketing. It’s hardly surprising given that recent events have only spurred on consumers’ adoption of digital channels themselves.

If you need advice on this matter for your own business, you’re in luck. Today, we’re listing some of the best digital marketing tips and strategies for Dubai business owners this year. 

1. Invest in expanding your website’s presence and visibility. 

Whether you run a travel agency, architecture firm, or recruitment agency in Dubai, you need a website. That’s it.

Especially now that the opportunity for face-to-face advertising and communication is currently limited, you should invest in your business’s website, first of all. Use it as your central hub and expand the visibility and presence of your brand. 

Don’t create a website just for the sake of having one, though. Remember that people search for almost everything under the sun online, so your website is a tool – one meant to be used to attract potential customers. 

So don’t make a half-hearted one and leave it to languish. If you don’t have the time to monitor and improve your website, you can go through some of the best Dubai web design firms we’ve reviewed. Choose the provider that can help you better represent your product or service. 

2. Try using some informative videos. 

Facebook ads and pay-per-click marketing tactics are effective, but the market’s also saturated with them. In simpler terms, many consumers may now find them boring. 

Hence, in this competitive industry, many Dubai business owners are looking for new ways to generate traffic to their websites. Video marketing is probably the way to go, given the consistent interest consumers show in it.

Fortunately, video marketing is one of the fastest-growing services offered by advertising agencies in Dubai. Check those out for help with this type of marketing. 

3. Optimize your website for mobile browsing. 

Optimizing your site for mobile browsing is one of the first steps you have to accomplish. This is to ensure that your visitors can conveniently access your site through their mobile devices, no matter where they are. 

This is non-negotiable now, by the way, given that both Google and consumers expect it. So whether you believe in mobile yourself or not, get it done!

4. Don’t forget the value of customer service. 

Even if you hire the best creative agency or learn strategies from the best business consulting firms in Dubai, you will not have recurring customers without quality customer service and care. Even online, it matters. 

It probably matters even more if you’re serving local customers in particular. Since Dubai is one of the most culturally diverse cities in the world, the quality of customer care and service is essential. 

You see, different people may have different cultural expectations of what service quality is here. It can be a challenge to deliver a consistent and excellent level of customer care if your team isn’t capable of quick adaptation. 

Most often than not, clients who experience poor customer service will tell other people the bad news, so don’t take this factor for granted. 

5. Work on your website’s local SEO. 

If you already have a website, you might be familiar with the term Search Engine Optimization (SEO). But what about local SEO and its wonders? 

Well, you can understand it this way: go to Google and search for the best dentists or dermatologists in Dubai. 

Look at the top results and check if these clinics are part of a massive chain (most of them are not). The ones on the top search are mostly locally owned clinics near you. 

See the visibility those locally owned clinics are getting in those local search results? That’s one of the best benefits of local SEO. 

When Google pulls the geographical location of the searcher into the equation, effective local SEO will help your business be included in a more realistically sized pool so potential clients near you can discover your brand.  

The only problem is that getting ahead of the competition online can be a bit complicated and challenging. That is why if you want to skip the hassle, we suggest that you consult a reputable SEO firm that can provide you with effective and efficient services and strategies. 

6. Form partnerships with local influencers. 

Starting your influencer marketing game is also a good way to establish visibility on social media. Working with local influencers is ideal not just for big companies but also for starting businesses.

It doesn’t always have to be A-list celebrities. Connecting with local influencers is a great advantage because most of their followers reside in the same area, and their rates can be much more affordable.  

7. Set up a Google My Business profile. 

Since Google is one of the go-to search engines, it’s best to create a Google My Business profile for the services or products you offer. 

Through this listing, you can display important details about your business, including your address, website, operating hours, contact details, and even the links to articles and upcoming events of your business. 

This may seem like a simple step, but it’s an effective way to be found online, and it’s free! Just make sure that if any of the information about your business changes, update your Google My Business profile too to reflect those changes. 

8. Don’t forget about your content marketing. 

Yes, content marketing is still a big thing this year. There are many ways to do it, but the basic method is to set up a consistent and high-quality blog section to hook potential customers to look into the services and products you are offering. 

Creating reliable, relevant, and consistent content for your audience can be easier if you determine the specific needs and problems that your product or service can solve. 

For example, if you are running a car insurance firm in Dubai, an article you can post on your website would be on “An Easy Guide to Picking Car Insurance in Dubai/UAE.” 

This would qualify as “reliable and relevant” content because it effectively addresses the car owner’s problem, which is how to pick an insurance provider for his/her car. 

Again, this content will just be effective if it reaches its target audience, so employ SEO strategies in its production and publishing. Use relevant keywords, link to authoritative sources, use the right metadata, etc. Talk to your SEO company or advisor to learn more! 

9. Get in touch with your prospects through social media marketing. 

People around the world use social media platforms every day not just to get in touch with their family and friends but also to get inspiration for their next purchase. 

That is why social media is one of the best digital marketing channels you can invest in. Through social media marketing (SMM), you can build your brand, and increase leads and sales, as well as drive traffic to your website. 

Again, to achieve these benefits, you have to publish relevant and reliable content across your social media profiles. Furthermore, you also have to listen, engage with your followers, analyze the results of your strategies, and run some social media advertisements. 

Among other things, note that choosing the social media channel that the majority of your target consumers use is also vital. This is to ensure that you can specifically allocate the budget and time period to run the ads.