Best Attic Cleaning Services in Dubai
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The 5 Best Attic Cleaning Services in Dubai

Are you ready to do some spring cleaning, starting from the bottom to the tippy top of your home? Make the whole process much smoother with the help of the best attic cleaning services in Dubai.

Whether you just need help cleaning out a modest residential home, or a full operation for getting through a villa quickly, here’s the best places to check out in Dubai. See how these can help you with attic cleaning for a fresh start to the new quarter!

The cost of attic cleaning in Dubai heavily depends on how big the area is as well as what other services you tack on to it. Going for a deep clean complete with duct cleaning and even pest control can be quite pricey.

Here’s a small table showing how much these different related services cost so you can plan accordingly:

Full Attic CleaningAED 735 - AED 2,900
Attic Insulation RemovalAED 2,200 - AED 3,300
Attic ReinsulationAED 1,800 - AED 5,500
DecontaminationAED 370 - AED 1,300
Pest ControlAED 650 - AED 2,100

Choosing the Best Attic Cleaning Services in Dubai

Ready for a dash of spring cleaning? Here’s how we compared the different attic cleaning services in Dubai to find the best one for you:

Facilities – Does the team come with all the necessary equipment? Do they keep everything organized?
Cleaning(Attic Cleaning) – Do they perform a thorough attic cleaning service? Can they put everything back in a more organized manner?
Cleaning(Additional Offers) – Do they have a good variety of other services on offer? Are all of them useful for your current needs?
Customer Service(Professionalism) – Are they able to finish the work in a timely manner? Is the team polite and friendly when interacting with clients?
Customer Service(Communication) – Can they explain their terms of service well? Are they responsive to client inquiries?
Accessibility – Is the service available at convenient hours? Can you visit their shop easily?

1. The Healthy Home UAE

The Healthy Home UAE
SERVICESAttic Cleaning, Deep Cleaning, Safe Pest Control, Move In & Move Out Services, Home Improvement
ADDRESS14 Street 1, Al Quoz, Dubai

[email protected]

+971 800 72648493

OPERATING HOURSMondays - Fridays: 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM

Saturdays: 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM

Sundays: 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM

When it comes to home improvement here in Dubai, the Healthy Home UAE stands out as a top-notch provider for most clients. They offer a wide array of services, including attic cleaning here in Dubai.

If you have your air conditioning (AC) units and ducts in your attic, they can help with that too, thanks to their duct cleaning expertise. They also offer a more traditional deep cleaning for your interiors, and even some pest control for your home.

With that said, it’s easy to see why we hold these services in high regard. Nearly all of their services tie in nicely, being able to grant you a comprehensive clean, even in one go if you wish.

Their team is also very knowledgeable and professional. In our experience, they all arrived on time and were able to finish the cleaning while keeping everything organized.

There are some points to consider before calling the Healthy Home UAE. For one, they do charge a sizable consultation fee for their services, which may not fit with budget-oriented homemakers.

Additionally, we wish they’d be a bit more responsive to inquiries. Whether it’s online or via their telephone line, most clients did report waiting a bit before they could get a response from the company.

So if you’re after a great provider for your attic cleaning in Dubai, then we definitely recommend the Healthy Home UAE. Great option for your home!


  • Informative and professional team
  • Great services that all work well together


  • Takes a while to respond to online queries
  • High consultation fees

Looking forward to working with them again

“Jowell’s team was very kind and honest! Finished fast, explained all the details of the process and set the expectations the way! Looking forward to working with them again!” – Zayna B Ayyad

Angelo and his team were amazing

“I had the pleasure of working with The Healthy Home. First they sent me an inspector which was a great help and was happy to answer all my questions then the next day they sent the team. Angelo and his team were amazing.” – Shereena AlShamsi

2. Busy Bees Dubai

Busy Bees Dubai
SERVICESAttic Cleaning, Moving Cleaning Services, Maintenance Services, Furniture Cleaning, Pest Control
ADDRESSOffices Z57 & Z58, Rasis Business Center, Building 6th Floor, Al Barsha, Al Barsha 1, Dubai

[email protected]

+971 4315 9930

OPERATING HOURSMondays - Fridays: 8:30 AM to 6:00 PM

Closed on Saturdays and Sundays

BusyBees Dubai is a boutique cleaning group started back in 2008. It’s a family-owned business that’s more geared towards providing outstanding cleaning services in the city.

They have a wide array of services geared towards cleaning and maintenance for many different building types. Whether you have a residential building, a commercial establishment, or even a holiday home, BusyBees Dubai can help out.

Additionally, BusyBees Dubai also offers special disinfection services, pest and rodent control, and even furniture cleaning, in case you eventually want your attic to double as a room with its own furniture.

Booking a service with BusyBees Dubai is very straightforward. Once you’re able to get a call with them, their team should be able to get to your location quite fast.

Still, we think they can be a bit more prudent with their responses. Some clients did report waiting quite a bit when following up on the rare times their team is late to the venue.

Additionally, it can be a bit pricey when hiring them for different multiple services at once for a more thorough clean. Fortunately, they do hold regular special promotions to help bring costs down, so you may want to keep an eye for these things.

Still, BusyBees Dubai is still a very good choice for attic cleaning. We definitely recommend checking them out, especially if they have a promotion going on.


  • Precise attention to detail
  • Easy booking process


  • Takes time to follow-up on the order
  • A little pricey when it comes to added services

Was great from start to finish

“My Experience with BusyBees was great from start to finish. The booking process was super easy and the coordinator, Cheryl was professional, knowledgeable, and answered all my questions very thoroughly.” – Rania Al Shamekh

Every cranny was meticulously cleaned 

“Mahmoud and his team were amazing! They took a villa that was vacant for over 6 months and made it shine. Every nook, every cranny was meticulously cleaned by them.” – Asim Kazmi

3. Fresh Living

Fresh Living
SERVICESAttic Cleaning, Deep Cleaning, Move In and Move Out Cleaning, Window Care, Furniture Cleaning
ADDRESSPrime Business Centre, Office 405 Tower B, Dubai

[email protected]

+971 800 81

OPERATING HOURSTuesdays - Sundays: 8:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Saturdays: 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Mondays: 8:00 AM to 6:30 PM

The Fixperts group’s Fresh Living venture is geared towards providing a variety of professional cleaning services to clients, whether they are residential, commercial, or even some luxury establishments.

They employ a team of professionals qualified to provide round-the-clock maintenance services, making for an easy time when it comes to booking them for attic cleaning in Dubai.

Fresh Living team’s is quite good as well. They’re very polite and friendly and they do provide very decent cleaning service even if you have heavy equipment and furniture littered around the room.

Onegripe we can point out though is that they could be more attentive when putting back some of the items they moved. It’s still fine but there’s definitely some room for improvement here.

You might be due for a bit of a wait at least based on what we heard from clients. The team does tend to arrive a bit late when it comes to the work so we definitely think this part can be improved.

They do have good communication with clients however. The Fresh Living team is able to provide the necessary heads-up when running a bit late and from clients we asked, they didn’t seem to mind as much too.

This also means that Fresh Living is quite accurate when giving their price quotations. No hidden fees as well, which helps with budgeting in our opinion.

Overall, the service is quite competent and residential clients will definitely appreciate attic cleaning services offered by Fresh Living. Highly recommended, even with some hiccups.


  • Friendly and accommodating team
  • Clear and detailed quotations


  • Team tends to arrive late 
  • Difficulty following up on service progress

Was very quick and responsive

“I contacted Fixperts for pest control service and Fresh Living got in touch with me. Jason was very pleasant to deal with and he gave me all the details with a lot of clarity. He was very quick and responsive.” – Nisha V Rohira

Good coordination from sales to the field team

“Professional team. Experienced supervisor. Good coordination from sales to the field team.” – Umair Ansari

4. Cleanit

SERVICESAttic Cleaning, Deep Cleaning, Curtain Cleaning, House Cleaning, Move In and Out Cleaning
ADDRESSOffice N0. M02-332, Golden Time Business Center, Skoda Auto Building, Opp. Terminal 2 Alaittihad Street, Dubai

[email protected]

+971 50 985 7868

OPERATING HOURSMondays - Sundays: 8:00 AM to 10:00 PM

Billing themselves as one of the best cleaning services in the city, the aptly named Cleanit, does come as one of the best attic cleaning services in Dubai to check out for your home.

Indeed, they do have a versatile array of services under their belt: Mattress cleaning, curtain cleaning, upholstery cleaning, pest control, windows and glass, and more, are all offered by the company.

The team is also very efficient, coming in early and giving the room a good clean from top to bottom. Payment is quite easy too and can all be done online, which we think is a big benefit to clients who prefer to go cashless.

Do be prepared to wait a while though. Because while the team employed by Cleanit is very professional, we did find that it comes at the cost of some long cleaning times in order to get every nook and cranny within the house.

We do wish they were a bit responsive on calls though. Some clients did report waiting a bit before they could get someone to assist on the other end of the line.

However, email and in-person meetups were quite fast and smooth enough. You may want to take this approach when following up with the company as a result.

Cleanit is a very decent choice overall. If the price is right and they’re close to your service area then we highly recommend popping in for a visit.


  • Flexible service and appointment times
  • Available for booking on short notice 


  • Difficulty reaching out to company through phone
  • Longer service times 

I fully recommend the services

“Very efficient and the apartment is cleaner than it ever was! Thank you to the team of cleaners. I fully recommend the services.” – Seba Stepi

They do deep clean in the sense of the word

“I used them for a move in deep cleaning service and I can highly recommend their service. On time, polite and they do deep clean in the sense of the word.” – Talal C

5. I Hate Cleaning.AE

I Hate Cleaning.AE
SERVICESAttic Cleaning, Home Cleaning, Commercial Cleaning, Signature Services, Patching & Painting
ADDRESS704, Garhoud Views, Sheikh Rashid Road, Dubai

[email protected]

+971 58 829 1464

OPERATING HOURSMondays - Saturdays: 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM

Closed on Sundays

Presenting themselves as Dubai’s first-five star home services company, I Hate Cleaning.AE reportedly presents a “better way to do things”, both for their customers and their staff.

They have the same suite of cleaning services as the others, offering both home and commercial cleaning services, no matter which room in the house you need help with.

I Hate Cleaning.AE also bills itself as a company dedicated to promoting wellness for the planet and reducing their carbon footprint. This reflects in the power and water saving, eco-friendly cleaning products they use in every cleaning service. 

Clients have long praised this aspect of the company, as they are guaranteed a child and pet-friendly environment during and after the cleaning. 

Booking a service from the company is also a smooth-sailing process, with handy service packages available directly on their website– whether it be their standard service or their signature three-step process for deep cleaning all manners of upholstery. 

Customers may want to keep their schedules free when booking with the company, though, as the amount of appointments it handles can cause scheduled appointments and service times to fluctuate. 

Follow up calls on the progress of the cleaning services have also been noted by some to take a while to go through. 

Otherwise, I Hate Cleaning.AE is a solid choice for customers wanting to get their attic cleaned while having the assurance of safe cleaning products and an easy, quick process.


  • Good quality of cleaning products used
  • Easy booking process


  • Scheduled times tend to fluctuate
  • Difficulty following up on services

The team listens to my requests 

“Amazing cleaning service!!! Easy booking, arrive on time. I have tried other companies before and they are not as detail-oriented as iHateCleaning. Also the team listens to my requests and follows the instructions perfectly.” – Meeya Song

The admin staff are very friendly

“I highly recommend “I hate cleaning.AE”. The cleaners bring their own non-toxic cleaning products and their own cleaning tools, such as a vacuum cleaner and a bucket and mop. The admin staff are very friendly, helpful and efficient.” – V. Jones

We hope you’re able to breathe easy and enjoy the newly cleaned attic space in your home! While you’re at it, make sure to check out other things such as the best places for window cleaning in Dubai here!