The Best Dubai Design District Travel Guide

The Best Dubai Design District Travel Guide

When it comes to art and design, there’s no greater showcase of that in the region than the Dubai Design District (d3). This area serves as the city’s artistic heart and soul, with many designer pieces and handicraft showcased within the area.

As there are plenty of spots to check out within and around the area, we’ve put together this quick travel guide to help you get started. 

So let’s explore d3!

Quick Facts about the Dubai Design District

Which area is Dubai Design District?

Found just adjacent to Dubai’s Business Bay, d3 stands in close proximity to Mohammed bin Rashid City. It’s also quite close to the Dubai Creek and other large attractions such as the Burj Khalifa and the Dubai Mall.

How can I go to Dubai Design District?

Visitors hoping to reach Dubai Design District can take one of two routes: the first being the scenic one with the Dubai water taxi, and the second being the designated F13 bus route from the Burj Khalifa and Dubai Mall metro station. 

Who made the Dubai Design District?

The Dubai Design District is owned by the TECOM Group, known for their business districts and development of various business parks around Dubai. The development company behind d3’s CEO is Amina Al Rustimani. 

What is in d3 Dubai?

d3 contains a vast amount of facilities, all dedicated to showcasing the very best of art and culture in Dubai. From artisanal cafes to showrooms, they also have quite a lot of retail establishments too. 

What makes D3 special compared to other places in Dubai?

d3 is special in Dubai because it’s the creative heart of the city. It’s packed to the brim with various showrooms from well-known designers and dedicating a good chunk of its location to various artisan works.

Where can I stay while visiting d3?

Paramount Hotel Dubai

Address: 57PR+GR8, Business Bay, Dubai
Contact Details: +971 4 246 6666; 
Social Media: Facebook; Instagram
Hours: Open 24 hours, 7 days a week
Pricing: $$$$$

If you wish to splurge on something more luxurious and creative, we definitely recommend visiting The Paramount Hotel Dubai first. Found at Business Bay, this hotel brings the Hollywood experience right to its guests.

The rooms here are quite luxurious, with comfortable sleeping areas, good acoustics to ensure a quiet night’s sleep, and even a glass wall that can go transparent or opaque at will!

The star of the show at Paramount Hotel is its Screening Room– a private dine-in cinema, that really sells the Hollywood experience. 

Pro Tip: 

For travelers that don’t have their own car, we recommend using a ride booking app like Careem or Uber due to the location of the hotel. 

Radisson Blu Hotel, Dubai Canal View

Address: Marasi Drive, Business Bay, Dubai 16021
Contact Details: +971 4 875 3300; [email protected] 
Social Media: Facebook; Instagram
Hours: Mondays – Sundays: 6:30 AM to 10:30 PM
Pricing: $$$

Boasting more than 200 guest rooms, the Radisson Blu Hotel Canal View makes for a great place to stay when visiting the Dubai Design District. Located on the waterfront of the Dubai Water Canal, guests will be treated to incredible views and top amenities. 

All of the rooms are quite spacious and well-lit, providing a nice view of the Business Bay district. The family rooms provide special activities for kids, as well, which is convenient. 

The hotel also makes for quite the viable meeting space, with six rooms for any use– whether it be for business seminars or casual get-togethers. 

Lastly, for those aiming for fitness and relaxation, the hotel has its own fitness center and spa, with access available upon booking a room.

Pro Tip: 

If you’re looking for a room that’s a little more spacious and bright, definitely try to book a corner room. If you manage to get one on the higher floors, you’ll even be treated to a spectacular view of the outside! 

SLS Dubai Hotel & Residences

Address: Marasi Drive, Business Bay, Dubai
Contact Details: +971 4 607 0757; [email protected] 
Social Media: Facebook; Instagram
Hours: Open 24 hours, 7 days a week
Pricing: $$$$

If you’re looking for a hotel to give you unparalleled views of the surrounding area, look no further than the SLS Dubai Hotel. At 75 stories high, you’ll feel like you’re among the clouds in this hotel!

With 254 hotel rooms and even more hotel apartments, the SLS Dubai boasts quite the reputation for being one of the tallest hotels in the region, allowing guests unobstructed views of the Burj Khalifa

The rooms are very bright and luxurious, featuring tasteful decor and bath amenities from the hotel’s signature Ciel Spa. The SLS Dubai also makes for a good venue to set up events, with its very own ballroom and event studios. 

Make sure not to leave before experiencing the hotel’s infinity pool on the rooftop–at those heights, you’ll feel like you’re swimming in the sky. 

Pro Tip: 

Should you be traveling with a larger group, make sure to contact the hotel ahead of time so they may be able to schedule a vehicle large enough to fit your group! 

Where to eat while visiting d3?

The Host

Menu: Breakfast, Sandwiches, Main Courses, Craftsman’s Assortment, Specialty Coffee
Address: Dubai Design District, The Host Building 8 Ground floor, Dubai
Contact Details: +971 4 241 1100
Social Media: Instagram

  • Sundays – Thursdays: 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM
  • Fridays – Saturdays: 9:00 AM to 11:00 PM

Pricing: $$

The posh atmosphere of the Host is matched by its trendy interior, filled with modern furniture and tasteful decor with just the right amount of greenery. This ambiance makes it perfect for any get-together. 

Its menu is quite focused on healthy eating and breakfast items, featuring salads, sandwiches, and some light mains. A good sampler would be their fresh herb omelette, served with grilled tomatoes.

For the sweeter side, their cream caramel is also quite the popular pick for dessert, a condensed milk pudding topped with delectable caramel sauce.

Lastly, The Host is also known for its chocolates! Take home one of their Craftsman’s Assortment chocolates, all made with pure cocoa butter, for a sweet souvenir. 

Pro Tip: 

If visiting during the colder months, get the most out of The Host’s ambiance by getting an outdoor seat! Hot coffee in the cold weather is a feeling that can’t be beat. 

Caffeine and Culture Cafe

Menu: Croissants, Call it Sweet, Smart Meals, Toast It, Egg-Sentials
Address: In5 Design D3, Dubai Design District, Dubai
Contact Details: +971 50 959 9580
Social Media: Instagram 
Hours: Mondays – Sundays: 8:00 AM to 11:00 PM
Pricing: $$

With a location away from most of the hustle and bustle of the district, the Caffeine and Culture Cafe’s sparse, modern and bright decor lends well to a space both for work and relaxation– having the free Wi-Fi helps too. 

The cafe specializes in breakfast items, for a great pick-me-up for every morning. For all-day breakfast, try out their egg in a pan– a shakshuka with white cheese and herbs served with warm pita bread. 

For something lighter, we recommend their toast offerings– ranging from sweet treats like the honey ricotta to the avo-cheese toast. 

To bring it back to basics: how about some classic french toast with syrup and berries, or some tall and fluffy pancakes?

Pro Tip: 

Have kids? Don’t worry– you can still chill at the Caffeine and Culture Cafe, because the environment of the cafe is known to be quite kid-friendly. Bring the tykes along for a nice breakfast!

One Life Kitchen and Cafe

One Life Kitchen and Cafe

Menu: Breakfast, The Counter, Mains, Desserts, Manual Brews
Address: Building 5, Dubai Design District, Dubai
Contact Details: +971 4 513 4727; [email protected] 
Social Media: Facebook; Instagram
Hours: Mondays – Sundays: 8:00 AM to 11:00 PM
Pricing: $$$

Incorporating wooden furniture and a nice view of the outside seating area with lush greenery, the space designed by architect Fadi Sarieddine certainly invites customers into a homely, modern space to work or relax. 

With a menu focused around nutrient dense yet flavorful dishes, One Life’s menu has quite the selection. Start with one of their freshly baked croissants– such as their Morning After one, stuffed with veal sausages. 

Savory lovers will fall for the pulled beef benedict, featuring pulled beef with poached eggs and hollandaise sauce, served with grilled mushrooms. 

Finally, for a sweet and classic treat as a mood booster, consider taking one of their Tokyo Fluff pancakes. Just be patient with the wait! 

Pro Tip: 

Aside from being a good place to take a lunch break at, One Life offers a coworking space on the first floor– perfect for large groups hoping to get some work done in a good, shaded space! 

What to See at the Dubai Design District

Check Out In5 Design

Check Out In5 Design
Photo from: d3 Official Website

Would-be future designers and entrepreneurs won’t want to miss this one. Within the Dubai Design District is the in5 Design innovation center– dedicated to helping young talents flourish in their industry of choice. 

The center is equipped with plenty of amenities ranging from private workshops to coworking spaces for groups. Designers will have access to 3D printers, machinery for cutting wood and metal, and fashion labs. 

With a partnership with the Dubai Institute of Design and Innovation, students will also be able to get involved in tangible artistic experiences at the center.

Have a Thrilling Time at the Block

Have a Thrilling Time at the Block
Photo from: d3 Official Website

The Block is an all-in-one physical experience like no other, supporting every sort of fun! Whether it’s to get the blood pumping or to just simply relax, there’s something for everyone here! 

Skaters can try the many slopes of the Block’s skatepark, athletes can enjoy the open-air ball game courts, and thrill-seekers can try out their strength at the climbing walls

The urban beach can serve as both a nice place to just enjoy the breeze and take a walk on, or as a good jogging pathway. With its vast assortment of entertainment centers, courts and facilities, what’s not to love? 

Visit During Dubai Design Week!

The Dubai Design District’s best and most well-known event is, of course, its partner– the Dubai Design Week, celebrating the creative community of Dubai. 

Held in seasons every year in November, the Dubai Design Week is considered one of the region’s most important cultural events, as well as one of the largest platforms for regional design. 

The event features varied programmes with the first being installations made by various designers: visually striking and taking over the various streets of the Design District. 

For a more indoor touch, then exhibitions are also a feature: immersive experiences that lead guests down cultural and artistic journeys into the minds of the creative community of Dubai. 

Finally, for a more relaxing time, then guests can pop into the Design Market– where they will be able to take home a piece of the week for themselves through curated products by the week’s many vendors.