Best Architects in Dubai
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Top 6 Firms for the Best Architects in Dubai

Featured Image Source: Daniel McCullough via Unsplash

Architects are vital in making your house look aesthetically appealing. However, there are so many of them now that choosing just one can turn into quite an undertaking.

We came up with a list of the best architects in Dubai to help you search for the one to realize the home of your dreams.

How Much Do Architect Services Cost in Dubai?

There are many ways that architects charge for their services. See our table below for the typical architect rates in Dubai at the moment.

Initial plan drawingAED9,000 – 37,000
Per square meterAED70 – 400/sqm
Hourly basisAED300 – 1,200/hour
Percentage of construction cost5% to 25%

The Best Architects in Dubai

We shall now proceed with our roundup of the best architects in Dubai!

Be sure to read on after the list for our guide on choosing the best architect for you.

1.   Settle Aaltovillas FZ LLC

Source: Settle Website
ADDRESSOffice G09, DMC Building 09 – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
OPERATING HOURSMonday – Friday: 8:30 AM – 5:00 PM

Settle Architects stands out for its holistic approach to design, integrating architecture and interior design seamlessly. This comprehensive strategy ensures that spaces are not only visually appealing but also functional and in harmony with the client’s lifestyle.

Their commitment to eco-friendly solutions demonstrates a responsible approach to design. Settle Architects strives to create projects that not only fulfill aesthetic and functional criteria but also contribute to sustainability. This focus on environmental responsibility aligns with contemporary values and client expectations.

Furthermore, the team at Settle Architects, described as storytellers who breathe life into spaces, comprises seasoned architects and design experts. Their blend of innovation, expertise, and a deep understanding of client aspirations reflects in the unique narratives they create for each project. The vision to become a globally acclaimed design company speaks to their ambition and commitment to artistic excellence.

Note though that the emphasis on the Dubai boutique and high-end clients may limit the perception of Settle Architects as a global design entity. While the international projects are mentioned, a more balanced representation of their diverse portfolio could strengthen their global image.

Overall, Settle Architects impresses with its commitment to holistic design, sustainability, and a clear design journey. The experienced team’s visionary approach positions them as storytellers, breathing life into spaces. The eco-friendly focus and distinguished international presence add to their appeal. 


  • Experienced and Visionary Team
  • Distinguished International Presence
  • Holistic Design Approach


  • Area scope limitations may occur

Customer Reviews

Here are some reviews from their clients:

“Amazing team of individuals. I had the privilege of working closely with Louisa, one of the interior designers, and she doesn’t only think aesthetically but also takes in the details! I get to see her dedication to the clients and I highly recommend.”

“Highly recommended for architectural designs most especially for Villa projects and with very well project management supervision team”

2.   Dewan Architects & Engineers

Dewan Architects & Engineers' Homepage
Source: Dewan Architects & Engineers
ADDRESSDubai Design District Building 5 B, 4th Floor, Dubai, UAE
CONTACT DETAILS+971 4 2402010
OPERATING HOURSSunday – Thursday: 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Dewan Architects & Engineers is one of the most well-known local architect firms in Dubai, thanks to its founders’ extensive involvement in many of the region’s major projects.

The firm has been in operation since 1984, garnering strong influence in the region for being well-accomplished local talent in the field of architecture. This makes them highly capable of identifying the best design for your projects based on current trends in Dubai.

What really caught our eye in Dewan Architects & Engineers is their “holistic approach” with every client. When you become a client of theirs, you receive not just their best in architecture but also in other fields including engineering, interior design, and sustainability.

Their services are all neatly packaged with their use of the latest and greatest in design technology. They even use highly immersive VR tech to let you know what their proposal would look like in person.

Due to their popularity in Dubai, though, you may have to be patient behind a long line of clients who also seek the firm’s services.

Once you’re next in line, you’ll see why Dewan Architects & Engineers is one of the best architect firms in Dubai.


  • 4 decades of experience
  • Versatile service offerings
  • Latest design technology


  • Hard to avail of services due to local demand

Customer Reviews

Nabeel Khan praised this firm for their work:

Amazing Company with very good Architectural Designs.

Mahmoud Charif commended the overall experience with Dewan Architects & Engineers:

Reputable and respectable company with nice and humble people and good working environment.

3.   JT & Partners

JT & Partners Homepage
Source: JT & Partners
ADDRESSBusiness Bay, Bay Square 2, Office #701-702, Dubai, UAE
CONTACT DETAILS+971 4 4521135
[email protected]
OPERATING HOURSSunday – Thursday: 8:00 AM – 7:00 PM

JT & Partners is a firm that concerns itself with “big dog” projects, something which may prove interesting to you if you likewise have a large building project in your hands.

We say this because their portfolio consists mostly of large-scale work. Many of their projects are larger than your average building, and all show off their skills in master planning.

Examples include not just massive business and commercial buildings but also hospitality designs, especially resorts including The Starfish Resort, Red Sea Island Resort, and The Black Coast Resort.

With works of such scale, they’re very sensitive to the wants and needs of their clients to make sure that their plans are correct and to the point. This may prove very helpful if you’re quite unsure of what you want your final product to look like.

This is assuming, however, that you have a large building project in your hands. As we mentioned earlier, JT & Partners set its sights mostly on large-scale projects, which means that smaller projects tend to be neglected.

Fortunately, this doesn’t happen all the time, and they do accommodate projects of a smaller scale than they’ve dealt with. In any case, regardless of the size of your building, we highly recommend that you pick JT & Partners as your firm of choice.


  • Highly skilled in large-scale master planning
  • Experienced in planning hospitality designs
  • Flexible, dedicated staff


  • Not focused on smaller projects

Customer Reviews

Here’s a review from Elie Maalouly:

Very Professional team. Delivering local and  international projects at a high level of expertise. From Architecture, urban design, master planning to engineering, JT+Partners reveal their competence and capability to fulfill their client’s requirements. Amazing work environment and atmosphere where all colleagues act like one family. Everyone hand in hand support each other  in order to achieve the best.

And another from Dwin N:

Having fun with the freak architects of Dubai!

4.   Wanders Wagner Architects

Wanders Wagner Architects' Homepage
Source: Wanders Wagner Architects
ADDRESSDubai Design District, d3, Building 4 B103, Dubai, UAE
CONTACT DETAILS+971 4 4214720
[email protected]
OPERATING HOURSSunday – Thursday: 8:00 AM – 7:00 PM

Wanders Wagner Architects is a relatively new architect firm in Dubai that brings a lot to the table.

Its founders were born in Germany and well-versed in various aspects of European architecture, which is worth noting if you’re looking for a Gothic or Renaissance-type of design for your building.

While they’re capable of that, they currently specialize in modern architecture with a tinge of European aesthetics. Regardless, this firm is excellent for those who want their building designed with expertise.

Luckily for private villa and residence owners, Wanders Wagner Architects are primarily focused on housing projects nowadays. Their previous works feature simple, clean designs that may cater to those with a minimalistic taste.

Should you find long years of experience a strong factor in your search, you may turn away from Wanders Wagner Architects, however, given that they only set up shop in 2013.

Despite that, Wanders Wagner Architects is a fantastic pick for the ultramodern enthusiast.


  • European expertise
  • Modern architecture
  • Focus on private villas


  • New to Dubai compared to other entries

Customer Reviews

Mariejoe Raidy, a satisfied client, gave a brief review:

creative, professional, reliable.

After 4 years of working with Wanders Wagner Architects, Avak Avakian gave a glowing recommendation

I’ve worked with Wanders&Wagner on several projects over the past 4 years and their team of architects have been absolutely exemplary from initial design till execution. I could not recommend them enough!

5.   RMJM

RMJM's Homepage
Source: RMJM
ADDRESSOffice 501, 5th Floor Building 4 Dubai Design District, Dubai, UAE
CONTACT DETAILS+971 4 5638888
[email protected]
OPERATING HOURSSunday – Thursday: 9:00 AM – 6:00 PM

Headquartered in England, RMJM is one of the largest architecture firms in the world. It’s also set up shop in Dubai.

It boasts 6 and a half decades of experience, during which time its architects have evolved to specialize in various fields of architecture.

Their most impressive feat was being the first to be commissioned by Dubai’s ruler at the founding of UAE as the main consultant for architecture in various major buildings. Their work includes Dubai International Financial Centre and Dubai International Convention and Exhibition Centre.

In terms of residential and commercial architecture, RMJM also came up with the award-winning designs for multiple buildings such as Dubai Tower Doha, The Jewels Dubai, and Silverene Dubai Marina. Overall, they’re well-versed in practically all things urban residential and commercial.

Having that said, it’s difficult to avail of their services if you want a house architect, as they’re mostly preoccupied with major projects like the ones we mentioned.

But if you set your negotiations well — which usually includes a big wad of cash — we definitely recommend RMJM as one of the best architect firms in Dubai.


  • 65 years of global expertise
  • Recognized by Dubai government
  • Impressive commercial portfolio


  • Doesn’t focus on home architecture

Customer Reviews

Raymond Crane was greatly impressed with RMJM’s overall expertise:

Dedicated staff.  Local knowledge combined with international experience is a winning combination

Former client Zaheer Abbas Karim said:

A world class design firm in the heart of Dubai’s Design District!

6.   RAW-NYC Architects

RAW-NYC Architects Homepage
Source: RAW-NYC Architects
ADDRESSDubai Design District, Building NO 4, Office No. B506, Dubai, UAE
CONTACT DETAILS+971 56 3848793
[email protected]
OPERATING HOURSSunday – Thursday: 8:30 AM – 5:30 PM

If “hip” is your thing, RAW-NYC Architects may be a very strong pick for you.

RAW-NYC is grounded on the vision of its founder Raya Ani, who looks to strike the balance between innovative design and sustainability.

For those who are eco-friendly, the latter may be of great interest. Many of their designs involve not just the predominance of plants and vegetation but also durable, environment-friendly materials.

They smoothly integrate this with their expertise in architectural design, the result of which brings out aesthetically pleasing architecture that doesn’t come at the expense of the environment.

They’re also skilled in interior design and fashion design, by the way, which should say a lot about their prowess in design as a whole.

Since their services usually involve the use of sustainable materials, you may have a hard time trying to negotiate with them for materials that aren’t considered sustainable. This becomes important when you consider price, availability, and time, as sustainable materials are still hard to come by nowadays.

If you’re looking for architects with that exact niche, RAW-NYC is definitely an excellent choice for you.


  • Emphasis on sustainable architecture
  • Strongly focused on architectural design
  • Adept in interior design and fashion design


  • Lack of flexibility in materials

Customer Reviews

Here is what Dinda Sadega had to say about RAW-NYC and its founder:

Amazing Architect and Human being! Always understand what’s needed. Love your work as always!

Abdulaziz Sabah loved their experience working with RAW-NYC:

It was good to do business with them. Very professional and cooperative and very precise about their work.

How to Choose the Architect in Dubai

Obviously, all architects know how to design a house well, but only a few can really turn your dream style into a reality. To be able to identify such architects, here are some important pointers to remember.

1. Reflect on desired aesthetic

While every architect has a strong grasp of the fundamentals of architecture, they also specialise in different architectural styles.

Thus, before you start picking out any architect in Dubai, you have to reflect on the kind of aesthetic you want for your building. This allows you to narrow down your search to architects who are capable of achieving the design you want.

2. Check portfolio

A catalogue of an architect’s best works can verify not only their ability to plan a design but also whether or not they’re capable of satisfying your needs.

Many architects in Dubai usually publish a portfolio of their best works online, so it should be easy for you to access.

3. Read reviews

You don’t just consider an architect’s skills but also whether or not they’re easy to communicate and work with. For instance, some architects may be too stubborn to change from their original design should you want to make some adjustments to it.

This is where reviews come handy, because they give you a description of what it’s like to receive the services of a specific architect.

Client reviews, especially of architects in Dubai, should be easy to come by on the Internet. Be sure to specifically look for their experience working with the architect.

FAQs about the Best Architects in Dubai

Make your house something to gawk it when you have it designed by any of the best architects in Dubai we listed here.

Want us to make a specific service list related to architects or construction? We’d be glad to hear any suggestions you have!

Until then, we highly recommend that you read up on our top picks for the best interior designers in Dubai if you’re looking to spruce up the inside of your house.